Top 10 Funniest Disney Characters

  • Published on May 2, 2016
  • Few studios blend sentimentality and comic relief as perfectly as Disney. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Disney Characters. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►►
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    For this list, we're looking at characters in Disney's animated films that never fail to put a smile on our faces.
    Special thanks to our user Austin Devine for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at
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Comments • 3 176

  •  Year ago +33

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    • Mixel-Man 66
      Mixel-Man 66 2 months ago

      You forgot someone

    • Ya Boy Stitchy
      Ya Boy Stitchy 5 months ago +1 he isn’t being Godzilla he was rein-acting the spider in the movie in the window of the shop

    • Nikolax34 Bruvinski
      Nikolax34 Bruvinski 5 months ago +1

      Tik Tok bad boy

    • Picklus
      Picklus 6 months ago +1

      I believe you are referring to Tik Tok.

    • GroenFan
      GroenFan 6 months ago +2

      Ahoyhoy there, Fellow RU-cliprino! Radio played by John Lovitz from the Nineteen Eighty Seven Disnee film " the Brave Little Toaster "

  • Nicole Dorrian
    Nicole Dorrian 15 hours ago

    You mean talking donkey in shrek

  • Thor Floyd
    Thor Floyd 21 hour ago

    Why is Stitch so low on this list?!

  • Lynda Charlesworth

    Why is stitch only number nine!?!?

  • Naomi Iler
    Naomi Iler Day ago

    5:06 derp

  • TheLeukarfw
    TheLeukarfw 4 days ago

    Me, before watching the video: The Genie better be number 1...

  • Renee Jordan
    Renee Jordan 6 days ago

    I wanna watch Treasure Island. Il I was born in 2004, but why didnt noone tell me about this movie?? It looks amazing

  • Thalles Victor
    Thalles Victor 8 days ago

    Let me just say that:
    1. B. E. N. is hilarious
    2. I had a huge crush in Jim Hawkins (specially after learning he's voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
    3. Jim's mother also made me clean my glasses
    4. John Silver is an awesome cyborg. Also a great antihero and a character as a whole
    5. "Treasure Planet" (along with "The Emperor's New Groove" and "Atlantis") is an almost criminally unapreciated Disney movie.

  • Tour bray
    Tour bray 9 days ago

    I thought 1 would be bamax

  • Rachel 'RTNightmare'
    Rachel 'RTNightmare' 10 days ago

    I should have seen the Genie as #1. I really should have. Lol.

  • Pipoune
    Pipoune 13 days ago

    Stitch#1 Hades#2 Mushu#3 Genie#4 BUUUUT All of them are N°1 In my heart

  • Raegyn Kirby
    Raegyn Kirby 14 days ago

    Scuttle is my favorite funny character.
    He's just so lovable, yet funny.

  • Vanessa Miller
    Vanessa Miller 14 days ago +1

    10. Scuttle
    09. Stitch
    08. B.E.N
    07. Jaq and Gus
    06. Baloo
    05. Hades
    04. Mushu
    03. Timon and Pumbaa
    02. Kronk
    Honorable Mentions
    1. Olaf
    2. Terk and Tabtor
    3. Goofy
    4. Nick Wilde
    5. Maximus
    6. Lumiere and Cogsworth
    01. The Genie

  • Maria Gergianaki
    Maria Gergianaki 14 days ago

    Cinderella's mice were always my favourite, after Pumba and Timon(#LIONKINGFOREVER❤)

  • Eesha Kannan
    Eesha Kannan 14 days ago

    Genie being number 1 on so many of these good WatchMojo lists restores my faith in humanity.

  • morgan jackson
    morgan jackson 16 days ago

    My sister still calls her forks a dinglehopper, she's nearly 40years young

  • Dylan Woll
    Dylan Woll 17 days ago

    $10 says Genie is Top 5

  • Anirban Sarwar
    Anirban Sarwar 18 days ago +1

    Ummmmm shrek is DREAMWORKS

  • smiless0999
    smiless0999 18 days ago +1

    “Dishonor on YOU....dishonor on your COW...” has got to be my favorite line in a Disney movie ever 😂🤣

    DVOYD 20 days ago

    (About B.E.N.) "He does so without being annoying however"
    ... did we even watch the same movie? Ben was funny at times but good god was he annoying. being extremely loud + over-the-top =/= instant comedy

  • Beans4000
    Beans4000 21 day ago

    yo this me

  • OmegaX
    OmegaX 22 days ago

    Everthing except Genie would be weird. He is Just awesome.

  • Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore 24 days ago

    Falo should be higher

  • RushyTz
    RushyTz 25 days ago

    Lol for people saying genie doesn’t deserve #1 spot you’re very wrong

  • Little Black Star
    Little Black Star 26 days ago

    My favs:
    Maxamus, Baloo, Scuttle, Pumba, Genie, Mushu, and STITCH

  • Supreme Lord of the Dark World

    Kronk is the definition of a funny, animated movie character.

  • Paul Higgins
    Paul Higgins 27 days ago

    Timon and pumbaa funnest bit is the hola dance

  • Paul Higgins
    Paul Higgins 27 days ago

    Ben is NOT funny!

  • digthewarmth
    digthewarmth 28 days ago

    This video seriously needs a SPOILER ALERT!! You're spoiling endings and character developments!!

  • digthewarmth
    digthewarmth 28 days ago +1

    2:44 Who pronounces Nani as "nah-Nee"? It's "Nah-nee".

  • greenteaicecream
    greenteaicecream 29 days ago

    Talking donkey for pixar??????? It's DreamWorks

  • Alex Mosqueda
    Alex Mosqueda 29 days ago

    Ben sucked they should’ve put him at like 10

  • paul jefferrson
    paul jefferrson Month ago

    Where is Tito from "Oliver and company" voiced by Richard Marin aka Cheech?

  • Esteban Sanchez
    Esteban Sanchez Month ago

    I can't kill anybody
    Chops his head
    So don't ask
    Me ha ha ha

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog Month ago

    *Will Smith will have to give his best!*

  • Melinda Nedland
    Melinda Nedland Month ago

    I can think of one more laid back character (Other than Baloo) Um, The caterpillar from either Alice in Wonderland

  • Fhfdfhb Younggshdg
    Fhfdfhb Younggshdg Month ago

    2:39 A113!!! It's in the center right-hand side

  • Joey Teter
    Joey Teter Month ago

    How can The Emperor’s New Groove not considered a classic? It’s legit in my top 3, idk why but I just loved it as a kid and I still love it now. Along with the much underrated The Road to El Dorado

  • Prisilla Payung
    Prisilla Payung Month ago +1


  • Nia Hart
    Nia Hart Month ago

    S-Hmph Teenagers They 🤔 know everything You give them a Inch and They 🏊‍♂️ all over you! He deserves number 1

  • SoundBlaster 1987
    SoundBlaster 1987 Month ago

    DreamWorks not Pixar but there's no denying Eddie Murphy has an awesome voice...

  • Glorious counterfiet

    Seeing the chickens made me sad. One of my feather babies passed away suddenly today. I’ll miss you, Kid.

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz Month ago

    I have no idea why Jumba was not on this list

  • Champ B-ball
    Champ B-ball 2 months ago

    Shrek isn’t a Pixar movie

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Captain jack sparrow and star lord

  • Megan Presland
    Megan Presland 2 months ago

    Why wasn't iago on the list and why wasn't jafar on the list I think they are both very funny I'm glad genie was at the top of the list

  • DeathEyeNazi
    DeathEyeNazi 2 months ago


  • Anna LCAL45
    Anna LCAL45 2 months ago

    I Agree 100% With The Top Three

  • Shari DeCarlo
    Shari DeCarlo 2 months ago


  • Normally-Unnatural Iolite

    I always assumed that Scuttle mistook the items for other human items. A snarfblat easily looks like a mini saxophone. They may not have had them back then but I'm sure there were similar horns, and Eric has his flute. And I mean, a comb with a handle does kind of look like a fork...

  • Helena Larilahti
    Helena Larilahti 3 months ago

    I agree with all but I just can’t resist to laugh when Mushu just appear on screen 😂😂... he just adorable character of disney..🐉 also in finnish which is my nature language 😇😂😂😂

  • Martin Rojas Remolina
    Martin Rojas Remolina 3 months ago

    Pascal and Olaf should be on the list. DEFiNITELY.

  • daisy may160
    daisy may160 3 months ago

    My favorite was Mushi!

  • Kitty Master353
    Kitty Master353 3 months ago

    Yes agreed so much

  • Grafight23
    Grafight23 3 months ago

    Winnie the Pooh, "Little John" from Robin Hood, Horace & Jasper from 101 Dalmatians, "Smee" from Peter Pan, "Merlin" from The Sword in the Stone", Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins.

  • clampfan101
    clampfan101 3 months ago +1

    Everyone loves Genie, but he sure is getting #1 on a ton of lists here. Not disagreeing, just pointing it out.

    • Shari DeCarlo
      Shari DeCarlo 2 months ago

      @clampfan101 I wasn't disagreeing with you, I was agreeing with you. I said "who doesn't love genie?"

    • clampfan101
      clampfan101 2 months ago

      Woah! I didn’t say I hated him! That’s not possible! I just think these top 10s are maybe overrating him a little bit.

    • Shari DeCarlo
      Shari DeCarlo 2 months ago


  • Nathan Wilder
    Nathan Wilder 3 months ago


  • Gaby
    Gaby 3 months ago


  • Tuckamore Ta tree
    Tuckamore Ta tree 3 months ago

    Stitch deserves number one!

  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker 3 months ago

    Okay, first of all, Shrek is a DreamWorks movie, not a Pixar movie. Secondly, Mulan was released in 1988, three years before Shrek’s release in 2001.

  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker 3 months ago

    James Woods was the perfect choice to play Hades.

  • Anakin SkyWalker
    Anakin SkyWalker 3 months ago

    It’s insulting that you pronounced Nani’s name wrong.

  • Gameingspiderx Second account

    How did my favorite character get 9

    TREXSTER BLACK 3 months ago

    wait the cat is named after the devil? 4:40

  • NeverletyoufallNever
    NeverletyoufallNever 3 months ago

    "I know! I'll turn him into a flea! A harmless little flea. Then I'll put that flea in a box, then I'll put that box into another box and mail it to myself...and when it arrives..hehehehe, I'll smash it with a hammer! It's brilliant, Brilliant, BRILLAINT! HA HAHAHAHA!"

  • Barbara Goetz
    Barbara Goetz 3 months ago

    Switch stitch and hades and that’s my top 10

  • Julie Poisson
    Julie Poisson 3 months ago

    Stitch not first!? Dislike!

  • Jenn W
    Jenn W 3 months ago

    Donkey is DreamWorks not pixar tbh

    ERIC WILSON 3 months ago

    Stitch needs to be #1

  • Zankenfrasher
    Zankenfrasher 4 months ago

    Oh c'mon, Olaf totally should have made the list!
    But yeah, who could argue with #1? We all knew it could be none other than Robin Williams' Genie...

  • Phoenix Rayne
    Phoenix Rayne 4 months ago

    Flynn... Flynn was hilarious!!

  • Phoenix Rayne
    Phoenix Rayne 4 months ago

    Stitch should have been higher.

  • Alabama Robinson
    Alabama Robinson 4 months ago

    What about Flynn Ryder?!

    EPIC GALAXY EPIC 4 months ago

    Mushu is da fuuneest

  • Santos Abeyta
    Santos Abeyta 4 months ago

    Meeko from Pocahontas should've been mentioned.

  • Mary Lara
    Mary Lara 4 months ago

    "Talking donkey for Pixar".... did anyone else get triggered.... no? just me alrightie then

  • Dominic Eisele
    Dominic Eisele 4 months ago +1

    How was the irrelevant robot from treasure planet in front of stitch 😂

  • Lucario Themighty
    Lucario Themighty 4 months ago

    The other laid back character from Disney would be o'malley the ally cat from Disney's aristocats. Voiced by the same person.

  • Janine Moore
    Janine Moore 4 months ago

    Olaf should be on the list.

  • Z Z
    Z Z 4 months ago

    the're more but the top spot is the most on point in this video, a beautiful man man he rest in peace,
    thank you robin

  • Alyssa Beaver
    Alyssa Beaver 4 months ago

    Stitch should have been number one

  • The JayShray Way
    The JayShray Way 4 months ago

    Stitch will always be mine.

    TIFFANY PERSAUD 4 months ago +1

    It just occurred to me that Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters had a cat called.... Lucifer. Glad she got out.
    Yup. Robin Williams as genie. My heart.
    Baymax from Big Hero Six deserves an honourable mention. Especially in his low-battery state.

  • kirara2516
    kirara2516 4 months ago

    7:40 Uh... PIXAR? Shrek was a DreamWorks property.

  • A Doctor
    A Doctor 4 months ago +3

    I mean come on
    We all saw genie coming from a mile away

  • Jasmine Johnston
    Jasmine Johnston 4 months ago

    Stop excluding Pixar or it makes people think Pixar is owned by Warner Bros!

  • Shari DeCarlo
    Shari DeCarlo 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that #9 and #1 are 2 of my favorite characters?

  • Wayne Shanahan
    Wayne Shanahan 4 months ago +1

    My god every time you say THE WORD "Plenty" I die!

  • Kibz Grandius
    Kibz Grandius 4 months ago

    c'mon, yzma is funnier than kronk hahahahaha

  • Roy Ryan
    Roy Ryan 4 months ago

    Hilarious - the funniest thing on the list wasn’t even one of the Disney characters. Talking donkey for Pixar?!?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • gaster the skeleton
    gaster the skeleton 4 months ago

    Stitch should be 1

  • Kingarthur28
    Kingarthur28 4 months ago +1

    STITCH ONLY GETS 9!? but I agree with the other choices lol espically number 1

    • Shari DeCarlo
      Shari DeCarlo 2 months ago

      Can't get enough of #1! He's TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS!

  • I Don’t Know
    I Don’t Know 4 months ago

    Is there any list that doesn’t have the jeny on it

  • Jason Tachin
    Jason Tachin 4 months ago +1

    RW:YES GENIE IS NUMBER 1 ON THIS LIST THANK YOU WATCH MOJO!!!!!!!!!!!😯😮😀😃😄☺😊😁😆😉😍😛😜😝😋😎😌😏

  • HorakhtytheCreator
    HorakhtytheCreator 4 months ago

    Vinnie from Atlantis should’ve at least gotten an honorable mention.

  • Wi11y D.O.P.E Drummer
    Wi11y D.O.P.E Drummer 4 months ago

    Am I the only one that thinks BEN is just annoying?

  • Nicholas Sanford
    Nicholas Sanford 4 months ago

    I loved Baloo from jungle book he's one of my favs but my fav character from Jungle Book is Mowgli. Mushu was hilarious in Mulan and I think Baymax from Big Hero 6 should've been in the list

  • Elise
    Elise 4 months ago +1

    Wow I just noticed the Mulan poster in Nani’s room in that one scene😂

  • Lily Taylor
    Lily Taylor 4 months ago +1

    If iago has his moments why wasn’t he on the list or a honorable mention

  • Euan
    Euan 4 months ago +1

    What? Eddie Murphy ain't no talking donkey for Pixar it's Dreamworks. Buuuutttttt what I can tell ya is that Disney owns pixar therefore a pixar movie is a Disney movie and a Disney is a pixar movie and Kronk was voiced by Patrick Warburton who played Vanessa 's Husband in the bee movie which is a DreamWorks movie for your information.