How A CPU Works (Hardware + Software Parallelism)

  • Published on Dec 7, 2017
  • This video is the third in a multi-part series discussing computing. In this video, we’ll be discussing classical computing, more specifically - how the CPU operates and CPU parallelism.
    [0:27-4:57] Starting off we'll look at, how the CPU operates, more specifically - the basic design of a CPU, how it communicates with memory, the stages it executes instructions in as well as pipelining and superscalar design.
    [4:57-8:00] Following that we'll discuss, computing parallelism, elaborating on the hardware parallelism previously discussed as well as discussing software parallelism through the use of multithreading.
    A More Detailed Look At The CPU:
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    • Patrick Hannon
      Patrick Hannon Year ago

      The music, the loud ticking and the robot voice is ridiculous.

  • Ian Stockwell
    Ian Stockwell 5 days ago +1

    More tempered octagon processor

  • ChitownBanging
    ChitownBanging 9 days ago

    I’m still amazed how information pictures colors numbers can be stored in plastic metal

  • akinasgreatest01
    akinasgreatest01 14 days ago

    Clicked for the knowledge.
    Stayed for the soundtrack

  • Mon3om
    Mon3om 25 days ago

    thankyou for your work

  • Tech Bangla 01
    Tech Bangla 01 Month ago

    With which application did you create this animation????

  • prabhu jagan
    prabhu jagan Month ago

    Awesome, pls do video little bit slow.. 😀

  • hadal magdy
    hadal magdy Month ago +1

    I can't understand anything can you add an Arabic translation please 😭💔

  • Tjhandra GTV
    Tjhandra GTV 2 months ago

    Heyyy my teacher said the CPU is inside the processor and I was wondering if this is true or not becuz from my knowledge what I know is that a CPU is a processor. Is there anyone who can "Enlighten" me.

    • MB
      MB 2 months ago

      "CPU (pronounced as separate letters) is the abbreviation for central processing unit"

  • Thaw Zin
    Thaw Zin 2 months ago

    Great content !
    But, if you want some feedback, I would love if you can speak either a little slower or clearer. The voice is too bassy and you talk fast so I had to crank up the volume too much and still had to rewind back sometimes esp. with the background track.

  • po lo
    po lo 3 months ago

    Should kill the music...I need to hear what you say

  • leonardo77880
    leonardo77880 4 months ago +1

    Good video, just May I suggest you Turn the volume down and slow your talking down a little bit

  • deepak meka
    deepak meka 4 months ago

    can u tell us how to create a processor

  • duh rymeslinga
    duh rymeslinga 4 months ago

    by the end of the video my eyes were like this O.O great video, thanks man!

    RAJIN KHAN 5 months ago

    I also have singularity

  • oshadhi vindhyani
    oshadhi vindhyani 6 months ago

    good thing youtube has caption

  • Buhe Billion
    Buhe Billion 6 months ago

    lovely summary and explanation

  • Gmoney Mozart
    Gmoney Mozart 6 months ago

    Lower music we’re here for that knowledge

  • monster coder
    monster coder 7 months ago +1

    Tip for the viewers , lower the speed of the video to 0.75x

  • monster coder
    monster coder 7 months ago +11

    Your video is awesome but one thing you need to do is lower the speed of you explanation .

  • Happy Fakeboulder
    Happy Fakeboulder 7 months ago +7

    HyperThreading and Multithreading are not the same thing
    (HyperThreading is a CPU design technique to allow a core to run as two threads instead of one, Multithreading is running multiple threads at once in general)

  • Thomas O'Hara
    Thomas O'Hara 7 months ago +2

    The video is good but you need to slow down when you talk. Can't understand what you are saying, which is a shame because there is a lot of good work in this video and I would have used it for revision with my classes otherwise

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 7 months ago +1

    1:13 I’m pretty sure that is linus from linus tech tips on the other side of code...

  • Rashed Khan Jubayer
    Rashed Khan Jubayer 7 months ago +1

    you say too fast.

  • Andrew Graham
    Andrew Graham 7 months ago +1

    What's with the vapor wave music lol?

  • Dhananjay Yadav
    Dhananjay Yadav 8 months ago +2

    Speek slowly please

    • Mr.Skull: The King of creativity
      Mr.Skull: The King of creativity 8 months ago +1

      Teri maa ka bhosda.... Sir you are very lodu and bhenchod your mother gets gaand marana in kotha...
      Your sister gets fucked by her BF in road. thanks like, share and subscribe.

  • Andrean Dwi M. S
    Andrean Dwi M. S 8 months ago


  • Franz Huschka
    Franz Huschka 8 months ago

    Thanos car music

  • Prudhvi Chandu
    Prudhvi Chandu 8 months ago +1

    As others have mentioned, this is an awesome video with excellent illustrations! However, I would sincerely recommend you lower the background music and also not talk so fast!

  • Veerendra Narukonda
    Veerendra Narukonda 8 months ago +2

    Sir can you please explain how transistors and flip-flops and registers work with memory and storage

  • Cade Stead
    Cade Stead 8 months ago +1

    4:48 borrrrrred

  • Guy Maor
    Guy Maor 8 months ago +3

    6:19 Stop right there. Hyperthreading and Multi-threading are two COMPLETELY different things. It's very irresponsible to go around telling people they're the same thing.

  • Bjørn Olav Bøe
    Bjørn Olav Bøe 8 months ago +1


  • Rik Peeters
    Rik Peeters 8 months ago

    Can you do one about hypertreding and why cpu on Paper looks the samen bit have a huge performance diffrend

  • Cosmo Ferrito
    Cosmo Ferrito 8 months ago +1

    How does the operating system know that there are multiple cores in a computer ? Also how can the operating system select different ones for different applications. I have seen this pretty much happening in windows where the programmer has the ability to select the core for an application ?? It would be very thankful if you could clear my doubts sir

  • Babu Sri
    Babu Sri 8 months ago

    CPU assembling

  • Angela
    Angela 9 months ago

    Resonance in the background? Is this heaven?

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone 9 months ago +2

    Your video content is good but the background music is too loud that it makes your voice inaudible.

  • Tyler Garrison
    Tyler Garrison 9 months ago +6

    i love your videos, but you need to either adjust your mic settings (wayyyyyyyy too much low end/bass) or cut the music completely. i have to turn every video up way loud just to make sure i hear everything you say.

  • brkbeat junkie
    brkbeat junkie 9 months ago

    Your videos are insanely good. Thank you for creating these

    ASHRAY 9 months ago

    Linus 😂😂 , incredible content 😍

  • Felipe Aumann
    Felipe Aumann 9 months ago +1

    Guys, I would love to read a book that explains exactly what was approached in this video. Can you guys recommend me anything?

  • Sarmad Najim
    Sarmad Najim 10 months ago

    Always good content , short and to the point , thank you

  • San Diego
    San Diego 10 months ago

    This video's heading is more like dsfkljgdfjgdjfgjklfd

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    StigDesign1 10 months ago +2

    1:06 Multi LTT Head`s XD

  • tavi john
    tavi john 10 months ago

    could be done a CPU that instead of adding instructions one by one would use multiplication, or area calculation of geometric shapes, or derivatives or integrals on an axis of numbers that adds computing power?

    • Daniel Ram
      Daniel Ram 10 months ago

      Technically it's possible and binary multipliers are implemented sometimes but depends on the implementation it's a huge waste of energy to make specific circuit for each type of mathematical operation and also the cpu will over heat way faster which make it slower or damage the transistors.

  • Stefano Ferraro
    Stefano Ferraro 10 months ago +15

    You should keep the bg music at a slightly lower volume

  • Omar Sirat
    Omar Sirat 11 months ago

    Oh man. How come I have never seen this nice channel. No words!

  • paras patel
    paras patel Year ago

    network virtualization

  • Avdam Ramadhan
    Avdam Ramadhan Year ago +5

    To explain, I used to analogue
    - CPU as Customer Service
    - core as CS staffs
    - RAM as waiting room
    Then I realized cache is more suitable as waiting room, and RAM is the . . . Umm..
    Do you have better analogue?

    • Happy Fakeboulder
      Happy Fakeboulder 7 months ago


    • 1mursyid1
      1mursyid1 9 months ago +1

      think cpu as your brain doing math problem
      the core is the brain
      the ram is the working 'paper' that you use to solve the math problem
      the cache is the short term memory of your brain that you use to store the working before writing them onto the 'paper'

    • ُSystem32
      ُSystem32 9 months ago

      Cpu cache : premium member waiting room. Ram: silver members waiting room. Hard disk : economy

  • Ina Chris
    Ina Chris Year ago +1

    You are work hard for this.. Good luck ✌

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    ilkhgs Year ago +1

    Knew nothing, now know something. SP does right. Thank you!

  • Creative Works
    Creative Works Year ago +1

    nice explanation.

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    Hemant Sah Year ago +1

    Loved your video... great explaining with awesome visualization....

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    Pierluigi996 Year ago +3

    DAYUM I LOVE YOR VIDEOS good job man !!

  • kbruns33
    kbruns33 Year ago +7

    Still talk incredibly fast. Aside from that, well constructed video!

  • Bogdan Capanu
    Bogdan Capanu Year ago +1

    My fav channel on RU-clip is Coldfussion TV. But i like your channel to :)

  • Sean C.
    Sean C. Year ago +28

    I just discovered your channel and the content is truly impressive! I can tell how hard you must work on producing these videos. I just subscribed now and I hope your channel continues growing!

  • Tom Laber
    Tom Laber Year ago +5

    Great work it must take you lot of time, I hope you get many more followers you deserve it. But they will be geeks like me. Too techy for the main stream. Again well done.

    SYBERMATRIX 1 Year ago +3

    Can you do a video on A I Like Sophia tailgating are ever move on internet. If possible great videos by the way thanks...

    • Singularity Prosperity
      Singularity Prosperity  Year ago

      Yup, have an extensive series on AI/machine learning planned! Have a few more videos left in this computing series which will last until ~March and then the AI series will begin. Thanks for watching!