Georgia linebacker yells 'humble yourself!' at Baker Mayfield after 2018 Rose Bowl | ESPN


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  • ghost
    ghost Месяц назад

    and still didnt get drafted...nigro..huMble yo self!

  • Rick Green
    Rick Green 2 месяца назад

    Says who?

  • Gutslinger
    Gutslinger 3 месяца назад +1

    Dipshit doesn't know what he's talking about. Baker is humble. Confident, but humble.. Though I get satisfaction knowing that that idiot got humbled in his next game. Take your own advice, bitch. 😂

  • russman316
    russman316 4 месяца назад

    Does it get any more humbling than the Cleveland Browns?

    • Nacho Gonzaga
      Nacho Gonzaga 2 месяца назад

      russman316 He’s actually taking them somewhere and they can still make the playoffs

  • Zechariah Cameron
    Zechariah Cameron 5 месяцев назад

    Yassss, TELL HIM!

  • Skip Bayless
    Skip Bayless 5 месяцев назад

    Baker mayfield: Who the fuck is that guy?

  • Sherif Abdel-Meguid
    Sherif Abdel-Meguid 9 месяцев назад +2

    He aint gonna be too humble after being picked #1 in the 2018 NFL Draft...

  • ArrowJ Smith
    ArrowJ Smith 10 месяцев назад

    Yeah Mayfield you fuck stick Humble your silly ass self.

  • Cruise Control
    Cruise Control 11 месяцев назад

    Uh...when did UGA players become the "fun-police" with Baker Mayfield ?

  • Oregon Ducks Football/Basketball
    Oregon Ducks Football/Basketball Год назад +2

    He won't Humble himself.
    GO TRUMP!!!!

  • Giant Robot
    Giant Robot Год назад +2

    Baker did awesome.I hope the Broncos get him.The Sooners defense was horrible.

  • haha clintondix
    haha clintondix Год назад

    Karma at its finest. Georgia sure got humbled a week later.

  • Eric M
    Eric M Год назад +1

    And who the hell is that Georgia linebacker? No one knows except Georgia fans. He shouldn’t even be allowed to talk shit on the best player in d1 football. Not saying that baker is humble, cause I know he isn’t; he gets too excited at times lol, I’m just saying no one gives a shit about what that nobody linebacker says

  • Allen Atkins
    Allen Atkins Год назад

    Ya Georgia, now you can go back to being Bama's bitch.

  • T-Bone 10
    T-Bone 10 Год назад

    I bet if Baker was black he would have went over & told him "keep your head Bruuuu"...Hey Georgia..freshman QB just Humbled yourself Bruuuu

  • Peter Rodby
    Peter Rodby Год назад +1

    If people don't like it there must be some truth to thei matter. I just hope Mayfield adheres to that suggestion and advances to professional football with success

  • daniel j
    daniel j Год назад +1

    Jesus Christ loves everyone.Repent and believe that He is the Son of God.Do not put it off,God loves you : )

  • Laura Barto
    Laura Barto Год назад

    Bama humbled this fool! Bahahahaha!

  • jo moe
    jo moe Год назад +1

    Bama humbled his ass

  • im nappy
    im nappy Год назад


  • ATXtillidie
    ATXtillidie Год назад


  • ATXtillidie
    ATXtillidie Год назад

    Bellamy after that freshman iced dem dawgs.....😧😩😢😭

  • ATXtillidie
    ATXtillidie Год назад

    Humble yourself......😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Ryan Davidson
    Ryan Davidson Год назад

    Looks like Georgia should humble themselves... karma ⚡️⚡️😂😂😂

  • Kyle Medina
    Kyle Medina Год назад

    This didn't age well.

  • robert johnson sr
    robert johnson sr Год назад

    humble your self bro!

  • Ike Nino
    Ike Nino Год назад

    I love every bit of It PAYBACK A BITCH the way he disrespected my Buckeyes.He better watch his self cause teams is watching Baker Mayfield every move right now Humble Yourself and be grateful you got the opportunity to shine 🎂 O-H

  • Kirk Perez
    Kirk Perez Год назад +3

    "Humble yourself!"...??? Really he scored 40+ points on Ur ass and Ur telling him to be humble....

  • Sumter Store
    Sumter Store Год назад

    Yyg ok h 02

  • Stephen A Smith
    Stephen A Smith Год назад

    If Oklahoma didn't do that dang squib

  • Kay George
    Kay George Год назад +3

    Why yell "HUMBLE YOURSELF" when Mayfield and Oklahoma just droped 48 points on your defense?

    • Zack Wiley
      Zack Wiley 3 месяца назад +1

      +teenchy and won

    • teenchy
      teenchy 5 месяцев назад +2

      Maybe because Fromm and Georgia just dropped 54 points on his defense?

  • Wilt C.
    Wilt C. Год назад

    Roll Tide....

  • Davey Summers
    Davey Summers Год назад +1

    it was a great game both teams play there guts out but Bama is going to kick your asses

  • Flag Waver
    Flag Waver Год назад

    Maybe sound would help.

    xMrSKETCHYx Год назад

    Yells at him 15 yards away...

  • USMC Jarhead
    USMC Jarhead Год назад

    Talk about a real tough guy yelling trash! Scared to get closer so he can hear you! Hope you see the field when Daddy Nick and the Best Defense kicks your ass!!!

  • Tyler
    Tyler Год назад +1

    Baker mayfield should have done his queer ass run he likes to do running into the locker room after taking that L

  • William Medcalf
    William Medcalf Год назад

    All these sooners so triggered that theyre saying we are going to get crushed monday. Maybe, maybe...but only at the hands of an SEC team LOL

  • Dirty Sanchez
    Dirty Sanchez Год назад +3

    wtf is ESPN now a spoof spinoff of TMZ? This isn't even worth posting. ESPN needs to humble their interns.

  • Nikolai P. Culp
    Nikolai P. Culp Год назад +1

    Look. I understand. He’s (blaker hayfield) done some idiotic stuff but shut up and go celebrate with your team. Honestly quit yelling at the other team that played a heck of a game and go celebrate with your teammates

  • 1Smoking Lizard
    1Smoking Lizard Год назад

    That's what Kendrick Lamar said.


    Yall acting like what he said was bad he trynna tell him to humble himself before he end up like manziel

  • Dane Skiffjack
    Dane Skiffjack Год назад

    I`m not so certain but what he was actually trying to help Baker Mayfield. I just do not see this man giving Mayfield his own medicine.

  • dudewat212
    dudewat212 Год назад +2

    How about all the people who told Lavar Ball to "humble himself" or who say that Mayweather needs to "Hume himself"?
    Notice how these same people who complain have no problem when McGregor or Mayfield act the same way.
    Davin Ballamy said the right thing..

  • jayhova3132009
    jayhova3132009 Год назад +15

    I don't think anybody on Georgia's defense should be saying anything after giving up 48pts

    • Trent Brown
      Trent Brown Год назад

      Who won that game???? Oklahoma Sooners more like ChOklahoma Gooners

    • GangGreen3
      GangGreen3 Год назад +2

      jayhova3132009 His dumbass deserved it after that pregame bullshit.

    • jayhova3132009
      jayhova3132009 Год назад +1

      Dexter Green yea but nobody on Oklahoma was yelling "humble yourself"

    • Yuvng Da
      Yuvng Da Год назад +2

      jayhova3132009 or Oklahoma we had the most points so 😉 yea JA

  • Buckwild 65
    Buckwild 65 Год назад +2

    Look Baker was not being unsociable, he just didn’t want those big guys see him cry. Humble pie is fun to serve until it is served to you, and Baker served a lot of it that’s why people don’t like him Karma is a bitch.

  • Steven Carter
    Steven Carter Год назад +3

    Baker not going to be a professional he going to go protest but he's not going to provide professionalism for what ever team that draft him. He going to be another Ryan Leaf.

  • robert johnson sr
    robert johnson sr Год назад

    Dirt bag racist piece of she-it! does anyone think he would have yelled that bullshe-it at another black? we've seen our share of cocky athletes with big mouths on them over the years I doubt that damn fool even knows what the meaning of the word is without a tutor anyway. Oh and after watching bama? you can be DAMN sure your punk ass will be crying next week and that SON you can take to the bank.

    CR HEAVEN Год назад

    Tough Ass Game Slim 🔥

  • Milan Phillips
    Milan Phillips Год назад +1

    Bitch better be humble. because Alabama is going to kill them

  • bryan garcia
    bryan garcia Год назад +2

    Bro he dropped 48, with about 300 yards on your defense 😂😂

  • Dexter Pernell Jackson
    Dexter Pernell Jackson Год назад

    Put that average son of a bitch and.Oklahoma in the.SEC and see.them light weight defencless go to.a.rosebowl

  • joseph cristal
    joseph cristal Год назад +5

    Pride comes before the fall! Baker deserves to be humbled.

  • ROll Tide LBC
    ROll Tide LBC Год назад +8

    In the heat of the victory, well deserved. He needs to be humbled. If he tries some of his antics on pros, he gone get it from his own players and the other team. If he doesn’t he gonna get squashed!

    • Quinton Bailey
      Quinton Bailey 10 месяцев назад

      dude put up 48 points tho...

  • 24 Lancelot
    24 Lancelot Год назад +4

    He can't hear you 10 yards away with all that noise. Get in his face...if you got the cherries.

  • Delia Scott
    Delia Scott Год назад


  • Mr. Bond
    Mr. Bond Год назад

    Bitch sit down!!! Be humble 😂😂😂😂

  • jimmy juda
    jimmy juda Год назад +1

    Yeah humble yourself you son of B!tch. Wanna be Johnny manzhiel. Your not runing in circles and showboating now are you? Stay country and stop acting like you got street creds. Haha

  • AY Blackie
    AY Blackie Год назад +3

    lol Georgia is not the State of choke.

  • Dawg Mane
    Dawg Mane Год назад +4

    When he seen the group of uga defense players he took a sharp right. What a bitch.

    • E.J.
      E.J. Год назад


  • Andre Castillo
    Andre Castillo Год назад

    telling baker to humble himself. Lmfao he should humble HIMSELF

    • joseph cristal
      joseph cristal Год назад

      Andre Castillo why? He already is humble. Baker needs a lesson in humility. His arrogance will get him nowhere.

  • Ryland Cisco
    Ryland Cisco Год назад +3

    He better listen to that advice or he's gonna end up just like johnny manziel

  • james Collins
    james Collins Год назад

    I see Baker is too big of a pussy to talk shit back huh.... Shocking 🤣

  • Haze Tikes
    Haze Tikes Год назад

    Should have said it to his face instead of waiting for him to be 20 yards away like a little pussy.



  • Won't Marry You, I'll BURY YOU
    Won't Marry You, I'll BURY YOU Год назад +31

    It's all good. Bama is going to humble Georgia next Monday. We'll see how humble that guy is then.

  • semprelegato10
    semprelegato10 Год назад

    Davin Bellamy, good job. Best of luck in your future. Congrats on great win

  • chickenwityamz
    chickenwityamz Год назад +5

    For a player to have off the field issues and unsportsmanlike gestures as often as Mayfield, it makes you wonder why his draft stock still hasn’t dropped. White privilege at its best and he indeed needs to humble himself. How tf you come into a game supposedly sick with the Flu but yo ass running up and down sideline celebrating like it’s over. That’s why he lost this game, a real qb stats focused and keeps foot on their opponents neck.

    • Bass Junky
      Bass Junky 8 месяцев назад

      Have you considered the fact that maybe baker is good?

    • Lee Cooper
      Lee Cooper Год назад +2

      White privilege? So his draft stock hasn’t dropped because he doesn’t have as much melanin in his skin? What are you smoking?

  • Linda Leg
    Linda Leg Год назад +7

    Preach my brother. Preach!

  • Iking Little
    Iking Little Год назад +1

    Baker can't hear y'all he got 30 million in his ears from the New York Jets tell that shit. Walking look how far away his was from Baker when he said that shit

    • Dawg Mane
      Dawg Mane Год назад

      Iking Little cause he ran the other way when he seen em.. what video u watch?

  • Julio El Chavez
    Julio El Chavez Год назад +1

    Baker is a bitch, he’s gonna get humbled in the nfl real quick

  • rich rich
    rich rich Год назад

    Lmaooooooooooooo shout out my lil cuzzo good luck next week bro

    MAKE IT HAPPEN Год назад +10

    Everybody talking about Money. It's not about money. It's about how you handle yourself in a moment like that. He was just telling mayfield to calm it down.

  • CrimsonTide
    CrimsonTide Год назад

    So happy Mayfield got beat. Arrogant disrespectful ass! Go home boy

  • Pro-Vision & The Band
    Pro-Vision & The Band Год назад +3

    Wise words.. Go Dawgs!!!

  • Dwayne Neal
    Dwayne Neal Год назад

    Yeah say it where he can't hear it coward lol

    • joseph cristal
      joseph cristal Год назад

      dwayne neal bs. I doubt he didn’t hear that. Smh.

    • Dawg Mane
      Dawg Mane Год назад

      dwayne neal kinda hard when he ran the other way.. trust me, he heard him.

  • Steveland Phillips
    Steveland Phillips Год назад

    Fuck you and baker maypussy chuck watson he should have never did that cut throt shit you and him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 now #GeorgiaBulldogsBith#

  • alex ellis
    alex ellis Год назад

    Just me or is this only in the left ear?

  • haden churchwell
    haden churchwell Год назад +2

    Am i the only one who cant hear it?

    • haden churchwell
      haden churchwell Год назад

      Kensley Valcin oh thanks that solved the problem

    • Kensley Valcin
      Kensley Valcin Год назад

      haden churchwell open your ears.

    • haden churchwell
      haden churchwell Год назад

      Matthew Detrana i mean the entire video is silent for me and its not my speaker cause it works on other videos

    • Matthew Detrana
      Matthew Detrana Год назад

      haden churchwell starts here 0:13 he says it 2 more times after that too. Hope that helps!

  • RamonCarlos Armendariz
    RamonCarlos Armendariz Год назад +1

    Last time we had an all sec national championship, it was the most boring game ever. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be exact same this year. Bama is gonna dominate Georgia.

  • MH DZ
    MH DZ Год назад +34

    Just because you’re a heisman winner doesn’t mean you can act any kind of way. Besides, fuck Oklahoma! I hope Georgia BURIES wack ass Alabama

  • Kaye Miller
    Kaye Miller Год назад

    What individual award has that guy won? Humble yourself? You won a game act like you have been there before. Oh that's right you haven't.

    • Kaye Miller
      Kaye Miller Год назад

      Hes telling Baker Mayfield to Humble himself. I said nothing about a game. I said what individual award has he won? Can you not read? He said humble himself when hes won about every award for his position. What has that chump linebacker won at his position? Nothing.

    • E.J.
      E.J. Год назад

      Trystan kramer

    • Dawg Mane
      Dawg Mane Год назад +1

      Wtf does an award have to do with humbling yourself? If anything winning that made him worse.

    • Trystan
      Trystan Год назад +3

      at least we dont see the LB running around planting flags in the middle of the filed of the opponets filed or going around on the bulldogs side warming up and acting like no one is saying somthing to you to move so that when they go say it to you face you can try and fight them

    • Chance Floyd
      Chance Floyd Год назад +5

      Kaye Miller they’re 13-1 and going to the national championship.How have they never won a game.That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

  • P L
    P L Год назад

    Roll SEC Network

  • Dexter Pernell Jackson
    Dexter Pernell Jackson Год назад he whinning like a bitch didn't ack like that at Ohio state ...another lightweight.... SEC

    • E.J.
      E.J. Год назад

      Joe Rockhead

  • Dexter Pernell Jackson
    Dexter Pernell Jackson Год назад

    Hunker down you hairy DAWGS

  • Dexter Pernell Jackson
    Dexter Pernell Jackson Год назад

    Mother fuck Mayfield we Georgia

  • Dexter Pernell Jackson
    Dexter Pernell Jackson Год назад

    We the ones come back from 31/ 14 on your no defense asses

  • Dexter Pernell Jackson
    Dexter Pernell Jackson Год назад

    And I would have told him we're the ones fresh off your ass ....draft that.....loser

  • Lorenzo Morgan Jr.
    Lorenzo Morgan Jr. Год назад

    "No-pun-intended", but for me and my surroundings, a mongoose amidst snakes would never be humble or a honorable man amidst coward(s) would be difficult to humble. "I'm-just-saying" but this comment might have originate from the "throat" gesture during the football game.

  • Dexter Pernell Jackson
    Dexter Pernell Jackson Год назад

    Georgia born Georgia bread and when I die I'm Georgia dead fuck with my DAWGS

  • Dexter Pernell Jackson
    Dexter Pernell Jackson Год назад

    You bitches can kiss Georgia's ass till you teeth are.dodo brown we the DAWGS an SEC elite fuck Oklahoma it's two SEC power houses in the ATL for all the. Marbles win or lose the SEC is the nations best.... US 24 ALABAMA 21

  • Brandon Christopher
    Brandon Christopher Год назад +5

    That linebacker ain't gonna get paid like Baker though lol

    • Yuvng Da
      Yuvng Da Год назад

      Brandon Christopher if he succeeds in the NFL



    • E.J.
      E.J. Год назад

      A.L Highlightz

    • Dwayne Neal
      Dwayne Neal Год назад +1

      A.L Highlightz you wish

    • Aaron Widdat Tool
      Aaron Widdat Tool Год назад +6

      Baker is another Johnny Manziel. Overhyped, least to say.

  • Fuck What You're Talking About !
    Fuck What You're Talking About ! Год назад +10

    Serves Baker right! Cocky prick!
    Hold this L for now then go on to get drafted by the Browns or Giants and continue to take L's.

  • Bernardo Brito
    Bernardo Brito Год назад +4


    • Notblind808
      Notblind808 Год назад

      TRUMP THE S.O.B apparently you you haven’t heard about Anthony wiener or John podestas brother, or all the lefty hollywood perverts. Good job bringing politics into sports/entertainment. Fuckers ruin everything with your crazy ass ideologies



    • Dawg Mane
      Dawg Mane Год назад +3

      Bernardo Brito huh? Wtf does trump have a o do with anything? God you’re stupid.

  • gannon Hearst
    gannon Hearst Год назад +11

    Why do teams always count our Georgia to play someone I bet once we whoop Alabama y’all won’t say nothin

    • Inferno
      Inferno 9 месяцев назад


    • GangGreen3
      GangGreen3 Год назад +1

      bigblue 562 Did you just say us with a Giants logo. #BandwagonAssNigga

    • gannon Hearst
      gannon Hearst Год назад +1

      Tyler I think Alabama could’ve beaten them but with the way Clemson played they would’ve got destroyed and ran outta Pasadena

    • Vincent Senecal
      Vincent Senecal Год назад

      Tyler . Where is OU now?

    • Tyler
      Tyler Год назад

      gannon Hearst right lmao Clemson or Alabama couldn’t have beaten Oklahoma during that game

  • Flying Spacerock
    Flying Spacerock Год назад

    Hating Bum. He already won. He rubbing salt. Thats Dirty. Po folks move.

    • Lane Hopper
      Lane Hopper Год назад

      What? No baker mayfields a punk and he deserves it forget about class he needs to get taught a lesson

  • CryptoQueen
    CryptoQueen Год назад

    I mean I guess... Baker is still great, humble or not.

    • joseph cristal
      joseph cristal Год назад

      CryptoQueen he’s overrated. He needs a lesson in humility or he won’t go far.

  • Goofy Zeem
    Goofy Zeem Год назад +1

    Was that an insult or a way of saying good game? Cuz tbh with a game like that there shoulf be no insults to each team

  • Aaron Jimenez
    Aaron Jimenez Год назад +16

    Bama will humble them😂

    • Inferno
      Inferno 9 месяцев назад


    • joseph cristal
      joseph cristal Год назад +2

      Aaron Jimenez even if they lose to Bama they won’t be humbled as they’re already humble. Baker is the only one who needed to be humbled because he has no class he’s arrogant and overrated.



    • kuan Russell
      kuan Russell Год назад

      Bama gone light the wack ass bulldogs up

    • Chance Floyd
      Chance Floyd Год назад


  • Goofy Zeem
    Goofy Zeem Год назад +2

    Georgia yall need to humble yourself next week georgia and clemson defense dont play that run shit

    • Goofy Zeem
      Goofy Zeem Год назад +1

      ugadawgs2225 Thats Tuff bama gon eat yall out btw

    • Goofy Zeem
      Goofy Zeem Год назад +1

      Dj GainwellXD ik Thats Tuff

    • Dj Gainwell
      Dj Gainwell Год назад +1

      Goofy Zeem 💀 y’all lost

    • Goofy Zeem
      Goofy Zeem Год назад +1

      TRUMP THE S.O.B nah