Forbidden Archaeology Documentary 2018 Ancient Ruins That Defy Mainstream History

  • Published on May 5, 2018
  • Ancient mysterious ruins have been discovered all over the world, how could these stones have been cut so precise by ancient humans? Some refer to these ancient ruins as the result of 'Impossible' Ancient Engineering. Could it be possible that there is much more to the history of this planet than we are being taught? For years, historians and archaeologists have absolutely marveled at these incredibly huge megalith and asked did ancient civilizations have a technology so advanced we still don't understand it.
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  • Rob Rusia
    Rob Rusia 19 hours ago

    Funny thing is they discredit all these ancient sights saying they didn’t have technology but in 2019 they have know clue how these buildings were made lol who’s the dumbass lol

  • Abhinandan Zambare


  • Trevor Avery
    Trevor Avery Day ago +1

    at some point in my challenge you will ask, what does this have to do with the video topic....everything.i want you all to do a test, you've heard of the mound builders? if not look into that first. now. if were all caught up i will show you a secret. google search [Indian mounds excavation] now, click images. so scroll down and take it all in, really look. so who were the supposed mound builders? were taught that the native Americans built these between 1300 ad and 1700 ad. why? well were taught that this was how they buried their dead....sound familiar? so what do we see here in these photos of the 1940's excavations?
    we see temples, massive statues, Mayan like structures with stepped outer walls. many of these mounds were indeed burial mounds but the native Americans did not build them. no, the Spanish came killing first, then the Europeans, they stacked the bodies high and buried the lot creating mounds. same was done to buffalo, see to the natives these were a spiritual animal, the settlers knew this and intended on wiping both of them out.
    who was charged with overseeing the excavations? answer: 33rd degree master masons... always
    curator on site? Smithsonian institute of history {fake history} always.
    so....why the secrecy? then we note this...when were the first real excavations done? they took place by common grave robbers back during romes time of power. this led to some extremely big finds. aside from the bones of Giants what was so important? knowledge, see we all live by a tampered truth, gravity were taught is blah blah blah, truth gravity is the reality of sound and vibration holding things in place... a neverending resonance fed to us by the host of the sky you call stars. what are stars? google {what do stars actually look like} youll see balls of frequency, they pulse like an EKG or your actual heartbeat.
    those in power we call the elite. they have for themselves the archive of mysteries which is the archaeological finds they place in key monuments for their personal growth alone. what is the power in their findings.
    well they hid truth in religious and scientific dogma, then put them against each other. like chess pieces mankind falls into a side or chooses one, this is expected and rewarded. the seeker combines all ancient art and proven text from the bible and quran, to the walls of the many pyramids, the art of ankor wat, and the sumarrian text. mankind in the preflood times was home to a very advanced race of humans. they understood what our elite today have stolen long ago for themselves. much of which is Alchemy which they use to alter the natural order of things, Alchemy alone is the study of the forces that create order. witchcraft is the act of altering this order.

    i would love to say more. but this is all i can say. besides no one came here to read a book. Gen 6:4-8 {the book of jude} = the book of enoch.
    native american lore, search {lovelock cave}
    who do all the ancient people say built the sites they dwell on. compare these notes. academia loves to marvel at things, but then say those native simply were poetic, or mad. strange right? if all the world sites have like history according to the preflood world, and those just after the flood. why contest it outright.

  • Mike Raulston
    Mike Raulston 2 days ago

    The part is, you weren't there during "their" time, so who is to say how advanced they were, for all we know we are their equivalent to morons or neanderthal, we think our time is the greatest but are wholly unsure because we weren't there. Wake up, evidently they had one up on us.

  • Covenant Soul
    Covenant Soul 2 days ago

    How do you know the Incas had not figured out the wheel. If they were so clever, perhaps they did.

  • blue coture
    blue coture 3 days ago

    Way to go
    The narrator butchered the pronunciation of most if not all these indigenous terms
    Pinchi gringos couldn't find a Hispanic narrator.
    TeoTeee Wa Khan

  • Griffith Taka
    Griffith Taka 3 days ago

    They keep saying Spaniards LMAO, you mean marrano Jews. Ancients were smarter.

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 4 days ago +3

    Humans such as Incas and Egyptians did not have the technology or the brain power to build these types of cities... they enherited them. and were taught...from the higher people. Still today there are old aircrafts and machines that we still dont know how to operate. thats in museums, or below the sea too old or to sophisticated for us to operate..

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 5 days ago

    Well obviously they did it. But for what reason? Security? Sixty years seems way too long. Sounds like your missing some facts as to how many giants worked on it and how they did it.

  • Wireliz Soto
    Wireliz Soto 6 days ago

    The comment section is better than the video... couldnt stand the bad pronunciation..

  • bloop blooper
    bloop blooper 9 days ago

    Very clearly spoken.

  • frederick winn
    frederick winn 10 days ago

    What makes people assume that ancient Humans did not" know the wheel" , or have the capacity to make tools, and understand leverage? Obviously these ridiculous statements are wrong. I continue to get comments that make me think that people (in general) believe in "Darwin" , or the absurd egomaniacs that think we (today's Humans) are the most developed, or intelligent group of Humans that have ever existed. The evidence stands, most of it has been taken away by time.

  • Martin Wisniewski
    Martin Wisniewski 10 days ago


  • Barry Rajacic
    Barry Rajacic 11 days ago

    First of all !!!? Their pre diluvian inca says they were there long before them ....they were moved with sound softening the stones...... Now for the theory... They knew somehow of the cataclysm to come they built it to protect walls from water look at the way they're designed!!!!! they are the most efficient way to break a wave ????? it was one civilization that built the same type of stone walls all over the world..... Leaving all types of mathematical information and the walls as well as the pyramid!!!!!

  • Troy DeGroote
    Troy DeGroote 12 days ago

    Who ever did the research spent countless minutes obviously. No way a Abrams tank weighs 50 ton. That's 100000 lbs. It has been discovered that the rocks in the walls were actually poured like concrete already in place. Dumbass

  • Violet
    Violet 12 days ago

    Could you guys write down the names of these places in the info above and in all your videos? It is hard to spell it out by listening to you say it.

  • Salah Esmael
    Salah Esmael 14 days ago

    So simple :
    1- from ADAM to NOAH
    2 - the great fload
    3 - from NOAH till now
    * all of that is the remaining of the fload.

    • flymasterA
      flymasterA 7 days ago

      4. Who built it? The Nephilim, half-human giant children off-spring of rebellious angels (demons).
      5. They knew the flood was coming, so high on mountains with heavy walls and huge block foundations.
      6. Result? They all drowned in the flood and their work was strewn all about.
      7. Evidence? The remains that fit what the Bible describes.
      8. Required to accept the facts as seen? Open eyes and a little faith in God and a lot less in clueless humans.

  • Richard Petitclerc
    Richard Petitclerc 14 days ago +2

    guy breathing in microphone

  • mojotime180
    mojotime180 16 days ago

    so, which part is forbidden?

  • Michael Murray
    Michael Murray 16 days ago +1

    Gotta speed up the narration

    • Violet
      Violet 12 days ago

      It's just right for taking notes.

  • keith wilson
    keith wilson 16 days ago

    why dont they believe the Indains . never knew them to lie but have known are people to lie alot and they have found giant remains they just keep it on the down low

  • Ross Hix
    Ross Hix 17 days ago

    This pronunciation is fucking terrible.

  • bassomanvfr
    bassomanvfr 18 days ago

    “Mythology,” a word grossly overused by the modern ignoramus.

  • waltham1957
    waltham1957 18 days ago

    This guy just reads, he has no attachment to the content, making these less interesting.

  • John Mizzoni
    John Mizzoni 18 days ago

    Inca aren't fucking Indians asshole

  • john doe
    john doe 18 days ago

    Giants built it you dumb motherfucker and it only took twenty giants and two weeks. Listen to the Incas instead of discrediting them.

  • Debbie Rowley
    Debbie Rowley 18 days ago

    This is much older than the Middle Ages, that much has already been established. Your knowledge is shaky to say the least, the " facts" you give, regarding the building of the pyramids, is not just shaky, but totally wrong.

  • Graham Robson
    Graham Robson 18 days ago

    Horrible editing in many of these documentaries. Why do half a job when so much of it is so great. Sort out the horribly looped music, crackling and popping as well as the long gaps in the narration and you'll be getting somewhere.

  • vrax204
    vrax204 19 days ago +3

    it is not called "architecture/engineering skills" it is simply called "landscape architecture"

  • Dinanath Agarwalla
    Dinanath Agarwalla 20 days ago

    They know the technology of melting rock and giving shape one upon another...

  • realtalk
    realtalk 20 days ago

    but why are we just know realizing it? I remember watchin SCARFACE for years and the scene with the plane way back then actually showed a recently discovered set of pyramids peeking through the tree tops ... why now are we just now investigating? All this stuff been here on earth for years...realtalk

  • Carbon Crowns
    Carbon Crowns 22 days ago

    Why does everybody in the past have to be so illiterate and primitive? Why couldn't they have been advanced? Obviously they knew more than we did.
    Just because certain people did not have knowledge, doesn't mean Everyone didn't.
    We would have an idea about the structures if it wasn't such a cool thing to burn and lock up books. Like, who does things like that...

  • coldblooded kidder
    coldblooded kidder 23 days ago

    Sacsayhuaman {sac-say-wah-mon} ........ Teotihuacan { tay-oh-tee-wah-con} .... Ollantaytambo {oh-yan-tay-tambo}

  • coldblooded kidder
    coldblooded kidder 23 days ago

    right at the beginning the dude says: "...constructions that seem to defy the techno-capabilities of their time" What make these ruins seem so impossible isn't that they were built by people who had no technology beyond copper chisels, ropes and good sturdy whips to motivate slaves. It's us that doesn't understand what's going on here. I think it's not that we don't understand them, it's simply that we have no idea who created these things. It's obvious that these people lived and died so long ago that there are virtually no traces left of them beyond the stone ruins of which some are so ancient, that the materials used in their construction is in the process of returning to state it was before being shaped into what we see now.

  • O Pal
    O Pal 23 days ago

    Who sayd that the giants are humans!!!
    Nowhere pictures exist of them!!

  • Patelji Patel
    Patelji Patel 23 days ago

    They constructed very big Ports n Jetty at that time located in Lothal-India

  • Carlton Jordan
    Carlton Jordan 24 days ago

    If you're going to narrate a story, please learn when to use the (thuh) correct pronunciation of the (thuh) and the (thee).... Example: "thee people" built "thee pyramids" is WAAAAAAYYYY off 🙄

  • Francisco M Diaz
    Francisco M Diaz 24 days ago

    It’s funny how we rather honor of these magnificent structures to anyone but human ingenuity, intrepidity and veracity no natter what day and age these said structures were built...

  • aqua vitraqua
    aqua vitraqua 25 days ago this is a better version more insightfull of what all ancient building really represent.

    PATRICK BRANNEN 26 days ago

    So all of this greatness was achieved by people who had not discovered the wheel? As a construction professional for over 30 years I find this ridiculous. The tools and the machines have to be equivalent to the task.

    • aqua vitraqua
      aqua vitraqua 25 days ago Dude this is a better informed but still very logical to be sceptical documentary to explain what some if not most or all ancient buildings represent. This is a very interesting well done documentary, i really recomend this.

  • Ezra Daniel Hernandez
    Ezra Daniel Hernandez 26 days ago

    Narrator sounds like Samuel L. Jackson 🤔

    • Polar Zoto
      Polar Zoto 25 days ago

      would like to know what kind you smoke, sounds like its good sht

    REGIE IRIS 26 days ago

    Nice build

  • Andrew Reynold
    Andrew Reynold 26 days ago

    The inkas said that they didn't build the wall but the giants did goes for the same around the world the giant people built them the sooner Smithsonian change history to better mankind instead of teaching lies just to keep there jobs the better

  • BattleJohnson
    BattleJohnson 27 days ago

    terrible drone piloting

    MILO BROWN 27 days ago

    Main str4eam bullshitologists are a dieing breed. The truth is upon us.

    • aqua vitraqua
      aqua vitraqua 25 days ago Dude this is a better informed but still very logical to be sceptical documentary to explain what some if not most or all ancient buildings represent. This is a very interesting well done documentary, i really recomend this.

  • DD826
    DD826 28 days ago

    this fool thinks aliens built everything

  • Michelle Marie Perez
    Michelle Marie Perez 28 days ago

    The walls look like puzzle pieces.

  • Chris Vallely
    Chris Vallely 28 days ago

    Why does this guy mispronounce every ancient name of cities or sites. Every single one is pronounced differently. Kind of annoying!

  • S Salman
    S Salman 29 days ago

    Have they not seen how many generations We destroyed before them which We had established upon the earth as We have not established you? And We sent [rain from] the sky upon them in showers and made rivers flow beneath them; then We destroyed them for their sins and brought forth after them a generation of others.
    quran 6 6

  • Vronel Blocker
    Vronel Blocker 29 days ago

    all that are merely portals and star gaits to invoke and invite evil spirits in of the kingdom of darkness , and what is even more remarkable than that is , Jesus didn't need a portal or star gait to enter into people's heart to ask Him for salvation and repent of their sins and become born again.

  • justicia
    justicia 29 days ago

    Why the hell do you use the word indians??? What fuck!!

  • Space Corp
    Space Corp Month ago

    it is a bad assumption to state that the Inca's didn't "write" !

  • Ronald Cossin
    Ronald Cossin Month ago

    Your Faith in Bing a Human Being , 1st ad from CBS News

  • b wade
    b wade Month ago +2

    Look no further than the Giants...for anything that is an anomaly.

  • Sharon M.
    Sharon M. Month ago +1

    If you're going to pay for someone to read this script then make sure they can pronounce the city's name.

  • Wolfgang H.
    Wolfgang H. Month ago +1

    Just before it was mentioned that native poeple told the basaltic columns habe been flown there I thought they have been transported through the air from their place of origin. Just imagine the buiders had some kind of stargate. We don't kow if stargates ever existed, but if so, throw the colums into the stargate, and within seconds they are on their destinatin place.

    • Wolfgang H.
      Wolfgang H. Month ago

      I mean the report begining at 34:10

  • Lance Coles
    Lance Coles Month ago


  • Furygan
    Furygan Month ago

    The size of the door frame at the 6:00 mark!!!

  • Furygan
    Furygan Month ago

    At 3:38 the stone near the centre of the wall has two of those little bulges you often see on other megalithic stones, only here they are inverted rather than poking out. They are normally seen on the larger stones on megalithic sites all over the world but always convex rather then concave. Maybe I've just never noticed but I don't think I have seen this before. Anyone else have any thoughts?

  • David L
    David L Month ago rock!

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Month ago

    So much of Archeology and much of your narrative is a lying, misleading supposition.
    I cannot believe anyone is putting forth civilizations being only 8 or 10,000 years old when Egyptian pyramids still buried date back over 30,000 years, so do their cave art, and the European giants scattered across the US and Canada date back 60,000 years.
    You guys always lie, just like the drama called NASA.

    • Jack Frost
      Jack Frost Month ago

      Giant did and still do exist. The Bible clearly says 8 generations had to battle them off, gave the exact location where they died after God ordered them burned down, and Jesus,plainly warned that they went underground, and will come up from their hiding places during Armagheddon, raping their way across us humans.
      They are still born on earth once every couple million people. Their genetics are still in us. Not all people are human, there are entire tribes of people who are NOT human, like in Africa and off the coast of India. They are not Homo Sapien. Andre the Giant is a famous non human. And there's been a couple hundred born across the planet in this last 100 years.

  • Sleep Walker
    Sleep Walker Month ago +3

    It’s pronounced TEH OH TEE WHA KHAN

    • Percival Cruz
      Percival Cruz 5 days ago +1

      yeah its annoying how he pronounced it

  • Michelle Teeter
    Michelle Teeter Month ago

    The camera work leaves a bit to be desired :/

    • Sleep Walker
      Sleep Walker Month ago

      The pronunciation of site names also

  • Martin O'Hara
    Martin O'Hara Month ago

    This commentary is well-delivered and the iformation is accurate but it is not particularly well-written. Necessary words are elided and unnecessary, repetive words are included. I wonder if the narrator wrote the script also? I hope not, the voice is good and deserves better lines.

  • Dan Dangerous
    Dan Dangerous Month ago +3

    Them Pre Columbians were pretty handy with stone tools. They could have chiseled me a Ferrari.

    • ThePark 627
      ThePark 627 29 days ago +1

      Straight up they could, the way I see they just hid the technique they knew if they got of hold of such Craft it would on be world death

  • Andrew PlantGollum
    Andrew PlantGollum Month ago

    Everyone always jumps to ETs when talking about these ancient ruins. I support John Anthony West and Robert Schoch's idea. That humans were more advanced before the end of the last ice age and a cataclysm happened, possibly some sort of impact that hit an ice sheet and caused massive flooding around the world.

  • Hopeful
    Hopeful Month ago

    Its the same questions over and over since the creation of man.You might start to answer the questions when you finally understand that men didnt build these things.Hint! Hint!!

  • Fawn Hawpetoss
    Fawn Hawpetoss Month ago +13

    “Nobody knows”...uh, the Inca’s told the Spanish but let’s just ignore what they say 🤦🏻‍♀️

      CALL OF THE WILL MAN 17 days ago

      They also tell us why we are hear and who god is but that's all ignored as well

    • b wade
      b wade Month ago


  • Aa Glad
    Aa Glad Month ago

    I found rocks in my backyard that date 1000s of yrs old. Whats the big deal ?????

    • Bongo Man
      Bongo Man 3 days ago

      How do you know their age? You can't date rocks.

  • jcs1025
    jcs1025 Month ago

    So, because we don’t fully know how they did it, it must be aliens? Or magic? Or god? Good grief.

  • Ambee Gaming
    Ambee Gaming Month ago

    Is he saying Sexy Hooman?

  • Hopeful
    Hopeful Month ago

    Men built the pyramids in Egypt.Aliens built them.Get serious!!1

  • Hopeful
    Hopeful Month ago

    Do people still take these historians seriously.Their theories etc.They dont know anything about anything

  • Gien Bot
    Gien Bot Month ago

    Came here to say how awful the narrator's voice is but I see several people have beaten me to it.

  • Steve Rivinius
    Steve Rivinius Month ago

    Did he call it sucks like you ? Whats it really called.and better yet how is it spelled ?

  • Thomas Sobkow
    Thomas Sobkow Month ago +1

    It would have been real nice if geolocation was provided. Why make me second guess my geospatial knowledge.

  • reik919
    reik919 Month ago

    What made this documentary illegal as mentioned in the title?

    • T OB
      T OB Month ago

      Basically you don't want to go around telling people that you watched this video..

    • matthew mcnamara
      matthew mcnamara Month ago

      It says forbidden not illegal

  • Stevie Anderson
    Stevie Anderson Month ago

    I don't think these structures have nothing to do with religion, maybe people practiced religion in them because they were crazy as hell, but I don't see a correlation with all these structures to religion.

  • Lois Eshelman
    Lois Eshelman Month ago +2

    Genesis 6:4. The Holy Bible.

  • PapaKryptoss
    PapaKryptoss Month ago

    Haggar shipped thete

  • Texas Roses77
    Texas Roses77 Month ago

    How can you say “mythology “ when giants with red hair have been proven to inhabit North America?!

  • Fuad Gogić
    Fuad Gogić Month ago

    I hatw this narator...

  • CJ Nysschens
    CJ Nysschens Month ago

    The commentary is filled with highly imbecilic suppositions so far removed from reality one has to giggle.

    • aqua vitraqua
      aqua vitraqua 25 days ago

      Theres more to concepts of the words one speaks for another to be awoken into what their meaning hide, maybe its delusion maybe its fact but one cannot assume until certain logical explenation for contradiction sooo very foolish to laugh but Dude this is a better informed but still very logical to be sceptical documentary to explain what some if not most or all ancient buildings represent. This is a very interesting well done documentary, i really recomend this.

  • Swe Dish
    Swe Dish Month ago

    If that ancient city resembles a computerboard, that could meen that someone had a "alien" chip and they saw houses cause they did not know what it was...

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris Month ago

    The Bible and the Book of Enoch explains all this. The cities were inhabited until the Great Flood.

  • lord merren
    lord merren Month ago

    at 35:38 he says "is lets" for islets.

  • khilatt krungkrung
    khilatt krungkrung Month ago

    Those humongous stones were perfectly fitted and stocked perfectly...even cuts perfectly...

  • Piotr Michalski
    Piotr Michalski Month ago

    31:41 Have u familiar with CNC Routers? It's look like job of one... Or more than one.

  • Pursue Happiness
    Pursue Happiness Month ago +4

    They knew their pituitary gland. They knew about frequency and vibration to move objects. Energy moves energy. And these rocks literally have all that information contained in them. Research Michael Tellinger.

    • Karen Bass
      Karen Bass Month ago +1

      Finally someone who gets it ! 🤘

  • jimbones155
    jimbones155 Month ago

    I guess the narrator never heard of concrete and rebar. Nobody cuts stones and there are no megaliths. If our civilization is destroyed, people 10,000 years from now will be asking the same stupid questions about how such a primitive people could build with such large stones.

  • Mdame wa Hekima
    Mdame wa Hekima Month ago +20

    Giants were a thing in the past. It's not a fairy tale or a myth. Check out the 21 foot giant skeleton found in Ecuador. Watch Steve Qualy's documentarys and especially the True Legends films.

    • Robustus
      Robustus Day ago

      Jeebus what a freakshow...

    • Alexander Moctezuma
      Alexander Moctezuma 11 days ago

      hello is it me youre looking for Bible is just a book full of stories that dnt make no sense there’s more questions than answers

    • Alexander Moctezuma
      Alexander Moctezuma 11 days ago

      hello is it me youre looking for but if u try to find evidence of those giants u won’t find it cuz they been hiding this info for centuries

    • Alexander Moctezuma
      Alexander Moctezuma 11 days ago

      There’s so much stuff shrouded in secrecy that it’s so hard to know what’s true and what’s a myth I’m a truth seeker one day the truth will be under the sun for every to see

    • Mdame wa Hekima
      Mdame wa Hekima 23 days ago +1

      @hello is it me youre looking for True. In the Solomon Islands as well.

  • Christopher Springer

    Time traveling humans

  • Juan Villarreal
    Juan Villarreal Month ago

    Teoteehacn huh? Hahahah

  • God Is Real
    God Is Real Month ago +2

    You keep suggesting that these sites were built by aliens and were landingstrips for their spaceships. That is not what I would call 'Disclosing Truth'. It's just spreading fairytales.
    The Bible does mention sons of God who became corrupt and came to earth to abuse men. These were not aliens but fallen angels.
    This is what the Summarians wrote about.

  • john branch
    john branch Month ago +1

    Hey buger speach blow your adolescent nose

  • Rebekah Heinrichs
    Rebekah Heinrichs Month ago +4

    Could you add a list of the places you talk about in the description of the video?

  • Alison Madalinski
    Alison Madalinski Month ago

    ugh... this is NOT a documentary. It's a list with video

  • chasendash Green
    chasendash Green Month ago

    The stories are extremely interesting BUT the Narrator has the most grating awful voice I have heard.

  • Jeff somersby
    Jeff somersby Month ago

    This IS one of the stupidest pathetic clips I've ever seen, except anything with trump in it. trump makes this thing look positively brilliant compared to his bumbling bullshit.

    • David Rogers
      David Rogers Month ago

      And Trump. Hes the perfect guy for the job. President of the Divided States of America. A country controlled by big business , greed and arrogance.

    • David Rogers
      David Rogers Month ago

      Whats pathetic about it ? Did you already know everything already ? Im curious

  • Tonya Stinson
    Tonya Stinson Month ago +1

    Okay this is the third program tonight mentioning the Matrix Theory. So the programming I sense is there were ancient giants creating cities resembling computer circuit boards who vanished without a trace and here we are zeros ones in a huge computer generated simulated existence.
    Red pill Blue pill