Harley Davidson How to CHECK CODES

  • Published on May 9, 2018
  • Harley Davidson how to check codes is the first step into what route to take during electrical diagnostics. After making sure your battery is fully charged, knowing what codes the bike may have thrown will help you in what to check next! In this video, I'll show you how to get the code (for free). Once you know the code, google (also free) can help you figure out what it means!
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  • scott stewart
    scott stewart Day ago


  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 2 days ago

    Badass! Thanks! 02 sensor. imagine that.

  • Jay Seth
    Jay Seth 2 months ago

    do you have any idea if you can check Buell ECM's for codes
    using the same method? i will try tomorrow, but its 3 in the morning so i thought i'd ask?

  • Phil
    Phil 2 months ago

    hi John Maxwell, I recently put apes on my 2010 Road King (FLHP) to begin with I believe some of the wiring may have been changed because it was a police bike but with the stock bars everything was working. Then I extended the wires, took pictures of how the connectors came apart to make sure I got the right colors back in the right slots. I got everything back together the left side was working fine but the right hand controls eg the run and ignition switches did not work. So I pulled the wires back out to make sure that the connections were good and they each showed continuity so I'm pretty sure that the wires and the switches work. So now we are down to the plug. I made sure that the colors lined up with the colors on the female part which was from the main harness which I did not tamper with. You think it would be pretty simple just line up the same colors the way they were, and it should work. I've tried all kinds of different combinations but I can't seem to get the run in the ignition switches to work.
    I checked all the fuses they seem to be in good shape I sprayed the entire fuse box with electrical connector stuff to make sure they are all getting good connections and of course the battery cables are tight. I know the starter works because if I hotwire it, take power from one of the holes in the female connector into the hole that affects the starter, I can get the starter to click, so this tells me that the connection is okay there and that the fuse for the starter is okay as well. So now I'm thinking maybe after taking it apart maybe there was some kind of computer glitch that is putting it into a lock motor something? Is there anything from the computer side of it that might lock the bike? There is no security system that I know of besides from a fork lock. What do you think?

  • Matt M
    Matt M 2 months ago

    I’m guessing “no rSP” means it isn’t installed seeing as my sportster doesn’t have a tach or abs?

  • Bernard Camata
    Bernard Camata 4 months ago

    Thanks for this video!!!
    This helped me today got my 19 iron died on transport and got 5 (p0562,p2300,p2303,b2271, & u0121 codes about low voltage One question am I good to clear them since my battery is charged up bike runs great and all functions normally.

    • Bernard Camata
      Bernard Camata 4 months ago

      None came back thanks again!!! Keep the videos flowing

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  4 months ago

      Yea. Clear them. Make sure none come back

  • Flip Elliott
    Flip Elliott 4 months ago

    Trickle it in..... BIG DIRTY !! THUMBS UP !

  • CJ
    CJ 6 months ago

    So helpful!!! 😄 Thanks John!!!

  • Al Nagy
    Al Nagy 6 months ago

    2004 Dyna has a Diagnostic codes... What is the 2012 Dyna being the first bike in this class to have readouts?

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  6 months ago

      I can’t recall how I worded it, but I think I was explaining that the read outs look different with the introduction of BCMs. That came on the Dyna in 2012. The keyless model trouble code video shows how that looks. If you’re curious.

    • Al Nagy
      Al Nagy 6 months ago

      Sorry, I have a 2004 Dyna, you made a statement that 2012 was when the Dyna first had readable codes. No big deal, sorry for the confusing post.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  6 months ago

      I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking me

  • Blades 22
    Blades 22 6 months ago

    One of the best videos i've seen. Thanks brother

  • Rick Parker
    Rick Parker 6 months ago

    Really enjoyed your video man! Very helpful and fun to watch. I'm right up the road from y'all in Douglasville, GA.

  • Jerry Mulcahy
    Jerry Mulcahy 7 months ago

    Enjoy your videos. Quick question. Why all of a sudden would I get a No Fob msg on my odometer after starting and pulling away then it disappears and doesn’t come back on that day. New battery in fob and 6 month old battery in bike. It’s a 2015 RGS and has happened the last two times I’ve ridden it.
    Fob is in right hand side glove box where it’s always been.
    Would one of those beaded seat covers have anything to do with it since I just recently put one on my bike?

  • Kyle Lukas
    Kyle Lukas 7 months ago

    Hey John I really like this video, i have an older 1999 dyna Wide Glide that give me a different type of trouble code readings? Would you have any additional information on this? When I hold the trip, run switch on, and turn the ignition switch on, I click through a menu of 1 through 10 and after that is States CLE or SET what do these codes mean and is this even the real way to check codes on a 99 model?

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher 8 months ago

    Do it how you please because you know we are going to watch it. Now if you have anything coming on a 2018 Electra Limited then I sure would be interested , because I just purchased one.

  • Bert Banner
    Bert Banner 8 months ago

    Hey John thanks for the what's up on how to check these codes. I'm old school and I'm old, anyway a dude brought me in a 06 streetbob with a check engine light that came on every now and then. Using your video I was able to tell him he is all good. Thanks John you helped out a old man, before I pulled all my hair out, what's left I should say. Brother Bert ECV. bjbanner@msn.com

  • Maltheist
    Maltheist 8 months ago

    John, I have a U0100 code. The bike has never shut down or lost power. But I'm reading it's serious. Any reasons for lost communication with the ECM? Thanks. Great channel. I just had the tires replaced and in doing so the rear bearings had to be replaced and the front brake pad, but was not told about any other issues.

  • 1735mike
    1735mike 8 months ago

    Hey bud , thanks for the vids. I just got a 2018 street glide . Started it up today and check engine light is on. Only has , 800 miles. Appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  8 months ago

      Once the engine was running the engine light stayed on?

  • James Thrush
    James Thrush 9 months ago

    I used this just now to pull three codes off my Road King. Now I just gotta figure out what the hell is going on. Thanks John!!

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  9 months ago

      Check the codes in google. Should be a solid starting point.

  • Lance Ladewig
    Lance Ladewig 9 months ago

    How bout the older bikes I have a 99 Ultra?

  • Wolverine Chamberlin
    Wolverine Chamberlin 10 months ago

    Any way to pull a code for abs light on my 2010 Limited FLHTK ?

  • David Sullivan
    David Sullivan 10 months ago

    Well Johnny. That was clear as mud. I think after watching it twice, my 2012 FLTRU wont flash me.....right?

  • glpromozar 29
    glpromozar 29 10 months ago

    Nice john your explanation verry detail....

  • michael murphy
    michael murphy 10 months ago

    HI is There any codes for the stock H/D CD or am/fm radio since the display all work fine just no sound whatsoever I have 2005 Road Glide FLTRI it just stop working i was playing a CD on accessory the motor was not running when I was done I turned the off the ignition next day no sound the display works fine Thank you

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson 10 months ago

    new to your videos just subscribed been working on bike's for pretty much my whole life just old stuff 75 ironhead 87 evo sporty ect.. I've go a 03 100th sporty now it does the sweep thing does it have "codes" and how do would you check them if so I was under the impression that the only computer..ish part of the whole bike was electronic ignition box but not sure put a volt gauge off a touring bike on it wired through a standard hella relay and the thing just started bouncing between like a mad man between 14 and 16 volt at high rpm (3500) and up working fine otherwise reading 12- 12.5 key on not running 13ish at idle and steady 14 when put..puting through town but when you twist it it starts jumping 14 to16 was thinking regulator but charges fine no other issues that y I asked about codes might tell me something thanks man

    BIG KOUNTRY 11 months ago

    this just helped me A LOT!!! apparently I have 7/b codes and 1/u code in the bcm. does anyone know where I can go to look them up to find out what they are. would like to know what to expect before going to the dealer if I have to go there. thanks in advance. and keep the videos coming, I watch them everyday at work during lunch.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  11 months ago

      Good find!

      BIG KOUNTRY 11 months ago

      never mind did some google-ling, and found the codes on this sight. dgcustomcycle.com/tech/harley-diagnostic-codes-04-present/

  • RSB Harley
    RSB Harley 11 months ago

    Good video John, I think trickle the fan mail in is better. Cheers

  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard 11 months ago

    I just used this. I changed the starter clutch on my Ultra Classic and apparently unplugged the coil wire. Found the code, googled it, then looked up coil in service manual where I found a nice photo of the coil wire. Plugged it back in and good to go. Thank you for seeing the future and knowing I was going to need this information. Keep up the good work. BTW here is a link to what the codes are:http: //www.thunder-max.com/techdocs/HarleyDiagCodes.pdf

  • Darrell Barlow
    Darrell Barlow 11 months ago

    Trickle in.

  • wayne casey
    wayne casey 11 months ago

    Hey John, sure...show some fan mail, its cool. Besides you deserve it so show some of it off!! Keep 'em coming dude!!

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    Dustin Devereaux 11 months ago

    Great videos! Keep it up 👍

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    exile730 11 months ago

    you are on fire, John Maxwell - great job as ever!

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton 11 months ago

    this is very informative....I think ?

  • Albert Crowe
    Albert Crowe 11 months ago

    John can you check codes the same way on a '04 Road King? Trip button?

  • wescobts
    wescobts 11 months ago

    Trickle it in

  • Wicked Fifth
    Wicked Fifth 11 months ago

    I feel like I was the last one to leave you props! Great video!

  • BSBeast
    BSBeast 11 months ago

    Oh boy, I got A LOT of codes....

  • Joe Wyman
    Joe Wyman 11 months ago

    John maxwell another entertaining and informative video and I see you got 38K subscribers keep up the great work I hope you proud you should be we all enjoy your work

  • Trevor Mac
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    Or ill start telling every one who is thinking about subscribing to wait till the end of the month😎

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    John, sending you a massive fist bump from the UK! Love your videos. Don’t stop....please 👊🏻👍🏻

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    TheSinglezr2 11 months ago

    I agree with the general consensus John. Drop in the fan mail comments a little at a time as opposed to a whole video dedicated to it. I dig your videos a lot. I recently rejoined the Harley family and appreciate the information in your videos. Keep up the awesome work Bro...

  • Mike Likes Knives
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    Stephen Warren 11 months ago

    Thanks for this vid Mr Maxwell, never had a check engine light on my 17 street glide, figured I'd see if my bike has any codes after seeing this, turns out my oil pressure sensor was bad and I went to dealer and they replaced under warranty, love all your vids man!

  • Tiger.
    Tiger. 11 months ago

    John I like watching your videos ,, you are a good entertainer ,, oh yeah plus I learn stuff from you !,

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    RENEGADE 11 months ago

    Great video John, thanks for sharing.

  • Drew w
    Drew w 11 months ago

    Could have used this vid a few weeks ago when people were asking about reading codes on HDforum and thought they had to have a computer hooked up to do it.

  • Jacob McKee
    Jacob McKee 11 months ago

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    Boring Old_Fart 11 months ago

    Fan mail is weird. If you send fan mail you really want to see it acknowledged in a video, but if you didn't unless the fan mail is weird, funny or in some way different, listening to you read endless letters from a.n. other biker saying 'gee you're great, thanks for all your help' is about as interesting as ........... listening to bikers saying....... Also, the more you read the fan mail in vlogs, the more fan mail you'll get. Your choice.
    For me, just trickle it in and stick to the strange, interesting, weird. I don't need to know that Mr Smiths new baby johnny gurgled when you farted.

    • John Maxwell
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      Haha letter are out. Mostly “check this cool thing out, thanks Jim bob”

  • robert lumsden
    robert lumsden 11 months ago

    like dustin said below how do you do this on the 2018 models. great video

  • Ian Campbell
    Ian Campbell 11 months ago

    I like it. The trickle method seems very good without being to redundant for those who may not be that interested...... plus then we still get the meat and potatoes from the “Learning Video”. Keep up the good work !

  • Don Collins
    Don Collins 11 months ago

    Great video bro, as a matter of fact I like them all! Haven't watched all your videos but I did have an off topic very general question and I realize your not my doctor, but do you have any suggestions as to fix my hands falling asleep/wrist pain. I have a 09 fxdb with 12" rsd bars....

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    Christopher Hall 11 months ago

    You the man! Thanks for the info.

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    Richard Hartley 11 months ago +1

    Great video as usual really enjoy watching them. Love your open roads you have over there cool

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    Always insightful. Always entertaining. Always educational. 👍
    Do your mail by volume man. You get a little, trickle it in. You get a lot, do a month end full vid.
    Also, I would love to see you do some stuff on the info-tainment system. I saw something about the fobs and marrying them to the bike, or resetting them. Alsoneeding a touchscreen code in case it screws up. I dont know. I'm not the highly trained unprofessional.
    And, sorry about being long winded on my comment. This is as close as I get to the unholy evil that is social media.
    Keep giving us the good stuff man.

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    Maurice Ordonez 11 months ago

    Awesome ... best always to take to dealer if ele trical....and even if we figure out and clear the code. I would always have dealer run diagnostics after... u make it look too easy... thanks

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    I will be getting my first Harley in July only because I am saving money to pay in full and I love watching the vids and I will taking some long trips south soon and may stop by and say hi thanks for the vids

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    Forsaken Warlord5 11 months ago

    hey john great vid. how do you get to codes on my 2018 lowrider it doesn't have a key so do i just hold the info button? or something different.

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    Tiago Ribeiro 11 months ago

    I have an 04 police road king... didn’t know you could read trouble codes on those... nice one! 👍🏼

  • Cade Mullins
    Cade Mullins 11 months ago

    if my check engine light is not on, is there any reason to check the codes. should I be doing this at random intervals between services?

  • Brian Fontes
    Brian Fontes 11 months ago

    Awesome stuff man! Just got into riding harley about a year ago and really like your content. Fan mail isn't a bad idea. Helps people out with some exposure and you more free stuff.... win win 👍👍

  • Jon Heckendorf
    Jon Heckendorf 11 months ago

    You are turning out to be my savior when fixing my, purchased new, 2010 Fatboy Lo. So, thanks for posting. Something caught my ear around @6:34 when you said that an out of towner came in and you are giving that bike priority to get it back on the road. I have heard that dealers are suppose to give priority to bikes passing through. What is Harley's official position on servicing out of town bikes? Several years ago, I stopped at Outpost Harley in Pueblo, Colorado (real assholes by the way) to have a few easy issues fixed before I could continue on to Sturgis. They told me, I had to wait for their mechanics to finish the bikes ahead of me before getting to my bike. I did mention that I am not from there and I had to get to Sturgis. They told me too bad and I had to wait my turn or take it someplace else. I took it to an independent shop and they fixed my bike right then and there. I can remember many times when my bikes were at various dealers over the years and I had to wait for out of town bikes to be fixed. What say you or anyone else about this matter?

    • Jon Heckendorf
      Jon Heckendorf 11 months ago

      Thanks for replying. I hope I was not suggesting that a bike being worked on to be pulled off the bench to get to my bike. It was to be 3 to 5 days before they would even look at it. I was from out of town and under warranty. I was hoping they would get me in between bikes for about 3 hours at the most but no, not Outpost Harley on US25 in Pueblo, Colorado. They were jerks about it too. Just a half an hour North of Pueblo is Colorado Springs where two excellent Harley dealers are located. Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs Harley. I have been to both during my travels up and down the 25. When riding past Outpost, I do give them the one finger salute, two to six times a year.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  11 months ago

      In school we learned (MoCo suggested curriculum) that priority is 1. Travelers 2. Warranty/recalls 3. Appointments 4. Walk ins. I swear there was 5 of them. Damn, it’s been awhile. Either way, travelers do get priority, but not to the point I’m going to roll a bike off my bench to do it. Just that I’ll get to it ASAP. Obviously it’s going to be in a timely manner, though.

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    TylerFJ24 11 months ago

    I would only drop in the fan mail that is cool, fun, funny, or relevant to the show that week..

  • TylerFJ24
    TylerFJ24 11 months ago

    John, I have an FP3 on my bike. It has a tab for maintanence codes. I always just check that for new codes.. would the bike codes you just talked about show up on the FP3? Or do you know? I was always under the impression any codes that came up anywhere would show on the fuelpak and we could diagnose them that way..

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  11 months ago +1

      The FP3 does show the same codes. This is more for those that don’t have access to such a nice thing like the FP3

  • Tom Gaines
    Tom Gaines 11 months ago

    Trickle it in. That’ll be double great

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    Brad McCarty 11 months ago

    Hey John - Can you talk about aftermarket suspension stuff sometime? I recently did 12" Progressive rears and heavy duty front springs. It made some huge differences in how the bike handles (and I'm still trying to solve a problem). It would be interesting to get your perspective on suspension changes, what they mean for how the bike behaves, and any other thoughts you might have.

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    Nick Hildabridle 11 months ago

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    H J 11 months ago

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    Don Thornton 11 months ago

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  • Chris Philhower
    Chris Philhower 11 months ago

    Hey John. I have a Motorscan wireless scanner. Works with BT Tablets, Phones. www.motorcyclescanner.com/collections/motorscan-smartphone-diagnostics/products/msdkhd6-smartphone-diagnostics-adapter. Purchased it when I had the Street 750. Haven't tried it on my 2018 1200 Custom. Also, V&H FP3 can be used to read Codes and Data Stream. They also came out with a new product. Code Read. Basically works the same way. BTW, Broke 500 miles. Changed the Oil and Filter. Along with the Primary Fluid. There was lot of metal on the magnet. I tried a Bosch Premium 3330 oil filter. So far so good. And it will fit the HD filter removal tool.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  11 months ago

      cool. The EDM is expensive, but if you understand what you're reading, it's worth it! For most folks, it's above their head. I know you would get it, though, being in the automotive side of things

    • Chris Philhower
      Chris Philhower 11 months ago


    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  11 months ago

      the electrical diagnostics manual (EDM) is a different book. do you have the factory parts book, and the factory service manual?

    • Chris Philhower
      Chris Philhower 11 months ago

      Is the Electrical Diagnostics in a separate book? I have the Parts and Repair Manuals for mine.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  11 months ago

      whoa whoa whoa, don't jump the gun, Chris! Easier way to read codes is in route my friend, hahaha. Figured I'd go the free route before showing off the stuff that costs money!