Asia Monet Vs Mackenzie Ziegler

  • Published on Dec 19, 2017
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  • Sharon A
    Sharon A 3 hours ago


  • Life with Marissa
    Life with Marissa 5 hours ago

    Mackenzie is horrible

  • Anastasia Valenzuela
    Anastasia Valenzuela 5 hours ago

    I love Asia cuz she's sassy like me I prefer Kenzie

  • Kianna’s Unicorn world

    Mackenzie = comment
    Asia = like
    Mackenzie in my book but still ❤️ Asia

  • aaliyah w
    aaliyah w 7 hours ago


  • gamerboy edeezzy
    gamerboy edeezzy 8 hours ago

    Age:10 Mackenzie

  • Georgina Bonney
    Georgina Bonney 8 hours ago

    I love you Mackenzie

  • Anestrid Rosales
    Anestrid Rosales 10 hours ago

    I think makenzie

  • RoseJedi
    RoseJedi 10 hours ago +1

    I prefer Mackenzie as a person and a singer

    Comment=Asia (say why)

  • aristo cat
    aristo cat 10 hours ago


  • Prisca Bihina
    Prisca Bihina 10 hours ago +2

    My favorite is Mackenzie but i like asia

  • Taryn Gintz
    Taryn Gintz 11 hours ago

    Makenzie won

  • Kwynci Peters
    Kwynci Peters 12 hours ago

    Like= Makenzie
    Nothing against Asia but I like Makenzie

  • Hamdi Ibrahim
    Hamdi Ibrahim 12 hours ago +1

    Mackenzie is better and Asia needs a bit more practice

  • Isabella Pelaez
    Isabella Pelaez 12 hours ago

    Recently kenzie

  • Olivia's nails and more


  • Fantastic Jamiya
    Fantastic Jamiya 13 hours ago +1

    They both have great voices but I’m with Asia

  • Anahita Soni
    Anahita Soni 18 hours ago

    Kenzie is better

  • Iain Twigg
    Iain Twigg 18 hours ago

    I think Mackenzie Claped Asia in that Challenge

  • Jayna Oliphant
    Jayna Oliphant 19 hours ago

    Mackenzie definitely won

  • Poly Va
    Poly Va 20 hours ago

    I love kenzie

  • Sara&Zain Baddad
    Sara&Zain Baddad 23 hours ago


  • Stephanie Washington
    Stephanie Washington 23 hours ago +1

    asia sounds mor professional. MacKenzie sounds nasal. she doesnt hav a balance of airflow

  • Everything fun2
    Everything fun2 23 hours ago

    Asia changed a lot no sassy no more

  • Mariana Sanchez
    Mariana Sanchez Day ago

    Like= mekenzie coment= Asia I personal like mekenzie

  • Beverley Muswah
    Beverley Muswah Day ago +1

    1like = Mackenzie
    1like =comment Asia
    Both= like and comment
    I liked

  • jacquelin Lazo
    jacquelin Lazo Day ago

    1 asia
    2 asia
    3 asia
    4 asia

  • Lo Ka Ue
    Lo Ka Ue Day ago


  • Avocado God
    Avocado God Day ago

    They both sound good but I prefer kenzie! ❤

  • Ma Everything
    Ma Everything Day ago

    Mackenzie is way better

  • shadili_pooh_line loser

    I love mackenzie but Asia's voice is so strong that I definetly think that she won.. And don't hate me they both have beautiful voices😍. But I personally love Asia's voice its very soprano

  • Aj Claydon
    Aj Claydon Day ago

    Who’s watching in 2019 or 2020??

  • Billy Murray fan

    Shit from hell by satan

  • Aj Claydon
    Aj Claydon Day ago

    Asia wins🤪

  • Pappy Laide
    Pappy Laide Day ago

    I like Makenzie

  • Alayla Criss
    Alayla Criss Day ago +1

    Aisa won

  • Jessie’s slime show!!! Chase

    Asia is better but they are so goood !!!!! Like OMG Asia is the best thing in the world

  • Vincent Does Cheer
    Vincent Does Cheer Day ago +1

    I like Asia better as a singer but Kenzie as a person in general

  • Nicole Nicholson


  • Donnie Chandler
    Donnie Chandler Day ago +1

    They are doth really good leave a like if you a gree

  • Paisley May
    Paisley May Day ago


  • Odalis Dominguez


  • Madison Chandra
    Madison Chandra Day ago

    I think Mackenzie was the best

  • Toyosi Folagbade
    Toyosi Folagbade Day ago +1

    the truth is that Asia has her sound but lacks control but Mackenzie has control but lacks her own sound

  • Grace Cocar
    Grace Cocar Day ago

    I hate Aisha so McKenzie wins

  • Kenya Fernandez
    Kenya Fernandez Day ago

    Hate Mackenzie her voice is annoying and she only sings songs that 9 year olds listen to

  • Paige Priola
    Paige Priola 2 days ago


  • Britney Austin
    Britney Austin 2 days ago


  • Tracey-ann Fairweather
    Tracey-ann Fairweather 2 days ago +1

    I love them both ,but Mackenzie is better Aida voice is too rought

  • Tanya Brown
    Tanya Brown 2 days ago

    Asia hes the same name as asia from dance mom's

  • Mia Baron
    Mia Baron 2 days ago


  • Mia Baron
    Mia Baron 2 days ago +4

    Asia has more of a strong gospel voice, and Kenzie has a soft voice. I personally like strong voices, but they both have amazing voices.

  • Rose Banks
    Rose Banks 2 days ago


  • Julie Cott
    Julie Cott 2 days ago +1

    Asia is more of a hard hitting singer and Mackenzie is a softer singer. I personally like Asia’s singing better because she is SO confident and her songs have a cool vibe😎🙃

  • Sylvanie Saint-Louis
    Sylvanie Saint-Louis 2 days ago +4

    I like Asia better because her songs send a message even though some of them are Covers. Maddie's voice is sweet and soothing.. I can't say they both aren't very talented.. I just prefer Asia

    • Keira Muller
      Keira Muller 12 hours ago

      Sylvanie Saint-Louis this is Mackenzie, not Maddie.

  • Alexandre Satoshi Sato

    Like Asia
    Comment Mackenzie

  • Maddie Railer
    Maddie Railer 2 days ago

    kenzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wins il her smmmm

  • XxGacha XxHeart
    XxGacha XxHeart 2 days ago


  • Melina Melina
    Melina Melina 2 days ago

    Like si makezie

  • Misha Alaja
    Misha Alaja 2 days ago +1


  • Fermib daniel Rodriguez beato

    Makenzie la amo

  • Ana Cerdan
    Ana Cerdan 2 days ago

    Actually there both too good I can't choose

  • Ana Cerdan
    Ana Cerdan 2 days ago

    Personally I think Asia trys a little too hard so I think Mackenzie won

  • Taylor Sides
    Taylor Sides 2 days ago

    Mackenzie is better all around but you can’t really compare them because they sing different styles

  • Reese Rabbit
    Reese Rabbit 2 days ago +1

    Mackenzie has a softer voice and Asia has has a stronger voice they are both great

  • Isabella Biagini
    Isabella Biagini 2 days ago +2


    I liked I loved Mackenzie

  • Marina Neves
    Marina Neves 2 days ago


  • Darian Sanchez
    Darian Sanchez 2 days ago +1

    Kenzie has a really sweet voice and Asia has a really strong and fierce voice. I love them both equally ❤
    Comment: Asia

  • Xiomara darlene Reza vaquera

    Esta horrendo Asia

  • belma benjamin
    belma benjamin 2 days ago