ये है रावण की असली गुफा, आज भी मौजूद हैं हनुमानजी के पैरों के निशान

  • Published on Oct 2, 2017
  • Chandigarh. Even today in Sri Lanka, from Ashoka Vatika to Ravana's cave. Panchkula businessman Satish Bansal visited Sri Lanka a few years ago Where he went to many places of Ramayana, which is often mentioned in history. Today you are going to tell him the same about some places of Ramayana in Sri Lanka.
    - I was hearing about the different places associated with Ram and Ravana, but when I came to know that the marks of the Ramayana period are still present then in the beginning, I could not believe this thing.
    Some years ago when I went to Sri Lanka in connection with business, I told people about the symbols related to the Ramayana period. Then I did not get the chance that I could go to those places, but after 6 months I went to Sri Lanka again.
    I started traveling from Colombo to rent a car there. From there, I went to visit the candy temple where Lord Buddha's teeth are kept. This temple built on a small hill is called Tooth Relic Temple.
    From there I went to Ashoka Bhatika's Sita Ahilya Temple. Even today, the stream of water flows here, where Sita Maa used to bathe. There are marks on the feet of Hanuman ji today. - - There is also Sita Agnipiryaksha temple. When I went to this temple, I came to know that before the case in the Sri Lanka court this vow of the temple is eaten up.
    There is also a Ravana cave at some distance from where it was the challenge for me to go. The path of going through this cave in the middle of the forest is full of dangers. People said that whatever goes there does not come back, but I had thought that it was to go to the cave door. The road was dark and dark. Snakes are also found. Crossing the rugged path, I reached the door of Ravana's cave. There the Martha returned and returned, because I did not even have the courage to go inside the cave.
    One of the most interesting things to visit is such a museum built between the forest where even today there are such things which nobody knows about. In this I took a picture of 101 Shivling. The worship of Shiva which was before Ravana fought the battle against Shri Ram.
    The coconut-shaped Rudraksh is also present in this museum, above which the Sheshnag is made.
    Talk about Ravana Bagh, it is a place where every year thousands of trees and plants are present.
    Muneshwar Temple is a temple where Lord Rama worshiped Shiva after Ravana was killed.
    This journey will be a memorable moment for me, because the people who had heard about the Ramayana from my childhood, where I had read about them, I went straight to them and I looked directly.

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