Angel Has Fallen (2019 Movie) Official Trailer - Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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    When there is an assassination attempt on U.S. President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman), his trusted confidant, Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), is wrongfully accused and taken into custody. After escaping from capture, he becomes a man on the run and must evade his own agency and outsmart the FBI in order to find the real threat to the President. Desperate to uncover the truth, Banning turns to unlikely allies to help clear his name, keep his family from harm and save the country from imminent danger.

    ANGEL HAS FALLEN is directed by Ric Roman Waugh from a screenplay by Robert Mark Kamen and Matt Cook & Ric Roman Waugh, story by Creighton Rothenberger & Katrin Benedikt, and based on characters created by Creighton Rothenberger & Katrin Benedikt. Lionsgate and Millennium Media present, a Millennium Films/G-Base production.
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  • Inn0cent Sinner
    Inn0cent Sinner Day ago

    Hillary sees Russians everywhere and Allen Trumbull is a Russian asset.

  • Saransh Bhardwaj
    Saransh Bhardwaj 5 days ago

    My popcorn has fallen 🍿😂

  • Robert Gauthier
    Robert Gauthier 6 days ago

    I can see by the comments of the "professional reviewers "lol that you have angered the alphabet people for being on to their bullshit ...way to to go Gerard ...much respect

  • Jacob Buchanan
    Jacob Buchanan 8 days ago

    Gerard can't catch a break. First he loses all his men fighting the Persians, then his son turns out to be a dragon lover instead of dragon killer, and now he's having to save every major country in the world one by one all while everyone's trying to get him- even the people he's saving.

  • MCNorben's Gaming
    MCNorben's Gaming 8 days ago

    Ost song?

  • Kristaps Jankovskis
    Kristaps Jankovskis 8 days ago

    Democrats are trying to kill not only Trump but now president from this movie...crazy world true?!

  • Katherine C Geiger
    Katherine C Geiger 10 days ago

    Angel has fallen full movie 100% free

  • Xena
    Xena 10 days ago

    here cause of ally laws vid lol

  • Matt Ripke
    Matt Ripke 11 days ago

    Do people just search new movie trailer comments with the most
    likes/replies, and copying them as their own by slightly re-wording them
    For example - "Oh EM GEE! Did I just watch the whole
    movie or the trailer?? Golly gee, I thought this was just supposed to
    be a trailer"

    Just curious... I'm not on the up and up with the "what to comment/"supercool meme" posts"...
    Sadly, having the most Likes or comments appears to be the new form of "fitting in", without having to socialize.

  • Jesse von Schreiber
    Jesse von Schreiber 11 days ago

    That looks awesome!!

  • caleb aizen
    caleb aizen 12 days ago

    this third one has decent story line than the frst 2.. it has a mile 22 vibe...

  • djemi (hadja Boutik )
    djemi (hadja Boutik ) 13 days ago


  • fpsFingers
    fpsFingers 13 days ago

    CGI crashing building at the end was trash why even include it :(

  • Nick Chkheidze
    Nick Chkheidze 13 days ago

    Seems like Trump had too much time under sun

  • Michael Dennique
    Michael Dennique 16 days ago

    As always you are once again a Brilliant Actor in the Angel Has Fallen Movie. Such a hunk. Cheers with a Beer Michael

  • Prakhar Vasishtha
    Prakhar Vasishtha 19 days ago

    I just watched the movie in trailer, but still watch.

  • Lawrence H
    Lawrence H 19 days ago

    You might think that everyone in this movie is a bad shot. WRONG. They are simply firing bullets at the enemy bullets, and then sometimes they miss.

  • Hedi Mah
    Hedi Mah 20 days ago

    why always Gerard's name is Mike?

  • Putri Meilinda Sari
    Putri Meilinda Sari 22 days ago +2

    I have to tell you that the new vice president is sucks!

  • chess747
    chess747 22 days ago

    My ball bags have fallen.

  • sayed1941
    sayed1941 22 days ago

    damn. take it easy on morgan freeman. shit. dudes need to chill out

  • aereee crazy
    aereee crazy 22 days ago

    0:54 does anybody notice the man is still standing in the explosion.

    Just look

  • Giang Nguyen Truong
    Giang Nguyen Truong 22 days ago

    good movie! thanks from Asia!

  • Cj McKelin
    Cj McKelin 23 days ago

    Morgan is God (BruceAlmighty)

  • anuragfreak
    anuragfreak 23 days ago +1

    "How u think? DAD"
    I laughed like never b4 in my life

  • Joseph Shields
    Joseph Shields 23 days ago

    Ba nana cream pie

  • mohamad keno
    mohamad keno 24 days ago

    Angel has fallen HD

  • Fim Infimate Hmar
    Fim Infimate Hmar 24 days ago

    Good movie..Gerard Butler is one of my fav actor.

  • Nathan Knipp
    Nathan Knipp 24 days ago

    Good show!

  • Ronnie Paul
    Ronnie Paul 24 days ago

    hasnt this been done allready?

  • Istvan Homoki
    Istvan Homoki 24 days ago


  • Peckwood
    Peckwood 24 days ago

    All I see about the president is he is constantly shocked, you don't need someone as good as Freeman for this role.

  • Felix Wade
    Felix Wade 25 days ago +1

    Best movie explosions I've seen in a long while in the part when his dad was fucking those bad guys up!

  • Abdellah Najime
    Abdellah Najime 25 days ago

    Best short movie ever, thanks Lionsgate

  • BloodyJoker Fortus
    BloodyJoker Fortus 25 days ago

    Just never let Clyde Shelton get out

  • jiaming cao
    jiaming cao 25 days ago +1

    This is Sparta

  • Sui Generis
    Sui Generis 25 days ago

    Watching this trailer is like seeing the movie already..nothing new, nothing exciting...same old, same old..the creativity is dead..there are not making good movies no more.

  • xintuo
    xintuo 26 days ago

    the ugliest president on the movie I've ever seen

  • Zuhair Alibaccas
    Zuhair Alibaccas 26 days ago

    Your dick has fallen

  • Lawrence Duran
    Lawrence Duran 27 days ago +1

    The movie is like the "Shooter" (2007) film

  • BobRooney
    BobRooney 27 days ago

    really shitty ending on this one. same old premise. same old story. repeat. regurgitate.

  • Pero Peric
    Pero Peric 27 days ago

    His gay for the president so much.

  • elvina nalbantian
    elvina nalbantian 27 days ago

    Why son Mot done daughter Lin? In this movie? I love it but this....?

  • Bill Galasso
    Bill Galasso 27 days ago

    Olympus has fallen
    London has fallen
    Angel has fallen
    New York has fallen
    I've fallen, and I can't get up.

  • tasha kisembo
    tasha kisembo 27 days ago

    Ever the best movies with these men plz confirm it

  • Zayeem Mohammad
    Zayeem Mohammad 28 days ago

    Next movie
    Gerard butler gets kidnapped
    Gerard butler gets accused
    Gerard butler saves Gerard butler

  • のりしお侍
    のりしお侍 28 days ago


  • Cheburushka
    Cheburushka 28 days ago

    My toy helicopter remote has fallen

  • Rob Cattz
    Rob Cattz 28 days ago

    Movie sucked don't waist your time. Like they would let his wife go and you could sneak in the back door with the place surrounded by cops FBI and press. Too many scenes like that. Do you think the audience is that stupid. Come on Loinsgate wake up.

  • Owais
    Owais 28 days ago

    Thanks for showing the whole movie in under 3mins

  • Adru Uluhiyah
    Adru Uluhiyah 28 days ago

    Good movie.. Good storie..
    I like this movie..

  • Uts amazing videos channel.

    Amazing movie

  • MZ
    MZ 28 days ago +1

    Gerard butler is just an assassin magnet

  • Mickey 303
    Mickey 303 29 days ago

    The Story is getting a bit Old...Olympus has fallen , London has fallen and now Angel has fallen and it is only one guy who can save them all......John Wick.......!!!
    Or was it John Rambo..........??
    Well it should have been one of them to mix the Story up a bit........

  • Angga Ginanjar
    Angga Ginanjar 29 days ago

    let him chill gosh

  • Lito Juan
    Lito Juan 29 days ago

    my pants have fallen 😂

  • RareGlue
    RareGlue 29 days ago +4

    0:12 That can´t be the final CGI effect LMAO!!

  • frizz;
    frizz; Month ago

    looks good but 2:20s cgi looks fucking terrible lmao

  • Scrotus Maximus
    Scrotus Maximus Month ago

    This looks like complete shit.

  • Bored Man
    Bored Man Month ago

    low budget