Daft Punk helmet ( guy manuel )


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  • hollgamer
    hollgamer 4 months ago

    Quiero uno

  • Ninth
    Ninth 4 months ago

    3D Printer: Hold my beer!

  • Алекс
    Алекс 10 months ago

    the price of this helmet?* want to buy! write: workbobkov@mail.ru

    VIPER TA GTC Year ago +1

    Can I have it, I'll pay u 67k

  • kozekyto
    kozekyto Year ago +1

    What materials did you use?

  • Iker Vazquez
    Iker Vazquez Year ago +1

    xD xD

  • Acid Phantom
    Acid Phantom Year ago

    Shut up and take my money

  • Albert Odarströmer

    this looks like a copy of volpin props verision

  • Joaquin Gil
    Joaquin Gil Year ago


  • evan
    evan Year ago

    can I please have one?

  • Ellex Swavoni
    Ellex Swavoni 2 years ago +5

    DARTH Punk

  • psycho maniac
    psycho maniac 2 years ago +2

    This might be a tad late, but would u kindly be able to list the steps on how u created the helmet?

  • dk_sting
    dk_sting 2 years ago

    where is the glass

  • MuDDy BLooDy
    MuDDy BLooDy 2 years ago +1

    I am such an idiot,than i can even able to make something from paper =(

  • Marco Fayon
    Marco Fayon 2 years ago

    Saben porque le pone cuadrados al molde de silicona?

  • Papu Tu padrote
    Papu Tu padrote 2 years ago

    alguien m puede decir q es eso rosa q le hecha!

  • Marco Fayon
    Marco Fayon 2 years ago +1

    with that material made the duplicate of the helmet?

  • Marco Fayon
    Marco Fayon 2 years ago

    una pregunta saben que es ese liquido baboso rosa que le pone para hacer el molde?

  • Manuel Krall
    Manuel Krall 2 years ago +13

    From where do you get the glass?

    • Chor Mee Xiong
      Chor Mee Xiong 2 months ago

      Not so fast

    • Viepy
      Viepy 11 months ago

      @Vinchezno Not so fast fast

    • Vinchezno
      Vinchezno Year ago

      Not so fast

    • ArmoredOracle8903
      ArmoredOracle8903 Year ago

      EagleEyE1999 I am more late than you. Lol

    • EagleEyE1999
      EagleEyE1999 Year ago

      I know Im late to the party... but if you still havent figured it out, I thought maybe Worbla Transparent Art might work?

  • Mini Del06
    Mini Del06 2 years ago +1

    I whant it please

  • Snavels
    Snavels 3 years ago +2

    I have the same paper craft, and I just wear that

    • Xefra
      Xefra 2 years ago

      where do you have this ?

  • Zhadom001
    Zhadom001 3 years ago

    nice work.

  • YourPrettyBitchin! OfficialTM


  • Plutonic
    Plutonic 3 years ago

    How much does it cost$ ?

  • Pranker Prank
    Pranker Prank 3 years ago +1

    or if u can publish manual or something idk, its awesome! seriously! u're master!

  • Pranker Prank
    Pranker Prank 3 years ago

    oh sht i must know how u did it, i must have this helmet ..black was coolest
    which marterials u used? how? what? oh man! awesome!
    can you sell your helmets?

  • proverbios 2/6
    proverbios 2/6 3 years ago

    una pregunta con que material hizo el visor

    • proverbios 2/6
      proverbios 2/6 3 years ago

      Tienes buenps videeps wey

    • proverbios 2/6
      proverbios 2/6 3 years ago

      Gracias we

    • Dj Oriel
      Dj Oriel 3 years ago

      Es acrilico, puedes hacer el visor usando una termoformadora casera, sale mas conveniente.

  • Brian  Suarez
    Brian Suarez 3 years ago

    where did you get the info to make the helmet? yours came out very nice ☺

  • Max Vector
    Max Vector 3 years ago


  • Slade Travis
    Slade Travis 3 years ago

    seriously, how much?

  • MasterCtrl
    MasterCtrl 3 years ago

    Shut up and take my money... Seriously, how much?

  • WP
    WP 3 years ago

    One of the coolest I've ever seen

  • Eric Valentine
    Eric Valentine 4 years ago

    If guy went to the dark side (P.s. looks awesome!)

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen 4 years ago

    how did you tint the visor?

  • Mason McAllister
    Mason McAllister 4 years ago +1


  • Got memes?
    Got memes? 4 years ago

    How can you sand it so perfect round

  • geekbot
    geekbot 4 years ago +1

    what pep file did u use?

  • Noctah 41
    Noctah 41 4 years ago

    Magnifique, beau travail !

  • Jhorman Navas.
    Jhorman Navas. 4 years ago

    for the love of GOD sell me one of those please the black one

  • TurboMiata
    TurboMiata 4 years ago

    God yes

  • Zero Kurogane
    Zero Kurogane 4 years ago

    ENCORE HELMET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerald Antunez
    Gerald Antunez 4 years ago +9

    What if they made beats with this design? That would be so awesome

    • Yash Budhiraja
      Yash Budhiraja 2 years ago +5


    • Gerald Antunez
      Gerald Antunez 4 years ago

      Haha @M7​

    • Tom Val
      Tom Val 4 years ago


    • vukov1c
      vukov1c 4 years ago +7

      @Gerald Antunez well you could say that would be... harder better faster stronger

  • Joginson Beatz
    Joginson Beatz 4 years ago

    Nice piece of a helmet, mate :)

  • Denhi Mahe
    Denhi Mahe 4 years ago


  • DJ Tomazzia
    DJ Tomazzia 4 years ago +18

    How did you duplicated them? And the visor, is it glass or plastic?

    • My Autobiography A Fanfic
      My Autobiography A Fanfic 4 years ago +6

      He made the basic shape to make a mold, then duplicated the shape with a lightweight plastic. He probably used some sort of heat resistant plastic for the visor.

    MIDEO 4 years ago

    Make tons of these and sell them. It's weird that i say it but a lot of people aren't that creative as you So they but them, the problem is that almost nobody sell these helmets. If you started to sell them you'l het a lot of money

  • Donald Viens
    Donald Viens 4 years ago +1

    i dont impress easy, but man am i impressed

  • r gmr
    r gmr 4 years ago


  • Cmen
    Cmen 5 years ago

    please make for me !

    • pichan honrada
      pichan honrada 4 years ago

      @momotanuu if you are his girl and he can butt sex you....he wont make you one. so sorry dude.. not gonna happen..

  • El Tio Stalin
    El Tio Stalin 5 years ago

    Music ¿?

  • WorldwideMeep
    WorldwideMeep 5 years ago

  • Stedfst
    Stedfst 5 years ago

    can you make my one with no led's but with every thing else pls email my about it

    • whatdoyoudean
      whatdoyoudean 4 years ago +1

      @Struppi Yeah. Also, some people don't understand that a transaction over youtube is just plain unrealistic.

    • Stedfst
      Stedfst 5 years ago

      @Morgan WMC i wont it like what it looks like at tow minuts

    • Stedfst
      Stedfst 5 years ago

      @Morgan WMC i just wont it white with no led's black glass and red and black wires in the back

    • Stedfst
      Stedfst 5 years ago

      il give you you 70$ for it with no led's but the highest al go is 90$ and can you ship to Cambodia il tell you every the else you need to now to ship it to my

  • BroC43sAr
    BroC43sAr 5 years ago

    The steps from 1:07 to 1:25 are to go sure to be able to get replicas, or am I wrong???

    SFPBK ARMY 5 years ago

    hey buddy can you make me one of this helments but stronger that would last paintball, and how much would you charge me, please let me know tahnks

  • Ehlek Ciruelas
    Ehlek Ciruelas 5 years ago +1


  • MrFalkeRUS
    MrFalkeRUS 5 years ago +1

    У парня руки из нужного места растут.

  • anthony piccoli
    anthony piccoli 5 years ago +2

    Vacuum forming is the process I think.

  • Gabriel Baclagon
    Gabriel Baclagon 5 years ago

    How'd he get the visor glass to bend that way?

  • foxhuntercustom worx
    foxhuntercustom worx 5 years ago

    anyone selling?

  • geekbot
    geekbot 5 years ago +7

    could you make a video? like step by step?

    MrFARBBY 5 years ago

    what kind of paint did you use

  • Marti Jones
    Marti Jones 5 years ago

    i really liked the white ad black look :)

  • Saint
    Saint 5 years ago

    what did you o with the prototypes? because if i can get a hold of one i can make a helmet way easier

  • MicFighterE
    MicFighterE 5 years ago

    How much to make me one?

  • Simon Ball
    Simon Ball 5 years ago

    Make me one

  • Nico Medi
    Nico Medi 5 years ago

    how much time you spend in that helmet?

    • Underrated Cosplay
      Underrated Cosplay 4 years ago +1

      Depending on which helmet you make and how many LED lights you use a helmet can cost from 500$-3,000$

  • Brian Pipa
    Brian Pipa 5 years ago


  • Candlest
    Candlest 5 years ago

    What did you do at 1:15 ? And why?

    • Bigbrank
      Bigbrank 5 years ago +1

      About the square ? it's for a better sillicone struture, and prevents tear with the wooden building when he pull of the final products.
      Hope i help you :3

  • Angel Jiménez
    Angel Jiménez 5 years ago

    i like that color

  • M3tam3n
    M3tam3n 5 years ago +1

    how turn black visor plastic???

  • Jack S
    Jack S 5 years ago


    • Jack S
      Jack S 5 years ago +1

      would be a great motorcycle helmet, daft punk like helmet. im in asia right now these 5-0's would flip

    • JLui03
      JLui03 5 years ago


  • Hatim Ibrahim
    Hatim Ibrahim 5 years ago

    Im sale one for 500 $

  • Flávio Viotto
    Flávio Viotto 5 years ago

    what materials are used?

  • Tori Solis
    Tori Solis 5 years ago

    Can I buy one please? :)

  • Massive
    Massive 5 years ago

    how many months do it cost to you?