[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "Butterfly"

  • Опубликовано: 19 фев 2019
  • [MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "Butterfly"
    LOOΠΔ [X X]
    Coincidence meets coincidence in LOOΠΔ to make each other’s fate.
    HeeJin and HyunJin are real-life friends while HaSeul is like the mother of the team. YeoJin is the youngest sister of all. The team expanded its cells by family-like relationships. The only foreign member and an android ViVi gets introduced to become LOOΠΔ 1/3.
    ODD EYE CIRCLE was born at the opposite end. With the story of three moons gathering to form a full circle, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry decide to stand at the frontlines to save the world, under their slogan ‘Girl Front.’
    Born in Eden the utopian land, LOOΠΔ / yyxy chooses to embrace the forbidden and leaves to find their own selves. Yves, the leader of yyxy, had “faith” in being born again with the song ‘new’. Chuu keeps her “hopes" up with her yearning towards Yves. Go Won “loves” her unique self. Olivia Hye shows “anger” towards the taboos of Eden. When all of their emotions gather, a Neoanthropinae genes of yyxy manifests.
    All of the units meet with YeoJin to add to the addition, resulting in their first EP [+ +] to announce the start of LOOΠΔ. At the ‘First full Moon of the LOOΠΔ new Year,’ LOOΠΔ starts their two-two-dimensional fusion with [X X].
    The intro track ‘X X’ foreshadows that the album is completed at the opposite side of where [+ +] is.
    The title track ‘Butterfly’ contains LOOΠΔ’s irreplaceable unique concepts. Mixing softness with dynamics, the track takes LOOΠΔ to another level with new beats and drops never heard in K-pop before, along with electronic sounds and melody.
    Shot in Iceland, Paris, and Hong Kong, the teasers of [X X] started on first of January to unravel the stories behind the universe of LOOΠΔ. Under the slogan of ‘For All LOOΠΔs Around the World,’ it spread worldwide, to all LOOΠΔs of the world.
    LOOΠΔ causes a Butterfly effect through music for the listeners to gain courage, find oneself, and raise one’s voice. Anyone under influence, is another LOOΠΔ.
    LOOΠΔ’s visual director DIGIPEDI toured around 5 countries from 5 continents for LOOΠΔ’s Butterfly effects to capture the freedom and courage of girl worldwide in the music video of ‘Butterfly.’
    ‘Satellite’ starts calmly, but as music flows and orbits, the layers stack to double the listeners’ excitement. ‘Curiosity’ is a dream-pop number that draws you in with its mysterious aesthetics.
    ‘Colors’ has the LOOΠΔ universe dissolved into the track, desiring for each other’s colors and dye each other to become love portrayed with a drop beat. ‘Where you at’ was a previously prepared track along with ‘one way’ of yyxy in LOOΠΔ the Ballad album. It is a pop-ballad song with melodies so powerful that the members of LOOΠΔ memorized the whole song with just one listen.
    Additionally, in the limited edition of LOOΠΔ [X X] CD’s, the very first hints to the next album are hidden in two bonus tracks, to arouse more curiosity and anticipation.
    LOOΠΔ collides fate into destiny to create coincidence.
    #이달의소녀 #LOONA #Butterfly #MV #BlockBerry #BlockBerryCreative
    More about LOOΠΔ/
    iTunes : goo.gl/3fjXiA
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    Amazon Music : goo.gl/LxWZW8
    Google Play Music : goo.gl/BJR9wD
    LOOΠΔ Official : www.loonatheworld.com
    LOOΠΔ Instagram : instagram.com/loonatheworld/
    LOOΠΔ Twitter : twitter.com/loonatheworld
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  • I am DEd Oh nOeS! My wig is lost too..........

    I am a BTS ARMY and I heard the name of the song pretty often and I was I need to check this out!
    when I watched this masterpiece I was just so surprised like OMG I need to become a fan LIKE SERIOUSLY THEY ARE SO GOOD!

  • Nasir's Kpop
    Nasir's Kpop 28 минут назад +3

    For all the Orbits out there!
    Plz Listen...
    Hyunjin's solo named (Around You) is the least viewed solo music video of Loona & the slowest music video to gain views (only 60k a month) 😢😢😭😭
    Plz stream it! Think of how hyunjin would feel under appreciated in Loona cuz her song is the last one to reach any milestone.
    Stream it even once a day will be good as well / Thank You! 🎉🎊🎊🎀

  • i love twice and itzy love
    i love twice and itzy love Час назад +2

    Once and itzy fan here to support loona and the fandom

  • Jules Almira
    Jules Almira Час назад +3

    people sleep in your bed not in loona

  • Peek A Boo
    Peek A Boo Час назад +1

    Omg...LOONA..i love u guys,stay strong and Fighting!!!

  • Emma
    Emma Час назад +2

    damn i really cried

  • Maria Min
    Maria Min 2 часа назад

    Ахахаха.... В клипе нет рашшки

  • Srinidhi Madurai
    Srinidhi Madurai 2 часа назад +4

    I get goosebumps when I listen to this song. Something makes this song different from other girl group songs. The meaning of this song is so beautiful, the music video is gorgeous and LOONA themselves look like angels. This is the first song I listened to by them and now I understand why people say this is unlike any group out there. The part when they say "fly like a butterfly" is so,,, ethereal???

  • Jae Lee
    Jae Lee 2 часа назад +2

    I love them

  • Moisa J Wroy
    Moisa J Wroy 3 часа назад +1


  • DTB
    DTB 3 часа назад +2

    Whoa 😳 their subs were at 590k like 10-15 minutes ago and now it’s at 591k..... WE’RE GROWING YALL!!! YAAAAAAAS ORBITS

  • 1iving2di3
    1iving2di3 3 часа назад +1


  • infinitewallflowerx
    infinitewallflowerx 3 часа назад +2

    Dammit I think I’m a loona Stan

  • 블링크
    블링크 4 часа назад +3

    Listening this makes me want to be a butterfly

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 4 часа назад +1

    Orbits Llevemos esto a los 25M 💙💙💙

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 4 часа назад +2

    You just Fly like a Butterflyyyyy 💙

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 4 часа назад +1

    Is it true now???

  • That One Gamer Girl
    That One Gamer Girl 4 часа назад +3

    i personally think it was nice how they changed their shirts from white to black lol

    it was so satisfying

  • Jungkook's Thighs
    Jungkook's Thighs 4 часа назад +3

    I don't even know the names of anyone in this group. I don't even how many members they have. But I love all their songs. Am I an orbit?

    • Jungkook's Thighs
      Jungkook's Thighs 2 часа назад

      +diego altamirano ty for letting me know. :)

    • Jungkook's Thighs
      Jungkook's Thighs 2 часа назад

      +loona’s comeback guardian tysm for replying !!

    • diego altamirano
      diego altamirano 3 часа назад +1

      Jungkook's Thighs they're twelve girls, each of them has a solo single and all of them (except for the 4th girl, Yeojin) are part of a sub-unit. Their names are Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin, Vivi, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye and the subunits are LOONA 1/3, ODD EYE CIRCLE and LOONA yyxy.

    • loona’s comeback guardian
      loona’s comeback guardian 4 часа назад +2

      Jungkook's Thighs sure~ if you’re having trouble with their names, have you seen loona tv yet? or all their solo mvs? also there’s 12 members 💕 their name in english literally translates to girl of the month! that might help you remember ☺️

  • Mandeuk Kim
    Mandeuk Kim 4 часа назад


  • Fabiana Valentina Saez Guillen
    Fabiana Valentina Saez Guillen 4 часа назад +3


    neverland suport LOONA

  • Kookie Bunny
    Kookie Bunny 5 часов назад

    Dont like the song but the conceot of the mv is cool

    • orbit_dalmira
      orbit_dalmira 3 часа назад

      ​+Kookie Bunny just finish listen to the songs and Hala Hala gave me goosebumps the entire time lol... I really loved the dark beats of SMN and Hala Hala and the bright energy that Promise has. Maybe San is my bias lol
      Since you recommend me three songs i'll do the same :D
      from Loona ot12, Satellite (is from the same album as Butterfly)
      from Loona Odd Eye Circle, Uncover
      and from the solos, KimLip - Eclipse

    • Kookie Bunny
      Kookie Bunny 4 часа назад +2

      +jinsouler ً oh they are my second fav too😂:) thank you for recommending these song, ill go listen :)❤

    • Kookie Bunny
      Kookie Bunny 4 часа назад

      +orbit_dalmira oh ok :) then i'll recommend you maybe "Say my name" "Hala Hala" and "Promise"^^ Can you recommend me some of Loona too? :)

    • jinsouler ً
      jinsouler ً 4 часа назад +1

      ​+Kookie Bunny ah ateez are my second favorite group, i feel like maybe you would like the songs favorite and sweet crazy love by loona then

    • orbit_dalmira
      orbit_dalmira 4 часа назад

      ​+Kookie Bunny i'm a gg stan so i don't really know much bg's, can you recommend me your fav Ateez's song?

  • Mitha Angelica.M
    Mitha Angelica.M 5 часов назад

    pe subee lehh ngn hejinn!!!

  • loona’s comeback guardian
    loona’s comeback guardian 5 часов назад +7

    for the lurkers, i have a bunch of loona info guide threads on my twitter @ loonasguardian 🔌
    there’s a music genre guide (simply because they have a lot of songs lol), member guide, loonaverse guide, interviews and variety shows with subs, a guide for all the guides etc yes 💜
    i’ve also made quite a few comments here 😅 but they’re really long and youtube doesn’t want to let me post them anymore~
    i also have a long playlist on my channel if you want to marathon everything!!!
    if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask orbits will fly in immediately to help you, don’t worry ☺️

    • Nasir's Kpop
      Nasir's Kpop 56 минут назад

      Hello I want to have Loona pictures/teasers (I can't really find any source accept instagram + I can't save instagram pictures) TT
      Also can you recommend me somewhere I could learn theories from the start?

  • Noemi Alvarado
    Noemi Alvarado 5 часов назад +8

    Loona deserves more attention.
    Choreo was amazing.
    Vocals were perfect.

  • The Only Male Diva
    The Only Male Diva 5 часов назад

    I like the idea of this group. I think they have so much potential. The one thing that gets me very offput is that I don't really... as someone looking in I don't really see how they are.... why do the members look eerily SIMILAR. They each got their time in the spotlight with their promotional pre-debut and I guess you were supposed to fall in love with individuals at that stage but I wish that I had a want to learn more about them individually and be more engaged by them in their singles as a unit.

    It is a double edged blade though as THEY LITERALLY MOVE AS A UNIT. The dancing is amazing, and vocally the sound they bring out has enough jazz and personality that keeps me as a listener and as a watcher engaged even through the few lives I've watched.

    I don't know if its the size of the group itself or if its the styling choices of similar hair and outfits but I remember the most enjoyable memories of looking at new groups is being engaged in trying to figure out what member does what and how they balance each other out and falling in love with the sheer AURA and PERSONALITY of the group.

    I guess my big question is, am I not able to feel the oomph I need because they work so well together in a song that really pushes for that form of balance and not overshadowing each other or... do I think they do not have the want or need to push themselves out to a point of giving me the full depth I would like to see?

    • Fs Fs
      Fs Fs Час назад

      They literally have their own solo, 12 mvs and more 60+ songs in total

    • Giselle
      Giselle 3 часа назад +1

      I forgot to mention that they don't have a fixed position, so there's no oh so she's the vocalist, she's the dancer and she's the visual thing. Like Heejin is considered by many the visual because she's landed the most cfs but she's also a good dancer and singer.

    • Giselle
      Giselle 4 часа назад +1

      Between Hi High and Butterfly Hi High does a better job at showing their individual charms, if you haven't seen that stage yet you should watch it, it was the perfect debut. But i think they were going for that with this song, in the subunits (loona 1/3, odd eye circle and yyxy) you can appreciate them more individually. You should also watch their in&out video they put out in 1thek for butterfly and the relay dance for Hi High, all the members are super charismatic

  • Sumi Funni
    Sumi Funni 5 часов назад +5

    Found a group that could never be overrated thank god for Loona

  • Yuhan tv
    Yuhan tv 5 часов назад

    loona no.

  • loona’s comeback guardian
    loona’s comeback guardian 5 часов назад +5

    hmmmm really curious what loona’s overseas concerts will be like 🧐 will they do covers? same setlist as loonaverse? new units? more english versions of their own songs? remix versions? will the mobius end up flipping the debut order? will we get to see olivia covering vivid?? 😭

    • Nasir's Kpop
      Nasir's Kpop 53 минуты назад

      I hope the members switch their solos it would be so fun 😍😚

    • Nasir's Kpop
      Nasir's Kpop 53 минуты назад

      I can't go 😭😭😭😭🤒😥😧

  • Norvin Dela Cruz
    Norvin Dela Cruz 6 часов назад


  • Xinrov
    Xinrov 6 часов назад


  • Xinrov
    Xinrov 6 часов назад

    I love u

  • Xinrov
    Xinrov 6 часов назад +1

    I love youuuu

  • Xinrov
    Xinrov 6 часов назад


  • i love yoo yeonjung
    i love yoo yeonjung 6 часов назад


  • i love yoo yeonjung
    i love yoo yeonjung 6 часов назад


  • i love yoo yeonjung
    i love yoo yeonjung 6 часов назад


  • Chicho 69
    Chicho 69 6 часов назад +3

    21M ✨

  • hanisya
    hanisya 6 часов назад +3

    This is amazing

    MARCO 6 часов назад +5

    I 🖤 LOOΠΔ/! they are different from other female group I’ve known so far in Korea. Kinda remind me of The Ark👍

  • Ania Zidoune
    Ania Zidoune 7 часов назад +6

    *Who came because she/he heard about “stan Loona”?*

  • Jocelyn Rosales
    Jocelyn Rosales 7 часов назад +8

    I might just have to STAN LOONA! 😪💖

  • Won - Hoe
    Won - Hoe 7 часов назад +3

    With all of those beautiful women + loona I- the gay is shining through

  • Red Deu Bel bet
    Red Deu Bel bet 7 часов назад +6

    Am I the only person who thinks Heejin & Yves look similar?

    • loona’s comeback guardian
      loona’s comeback guardian 5 часов назад

      Red Deu Bel bet yeah!! when choerry had dark hair they were called the triplet line~ oh and back before olivia’s face was revealed we saw only a silhouette so everyone made theories about her being choerry’s twin sister it was really funny 😂

    • Red Deu Bel bet
      Red Deu Bel bet 5 часов назад

      +loona’s comeback guardian I can definitely see how Choerry & Olivia can be mistaken for each other


    • loona’s comeback guardian
      loona’s comeback guardian 6 часов назад

      i think you’re the first person i’ve seen say that 😂 it’s usually choerry-hyunjin-olivia or olivia and yves! before it was kim lip and jinsoul getting mistaken for each other lol

    • Lesleigh Aranjuez
      Lesleigh Aranjuez 7 часов назад

      maybe because they look like a cute bunny? 😂

  • Lance Maruariki
    Lance Maruariki 8 часов назад +2

    Life is but a butterfly's dream , only the true will know

  • crystal
    crystal 8 часов назад +3

    Congrats orbits / 21 Million \ 🦋🎉🎊

  • vicky
    vicky 9 часов назад +1

    Has anyone ever done a cover of this in a different key? The chorus (or at least the harmonies) are always a strain for my voice to sing.

  • Tia das coxineas
    Tia das coxineas 9 часов назад +5


  • Nova Daryl
    Nova Daryl 9 часов назад +1

    Do any of the members write songs themselves?

    • léa m
      léa m 9 часов назад +4

      Nova Daryl nope i don’t think the gir’s are allowed yet to take parts in production of the songs yet. hopefully they will in the future. their company let them do a lot of parts in the choreos so i have no doubt they will be allowed to produce some tracks in the future

    • Nova Daryl
      Nova Daryl 9 часов назад

      +léa m okay. So no tracks released yet have been self composed? Not even the solos? Thank you for responding so quickly

    • léa m
      léa m 9 часов назад +2

      Nova Daryl at least two members (jinsoul and haseul) have said they composed songs and we hope for these projects to be released soon and i am sure they will

  • léa m
    léa m 9 часов назад +4

    road to 25M

  • Seulgi Bear
    Seulgi Bear 9 часов назад +9

    Ok how do I stan

    • crystal
      crystal 8 часов назад

      If you want to get to know whos who. You can watch this video :)

    • crystal
      crystal 8 часов назад


  • Laura Leite Muniz
    Laura Leite Muniz 10 часов назад +13

    Army here supporting Loona! Okay Orbits? 💜

  • AhChuu
    AhChuu 10 часов назад +10

    21 million!!!

  • Sea diel
    Sea diel 10 часов назад +6


  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 11 часов назад +6

    More viewwwwws until 25 M

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 11 часов назад +4

    Wing wing

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 11 часов назад +3

    Olivia Hyeeeeeeeee

  • Alex Hye
    Alex Hye 11 часов назад +2


  • jinsouler ً
    jinsouler ً 11 часов назад +2

    21M!! lets get 22M within the next week as well 🦋

  • - -
    - - 11 часов назад +2

    Fly like a butterflyyyyyyyyyyyy ahhh🙌

  • - -
    - - 11 часов назад +5

    the colosseum is the same room choerry dropped into in love cherry motion.. she was the first to arrive.. hence the purple hair .. wings wings

  • Rumaisa Imran
    Rumaisa Imran 11 часов назад +6


  • yi jie
    yi jie 12 часов назад +2


  • Rxhl Mclay
    Rxhl Mclay 12 часов назад +5

    Female version of Seventeen. Their choreo is just so polished 🔥

    • MARCO
      MARCO 11 часов назад +5

      You should watch Loona cover dance “thanks” by Seventeen

    • Rxhl Mclay
      Rxhl Mclay 11 часов назад +2

      Blue betta lol don't take my comment negatively I stan them too. I'm just saying they have resemblance for being good in their choreograpy.

    • Blue betta
      Blue betta 12 часов назад +7

      Seventeen is seventeen and loona is loona

  • - -
    - - 12 часов назад +6

    Hi High into orbit we fly like a butterfly ✨

  • loona’s comeback guardian
    loona’s comeback guardian 12 часов назад +13

    LOONA sales update 💽
    brought to you by loonastats on twt ✨
    *+ +* (+ 2019 sales): 25,217
    *x x* : 17,414 ✨
    *+ +* : 53,556
    *x x* : 26,563 ✨

    *X X* Spotify total streams: 6,958,613 plays! 🦋💕
    *+ +* Spotify total streams: 20M!! 🎉
    (source: loonaranks on twt)

  • DTB
    DTB 12 часов назад +5

    I wanna cry..... 21M and every time I come back there's more likes and comments! LOONA YOU DID THAT

  • الجوهرة السوداء
    الجوهرة السوداء 12 часов назад +3

    Go 30M

  • Masha 2910
    Masha 2910 12 часов назад +5

    Why it's so esthetic??
    Sounds so gooddd

  • KIM세훈
    KIM세훈 12 часов назад +2

    달소 체고

  • Анна Анна
    Анна Анна 12 часов назад

    Красиво поёт💚💚💚💚

  • Анна Анна
    Анна Анна 12 часов назад

    Так держать 💛💛💛💛

  • - -
    - - 12 часов назад +8

    just wanted to point out that the likes still continue to go up and that makes me really happy that people understand and support the beautiful message this MV holds. 💕✨

  • Анна Анна
    Анна Анна 12 часов назад

    Красиво снято !!!

  • Анна Анна
    Анна Анна 12 часов назад +3


  • Анна Анна
    Анна Анна 12 часов назад +3


  • Анна Анна
    Анна Анна 12 часов назад


  • loona’s comeback guardian
    loona’s comeback guardian 12 часов назад +4

    orbits ✨ kim lip’s eclipse is very close to 5M 🦉

  • Domy
    Domy 13 часов назад +7

    21M? This deserve more, MORE

  • Fs Fs
    Fs Fs 13 часов назад +14

    I come here everyday since it was released. But I don’t know why there’s always tears after watching it. They always make me so emotional. This song is their love letter to Orbits

  • Gg Supremacist
    Gg Supremacist 14 часов назад +11

    We finally hit 21!!!! Do not slack!!! If we can’t get them their first win let’s show our love and support by watching this amazing video:D

  • Lesleigh Aranjuez
    Lesleigh Aranjuez 14 часов назад +14

    *•590k subscribers to 600K*
    *•21M to 25M*
    *•367k to 400k likes*

  • Lesleigh Aranjuez
    Lesleigh Aranjuez 14 часов назад +7

    YAY 21M🔜25M

  • elyysiar
    elyysiar 14 часов назад +5


  • Krysta Lunar
    Krysta Lunar 14 часов назад +8

    Happy 590k subs and 21M ‘

  • Baejin Mina
    Baejin Mina 15 часов назад +5

    21M YAZZZZ

  • the unknown
    the unknown 15 часов назад +9

    At last 21 million views👏👏
    Congrats ORBITS

  • vαηε :'v
    vαηε :'v 15 часов назад +12

    21M ✔️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁🎀🎉🎉🎉🎉😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

  • Watch 'Butterfly' by LOOΠΔ
    Watch 'Butterfly' by LOOΠΔ 15 часов назад +9


  • Yves _Miyayeah
    Yves _Miyayeah 15 часов назад +10

    finally 21 M

  • tae's_tea _4D
    tae's_tea _4D 15 часов назад +17

    Loona don't loose hope. It may be hard for you now. But one day you will shine 💜
    Idk anything much about you all but i have been listening to your songs from last year and You all are the true Girl Idols whom i want to shine bright rather than the others.

  • Shiroyasha
    Shiroyasha 15 часов назад +6

    🎉🎉 we did it 21M!

  • loona’s comeback guardian
    loona’s comeback guardian 16 часов назад +10

    orbits are the best!! 🦋💕

  • I AM LOOΠΔ 🐼
    I AM LOOΠΔ 🐼 16 часов назад +10

    Congratulations, 21M🎉🎉🎉
    22nd March 2019
    12:56 AM KST
    30 days

  • ele leke
    ele leke 16 часов назад +7

    21M ❤

    SATAN LOONA 16 часов назад +10


  • Blue betta
    Blue betta 16 часов назад +7

    21 000 379

    • xgoldenlove
      xgoldenlove 16 часов назад

      Blue betta its still on this so its definitely frozen :(

  • loona’s comeback guardian
    loona’s comeback guardian 16 часов назад +16

    (이달의 소녀 → ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ→ LOOΠΔ → LOONA)
    팬덤 이름은: 오빛 🚀
    데뷔일: 2018년 8월 20일
    12명의 소녀들이
    컨셉들: 귀엽고, 걸크러쉬, 밝고, 브로드웨이 뮤지컬, 알앤비, 드림팝, 어쿠스틱 록, 오케스트라 발라드, 재즈팝, 일렉트로닉 댄스, 트로피컬 하우스, 신스팝, 등등...
    비사이드가 (?) 너무 좋아요. 그리고 뮤비는 정말 창의에요!~
    LOOΠΔVERSE는..... 음.... 정말 모르겠어요. 😅 하지만~~ 스토리텔링에는(?) 많은 이론들이 있어요. 영화 같아요!
    이달소 노래가 많이 사랑해주세요! ♡
    모든 멤버들은 솔로 뮤직비디오를 가지고있어요. 좀 봐주세요~ ☺️☺️☺️
    (한국어를 아직 잘 못해지만...... 열심히 공부할께요! 🥺 죄송해요~)

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    21m in a couple minutes :-)

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