Cheapest Hotel ROOMS in India!!! How to stay for free in India!!Take it or forget it!!

  • Published on Aug 6, 2017
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  • nagesh poorna
    nagesh poorna 5 months ago

    Unnathi Homes guest houses located in Hyderabad furnish with luxurious and spacious rooms. Unnathi Homes are suitable for vacations in terms of safety, comfort, and security. Unnathi Homes is the best guest house in Hyderabad with many amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, laptop table, and chair, 24/7 security, playing area for kids and fitness center.

    CITY CLUB 5 months ago

    Best hotel rooms for you, at City Club.
    To know more details please visit -

    VIVEK KUMAR 10 months ago

  • rohit jha
    rohit jha Year ago

    Brother buking phle hi krna imp h ya pay at hotel kr skte h

  • Sweta Verma
    Sweta Verma Year ago

    Thank u bhaiya...😘

  • Ansuman Mishra
    Ansuman Mishra Year ago

    Good such a nice video keep it up

  • Rishav Saha
    Rishav Saha Year ago

    I want to know and book......"...

  • sobia rozi
    sobia rozi Year ago

    60 rs

  • Aman Dayani
    Aman Dayani Year ago

    Yeh aadmi bohoot boltah hai. He is ghail choido

  • Ravikant Bhardwaj

    Sir namashkar
    Pharganj ke kisi hotel ya
    Gaust house Delhi ki
    I D per bhi room milta hai
    Aur shabab bhi mil jaataa hai kya

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh Year ago

    R612327 u can use this code also

  • Bajrang Choudhary

    Please you are send me your mobail number

  • S.venketeswar Rao

    Can you please tell me how you had booked flight tickets in lowest fare...?

  • EmoTi.on.s
    EmoTi.on.s Year ago +1

    I forget it!

  • sandbag321
    sandbag321 Year ago

    The cheapest hotel deals, low prices

  • Amit Kushwaha
    Amit Kushwaha Year ago

    Please use to goibibo refar code AM55614

  • Alivia Nail Art
    Alivia Nail Art 2 years ago

    What a joke.... Good acting.... Totally fake

  • Nikhil Punem
    Nikhil Punem 2 years ago

    Big joke to use ur referal code

  • Birsa Hansda
    Birsa Hansda 2 years ago

    Unmarried allowed he ya nahi

    GURU CHARAN BEHERA 2 years ago

    Hay! Buddy... Pls make a video on how to book flight tickets on cheap price....

  • Ritu Srivastava
    Ritu Srivastava 2 years ago

    Kitne din pehle rooms book krna Shi rhega sir

    YASH JAIN 2 years ago

    Plz make the video for cheapest flight

  • Joginder Lal
    Joginder Lal 2 years ago

    video on stationary and art materials or Bhai cheapest🙏🙏🙏

    • Pra kash
      Pra kash 2 years ago

      Joginder Lal Chandni chowk Nayi Sadak

  • Sonu Kumar
    Sonu Kumar 2 years ago

    Bhaiya jo aapne kha tha nasik wale video main ki aapne kuch achhi market khoji hai Delhi main uski v video to bnao jaldi se

  • Nawaz Ameen
    Nawaz Ameen 2 years ago +1

    i wanna start a youtube channel ... i wanna know.... how u edit ur videos

  • Jagkirat Singh
    Jagkirat Singh 2 years ago

    find wholesale market for NOTEBOOKS AND REGISTERS ✌

  • Gaurav
    Gaurav 2 years ago

    Yar make a video on gaming consoles

  • Osaid Nisar
    Osaid Nisar 2 years ago

    Bhai next video kab dal rahe ho Please reply

  • Armaan Patel
    Armaan Patel 2 years ago

    Wanderer Bhai jaldi banao air ticket ke upar video and nice video

  • ankit KUMAR
    ankit KUMAR 2 years ago

    Aap log jitna din pehle hotel book karoge utna benefits aapko milega

  • ankit KUMAR
    ankit KUMAR 2 years ago

    Bhai goibibo pe maine bhi hotel book ki hai... Mangalore me 238 me bhut hi achhi site hai..
    Hotel book krne k liye..
    Paisa vasool

  • Nishant
    Nishant 2 years ago

    Mujhe oyo me room chaiye

  • manish saini
    manish saini 2 years ago

    bro..diwali shopping ke lie chandni chowk ko cover karo gifts, dry fruit packs, decoration....etc...plzzz

  • Ridhi karanbir singh
    Ridhi karanbir singh 2 years ago

    hr states mein kitne ese hotels hote hai

  • Mahesh Kumar
    Mahesh Kumar 2 years ago

    Thank you Sohail,, nice work

  • Ravi Sharma
    Ravi Sharma 2 years ago

    Nice work bro, thanks for sharing the knowledge

  • Planet Music
    Planet Music 2 years ago

    dude make a video on "MAJNU KA TILLA" please!!

  • Eathen Cruze
    Eathen Cruze 2 years ago

    I have heard that people of same state can not stay in the hotel situated in the same state \?? Is that true?

    • Anish Verma
      Anish Verma 2 years ago

      Eathen Cruze to avoid suicidal incidents & mainly illegal sex.... Which can b in any form..prostitution ; adolescent sex ; make out... Its very sad our government don't legalize this but u c everything is happening here under the table .... Alas ! Encouraging rapes

    • Eathen Cruze
      Eathen Cruze 2 years ago

      Anish Verma y bro do uh know the reason behind that??

    • Anish Verma
      Anish Verma 2 years ago

      Eathen Cruze No it's not true... There is some extra security check if the person is from the same city in which he want room specially small city in india

  • Rinky Koul
    Rinky Koul 2 years ago

    Hlo buddy.... Thumps up fr ur job ....really ...Please tell me how to book cheap flight tickets

  • Ambica Sharma
    Ambica Sharma 2 years ago +2

    my couple of questions
    how is paharganj area ND hotels dere for a single girl to stay
    ND 2nd question dere was dis incident wid a girl in Bangalore or Hyderabad where she booked d hotel from goibibo bt she was not allowed to check in as she was given d excuse dat she is a single gal ND Dats a responsibility dey can't let her check in
    she posted dis whole incident on fb nd dis whole thing took place around 11in d morning she also questioned dat eat if dis incident took place at night where wud have she gone

  • anu goel
    anu goel 2 years ago

    Good one. Really useful.waiting fr next video related to airfair.

  • Mehul P
    Mehul P 2 years ago

    Can you give me your email id. I want to suggest you some names about your new channel.

    • Mehul P
      Mehul P 2 years ago

      WANDERER sent

    • Mehul P
      Mehul P 2 years ago

      WANDERER OK will contact you in a day.

    • So Benificial
      So Benificial  2 years ago

      +Mehul Puri
      It's not a channel.
      It's just n addition in our offerings!

  • vinay singh
    vinay singh 2 years ago +1

    1 number video bhai ji

  • Vineet Gupta
    Vineet Gupta 2 years ago

    sponsered post

  • Shobhit G
    Shobhit G 2 years ago

    This video is really superb.. Cheap flights booking Wali vdo plz jaldi daliye. Mujhko 12 ko Kolkata k liye booking karani h.. So m waiting n hoping ki ap k uss vdo se mujhe Kuch fayeda ho Jaye . Thank you

  • Kunal MaLłKķ
    Kunal MaLłKķ 2 years ago

    Thnkuu bhaai

  • Naved ahmed
    Naved ahmed 2 years ago

    please do video for cheap airlines

  • Navneet Kandav
    Navneet Kandav 2 years ago

    Is it a safe area? I have heard the areas such as paharganj and mahipalpur aren't good ones.

  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar 2 years ago +1

    Yeah log local couple ko rooms dete hain?

  • Ri chie
    Ri chie 2 years ago

    have a promocode? *SOHi211*
    de raha hu toh sorry araha hai
    invalid request?😔😔😔

  • soham don
    soham don 2 years ago

    bhai flight to main airports ki hogi...delhi to smaller areas k liye sab saste mile. jaise pune nagpur raipur. to baat bane

  • Abdul Rahmaan Siddiqui

    mujhe aaisa kuch nahi mila bhai.....go ibibo pe

  • Bhaskar Kumar
    Bhaskar Kumar 2 years ago

    Is it for unmarried couples?

  • avi kumar
    avi kumar 2 years ago


  • Nilesh 40
    Nilesh 40 2 years ago +3

    भाई आपकी हर Video देखता हू , Comment भी करता हु . कभी तो Reply करो यार ....👍 आपकी Video बहोत अछि है .

  • shravan Mandavi
    shravan Mandavi 2 years ago

    Owesome price sir

  • rajan kumar
    rajan kumar 2 years ago