$650 64-Core Quad Socket Gaming Workstation!

  • Published on Nov 5, 2017
  • Retired server hardware is always in ample supply, so why not reduce e-waste and build a MONSTER budget workstation?
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Comments • 3 041

  • shadow dragonsky
    shadow dragonsky 2 days ago

    amd 16 core $700

  • Jorge De Soler
    Jorge De Soler 2 days ago

    I know it's old. But one of the main problems not mentioned in the video is that Windows consumer editions (Win 8, 10) only support 2 CPU sockets. So they have to use Windows Server that messes up with anything related to gaming, 3D, graphics drivers, consumer benchmarks, etc.

  • Robert Chelios
    Robert Chelios 3 days ago

    Watching this video in 2019 and missing Max . . . . . Who else agree with me ?? Who else miss her ??

  • Carnage1k
    Carnage1k 3 days ago

    Hello, im 16 years old and just left school, i was wondering when i get the money (trying to find a job atm) you could possibly build me a pc. My budget will more than likley be £600 ($775). Maybe you could make a video out of it. Thanks

  • xys007
    xys007 6 days ago

    For gaming with multiple physical CPU's you'd try assigning all cores of only one CPU to game task.

  • CHRIS Holt
    CHRIS Holt 7 days ago

    i been running ACER ALTOS T110 F3 SERIES for years now runs like a dream with games with a 780gtx this was listed years ago the link www.avantitech.com.au/store/product/4793/Acer-Altos-T110-F3-Series/

  • nexxusty
    nexxusty 8 days ago

    Stop with that gay voice Linus. You sound like a goof.

  • Rob Moss
    Rob Moss 8 days ago

    What a completely useless video. So you created a machine using parts for which it was built for and it works great for its intended purpose. But sucks for gaming.....Ya and? You just spent time creating a machine for it's intended purpose and not for gaming and wasted our time. Your title is one step lower then click bait.

  • Marc Ritz
    Marc Ritz 9 days ago

    If you are watching this now, you can get a 6core/12thread Xeon E5-2630v2 with motherboard and 16gb of ram for $130 from aliexpress.
    That cpu is probably equivalent to something like a ryzen 1400.
    Combine it with a radeon rx 570, and you can play every modern game at 60+ fps for around $250 (excl. monitor)

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich 9 days ago

    That’s a scary sticker

  • Clayton Clarke
    Clayton Clarke 11 days ago

    What if you had another motherboard as a co processor, I would love to see a video on that weather or not it's a server you are doing it with

  • KnighTech
    KnighTech 13 days ago

    Yo since you probably still have that I'll give you $20

  • John Smith
    John Smith 14 days ago +2

    This would be a great deal if you were freeloading electricity from your m0m

  • loric loppi
    loric loppi 15 days ago

    That motherboard takes legit more power than my moped

  • Bad Luck
    Bad Luck 15 days ago

    But how it is for cryptologick task? with such thread and amount of RAM, it should be a very nice station to encrypt massive storage or decrypt without encryption key

  • Claudiu Grigore
    Claudiu Grigore 17 days ago

    ddr 1033 prob .

  • MrMovieMan941
    MrMovieMan941 21 day ago

    Handbrake? X265, x264????

  • X-Tech Gam!nG
    X-Tech Gam!nG 23 days ago +2

    Tip for the video editor - those background image lights during the benchmark results = annoying.

  • 3D Maker Kid
    3D Maker Kid 23 days ago

    I just want to be able to say that I have 4 cpus on one board and 64 cores

  • milan filipovic
    milan filipovic 24 days ago

    is playeble in games ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS l just thinking to buy this mobo

  • Keegan Vanluven
    Keegan Vanluven 26 days ago

    Dead serious

  • Keegan Vanluven
    Keegan Vanluven 26 days ago

    I’ll buy it

  • Scott Halbert
    Scott Halbert 27 days ago

    No duh. Server applications can use multiple processors. Games are NOT written to take advantage of multi-cpu boards so this is no surprise. IE the game will use 1 of the 4 CPU's at whatever it's max performance can deliver. Nothing more.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 28 days ago +1

    The click and information icon animation combined with the actual link showing up was very cool.

  • Joseph Burke
    Joseph Burke 28 days ago

    Can it do Crysis?

  • Francois Moolman
    Francois Moolman 28 days ago

    Please send it to me here in South Africa. I need a test server :)

    ELECTRO MEG Month ago

    cinebench though

  • MTcoiner
    MTcoiner Month ago +7

    I wonder how it would mine crypto's that are optimized for CPU mining.

    • Aron Gabor
      Aron Gabor 24 days ago

      Depends on whether cryptocurrencies still exist

    • descendency
      descendency 24 days ago

      depends on whether they needed support for modern instructions or not.

  • Kenji Gunawan
    Kenji Gunawan Month ago

    This is ridiculous 😂😂😂 - I bought an i7 4790 + GTX 980 and I haven't tested it yet but I think it's a better system for $500 with GPU.

  • Khalid Hebshi
    Khalid Hebshi Month ago +6

    4:05 if you freeze on a frame it says *SUCC*

  • Paulo Silva
    Paulo Silva Month ago

    huge electricity consumption?

  • Rezaaja Aja
    Rezaaja Aja Month ago

    Make subtitel in indonesia because in indonesia dont have youtube creator like you

    • Ivan Constantine
      Ivan Constantine Month ago

      your english is that bad? he even talks slower than his usual conversation speed
      you should spend more time on learning english rather than watching youtube vids then...

  • Jay Burkhart
    Jay Burkhart Month ago

    Now Linus, pcie SATA 3, and 10 gig Ethernet added to this board. Will this bottleneck like crazy?

    • Jay Burkhart
      Jay Burkhart Month ago

      You did answer this question, I'll stick to dual cpus

  • ThisAsianDude
    ThisAsianDude Month ago

    will it run OSU!?

  • Reverse Studios
    Reverse Studios Month ago

    I'll buy it

  • Duane Putnam
    Duane Putnam Month ago

    Try linux

  • Mohamed Mosilhy
    Mohamed Mosilhy Month ago

    i am gaming on a Dell precision T5400 ( i bought 7 years ago ) and a GTX 550ti and it works fine for me , need to upgrade the gpu to a gtx 770ti or something to run most of the games good

  • Noah
    Noah Month ago

    How is Samsung always light years ahead of competitor's when it comes to tv's? 😂

  • Yume Gutierrez
    Yume Gutierrez Month ago

    I wanna try rendering 3D on those

    IAN DUCAO Month ago

    I'd rather use this pc for my research rather than gaming.

  • SkillsDND
    SkillsDND Month ago

    I'm confused why did the old one work okay in gaming and this one just flat sucks

  • blingking501
    blingking501 2 months ago

    This is something I wish I did when I lived at my parents with alot if disposable income

  • William A
    William A 2 months ago

    them low clock speeds take a beating in most games since they usually depend on one core.. (tho thats starting to change these days)..

  • rvborgh
    rvborgh 2 months ago +43

    i run one of these setups as my home PC. To really get performance out of them you have to know what you are doing. You also have to run ES chips with Turion Power Control and ideally the OCNG bios. OCNG allows you to overclock locked stocked processors if you are using those, but if you have ES chips then it allows running your memory at its spec'd timings (XMP if that profile exists) instead of the stocker DDR3-1333. This makes a large difference in performance.
    You also have to know how to assign application threads to NUMA nodes using Windows Server WSRM (to reduce memory latency since grabbing memory from off socket is expensive and goes over an 8 bit HT link).
    As far as gaming goes... i run a single K10.5 core on each Istanbul die at 3.8 GHz (some of the cores run at 3.9 GHz fine, but i usually just run them at 3.8)... then use Windows server WSRM to assign the games threads to the high speed core. The other cores run at 800 MHz (ie idle state).
    For high bandwidth apps you need to stripe the memory across all the nodes...
    ACPI related items in the BIOS also need to be setup right.
    Also... the processors Linus used are Bulldozer based Opterons only equivalent to about 70% of a K10 in terms of IPC... or about a K10.5 running just over 1.6 GHz. Of course performance is going to be terrible. He should have gone with K10.5 based Magny Cours... or Opteron 63xx ES samples.
    The other thing... he used really SLOW server memory, and only filled a single slot for each IMC :( For proper performance you need to fill 16 slots, 2 memory sticks for each IMC, and you want to run standard DDR3 DIMMs. At minimum you want to run DDR3-1600 preferably with XMP available. Ideally run even faster DDR3-1866 memory just like any normal desktop machine.
    Basically this rig was not set up correctly... so the performance you see here is not really representative. Perhaps he can revisit this rig with the proper settings and revisit this review.

    • MrMovieMan941
      MrMovieMan941 21 day ago +1

      @rvborgh holy shit man that was some bad ass knowledge! Can you help me build pc lol
      Not that I dont know how, but to get best performance possible :)

    • joker911pt
      joker911pt 25 days ago

      rvborgh, you should make a reply video.

    • rvborgh
      rvborgh 29 days ago +5

      @Daniel Pinel yes, he basically ran it crippled :( The K10 IMCs like both memory channels filled so that things can be run in unganged mode, and so that there can be additional parallelism during memory accesses.
      Also, for latency purposes running OCNG BIOS is best as you can run the K10.5 IMCs at DDR3-1600 which is what the IMCs are capable of, but which for the Hydra platform AMD artificially restricted to only run at DDR3-1333 for servers. You can't get it to run at these speeds using the stocker SuperMicro BIOS. OCNG will also allow running at the XMP timing profiles that are on the sticks.
      For best latency for games, run node interleaving (in BIOS) off, and keep all threads ideally on a single die, or if absolutely necessary let them spread over two dies on a single socket. Ram latency will be in the 72ns range. If you let threads spread off socket, you can see latencies go up to around 120-130 ns so you don't want that to happen.
      The only thing that i have not yet been able to successfully do is OC the K10.5 northbridges. They run at stockish 1.8 GHz (AMD did this to save power on servers) which is fine for 3.0 GHz on the processors, but ideally you'd want to run 2.4 GHz or even 2.6 GHz if possible. i can set the CPU/NB faster, but i cannot set a higher voltage prior to boot unfortunately.

    • Daniel Pinel
      Daniel Pinel 29 days ago +5

      Now THAT, is know-how on those systems.

    • GD Engineering Services
      GD Engineering Services Month ago +1

      Jump on this Linus

  • Mat Howe
    Mat Howe 2 months ago

    can it run a minecraft server tho?

  • rythmcubed
    rythmcubed 2 months ago

    one of the greatest intros of all time

  • PrussianKamikaze
    PrussianKamikaze 2 months ago

    But here's the thing, can you do VR on it

  • Nathan Galloway
    Nathan Galloway 2 months ago

    i want the bored

  • Firez
    Firez 2 months ago

    AMD server CPUs are shit anyways, just pop in a few Xeons (preferably 2.4ghz or higher) on a compatible mobo from SuperMicro, and you’ll see the difference.

  • Mariano Lucero
    Mariano Lucero 2 months ago

    Idk about anyone else but for videos like this i enjoy a build video even though ive built multiple systems. MAKE IT FUN!

  • Dman Ban
    Dman Ban 2 months ago

    Way too much power to be efficient

  • Kathryn Davidson
    Kathryn Davidson 2 months ago

    1:01 - Ah Noctua fans. "If it looks like a vanilla turd, you know it's the best." ™

  • charlie brownau
    charlie brownau 2 months ago

    If only someone made a Quad X79 mobo

  • Theo Lubbe
    Theo Lubbe 2 months ago

    And here I'm still sitting with my 4x Opteron 6172s wishing the only board which would be worth my time to get for them didn't STILL cost over $300 before shipping to Afrique du Sud...
    Not to mention the RAM costs would be crippling thereafter =_=

  • Iftekhar Ahmed Sarkar
    Iftekhar Ahmed Sarkar 2 months ago

    Palms Sweaty
    Dad's Atari

  • Tim Birch
    Tim Birch 2 months ago +1

    Actually Linus I would be interested in buying your extra motherboard, im planning on setting up a ark survival evolved server for my friends and I

  • Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music

    Bludget Blender Blox.

  • Mostly Drew
    Mostly Drew 2 months ago

    Would this setup be good for a VM server?

  • Javi's Computers
    Javi's Computers 2 months ago

    I want that motherboard

  • shadowtheimpure
    shadowtheimpure 2 months ago

    It would possibly have been a pretty awesome transcoding box too. With 64 cores, it would tear through a video transcoding.

  • Karolukas
    Karolukas 3 months ago

    that bot motherboard problem that CPU fault

  • Andrew Glendenning
    Andrew Glendenning 3 months ago

    makemillions.info or get you some premiumteaching.com maybe go to the medicalpot.shop

  • D:
    D: 3 months ago

    can I run 4 different OSes at once on it, especially without virtualization, though?

  • Henry Dando
    Henry Dando 3 months ago

    Great for your next mine craft server

  • Yin Heng, Henry Lau
    Yin Heng, Henry Lau 3 months ago +1

    You should redo this project with a 64 core EPYC cpu

  • Yiou Jr
    Yiou Jr 3 months ago

    Well you are using 64 cores for gaming, which is single thread oriented task. It's like bringing my friends to help me checkout faster at the cash register queue.

  • KuruGDI
    KuruGDI 3 months ago +2

    5:38 that snappy and honest part of the review really made my day xD

  • Jade Gardner
    Jade Gardner 3 months ago

    linus is not qualified to use the word ghetto

  • sobez gamer
    sobez gamer 3 months ago


  • W0lfbane Shika
    W0lfbane Shika 3 months ago

    Was hesistant at first, but glad I stuck to my gut feeling and stuck with my lga 1155 i7 - Multi Socket Gaming is too expensive comparatively especially since you need that extra cooling in the case I mean, damn just look at that power draw and with such a high bottleneck, what a waste of potential.
    Dual Socket Xeons would be fine though, although too big for my wallet.

  • Joey JC
    Joey JC 3 months ago

    ngl that intro made me laugh even a year later

  • Dominik Braniša
    Dominik Braniša 3 months ago

    Try hp z8 workstation

  • Fault Boy
    Fault Boy 3 months ago

    Just buy a i7 4930k and a Rampage IV Extreme and you get Server like Hardware but optimized for gaming and very cheap today.

  • a64750
    a64750 3 months ago

    what's the boot time?

  • James Goad
    James Goad 3 months ago

    Literally have 30+ of these servers sitting in a rack at work doing nothing lul

    • James Goad
      James Goad 3 months ago

      @Armored Titan can't sell them, lol government reasons

    • Armored Titan
      Armored Titan 3 months ago

      how much?
      for one I mean....

  • Antti Halonen
    Antti Halonen 3 months ago

    who is the nice looking girls on the video.. id like to play with her.. or assemble some parts together :))

  • Rodrigo De Oliveira Ramos


  • Benny Holgersson
    Benny Holgersson 3 months ago

    How about mining Monero whit it? 😁

  • Logan Irdi
    Logan Irdi 3 months ago

    ill buy it lol

  • Axel Voss
    Axel Voss 3 months ago

    lmao i watched at 1.25 Speed and didnt notice...

  • original
    original 3 months ago

    you made a monster. congratulations

  • Hugo Ermel
    Hugo Ermel 3 months ago

    What the fuck...

  • j jxshi
    j jxshi 3 months ago

    boyyyyy its server hardware 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith 3 months ago

    I brought a Xeon x5660 for £25 on EBay which is the equivalent of a i7-980x that sells for £150 :)

  • Наталья Варлей

    ТЫ ЛОХ !!!!!11111

  • Tom Jacobs
    Tom Jacobs 3 months ago

    Would love this in my office to upgrade the ol Pentium 4 ... all i do with it is word and excell.

  • Anthony Narozniak
    Anthony Narozniak 3 months ago

    Is it really worth it all these cores and threads for everyday use, I don't think so. Most of it nowadays is just shock value so your friend can tell you yeah I got twice as many cores as you. Then watch him cry as your eight core machine blows his machine away

  • Xasmanius Völk
    Xasmanius Völk 3 months ago +1

    5:09 me me me

  • SixOThree
    SixOThree 3 months ago +1

    How much of that power draw is RAM?

    • SixOThree
      SixOThree 3 months ago

      Ok. My best guess is maybe about 100 watts...

  • Nakashii
    Nakashii 3 months ago

    5:00 Opteron board? How much ya want for it? XD

  • GameBoy Freak
    GameBoy Freak 3 months ago

    and all this trouble just to watch porn :) lol

  • silja2470
    silja2470 3 months ago

    So technically, what is the bottleneck of this system for gaming?
    I don't see how too many cores can hurt.
    PCIe 16x gestion ?

  • socaliguy81
    socaliguy81 3 months ago

    These videos are fun to watch. Happy experimenting friends!

  • ferna2294
    ferna2294 3 months ago

    I will finally be able to make my PS2 emulator work at 60 FPS. Hopefully.

  • Nathan Trieu
    Nathan Trieu 3 months ago

    does having more processors decrease the bottleneck on your gpu?

  • Nathan Trieu
    Nathan Trieu 3 months ago

    oh hey i have a computer with 8 cores thats like 7 years old. works fine, but it smells like burning dust

  • Newll
    Newll 3 months ago +1

    What could go wr- *EXPLOSION*

  • Kick en Evy
    Kick en Evy 3 months ago

    Im buying a 8 core cpu