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Cosmos Without Gravitation by Immanuel Velikovsky 1946

  • Published on Aug 11, 2022
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  • Nancy Vernon
    Nancy Vernon 3 months ago +13

    And that is why I love Velikovsky, he makes us think about things in another way. Like I hadn't even considered that, according to the theory of ahem " gravity," we should be having persistent rainfall worldwide 364.25 days of the year. .....And in my chemistry classes in college, I had often wondered if the charges of atoms was a reference to electricity. I would even ask if we were talking about electric charges. All I got in response was gobbledygook. ( otherwise why call them elec-trons) which can also relate to the Ph of living beings , where the neutral charge is 7.35-7.45. Anything above or below that range is acidic or alkaline. It's all related, we are electric beings living in an electric universe

  • Chyka
    Chyka 3 months ago +2

    I love the start were he talks about mixing of the elements in the atmosphere and how main stream Science say they are mixed by the wind when it suits one hypotheses and then seperate to suit another.

  • Xeno Bardock
    Xeno Bardock 2 months ago +2

    The moon slowly moving away from earth 3.7 cm every year may be due to earths magnetic field slowly weakening. If this is the case, the strength of magnetic field and the charge of planet/moon may decide how closer or further it orbits from its star/gas giant.

  • Xeno Bardock
    Xeno Bardock 2 months ago +2

    If you made van de graaff generator hollow metal ball to rotate and also put tesla pancake coil inside in order to generate large rotating electric and magnetic fields, and then throw small balloons at metal ball, chances are the small balloons will start orbiting the rotating metal ball, creating a fractal solar system. A possible experiment one could conduct that might confirm Velikovsky.

  • BonSang
    BonSang 3 months ago +2

    circumduction, what a nice word. first time i hear this one.

  • Christopher F.
    Christopher F. 3 months ago +2

    in 1947, the national security act was signed, which had a real impact and began to regulate scientific discoveries in terms of publication or censorship. FOIA is full of all sorts of scientific papers that are still undisclosed to this day.

  • Pi saro
    Pi saro 3 months ago +1

    I would like to refer you to look at Simon schacks tycos theory and Barry Setterfields zero point theory along with his plasma universe.

  • Gibladar
    Gibladar 3 months ago +1

    On my Fourth account!!!
    When you going to start posting on bitchute?
    Lots of flat earthers there need your help!!!

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 months ago +2

      Hahaha, I don’t know if I can help those poor lost souls. It’s hard to convince someone to change their views when they swear by it. Cognitive Dissonance is a hard pill to swallow.