All You Can Eat A5 WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan!

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • The first time I went to Japan, I got to experience the A5 Kobe steak, and that flavor still sings with me. I knew that it probably wouldn't be possible to find a Kobe all you can eat restaurant in Tokyo, because, with me, they would be out of business in a day. However, I did find an A5 All you can eat Wagyu beef restaurant, can't beat that(:
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Comments • 2 017

  • Jordan Waka
    Jordan Waka 2 days ago

    MAAN!!! I cant watch you videos, My mouth waters so much and I get so frustrated cos all want to do is try that food right now but i cant cos im not there its only a video D:
    But seriously love your videos and cant wait to visit some of these place myself!!

  • Jason Manners
    Jason Manners 2 days ago

    A very informative video that will help out anyone going here, thanks for the good information.

  • Tianyu Lu
    Tianyu Lu 2 days ago

    Probably the best video on RU-clip

  • Cavren’s Channel
    Cavren’s Channel 2 days ago +1

    Kobe steak=like
    Wagyu steak=comment

  • Peter 212
    Peter 212 2 days ago

    if i was there , i will be like sir give me each of everything or 2 of everything

  • Lulu, Drinker of Coffee

    Yep, I'm sold. Going to Japan next month this will be on my list. Generally we eat cheap but this can be our splurge.

  • Aye Maung
    Aye Maung 5 days ago

    "If you guys know that you only have an hour, you could really do some damage to that place" 😅

  • Dioscoro Joel Urian
    Dioscoro Joel Urian 6 days ago

    Wow...he can consume the whole cow

    RUSLAD 7 days ago +1

    How younger Jackie on beef diet

  • Ethaniel Chong
    Ethaniel Chong 12 days ago

    Ow gawd he eats with his mouth open 😭

  • Anthony Dinh
    Anthony Dinh 13 days ago

    I went to that steak Ginza place a couple weeks ago. Best meal I’ve ever had

  • Eve 123
    Eve 123 15 days ago

    So, that griller thing is what Ariana grande tattoo on her palm?

  • cixuT
    cixuT 17 days ago


  • AntiAgingTipsWithDion
    AntiAgingTipsWithDion 17 days ago

    Drooling like crazy! 🤤🤤🤤

  • Andrew Kennon
    Andrew Kennon 17 days ago +1

    "but you know what?, this could be really good...." i like your outlook. positive.

  • FexerRexer
    FexerRexer 17 days ago

    These 737 dislikes are vegans

  • Ragnar Holten
    Ragnar Holten 17 days ago +1

    "Go all barbaric on the steak" lmao epic.

  • Kevin Kesler
    Kevin Kesler 18 days ago

    Any chance you can do a more secretive follow up where they don't know you're filming?
    Ginza Steak's Tripadvisor page has several reviews criticizing the slow rate of meat availability (1 at a time), quality of meat on all but the first piece, not actually unlimited (5-7 pieces max allowed), and lots of hidden fees/charges.

  • Vicky Chung
    Vicky Chung 19 days ago

    He says eat like yeet

  • Anita Kelly
    Anita Kelly 19 days ago

    Sometimes it is ok to just eat your stake instead of talking every second because you end up repeatedly saying the same thing so we get it so just enjoy it.

  • Jerry Wong
    Jerry Wong 20 days ago +1

    I would just throw everything on the grill and cook everything asap to make up for time.

  • madddskillz
    madddskillz 20 days ago +1

    I went to Ginza Steak off of the recommendation on this video. It was NOT A5 wagyu served here. The steak was A1-A2 quality AT BEST. I felt super mislead by this video and could not even believe there would be a place that falsely advertises it's steak quality in Tokyo as most places here seem quite honest. DO NOT GOTO GINZA STEAK

  • Laurence Goddard
    Laurence Goddard 21 day ago

    Anyone know if this is a share price ($62) or price per person?

    • DiamondAge
      DiamondAge 17 days ago

      Laurence Goddard per person prob

  • DarkaireZ
    DarkaireZ 21 day ago +2

    Jesus first bite of wagyu he had was with soy sauce. !!! Wtf why would you go for the best grade meat for taste and texture if your gonna put soy sauce to it and change it completely.

  • queenie ilangos
    queenie ilangos 21 day ago

    I rather go to the 2nd restaurant cuz someone cooks for me.

  • Vincent L
    Vincent L 21 day ago +1

    TLDR: Save your money and go elsewhere. Cheap cuts and not A5 quality. Don’t make the same mistake of ignoring the negative reviews and trying it yourself.
    REVIEWS: My girlfriend and I went here for lunch after hearing about this place from Strictly Dumplings and the meat is NOT A5. Repeat, this place doesn’t serve A5 quality meat (See pictures).
    After being seated, we were served a couple appetizers for 30 minutes before getting to the “all you can eat” portion. By this, I mean the chef cooks meat for everyone at the table and individually cuts/plates them. As a result, due to the 2 hour time constriction, you only get through 5-6 servings of tiny meat portions before they bring you the final two dishes (See Menu).
    Regarding the meat quality, if you’re from the US, it’s comparable to beef fajitas from a Mexican joint or cheap skirt steak. Out of our 6 meat servings, we got one meat that was close to A5 quality. The rest were A2-A3. I’m not a big meat aficionado, but as a home cook who regularly buys meat, I’m familiar with marbling and how it’s suppose to look on A5 cuts.
    In sum, save your money and find a place that serves legit A5. I was pretty cynical reading all the negative reviews, but wish I followed their advice. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AND SAVE YOUR MONEY/TIME.

    • madddskillz
      madddskillz 20 days ago

      Agreed. I had the same experience for the second place

  • Jose Gabriel Gonda
    Jose Gabriel Gonda 21 day ago

    Oh my god! I loved watching this. I appreciate you taking the time to explain everything and gesture to the meats with your chopsticks even though it takes away from your eating time. I hope you can come back to this and just record yourself eating without taking breaks just to talk (like the ultimate way to eat lol). I'm sure we'd all understand if you just did that. ^^

  • Antivirus
    Antivirus 22 days ago +2

    I'm in Tokyo for a year right now and I'm SO HAPPY I've found this video. I would have NEVER found that restaurant and now it has to be visited!

  • Paula Peregrino
    Paula Peregrino 24 days ago +1

    can't believe i heared mike chen saying "ignore the pork" hahahahahaha😂

  • shay kalola
    shay kalola 24 days ago +7

    There’s no worse feeling than watching him eat all this amazing food and knowing your about to eat instant ramen 5 minutes from now

  • Nasytical
    Nasytical 24 days ago +1

    idk how a piece if meat looks better than a meal made by gordon ramsay

  • Shellie May
    Shellie May 24 days ago

    Awesome! I want to go there!!

  • Samol Duong
    Samol Duong 26 days ago +1

    I can't eat a lot. I get full off of one meal and can't eat til the next day. I watch your videos for a zero calorie meal. Thank you!

  • Keiry Tenorio
    Keiry Tenorio 26 days ago

    Dang man that's harsh 😂

    DEV MALL 27 days ago

    I wonder how can an almost raw meat and soya sauce taste like he is pretending to enjoy.

  • Mkxiong
    Mkxiong 27 days ago

    kobe and wagyu is actually pretty disgusting. You might as well just eat a stick of butter with some soy sauce. 🤢

    • ninu
      ninu 26 days ago

      Mkxiong mate if you don’t like it that’s cool but be sure you’ve had some verified high grade Wagyu, because outside of Japan there isn’t a certification process so there’s nothing stopping a restaurant from calling steak Wagyu

  • Silver_Rose
    Silver_Rose 29 days ago +2

    Vegans are *quaking*

  • kyle chun
    kyle chun 29 days ago

    Blood pressure through the roof

  • Octavio Fernandez
    Octavio Fernandez 29 days ago

    this guy looks like a young Jackie Chan

  • musiceditorguy
    musiceditorguy 29 days ago +1

    I don't know why, but the idea of eating beef tongue sounds disgusting.

  • Jon Labu Labulabi
    Jon Labu Labulabi Month ago

    yummy 😋😋

  • babak shah
    babak shah Month ago

    Wow so mouth watering 😭😭 , btw did anyone told you that you really look like jacky chan ??

  • Mike Georgius
    Mike Georgius Month ago

    Mikey is like the working mans Mark Weins...

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes Month ago +1

    You should be giving more audio to your voice than your background music, after all i always enjoy your show

  • furiouzzzz
    furiouzzzz Month ago

    Where is that place???

  • Anthony Ho
    Anthony Ho Month ago

    on their website, Ginza says it charges for extra steak. i don't get it, it says all you can eat

  • Evergreen Tree
    Evergreen Tree Month ago

    15.35 is it real wasabi?

  • Ken Kenaki
    Ken Kenaki Month ago +1


  • wicked geekvape
    wicked geekvape Month ago +12

    Last night I was there eating a lot of wagyu but my wife woke me up.
    Her face was full of my saliva.

  • Dan C
    Dan C Month ago

    How the hell has this guy not SHAT himself already?
    Kudos to you my friend

  • KibaJovanni
    KibaJovanni Month ago

    Hey going to japan in May what is the name of this restaurant

  • Lawrence Lane
    Lawrence Lane Month ago

    So what exactly was the “Roast” cut? Short Rib?

  • eazzycruz 2390
    eazzycruz 2390 Month ago

    Bruh I thought that was Jackie chan in the thumbnail...

  • Akuma
    Akuma Month ago

    This place went bankrupt a month ago:.. f

  • Colin Gallagher
    Colin Gallagher Month ago +1

    I was stressing the whole video, like what are you doing you only have 90 minutes, put the camera down and eat it

  • Nathan Mendoza
    Nathan Mendoza Month ago

    hi mike

  • Mac Rogers
    Mac Rogers Month ago +2

    Id go to Japan just for this.

  • Shyam Makwana
    Shyam Makwana Month ago

    Yuck u eat beef disgusting

  • Tawer Mohammed
    Tawer Mohammed Month ago

    Damn you man, I really wana punch you \{ *! ×!}~###
    Now I know what mouth watering means, I have been drooling the whole video.

  • Shinjie Calica
    Shinjie Calica Month ago +5

    Bro, thanks for taking video even tho it will take most of your time. Hope you eat your fill ! Appreciate the video a lot.

  • Zero Point
    Zero Point Month ago

    I’ve had A5. It’s good and yes it literally does dissolve. The cut was a strip, it was 5oz and it was $99.00, it was served rare because it’s so thin. It’s definitely worth trying.

  • Bim Bims
    Bim Bims Month ago

    makan apaa ini, mending beli nasi padang deh

  • Wiik
    Wiik Month ago +5

    6,200 yen for all you can eat Wagyu?!? That's nothing! Man, I so much want to go there now.

  • peter1010111
    peter1010111 Month ago

    Why I watch this video at midnight?

  • JarrenFilms
    JarrenFilms Month ago

    my mouth is watering like crazy like i’m experiencing the sensation of the beef ma gawd

  • onen
    onen Month ago

    I keep thinking if we could just strap down vegetarians and put a nice piece of wagyu in that mouth they’ll give up that silly lifestyle and get with the program, the plants just can’t compare

  • Anand Kissoon
    Anand Kissoon Month ago

    Hello from Trinidad...your videos are excellent..mouth watering dishes...

  • rjxd
    rjxd Month ago


  • gogalevus
    gogalevus Month ago +1

    To overeat yourself with kobe beef!? exellent food, I asume, but whats the point? blasphemy, in one word!
    its perfect example of what is wrong with the western civilazation!

  • HeyItzliza
    HeyItzliza 2 months ago

    Is it per person or...?

  • Trang Luciano
    Trang Luciano 2 months ago


  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen 2 months ago

    I will finally fly to Japan on Monday. I'll get your revenge, I will destroy that place :)

  • Radiant Bunny
    Radiant Bunny 2 months ago


  • John Beaver Benitez
    John Beaver Benitez 2 months ago

    Sushi crime ahaha

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple 2 months ago

    That looks REALLY good! Sadly the first restaurant you ate at had a time limit.

  • Anders
    Anders 2 months ago +1

    Such a fraud 😝

  • _Depessed_ _Light_
    _Depessed_ _Light_ 2 months ago

    Love this video

  • Really
    Really 2 months ago

    This restaurant is "eat all THEY want". Basically 30mins is scrapped and the cuts we got were not A5!!! Check the reviews

  • Devils hoe 1993
    Devils hoe 1993 2 months ago

    Hey its the chinese guy in hangover

  • Thamer Arafat
    Thamer Arafat 2 months ago

    Everything is good😊

  • TheSavageIs Me
    TheSavageIs Me 2 months ago

    Yo this guy makes me mad...................Because he always starves me to death

  • mike ike
    mike ike 2 months ago

    Are the oysters all you can eat in the second restaurant?

  • Chris Austria
    Chris Austria 2 months ago

    I went to one but it was $300 a person

  • John Tan
    John Tan 2 months ago +1

    Just ate in Ginza Steak
    Personally I preferred the shimohuri (which was the TOP sirloin cut) compared to the Akami (which was the flank steak cut)
    I had about 8-10 servings of steak before I called it quits.
    I had to pay 200yen extra for a serving of wasabi

  • J P
    J P 2 months ago

    “Just concentrate on eating!” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Excalibur01
    Excalibur01 2 months ago

    Going back to this video because it's the first one that made me discover this channel. I will go to these places if I ever go to Japan

  • E. Coli
    E. Coli 2 months ago

    I just ate a pussy before watching this

  • TheRedWingsGuy
    TheRedWingsGuy 2 months ago

    Ever heard of cross contamination

  • milkdud4444
    milkdud4444 2 months ago

    Tongue is my favorite way to start yakiniku since it cooks so quickly. Yum!!
    Go to a restaurant called "1 Kalbi (Karubi)" in Osaka for AMAZING yakiniku
    PS try the beef sushi. Wagyu sushi is soooooo good. I've eaten Kobe cooked a raw and love it cooked but raw you can really taste the flavors of the meat. Give it a try, I think you'll be surprised :-)

  • Adrianne Perez
    Adrianne Perez 2 months ago

    Isn't the A5 wagyu and kobe beef the same thing??

  • Unknown John doe
    Unknown John doe 2 months ago

    Overreact much?

  • H M
    H M 2 months ago +1

    I will be at Ginza Steak (Second restaurant) in about 15 minutes!

  • Victor Ryba
    Victor Ryba 2 months ago +1

    16:45 him poking into that meat made me want to eat my phone 😋

  • bleh blah
    bleh blah 2 months ago

    mouth-watering i'm drooling time to book a flight to tokyo

  • Matthew Nugent
    Matthew Nugent 2 months ago

    Its built in butter basically lol

  • Timothy Daniel
    Timothy Daniel 2 months ago

    If it’s better than a Ribeye then it’s gotta be awesome

  • Nancy Lin
    Nancy Lin 2 months ago

    I went to ginza steak two weeks ago, and it was a real disappointment 😔😔 it was the opposite of tender, every steak I had left a piece of chewy meat in my mouth. In my opinion, spent money on a few pieces of wagyu rather than an all you can eat because if you want quality, you’re probably not going to find it at an all you can eat. This meal was about $120 for me and i found that the ice cream was better. In reality,the quality definitely went down since Mikey’s video,probably because they got more customers because of him.

    HICHAM MOUCHRIK 3 months ago

    They cannot substitute pork with other meat as I don't eat pork ?
    Is this the best place buffet in Tokyo ?
    The second one is problematic because starting with soup and oyster is bad idea .
    By the way, best steak in NYC that match what you describing is LOBEL in upper east side , but it.s 50.0/pound and 125.00/pound
    Thank you

  • Garry Flores
    Garry Flores 3 months ago

    after a year, this guy who eats so much meat will have a heart attack..! hope he won't...