Ring Fit Adventure review: Nintendo Switch RPG that makes you work out

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • The exercises are surprisingly challenging.
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Comments • 160

  • Elliott's Lab
    Elliott's Lab 11 days ago

    Amazing game bad review

  • aetherfukz
    aetherfukz 25 days ago

    Well this was the first, and will certainly be the last review I've ever watched from engadget. What a condescending bullshit "review".

  • iTuber012
    iTuber012 Month ago +1

    Ok Boomer

  • Paul N
    Paul N Month ago

    Hey, this was a good review. She summarized the topic nicely... but man, some odd comedic choices. She should have just kept to the subject.

  • GimpyGGaming
    GimpyGGaming Month ago

    Oops my juvenile sensibilities caused me to hit the dislike button for only the second time in a decade. To be clear, I am quadriplegic and will never play this game, however the “reviewer” is so snooty and awful I felt compelled to write.

  • neongreenfruit
    neongreenfruit Month ago +1

    I appreciate her opinion, but I don't think she knows many adults who play video games which is strange for someone who is reviewing a video game. This does seem like a simplistic game, but I think that's the point.

  • realar
    realar Month ago +1

    Really rude review.

  • Jason Webers
    Jason Webers Month ago

    omg that silent running part had me laughing out loud!

  • noname583
    noname583 Month ago

    It was a video that showed why you worked there for more than eight years and this is your first game review. I did dislike this video and did not subscribe to this channel.

  • SamSlam banane
    SamSlam banane Month ago +1

    The second she compared this to Mario Kart I was out

  • Markus Matero
    Markus Matero Month ago +1

    So condescending. Wtf

  • Tamz Hamz
    Tamz Hamz Month ago +5

    i guess there's a reason you haven't reviewed a game in 8 years... it definitely helps if you don't mock your audience. your content needs to be reviewed before publishing it

  • Greg Ormes
    Greg Ormes Month ago +1

    2:54 I had no idea this was an option! That was one thing I was worrying about as I live in a flat too with creaky floors. Excellent that they’ve thought of that!

  • sanstimbre
    sanstimbre Month ago

    5:41 Look how hard she’s pressing the AR moniter to test her heart rate. Her finger is turning white and it’s cutting off the circulation. And the screen literally says not to press too hard.
    5:47 “These heart rate readings aren’t the most accurate I’ve seen”

    • sanstimbre
      sanstimbre Month ago

      Or maybe she just didn’t want to pay much attention to this game in the first place.

  • Paper Mario
    Paper Mario Month ago +1

    Your review sucks

  • meohmichael
    meohmichael Month ago +1

    I love ring fit adventure! Youre constantly moving your body and its executed incredibly well. The people in the reveal trailer are almost all adults.

  • Romeo III Sta. Ana
    Romeo III Sta. Ana Month ago +1

    I find the review fine. Yeah, she did said something negative but I stayed and watch this on how this games affects people who wanna stay active while playing a game. Base on this review and others, for me, its a must buy.

    • nicekid76
      nicekid76 Month ago +1

      oh, to be clear people aren't mad that she said negative things about the game. To quote someone else's comment "This is my first game review"
      ... "Games are for babies" and that's the vibe I got watching this. Basically mocking the very adults who are interested enough in this game to look up this video and calling them adult children. I guess all press is good press?

  • Haykal Muhammad
    Haykal Muhammad Month ago

    Stupid boomer

  • Kyle R
    Kyle R Month ago


  • DevinAK49
    DevinAK49 Month ago +5

    "This is my first game review"
    "Games are for babies"

  • Alena Calma
    Alena Calma Month ago

    Engadget, do yourself a favour and fire this chick. No need for such toxic energy. Get someone actually interested in gaming, not an ancient grandma.

  • Zerofromtwilight
    Zerofromtwilight Month ago

    Aaaand, this is why it took them... what was it, 8 years? To let this lady review a game. They clearly are for children, so this time they probably did not have their go-to adult-child who reviews games and she was stuck with it.
    To be fair, she did a decent review, and I don’t want to discourage her from doing other reviews. Next time though, some coworker might help her a bit understanding ESRB ratings.

  • Cooper Stanley
    Cooper Stanley Month ago

    did you just have a clearly out of shape woman probably pushing 40 review an exercise video game? why don't you get someone more relevant like a younger personal trainer? Stupid review.

  • Randall J.
    Randall J. Month ago +5

    Yup this is clearly your first game review, please don’t do anymore

  • LuckyDaysOfRaya14
    LuckyDaysOfRaya14 Month ago +1

    You probably didn't see the trailer, but you see adults playing it and not kids.

  • Daniel Villanueva
    Daniel Villanueva Month ago +1

    >Let’s talk shit about the target audience of this review.
    You want a lot of dislikes? Because that’s how you gain a lot of dislikes.

  • Paul Zhao
    Paul Zhao Month ago +4

    Her heart rate was only 95 after a " work out "? My heart rate reached 100 just by watching this review.

  • Paul Zhao
    Paul Zhao Month ago +2

    I didn't even own this game but somehow this video made I feel like I did something wrong. I'm going to stick with my boring treadmill. Can I get a cookie now?

  • Nathali Carrera
    Nathali Carrera Month ago +1

    “Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence," CS Lweis.
    Sorry, I had to quote this since I got a little bit triggered lol. But I guess adulthood is different for everyone? But anyway, aside from the "game for children thing" this review was good.

  • Jason Baldauf
    Jason Baldauf Month ago

    Considering it’s made by Japanese. It’s actually very lite on the cuteness overload. If this game was meant solely for Japanese. They would have super deformed ( overly large head and eyes with a toddlers body) anime characters, weird overly cute animal characters that look a cross between Pokémon and Sanrio with even more annoyingly cute voices. Rig fit is not to be taken seriously. It’s a fun way for families to get together have some quality family time while burning some calories even if it gets boring relatively quickly.
    Is it for everyone, nope. Will most people play it after a month of ownership? Probably not. It basically Nintendo selling another plastic gadget gimmick for their games. Considering that adults spend hours on Toon Blast, at least ring fit tries to get people of the couch and get active. In the end, people have to have that drive, no gimmick like ring fit or some fancy pants exercise equipment will change a lazy bum attitude. A change of attitude has to come first.

  • Break Glass For Memes
    Break Glass For Memes Month ago +9

    "This is my first game review"
    Yeah, we can tell.

  • Animania freak
    Animania freak Month ago +5

    Game for kids?? What a condescending b*tch, if you can't review games then don't, not everyone is cut out for game review.

  • UlcerMaximus
    UlcerMaximus Month ago +3

    It's one thing to give your opinion. We expect that from a review. It's another to be condescending to your audience and act as if all who are interested in this are man-children. We don't expect that from a review. It's especially egregious because the audience is filled with people who wish to implement some sort of exercise into their lives, something worthy of praise in this increasingly sedentary world. Really, I'd expected better from Engadget.

  • iamshelbyrose
    iamshelbyrose Month ago +5

    im 17 and have never exercised. just got the game today and i feel good about it. defiantly the push i needed, wouldn't have exercised if it wasn't a video game haha

  • nicekid76
    nicekid76 Month ago +10

    Calling other adults who like this game "children with juvenile tendencies" after saying you got "peer pressured" into reviewing this seems a bit strange to me. ROFL

  • Ben Bridge
    Ben Bridge Month ago

    Yes video game for baby, shitty pelaton motiviation video for me adult.

  • Eli Saffran
    Eli Saffran Month ago

    I guess i'm a man child now

  • Amanda Gentzel
    Amanda Gentzel Month ago +7

    "adult children"/"adults with juvenile sensibilities"???? I'm a 31 year old woman who feels very much in the target audience for this game, and will definitely be picking it up within the next month or two, and I wasn't expecting a video review of it to end up being personally insulting. It's fine if you found Ring a bit grating. But just 'cause the game has a cartoony aesthetic, doesn't mean it's juvenile. (And I'm not seeing the value of insulting a significant portion of your viewership...)

  • Dog CatMouseCow
    Dog CatMouseCow Month ago +14

    Hey I'm sorry you're getting hate, but you really don't seem to understand how wide of an audience video games can appeal to. Maybe the graphical style and style of motivation doesn't appeal to you, but in the future you'd likely benefit from reconsidering phrases that position you on some kind of high ground over people you consider less than you. I'm talking about calling adults who enjoy games juvenile specifically. A lot of people struggle to find balance in their day to day and I've found that Skinner boxes like this one really DO motivate me to find time to get 5-30 minutes of a healthy or mindful activity into my day. (Other examples of this kind of positive enforcement currently in my life are duolingo and headspace)
    I think of ring fit adventure as something that is akin to those services, but instead of paying monthly, I pay once. I would have rather heard about the effectiveness of the exercises or how strict the game is about them rather than having a gloss over features. I do appreciate you mentioning silent mode, I was wondering about that.
    One other thing that i havent seen mentioned yet is how some of the diagrams are straight up harmful to proper poses. In one example I've seen from gameplay, the tree pose places the foot on the knee, which is awful for your knee if pressure is places on it!
    I'm excited about this game, probably going to buy it and never tell anyone about it because of the shame boomers like you throw at younger folks with no discretion. It's almost as if a gaming site doesn't want games that actively encourage a less sedentary lifestyle to fail, and I guess I can see how there's money in that.
    Anyway, thanks for your insight. No thanks for looking down on your audience. Maybe try not to do that and you won't get as bad of a like/dislike ratio 😉

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R Month ago +1

    I'm not really sure who this product is designed for. Clearly kids "could" play it if they wanted to, but if you strip out the fact that the game forces you to exercise, you're just playing a really basic RPG. Most kids get enough exercise, and the ones that don't aren't going to choose to do so simply because there's a game tying it all together. Adults might want to play this to motivate themselves, but I sort of agree with the reviewer. I'm not a fan of the presentation. On the other hand, I'll take this over Wii Fit any day. Wii Fit's presentation was beyond bland. It won't embarrass any adults who might want to play it, but there's very little to hold your interest. But it really depends on how much variety in the gameplay Ring Fit Adventure has. Running in place, stretching, squatting, all that works well enough, but there's not much there besides "did you do the exercise?". I want a game that actually tests my reflexes and decision making too. Some of the minigames appear to do this, but the bulk of the adventure mode seems pretty repetitive. I have to wonder if anyone is going to continue using this as their workout after the novelty wears off.

  • Shi Yu Meng
    Shi Yu Meng Month ago

    Running is a dangerous sport and is bad for your heart. The very first 'marathoner' died at the finish line (see history). Micro-tares cause the heart to harden and lead to heart diseas for long distance runners especially marathoners. I would really reconsider this sport (as well as cycling, long distance, swimming, really anything that increases your heart rate over long periods of times). There is a good ted talk on the subject. Of course, the running/cycling/swimming industry doesn't want to admit to this as they will lose SOOO much money.

    • Shi Yu Meng
      Shi Yu Meng Month ago

      @Valerie Baker Research indicates that a sustained high heart rate over 20 minutes causes micro tares in the heart. So if you keep it under 20 min then its fine. But you are no longer doing long distance running and certainly not doing marathons.

    • Valerie Baker
      Valerie Baker Month ago

      Shi Yu Meng anything in excess is bad for you. It’s the amount of time that matters. That’s why is “long distance” they talk about

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +11

    What an awful review, talking down to your audience, yeah great work.

  • La Maci
    La Maci Month ago +1

    Can this woman please get fired, never I have ever seen someone so condescending on a review.
    Please don't let this wrinkled cougar review another game, her ignorant, condescending attitude is making me loose brain cells.

  • Jay Ayers
    Jay Ayers Month ago

    Word of the Day :
    Abscond (v) - To leave hurriedly and secretly, typically to avoid detection of or arrest for an unlawful action such as theft.
    Sentence: 3:25

  • Helixium08
    Helixium08 Month ago +6

    "Quote unquote" "quote unquote" "quote unquote" "quote unquote" "quote unquote" "quote unquote" "quote unquote" "quote unquote"... we get it lady.

  • MadamMimic
    MadamMimic Month ago +15

    As an adult with juvenile tendencies that doesn't comment hardly at all on videos, I can say without a doubt this is one of the more insulting reviews for a new IP I have seen. Not only, did you not spend much time with the IP and hardware, saying that only one worlds level was enough for you before you needed a break (doesn't sound like you spent even an hour), but you also talk down to the demographic this game was meant for. I can understand if you have never done a game review before in your life, but to insult adults looking for motivation or maybe a change up in their exercise routine more juvenile than us playing a game. On a quick note, in case you are wondering, the game is suppose to be repetitive. Its called reps and sets; I understand they do that in gyms too. Perhaps next time less insults and more homework before you review something.

    • epsipsychpt
      epsipsychpt Month ago +1

      This puts shame in reviewers jobs couldnt they find someone who at least likes game ffs...

  • jakkawin niyomsirivanich

    She doesn't know how to workout.

  • hoohjoe
    hoohjoe Month ago +11

    that's the worst tv I've seen on a tech youtube channel lol

  • Zoe Riddell
    Zoe Riddell Month ago +2

    Bit rude... Obviously not a gamer so why is she reviewing a game?? Which this is.

  • William Parkinson
    William Parkinson Month ago +7

    "Mehr-ee-oh Kart"

  • marco abraham
    marco abraham Month ago

    wow! you suck as a reviewer! please never review a videogame again!

  • rainbowmushr00m
    rainbowmushr00m Month ago

    You kinda sound like an ass saying this game is “juvenile” and calling people “adult children”.

  • smefour
    smefour Month ago +5

    I think she was reviewing to the "serious" adults, not the type that would even own a Switch

  • cakone micke
    cakone micke Month ago

    Plays great on Shitwitch lite because you can´t see this shit if you put in ot the Switch Dock. Because there is no Dock für Shitwitch lite :D

    • Q
      Q Month ago

      ..... Chill man.

  • Luis Gutierrez
    Luis Gutierrez Month ago +21

    As a man-child with juvenile sensibilities, this review really speaks to me.

  • Jimmy Z
    Jimmy Z Month ago

    Yeah I'd like Sekiro or Diablo III with ring controller.

  • Game Queen
    Game Queen Month ago +18

    I'm 32 and LOVING this game. Actually makes me want to work out. If folks are looking for more perspectives, the Gamexplain review is really in depth.

  • Sercho
    Sercho Month ago +23

    Wow your first review and it was terrible. I think you were really biased and that comparison between Mario Bros and Mario kart was so out of place. The way you talked about how this is a children's game and all that was so wrong. I have seen several reviews and this woman is so out of place , I mean they should've chosen someone else to review this game because this lady doesn't know a thing about videogames.

  • Sid R.
    Sid R. Month ago +21

    "Why don't you just go to a real gym and work out, instead of playing a videogame like a child."

    • epsipsychpt
      epsipsychpt Month ago +2

      How can this people have a job for something they clearly fonte know nothing about wtf

  • Ratbird Champion
    Ratbird Champion Month ago +75

    Juvenile tendencies? Excuse the shit out of me, grandma, but I'm in law school and my busy study schedule means I can't always drive to the gym when I have 5 hours of reading to do or a law review article to research for. This game is a really fun mind break and I've loved it so far. It's a fun way to stay active and a good excuse to do so. Also, if you play it on an easy mode and then say it's not a good workout, that's a user error. Next.

    • Paper Mario
      Paper Mario Month ago +4

      I’m getting it.

    • Dog CatMouseCow
      Dog CatMouseCow Month ago +10

      This is all I needed to hear in order to buy. Thanks for out reviewing the reviewer!