Tyler Henry Gets Emotional Before Reading Snooki | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  • Published on Jul 7, 2016
  • The "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" star has a touching moment when making a strong spiritual connection. Watch.
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    Explore the life of this clairvoyant medium as he provides an exclusive perspective into celebrities’ private lives, captivating fans as their stories unfold on camera. One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection, and closure with loved ones who have passed on.
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    Tyler Henry Gets Emotional Before Reading Snooki | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!
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Comments • 110

  • Susan Stephens
    Susan Stephens 2 months ago

    I personally don't believe anybody can hear dead people talking to them. Sorry ✌

  • Jason Martinez
    Jason Martinez 2 months ago

    I can’t crazy how y’all believe in this bs.. he cries and y’all fall for it! so pathetic.. he’s a queer of course he’s gonna cry so y’all can believe in the bs for ratings lol idiots...

  • Royallamonique gsrsrxtct

    Yes exactly

  • Linda Ackerman
    Linda Ackerman 3 months ago +1

    That's gotta be hell to have that many emotions constantly coming in as a medium. You never really get a rest

  • Maria Bagry
    Maria Bagry 3 months ago

    I like this video because it tells a lot about the emotions that are medium can view from another person but I don’t know I just can’t explain it it’s so weird I kind a like this gift but I kind of don’t because well I just don’t know how to explain it end it sometimes can be hard for a person that can read another persons mind and feel the person‘s emotions and well I just don’t know so weird I like the gift but I also don’t and I also wish that I could meet him

  • Royallamonique gsrsrxtct


  • Royallamonique gsrsrxtct

    Very very

  • Royallamonique gsrsrxtct


  • TheLongjohntim
    TheLongjohntim 4 months ago +6

    That's one of the hard parts of being a medium the raw emotions they can sometimes over whelm the medium.

  • Jake Mcfee
    Jake Mcfee 5 months ago

    The pussification of men in America. What a shame

  • Roslynn Mckoy
    Roslynn Mckoy 5 months ago +1

    Being an Empath with a Medium gift can be a blessing as well a curse because when you feel people from the other side tend to get the emotions of their of the last moments can be so heartbreaking especially when need you to send a message to a love one

  • Nadirah Ali
    Nadirah Ali 5 months ago +1

    I recently had a empath moment with someone who got into my car sad. I cried while she spoke her language to someone on the phone, she was too but I hadn't a clue what she was saying but I was so sad we both were crying. I couldnt shake it once she left . Turned it her Cuzin died but it was her true love and sadness that stuck.

    • Roslynn Mckoy
      Roslynn Mckoy 5 months ago +1

      When you're an Empath with a Medium the energy can hit you with no regard and it can be confusing because you don't know why your feeling this way. Especially when you get a strong connection with someone

  • deeq jaban
    deeq jaban 6 months ago +1

    The pussification of men in America is real this was rare when my dad was growing up men are morphing into women

  • sal cruz
    sal cruz 6 months ago

    Ok I’m not a skeptic but I just have one question... if he in fact does not know who he’s going to read, then how can he connect with someone before he even knows who he’s reading?

  • sag2007ama
    sag2007ama 6 months ago +3

    Aw. Tyler is so sensitive. That takes a lot of strength.

  • preben svensson
    preben svensson 9 months ago

    3 Mose 19.31

  • Keela Breen
    Keela Breen Year ago

    I want him to come Ireland

  • feaolauvao
    feaolauvao Year ago

    Omg this is like sooo sad tyler stay strong 💪😀 wait im still like balling my eyes out

  • the bub
    the bub Year ago +111

    as a psychologist i find the comments most interesting, people fight hard to reject that which they don’t understand or that they fear. it’s the same reason some people are homophobic. i don’t understand psychic power but i have experienced to much to dismiss them off hand.

    • NoneWhatsoever
      NoneWhatsoever 2 months ago +1

      Dude did you just compare skepticism about so called psychics who largely exploit and emotionally manipulate grieving and vulnerable people for profit to homophobia? I hope you're not really a psychologist because goddamn.

    • Portia Bongi Mthembu
      Portia Bongi Mthembu 6 months ago

      the bub true

  • Kizswala Sims
    Kizswala Sims Year ago

    He is also clairsentaint, clear feeling

  • Karina Figueroa
    Karina Figueroa Year ago

    What episode is this does anyone know

  • Jessica Suzanne
    Jessica Suzanne Year ago

    I feel like God has blessed Tyler a lot and uses him to bless other people; I also feel a lot of empathy for others too; sometimes I can sense what people are feeling just by looking at the expression on their face

  • John Jester
    John Jester Year ago

    I was really into this guy but then I saw a show where he made a big deal about how he stayed away from social media. Well he has facebook and email accounts. If a person tells one small lie might as well be a full blown lier. Made me sad

  • Matika Productions

    Can I book in or do you only do celebs do you have a page

  • Otto Shalabey
    Otto Shalabey Year ago

    You people who believe this are my sheep you are my entertainment. I can honestly say now the biggest retards live in America. I also find it funny how he says his favorite reading is snookie awwwww duhbhhh THATS because she was the dumbest person he read you can tell that girl Tocos are shoes and she will believe it she thinks New Jersey is a country.

  • Mary Saleh
    Mary Saleh Year ago

    How can someone schedule a meeting with him?

  • RoseAnn Melcarek
    RoseAnn Melcarek Year ago +5

    At the end he says, "and then I'll have to hold on to that energy and I don't want to" omg I wish I could talk to somebody about this!

  • Nayima Mora
    Nayima Mora Year ago +1

    How can you do that

  • lexi
    lexi Year ago

    wait couldnt he just look it up

  • Yes, I expect you to read all of it.

    Lol is this the" I see dead people" kid as an adult

  • Bardha Prenga
    Bardha Prenga Year ago

    Omg he should do it with the Leblanc family

  • Dadpheebs
    Dadpheebs Year ago +2

    Aww Tyler crying in the cab is making me cry too 😭

    • Michael Love
      Michael Love 2 months ago

      So sad you buy this crap. A Bible and Jesus Christ is what you need.

  • Shameka Glover
    Shameka Glover Year ago +3

    People who don't understand are the ones that always are so quick to say fake. Open your minds !!

  • LadyPeace89
    LadyPeace89 Year ago

    This really gives us more insight to how this amazing ability works for him.

  • Laura Perez
    Laura Perez Year ago

    I wish I could me you I have been going through a lot problems it been times when I ask my self why em i here sometimes I just want to give up .. I seat here and wondered why me 😭😢 I pray about it

  • Uriel Gutierrez
    Uriel Gutierrez Year ago +3

    He’s a very good actor.

  • Evelyn Rodriguez
    Evelyn Rodriguez Year ago

    what channel is this on

  • Left Out Of The Conversation

    wish i was a celebrity so i could get a reading lol

  • Kayla Jenkins
    Kayla Jenkins Year ago

    This is hilarious

  • Christina
    Christina Year ago +5

    I understand this to a certain degree. I am an hsp. So I absorb other people's emotions and that can be very draining and difficult to deal with.

  • Mirtza Griffin
    Mirtza Griffin Year ago +132

    He is very advanced to understand the emotions are not his as an Empath and still allow the space to process and let them go. What a special soul. Blessings.

  • 333身心靈
    333身心靈 Year ago +10

    Ppl, this kind of thing really happens. Google empath

  • Slimey_cotton. candy
    Slimey_cotton. candy 2 years ago

    6th sense

  • abdulrochman syah
    abdulrochman syah 2 years ago +18

    Please interview Linkinpark..
    will be great episode

  • Ocean lights
    Ocean lights 2 years ago


  • Nicole St. Louis
    Nicole St. Louis 2 years ago +27

    This man needs a friend. Tyler I am sending you love.

  • John Gotti
    John Gotti 2 years ago +1

    I miss the cute chubby snooki not this sucked in walking mummy

  • nope nah
    nope nah 2 years ago +358

    If you don't have this empathetic connection to various energy forms it's okay that you don't understand it. But don't bash it.

    • Vanessa McFadden
      Vanessa McFadden 5 months ago

      Hm ok?

    • Shameka Glover
      Shameka Glover Year ago

      Nope nah I agree

    • Jaas T C
      Jaas T C Year ago +9

      Yup and that's all it is. Individuals who havent got an open mind. It's not about faith and religion and all that hoopla cos whether you believe or not it's still exists.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer Year ago +4


  • Annie Asia
    Annie Asia 2 years ago +17

    snooki looks amazing SO PROUD OF HER she came along long way!!

  • Annie Asia
    Annie Asia 2 years ago +7

    141,000 views and 25 negative comments SMH geesh

  • Gwen R
    Gwen R 2 years ago +2

    Tyler Henry is a liar and a fraud. Don't be fooled!

  • Ari
    Ari 2 years ago +69

    That's an oscar winning performance👏👏

    • ꧁༺Alyssa༻꧂
      ꧁༺Alyssa༻꧂ Year ago

      Karen Lm are you able to read people online?

    • DeenaLoL
      DeenaLoL Year ago

      Karen Lm let's go I'll pay for you to read me looooool

    • Morsal Hamidi
      Morsal Hamidi Year ago

      Karen Lm omg I would literally pay you to read mine please reply to me 😂

    • Guru Gal
      Guru Gal Year ago

      Mediums are demonic supposedly

    • Savatini Balavini
      Savatini Balavini Year ago +4

      Karen Lm thanks for putting things into perspective I may never relate but at least now I understand

  • Julius C Reyes Lopez
    Julius C Reyes Lopez 2 years ago +27

    He is a total fraud. He can google all that information, look on facebook, instagram...etc. Also, why he only reads famous people? I bet that is because is the easier way to find personal information. I saw a clip of him reading a person from facebook and he had difficulty reading her, maybe because the information he had wasn't very clear. he needed personal objects which you can easily relate, like a girl ring (female person, old/young/etc), a knife, a photo... I don't know how can people fall for him.

    • J_ blue92
      J_ blue92 Year ago +1

      amaya searcy Doesn't watch tv or go on the internet??? He has a Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms...??? You can find out anything about anybody on Google, Facebook..you name it.

    • ꧁༺Alyssa༻꧂
      ꧁༺Alyssa༻꧂ Year ago

      You can actually hire him to read you

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer Year ago +6

      Cupcake Harris Because that would be logical. They'd rather stay and complain about something that has ZERO effect on their lives. No one is forced to believe in psychic phenomena, yet plenty of people DEMAND that others believe in what they see as the truth. So much for freedom of choice.

    • Ashley Jun
      Ashley Jun Year ago

      Cupcake Harris why don't you leave everyone entitled to there opinion an he is a fake

    • Cupcake Harris
      Cupcake Harris Year ago +7

      If all of you guys have a problem then leave and stop watching these videos!!!!!!

  • Miss MonMon
    Miss MonMon 2 years ago +157

    He's just crying because he saw the shoes he paid full price for are on sale now.

    • Michael Love
      Michael Love 2 months ago

      You mean high heels lol

    • Miss T
      Miss T 2 years ago +3

      Miss MonMon 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Sufi M.D
    The Sufi M.D 2 years ago +27

    He's crying because either 1- He may feel guilty because he knows what he is doing is wrong. 2- it maybe something hes going through personaly that is completely unrelated that he just decided to say was due to an "emotional presence" that was coming through. The former would be better of course as it would indicate a sense of morality. it takes courage of course to admit your a fraud and strength to give up the money. but at least its something. but I doubt it, since form what I have observed his behaviour is indeed very phycopathic.

  • Amanda Madsen
    Amanda Madsen 3 years ago +169

    I need to meet him.

  • Patrick Edwards
    Patrick Edwards 3 years ago +7

    Snooki is a disgrace to all us Italian-Americans. She's not even ethnic Italian, yet has the arrogance to put on Italianface, call us "guidos" and desecrate our flag. As far as I'm concerned, the reaper should've taken her instead of the individual she's talking about.

    • Laura Bennet
      Laura Bennet Year ago

      Ugh shut up. As full blooded Italian I can say that s***. Get over it

    • a n
      a n 2 years ago +3

      I'm actually Italian and I think you should let people live their lives. She doesn't seem like a bad person and she grew up with Italian-American culture, so she has every right to claim it. I'd bet you're not 100% Italian either.

    • machinegunkte
      machinegunkte 2 years ago +7

      Patrick Dimeo-Edwards please stop wtf is "Italian face" she's from Chile meaning she's naturally tan. There are zillions of blood Italians who fake bake. What does that even mean?

  • Irwan Santoso
    Irwan Santoso 3 years ago +34

    Great acting?

    • ugh_ Aoko
      ugh_ Aoko Year ago

      Lol Kat ikr...😒😒

    • kat :0
      kat :0 Year ago +4

      Irwan Santoso bye

  • Walter Higo
    Walter Higo 3 years ago +189

    Didn't know Macaulay Culkin was now a medium.

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti 2 years ago

      Walter Higo thats Tyler Xavier to u my friend

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 3 years ago

    fuxking idiots