EPIC ⭐⭐ STEEL LUX COMP (OP WIN) - TFT Teamfight Tactics RANKED Strategy Best Comp Guide SET 2 9.23

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • STREAM: www.twitch.tv/redoxxx
    EPIC ⭐⭐ STEEL LUX COMP (TRY THIS!) - TFT Teamfight Tactics RANKED Strategy Best Comp Guide SET 2
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  • Buddinz
    Buddinz Month ago

    Is your playlist from Maplestory?

  • Ink
    Ink Month ago

    Best perfect comp: Orn, Volibear, Braum, Mundo, Ezreal, Twitch, Olaf, Singed and electric/cloud Lux (prefer electric).
    Most important items:
    Ezreal - Luden's Echo,
    Singed - Morellonomicon,
    Olaf - Bloodthirster, Guinsoo's Rageblade and Inferno buff or Runaan's Hurricane.
    - Alchemist
    - Berserker
    - Glacials
    - Poison
    - Ranger
    - Warden
    - Electric (with electric lux gold, without brown)
    - Avatar
    - Cloud (with cloud Lux)

  • xVengence
    xVengence Month ago +3

    While I do like the idea of the comp, I think adding “try this” in the title is a bait because this is a super high roll game and getting a steel lux isn’t something you can consistently do. But much love

  • Rap Shqip
    Rap Shqip Month ago

    leaving a cool message from a fellow twitch viewer mergim05

  • Benjamin Karahmet
    Benjamin Karahmet Month ago

    I started playing tft a month ago and watched your videos to get the hang of it.
    Just now I hit Plat 4, so thanks dude :D

  • TheBotchJob
    TheBotchJob Month ago

    This game meant so much more if you saw the struggle from the 4 games before this to this comeback. What a game... Especially the crystal vs steel showdown.

  • Iwakura Lain
    Iwakura Lain Month ago +1

    Steel lux is my favorite lux! 4 seconds of immunity is so crazy when you can 3 star a noc or reksai.

  • enes demirtaş
    enes demirtaş Month ago +17

    The word Exodia is giving me cancer..

  • Joncius
    Joncius Month ago +2

    i love watching you dominate others in tft because that's not something im capable of :D

  • Minh Phạm
    Minh Phạm Month ago

    I like how he's using off-meta comp unlike others RU-cliprs and improvising during the match

  • Joemari Castro
    Joemari Castro Month ago +2

    Just how do you still win with these offmeta comps. Just how? Dudee no way man. Im a fan. Your knowledge in this game is immense. I still cant believe this

    • nathan LE ROUX
      nathan LE ROUX Month ago

      Off meta comps?? Nothing is off meta as long as u get the required champs and the right items ...

    • KusoGaki
      KusoGaki Month ago +3

      He is really good at using his money,he always gets to 8 lvl with every unit 2star+

  • TFT 100
    TFT 100 Month ago

    Hey redox i hope you remember me can you try voliear Ap with passive so op he can one shot all at lvl 3 with max ap

  • Daine Samano
    Daine Samano Month ago +23

    redox: 4 mystics is the answer against mages
    also him: i need this thornmail

  • LrPetit Prince
    LrPetit Prince Month ago

    *Feed champion exists*
    Everyone: EXODIA

  • Sonny
    Sonny Month ago +3

    This is a comment

    *Like to make it a Liked Comment*

  • Sheena Sales
    Sheena Sales Month ago

    What time does he stream?

    • Sheena Sales
      Sheena Sales Month ago

      @Redox - Teamfight Tactics TFT thank you! Count me as one of your ever supportive audience since 15 or 20k subs yay!

    • Redox - Teamfight Tactics TFT
      Redox - Teamfight Tactics TFT  Month ago +1

      Starting from 10 to 12am Eastern Standard Time

  • Cpt Feena TFT
    Cpt Feena TFT Month ago

    Hi redox 😊 Thanks for the new tip

  •  Month ago

    Nice! Keep it up! Would you like to be RU-clip friends? :]