Drwho - Beast In The Woods


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  • Dane Lloyd
    Dane Lloyd 13 days ago

    Bigfoot are autistic, they just want their privacy and room to hunt, they get mad when we interfere with their livelihoods, just the same as us. If you want to see one, dont carry cameras or guns, they're not stupid, they will only interact with you in a positive manner on their own terms. If they're mad, you will know about it, but they're just as scared of us as we are of them, bluff is nature's way of avoiding unnecessary injury

  • Slarfii Andreei
    Slarfii Andreei 23 days ago

    Big foot throwing rocks ????!!!!! Hmmmmm

  • Vicky Irving
    Vicky Irving 2 months ago


  • Hubert Bishop
    Hubert Bishop 3 months ago +1

    Someone needs to learn how to upload a video! The sound keeps bouncing around and does "NOT" stay matched to the visual frames!!1

  • Mister Chris
    Mister Chris 3 months ago +1

    Bigfoot is interviewed at 17:53!

  • Berder88
    Berder88 4 months ago

    If you know where its territory is, then why don't you just go and find it?

  • Joe Guzman
    Joe Guzman 5 months ago +1

    If Bigfoot wants to communicate Whit us they're not going a very good job are they ????? LoL

  • TallCoolDrink
    TallCoolDrink 5 months ago +1

    I would have shot it.

    • Dane Lloyd
      Dane Lloyd 13 days ago

      @TallCoolDrink are you a hunter? Game warden? Military? No wait, you're a farmer? Tracker? Cop? Scientist?
      You're none of those are you, but you know hey, you're like, super smart and stuff 🤣

    • Dane Lloyd
      Dane Lloyd 13 days ago

      And it would have squashed your skull like a pomegranate

    • Cat Daddy
      Cat Daddy 3 months ago

      With a bb/pellett gun?.That would be like throwing a wadded up ball of paper.lol

    • Paul Parry
      Paul Parry 4 months ago +1

      @TallCoolDrink i dont believe i know tallfoolblink

    • TallCoolDrink
      TallCoolDrink 4 months ago

      @Paul Parry
      So you believe this fairy tale monster exist.....lol

  • tuan vandersluis
    tuan vandersluis 6 months ago +2

    yeah we can bilive what we like. it's the land of the free.

  • Broken Game Tester
    Broken Game Tester 7 months ago

    Why would it almost steamroll two males but when it sees females it just lightly throws rocks? Obviously just a bum living in the woods that was pissed you just found his sleeping spot lol

    • Dane Lloyd
      Dane Lloyd 13 days ago

      Because they only want to move you out of the area, if they were murderous, well you would get stories of people getting murdered in front of witnesses.
      You're anthropomorphizing

  • The Bluecollar Badass
    The Bluecollar Badass 7 months ago +10

    I don't understand how EVERYONE has a phone in their pockets but no footage at ALL

    • Dane Lloyd
      Dane Lloyd 13 days ago

      Yeah, like all these mass shootings and terror attacks, how come people arent standing perfectly still and filming it all at close range, what's with that 🤣

    • Sam Caraballo
      Sam Caraballo 4 months ago +3

      U were recording cell phone videos in spring of 2000?

    • j kewzz
      j kewzz 5 months ago +5

      i wouldn’t film if bigfoot was chasing me, id GTFO like they did

  • Frank Sayer
    Frank Sayer 8 months ago +1

    does anyone know the number of the episode when the guy and his wife are in the swamp and are looking to go camping and the guy thinks he hit something with his truck and trailer and when he gets out to look he looks across the ditch and see two dogmen pulls out his gun and fires a warning shot jumps in the truck and takes off then looks in mirror and theres 4of them so if you know the number let me know

    • Absolute Bollocks
      Absolute Bollocks 4 months ago

      I've heard a similar story on dogmen where a guy and his uncle went camping and he sees one when they traveled for hours and went in to the woods. As he's fixated on what he's seeing, he hears a loud bang. His uncle shot at the creature which ran and they ran to their car. As they are driving away the dogman emerges and chases the car.

    • Paul Parry
      Paul Parry 5 months ago

      i know that story but i only heard it on dogman encounters which i,am sure you know about if not check it out best on ytube frank

    • Kamrul 82
      Kamrul 82 6 months ago


  • Joe Guzman
    Joe Guzman 8 months ago +4

    And some people think bigfoot is a gentle Animal , Bigfoot will kill and eat people in a heartbeat

    • Dane Lloyd
      Dane Lloyd 13 days ago

      They're actually as scared of us as we are of them, think about what we really are, these two comments above for example. We are more dangerous by FAR

    • Edwin Casiano
      Edwin Casiano 2 months ago

      Don't forget rape cause they will

    • TallCoolDrink
      TallCoolDrink 5 months ago

      Yeah. IF IT WAS REAL......lol

  • Joe Lazy
    Joe Lazy 9 months ago +2


    • Sam Caraballo
      Sam Caraballo 4 months ago +5

      Till ur bitch ass sees it and ur dick turns into a vagina...😂🤣