Top 10 Tragic Celebrity Stories

  • Published on Dec 9, 2017
  • Top 10 Tragic Celebrity Stories
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    Being famous isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Troubled celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Hudson and Whitney Houston have lived tragic lives, despite incredible fame and fortune. WatchMojo is counting down 10 celebrities with sad life stories.
    Check out our video of the Top 10 Tragic Celebrity Childhoods You Won’t Believe:
    #10: Corey Feldman
    #9: Lindsay Lohan
    #8: Marlon Brando
    #7: Jennifer Hudson
    #6: Gary Coleman
    #5: Whitney Houston
    #4: Anna Nicole Smith
    #3, #2 & #1???
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Comments • 980

  • AntonyPancake
    AntonyPancake Year ago +587

    What about Darth Plagius the wise?

    • Aditya Bharadwaz
      Aditya Bharadwaz 4 months ago

      You, I like you!

    • katie wong
      katie wong 9 months ago +2

      You ever hear the tragedy of Darth plagues the wise?
      I thought not. It's not a story the jedi would tell you. Darth Plagius is a dark lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the force to influence the midichlorians to create life. He has such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cares about from dying.
      The dark side of the force is the path to many abilities some considered to be unnatural.
      He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself.

    • melancholics_
      melancholics_ Year ago

      John Doe sjsksjsksjsjsks okay

    • akaSlasher
      akaSlasher Year ago +1

      As opposed to a 5-year-old adult?
      You've earned a tautology award.

    • Nart B.
      Nart B. Year ago

      Immortan Joe I know right

  • countys32
    countys32 4 days ago

    If JFK Jr was still alive he could run and beat anyone in the presidential race.

  • Xander Mackie
    Xander Mackie 4 days ago

    No Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr, Winona Ryder or Elvis Presley yet you put Lindsay Lohan? Wtf?

  • Wydever Valkyrie
    Wydever Valkyrie 5 days ago

    What about Paul walker or robin williams

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 6 days ago +4

    Michael Jackson & Keanu Reeves

  • ROAR Mbee
    ROAR Mbee 7 days ago +1

    no robert downey jr? seriously? (sorry if my english spealing wrong)

  • Lost In Translation
    Lost In Translation 8 days ago

    I should be a sad bitch who would have thought it would turn me into a savage

  • Yuvraj Sen
    Yuvraj Sen 10 days ago +2

    Michael Jackson was the most tragic celebrity story of all time, Watchmojo.

  • Carolyn Kleinsorge
    Carolyn Kleinsorge 18 days ago

    Bobby Brown ruined both his wife, Whitney Houston, and their daughter. May he rot!!

  • Nicholas Kaestner
    Nicholas Kaestner 18 days ago

    Where is michael jackson and prince?

  • Sarah Venable
    Sarah Venable 19 days ago

    How about Rami Malek? His father passed. I don't know what from, but it was pretty tragic.

  • dsscam
    dsscam Month ago

    Lindsay Lohan- is not a tragic story. She's fine. "defending ...Donald Trump..." is a reason she's "tragic?" Gimme a break. Marlon Brando overcame plenty of tragedy around his family and died 1 of the best actors of all time. He doesn't belong on this list. Jennifer Hudson is still on top of the world despite the tragedy of her family being murdered. She doesn't belong on this list. Gary Coleman, Corey Feldman, Anna Nicole, JFK Jr.. (although Corey Feldman is several notches below the other 3) those are tragic stories. Whitney Houston caused her own demise by being obsessed with scumbag Bobby Brown. Judy Garland and Marlilyn Monroe are legends and it's been so long since their deaths- their legends outweigh their tragedies. Overall- Dumb list.

  • the--noxious-1
    the--noxious-1 Month ago

    Where is Robin Williams, Frances Farmer, Chris Cornell, Keanu Reeves, Chester Bennington, Sofia Vergara, Roy Orbison, Brandon Lee and many more.

  • frany doodoo
    frany doodoo Month ago

    Does anyone remember that Judy garland did blackface?

  • Jose Cabrera
    Jose Cabrera Month ago

    What happened whit janis Joplin??

  • Bruce McClendon
    Bruce McClendon Month ago

    Anna Nicole Smith? Why is she on this list?

  • Luke V
    Luke V Month ago

    I’m surprised they showed the Kennedy assassination on RU-clip

  • Andrew Arceneaux
    Andrew Arceneaux 2 months ago

    Eric Clapton's four year old son Conor fell to his death from a 53rd story window of a high rise apartment building and landed on a four story building across the street. Clapton went on to co-write the song, "Tears in Heaven." and he lobbied law makers in his area to update building codes so that windows that high could not open.

  • Spoderman
    Spoderman 2 months ago +1

    I feel sorry for the coreys but asking millions for a movie when u can just go on RU-clip or fb and say who were the pedophiles u don't need money for that

  • Spoderman
    Spoderman 2 months ago +1

    There's a lot conspiracy about the Kennedy's

  • bzkrALLAH
    bzkrALLAH 2 months ago

    It is not a tragic when related to drugs, alcohol or porn. Tragic is something that happens to you unwillingly, not stupid choices.

  • kryceksangel
    kryceksangel 2 months ago

    Nothing wrong with defending Trump

  • justin gill
    justin gill 2 months ago

    With regard to MM, your first pick, her depression wasn’t necessarily brought on by what you said. She may have already been a depressant...

  • Zoey Kiritu
    Zoey Kiritu 2 months ago

    This is such a sad list. I hope their families don't see this. So sad.

  • Walilamzdi
    Walilamzdi 2 months ago

    edith piaf?

  • 0shadowgrace0
    0shadowgrace0 2 months ago

    Your telling me tina turner didnt even make it on the list

  • Nail12
    Nail12 2 months ago

    Her moms name is Darnell?

  • Hollie Dixon
    Hollie Dixon 2 months ago

    How did anyone tell Judy Garland she was unattractive?!?!?! She was beautiful and never overweight xxx

  • Peo Senau
    Peo Senau 2 months ago

    You forgot Billie Holiday

  • Mar Viktor
    Mar Viktor 2 months ago

    Eminem he’s he didn’t have a father he’s mother had a drug/alcohol problem his favourite uncle and one of his best friends shoot himself and moved from place to place always in a new school and was extremely bullied for being the new kid was beaten to a coma and suffered a brain damage because of that people didn’t had a daughter when He had no money and people didn’t accept him because he was white rapper and his album flopped so he tried to kill himself but failed and he divorced his wife twice and had to fight custody battles to have his child and his best friend since high school was killed and he fell into a deep depression and he had a huge drug addiction and overdosed and was only two hours from actually dying because of that and yeah his other uncle also killed himself and he has now been sober for 10 years and adopted his ex wifes daughter and her sisters daughter and his brother I mean isn’t that unbelievable

  • Smileyyy21
    Smileyyy21 2 months ago

    Marilyn Monroe was a sad one too.

  • devin rodrigues. D-rod
    devin rodrigues. D-rod 2 months ago

    Scott Stapp has been through some serious shit lmao

  • Sarah Hawaii
    Sarah Hawaii 3 months ago +1

    Wow, haven't seen a black goldfish before, and I haven't seen a white rich man before. lol😂

  • S Datkins
    S Datkins 3 months ago

    No one here mentioned Prince. out of his home by 13, first child and only child born with the horrible deformity known as pfeiffer's syndrome 2 (dies at 6 days old), and Prince's dancing resulting in years of physical pain so eventually dies from accidental fentanyl overdose after a pain pill dependency.

  • Saiyan Formerly Known as Prince Vegeta

    Where is the great Saiyan Prince Vegeta.

  • Devis Lewy-Lafond
    Devis Lewy-Lafond 3 months ago +1

    JFK jr. wasn't flying the plane.
    Get yo facts rights!

    SUDHIR PATEL 3 months ago +1

    Everyone today has mental problems.

  • Nicolas Carlos
    Nicolas Carlos 3 months ago +1

    #8 his own alcoholic father and domestic abuse. What about Michael and Keanu?

  • Jimmypw131
    Jimmypw131 3 months ago +1


  • Gringobingo Videos
    Gringobingo Videos 4 months ago +1

    And Diana?

  • Cyrax
    Cyrax 4 months ago +1

    EMinem fell into a coma at 9 years old because of how much he got beat up

  • Dildo Baggins
    Dildo Baggins 4 months ago

    jussie smollett lol

  • Marlja Kolevska
    Marlja Kolevska 4 months ago


  • William Walsh
    William Walsh 4 months ago

    Why is everyone forgetting Lou Gehrig?

    • tomas gaspar
      tomas gaspar 2 months ago

      How can you forget someone you dont even know?

  • Angad Sanghera
    Angad Sanghera 4 months ago

    what the fu**. Why in hell is Keanu not on this list.

  • Jacob Birch
    Jacob Birch 4 months ago

    what about liam neeson's wife

  • Temur Ergashev
    Temur Ergashev 5 months ago

    Can found neither, J.Lennon & M.Jackson, bullsh**!

  • Matthew Fischer
    Matthew Fischer 5 months ago

    Keanu Reeves.

  • Minister JB
    Minister JB 5 months ago

    Remember, Viewers: DON'T BE DRUGS!!!!!!!!!

  • Shawn Jean
    Shawn Jean 5 months ago

    Where is the Judy Garland scene that takes place after "Meet Me In St. Louis" from?

  • Brooklyn Storm
    Brooklyn Storm 5 months ago

    Britney Spears and Eminem need to be on the list

    HULL GRAFFITI 5 months ago

    Feldman is a phony....Trying to cash in on the sacred ' knowledge' he has...

  • Eli Goodrich
    Eli Goodrich 5 months ago +2

    Karen Carpenter should also be on this list. A beautiful soul that left this Earth too soon.

  • Frost Gaming
    Frost Gaming 5 months ago

    X is now #1 on this list

  • lucy girl
    lucy girl 5 months ago

    Corey Feldman is a POS.

  • Qrqvvt 1
    Qrqvvt 1 5 months ago

    Christopher Reeves?

  • clapoutloud66 clapoutloud66

    You did great choices on this video. Nice job.

  • Joel Davis
    Joel Davis 6 months ago

    What? No (dis) honorable mentions? Whatchmojo is a celebrity tragedy story.

  • Sir Kevinsidis
    Sir Kevinsidis 7 months ago

    Is it true that Marlon Brando is Bisexual?

  • Werner Venter
    Werner Venter 7 months ago

    Sounds to me like most people who gets involved with hollywood and has success, suffers from some form of addiction of depression. Yet some people seem to go through it and manage their lifestyle and success. Without sounding like a total douchebag, who's fault is it that it happened, howcome some people can handle fame some can't, even with bad times you still your morals to fall back on if you have any, or is that the problem?

  • Whitley's Dollhouse
    Whitley's Dollhouse 7 months ago +1

    What about The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson? He should be number one

    MUAHAHAHAHA 7 months ago

    Poor Marilyn.

  • sliat1981
    sliat1981 7 months ago

    They forgot to mention what the effect lohan’s body took. She has saggier boobs than a grandmother

  • babygirlatwell
    babygirlatwell 7 months ago +3

    they didn't mention whitney huston's daughter along with her.

  • Its Just Brit
    Its Just Brit 7 months ago

    Marilyn didnt kill herself.

  • Pandapocalypse
    Pandapocalypse 7 months ago

    What about Eminem? His father abandoned the family when he was a newborn and he grew up with a crazy drug abusing mother in a predominantly black neighborhood where he would be constantly bullied, jumped, and knocked unconscious. He failed 9th grade three times, then dropped out. He was robbed when he already barely had anything. He was close to having to raise a daughter all by himself and homeless on the streets. He lost his best friend. Even after all that, despite his controversial music, he turned out to be a good person. He gave up drugs after a near-death experience so that he could be there for his daughters. Say what you want, but this man is someone we should all look up to. He has gone through things that most people cannot even imagine and still came through to be a passionate and caring man.

  • adam norell
    adam norell 7 months ago

    Some of There made their own tragedy that shouldn't get them on this list example wise Lindsey Lohan

  • Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ
    Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ 7 months ago

    The forgot to mention in the Kennedy curse that Ted let his pregnant girlfriend drown while he went home for a snooze.

  • ___1901 1999
    ___1901 1999 7 months ago

    Amanda Bynes

  • ___1901 1999
    ___1901 1999 7 months ago

    I 100% believe Cory.

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star 8 months ago

    Why isn’t John Bonham on this list smh

  • Mary Williams
    Mary Williams 8 months ago

    have you ever heard of Brenden Fraser?? I can't talk about his life without getting sad

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson 8 months ago

    Michael fucking Jackson. What about him ? He was abused as a child, abused as an adult. Suffured from many illnesses and was even accused of being a pedo while all he did was trying to help dying children.

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson 8 months ago

    wtf why is lindsay lohan even on here, you literally said nothing about her...

    KEVIN GUITARIST 8 months ago

    Axl rose and Chester Bennington

  • Lynn Hart
    Lynn Hart 8 months ago

    Where is Oprah?

  • Lal Tuna
    Lal Tuna 8 months ago


  • Cheese Man
    Cheese Man 8 months ago

    lmboo WHATTTT!?!?!? that sickness tho

  • Dane Frankcom
    Dane Frankcom 8 months ago +1

    Rita Hayworth ... Unspeakable things happened to that lady.

  • Rushford Alice
    Rushford Alice 8 months ago

    wut bout sufjan stevens

  • Rose Prevost
    Rose Prevost 8 months ago

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for celebrities whose tragedy is self-inflicted, like Whitney Houston. She had it all till she decided drugs were cool. And what about "Weird Al" Yankovic? Losing both his parents at the same time due to an accident.

  • s a m a r a
    s a m a r a 8 months ago

    what about keanu reeves and freddie murcury and OPRAH WINFREY they've been through some real rough times. one of keanu's really good friends died of a drug over dose and his wife died in a car crash. freddie died of aids and was at the prime of his music carreer as well. and oprah had been through a lot when she was a teenager with depression and sexual abuse. c'mon, how could you not put oprah on the list. she went through all of that AND helped people who'd been through the same things too? now, that's a queen.

  • Deadpool Quinn
    Deadpool Quinn 9 months ago +1

    Michaël Jackson? Britney Spears? Elvis Presley? Amy Winehouse? Robin Williams? Demi Lovato? Keanu Reeves? Oprah Winfrey?

  • Wessel Westdorp
    Wessel Westdorp 9 months ago

    michael jackson should be on here tbh. his balding, heroin addiction, financial crisis and skin disease really ruined him

  • saga olsson
    saga olsson 9 months ago +1

    “jfk jr. the most tragic case of all”
    what about rosemary kennedy??

  • Ben Finny
    Ben Finny 9 months ago

    Like how you lump President Trump in with Harvey Weinstein, nice liberal spin

  • Clayton Lam
    Clayton Lam 9 months ago

    Whitney Houston’s death was not accidental

  • ellie
    ellie 9 months ago

    chris. benoit.

  • Lamaj Smoove
    Lamaj Smoove 9 months ago

    Dorothy Dandridge?

  • Emily Bilyj
    Emily Bilyj 9 months ago

    Hollywood definitely has a dark side

  • Ayanna English
    Ayanna English 9 months ago

    1. Bobby Brown

  • Darthscace 2006
    Darthscace 2006 9 months ago

    You forgot Heath Ledger

  • Baked Tater
    Baked Tater 9 months ago

    That videos just a little icing not the whole cake

  • Salim Chafia
    Salim Chafia 9 months ago

    Missing most rappers from the 90s

  • Wimble Bimble
    Wimble Bimble 9 months ago

    I swaer to fucking god if demi lovato is number one im unsubscribing

  • Christopher McDonald
    Christopher McDonald 9 months ago

    *hanged herself

    ZENEIDA FUENTES 9 months ago

    Wow Corey Feldman I loved him in "Stand By Me" and "The Burbs" that's sad to hear about what happened to him but he spoke up which is good.

  • Scott Stephens
    Scott Stephens 9 months ago +1

    Another tragic celebrity that maybe should have been here is Barbera Payton.

  • tim smith
    tim smith 9 months ago

    Tupac shoulda been on here he went thru a lot gettin beat by the police,gettin charged for a crime he didn't commit, gettin shot in 94, goin to jail after,then later on get murdered in 96

  • Brandon Lieberman
    Brandon Lieberman 9 months ago

    Dave Matthews dad died at 10, his sister later in life was murdered by her boyfriend, pretty tough.