Brie Larson Is a Scaredy Cat

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
  • Brie Larson has a feline companion in “Captain Marvel,” but in real life, she isn’t as keen on kitties, especially after Ellen scared her with a larger-than-life cat! Plus, the Oscar winner talked about how she’s become very athletic after training for her lead role in the upcoming superhero film.
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  • Scotty
    Scotty 10 hours ago

    Her stunt double is very athletic anyway.

  • Renee White
    Renee White Day ago

    I even jumped

  • WolfyVlogs
    WolfyVlogs 2 days ago

    that part when she get scared was funny

  • John Loyko
    John Loyko 3 days ago

    She might be the most unlikeable super hero I’ve ever seen

  • StitchStark94
    StitchStark94 4 days ago

    CATtain Marvel

  • aristotle1372
    aristotle1372 6 days ago

    3:46 XD....

  • Little Vixen AJ
    Little Vixen AJ 9 days ago +2

    I watch Brie Larson alot whenever I'm sad or upset or bored Brie always puts a smile on my face alot always 💥💛🔥

  • 김뎐
    김뎐 10 days ago

    She’s so awkward...

  • Kael Patterson YT
    Kael Patterson YT 11 days ago


  • Eleventy Won
    Eleventy Won 15 days ago +1

    OMG, the look she shoots Ellen at 3:48... that girl is M-A-D

  • Sophie
    Sophie 19 days ago

    Sh-she-she, I don't know She-she's pretty...(literally the only thing going on in my head right now 😂) Loved the film Captain Marvel

  • Cami Shutters
    Cami Shutters 20 days ago

    I think the cat that scared brie scared ellen just as much she just didn't scream lol

  • Lacey Lewien
    Lacey Lewien 25 days ago


  • Lacey Lewien
    Lacey Lewien 25 days ago

    Hey Ellen just know YOUR AMAZING AND INSPIRING 💜😃

  • Pipu Smash !
    Pipu Smash ! 26 days ago

    3:46 that scream 😂

  • Tony Scott
    Tony Scott 27 days ago

    Brie Larson is just awful.

  • kratos Cam
    kratos Cam 28 days ago

    This guy is the only one who can make Ellen feel uncomfortable

  • Carola Cabrera
    Carola Cabrera Month ago +4

    I Love You
    Captain Marvel

    • Ren Tran
      Ren Tran Month ago

      I'm just here for a hater to reply, "YoU lOsT yOuR IQ pRiViLeGeS"

  • Fer Noguera
    Fer Noguera Month ago +1

    dude even I got scared what the heck was that

  • The Miss Saigon
    The Miss Saigon Month ago +1

    Brie Larson is an arrogant woman who always says to the press that she is the most strongest avengers of all time😄😃

  • Is Math Related To Science?

    4:14 shes making the doll sit

  • ag47 au79
    ag47 au79 Month ago

    " I was like : can you open this water for me person ?" 😂 God i love you Brie ❤

  • Jo
    Jo Month ago +1

    You know I don’t really like captain marvel but Brie seems actually really cool

  • Mister Dark
    Mister Dark Month ago +3

    The cat attacc
    The cat protecc
    But most importantly

  • benny cumbers
    benny cumbers Month ago

    the eyes at 0:30 1:11 3:51

  • David Nathan
    David Nathan Month ago

    Every interview with brie larson:
    Interviewer: how are you brie?
    Brie: I pushed a jeep

  • Maisterv Maximus
    Maisterv Maximus Month ago

    A sociopath, how sweet.

  • Harmonizer
    Harmonizer Month ago +1

    Brie is my favourite person in the world.

  • Brendan Mcgrath
    Brendan Mcgrath Month ago

    She sucks. Recast please Marvel!!!!!

  • Ashleel Lounda
    Ashleel Lounda Month ago +1

    She almost punched ellen

  • Ge@r&@rcher
    Ge@r&@rcher Month ago

    Brie: He ran away too fast
    Me: Higher, further, faster, baby.😎😎😎


    3:45 lol i have a crush on brie

  • Mrskoops
    Mrskoops Month ago +2

    Either Brie was gonna throw the dolls at the cat guy or gonna go after him.

  • Rama Gautama
    Rama Gautama Month ago

    So funny

  • Antonio Reyes
    Antonio Reyes Month ago +1

    She’s so gorgeous, attaining goddess level 😍😍😍💯💯💯.

  • Katherin Emili
    Katherin Emili 2 months ago

    I screamed too 😳

  • Elwin Bu
    Elwin Bu 2 months ago +1

    I got scared by brie Larson but not the person scaring her 🤣

  • Mark Knight
    Mark Knight 2 months ago

    The most dislikable person alive

  • Mark Knight
    Mark Knight 2 months ago

    This is some kind of personal attack

    • Alexis Brille
      Alexis Brille Month ago +4

      You're 6 months late on that expired joke

  • Maryam Yusuf
    Maryam Yusuf 2 months ago +3

    brie is so underated

  • sk8r4lyf6969
    sk8r4lyf6969 2 months ago

    Brie reacted the way she did because she’s an introvert. You get scared and fight then retreat to recoup.

  • bettajoe Resmenia
    bettajoe Resmenia 2 months ago

    LOVE you brie

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin 2 months ago

    3:46 I hope next Time is GODZILLA.

  • Kae -*
    Kae -* 2 months ago +1

    3:50 Look at her eyes

  • CobraDove
    CobraDove 2 months ago +2

    She is as awful as Ellen's haircut

    THE JURASSIC KING 2 months ago

    3:48 it’s hilarious how he just darts

  • nilesh londhe
    nilesh londhe 2 months ago

    Hahaha brie u were so scared

  • vivek sonara
    vivek sonara 2 months ago

    He ran away too fast 🤣🤣

  • Bois Nader
    Bois Nader 2 months ago

    Goose no

  • Tsuki
    Tsuki 2 months ago +3

    Is this a personal attack or something?

  • vishwajeet singh
    vishwajeet singh 2 months ago

    She is irritating..

  • JovinTT
    JovinTT 2 months ago

    3:46 when your son opens the bathroom door while youre showering

  • Fuzzy 217
    Fuzzy 217 2 months ago +1

    Is this a personal attack?

  • Gabe Ouellette
    Gabe Ouellette 2 months ago

    How has no one thought of this, if I was ever o The Ellen Show I would definitely check the box first!!

  • Old Old
    Old Old 2 months ago

    My hairs on fire

  • StitchStark94
    StitchStark94 2 months ago

    Captain Marvel and Dory...

  • The Amazing Myla
    The Amazing Myla 2 months ago +2

    Also Brie is on Netflix in unicorn store

  • Grace and Angellina Liu
    Grace and Angellina Liu 2 months ago +1

    Ellen got scared as well 😂😂😂

  • Tiara's Journey
    Tiara's Journey 2 months ago +4

    Brie: "I love Jellical cats"
    Me: Omg she's talking about Cats the musical!!! 😍

  • Sara Gollopeni
    Sara Gollopeni 2 months ago +1


  • Langford_artist
    Langford_artist 2 months ago +1

    Brie Larson: is that a personal attack

  • Lightning Force
    Lightning Force 2 months ago

    I guess she is not that tough after all

  • Angelina Degrandis
    Angelina Degrandis 2 months ago


  • Smiley 18
    Smiley 18 2 months ago

    The one thing I like about her is that she never try 🤘to fake anything...

  • Venom Snake
    Venom Snake 2 months ago +1

    Was that some sort of a personal attack???

    • darkwolf2066
      darkwolf2066 2 months ago +2

      Wow that was so hilarious I almost forgot to laugh

  • Abbey Kat
    Abbey Kat 2 months ago

    jellicle cats 😂

  • Colin Chan ET
    Colin Chan ET 2 months ago


  • Fancy Taco
    Fancy Taco 3 months ago

    She's so unfunny

  • Mrigank Sonawane
    Mrigank Sonawane 3 months ago +1

    Scaredy 'Cat'. I got the Captain Marvel reference.

  • Rachael Zabel
    Rachael Zabel 3 months ago

    She reminds me of Kiera Knightley with how facially expressive she is. I wonder if she is also a bit ADHD. Either way I think they are both creative and fun to watch.

  • Ribeirao
    Ribeirao 3 months ago

    lol 😂

  • Sanjana Singh Thakur
    Sanjana Singh Thakur 3 months ago +1

    At 3:46 brie was going to throw doll on that guy and also was going to go after him funfact that brie one eye opens first and other afterward you can see at 0:30, 1:11 ,3:51 ,4:01 l think now l am fan of her

  • Anushka Pasari
    Anushka Pasari 3 months ago

    Her attitude is awesome

  • Isaac Makes Videos
    Isaac Makes Videos 3 months ago

    Brei is awkward...

  • Lavisha Sharma
    Lavisha Sharma 3 months ago

    She's so cute.