Disney princess Pokemon trainers

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Artist: pavlover.deviantart.com/gallery/64251477/Disney-Pokemon-trainer
    Disney Princesses Pick Their Pokémon Teams In This Fan Art Crossover

    The only thing better than Disney or Pokémon is when Disney meets Pokémon. Disney Princesses choose Pokémon teams in this gregarious crossover fan art by DeviantArtist Pavlover. There's no shortage of Pokémon fan art out there (like this amazing collection of Pokémon-turned-human fan art), nor is there a lack of Disney princess fan art, but Pavlover took a creative leap forward by putting the two together, exploring the identities of these princesses and how that might manifest if they were to assemble their own team of pocket monsters.
    What more perfect pairing could exist than Rapunzel and a Tangela? Of course Moana has a bevy of sea creatures with the exception of a flame-wielding chick - she needs someone more capable than Heihei around. It's clear that Pavlover understands all of her subjects, carefully and thoughtfully assembling teams of Pokémon that, as a unit, define and address all aspects of their respective Disney trainers. Here's Pavlover's excellent work.

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  • cheska yu
    cheska yu 14 hours ago

    I love ariel

  • YouSee Nation
    YouSee Nation 22 hours ago

    l have a question?
    why is aladin is in there is he a princess 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Unicorn Amelie
    Unicorn Amelie Day ago

    Who is kida

  • kalpana hajare
    kalpana hajare Day ago

    Why did elsa and anna were together they should be shown separate with their pokemons and what fire type is doing in their team

  • A Person
    A Person Day ago

    I never knew the mad hatter was a princess

  • kit kat
    kit kat Day ago

    People should really stop pointing out the shortcomings and give more positive feedback. For example, stop pointing out that Aladdin and Mad Hatter aren’t princesses.

  • My Astoria
    My Astoria Day ago

    Erm Aladdin isn’t a princess and some one them aren’t a Disney princess I think XDD but whatever I still like the characters XD

  • Yosveth Yoseri Gonzalez

    Merida has three tederusa

  • ItzMidnight WaffleNation

    Wait so Aladdin and the Mad Hatter are princesses

  • Erika Gomes
    Erika Gomes 2 days ago


  • Nixxelix Ace
    Nixxelix Ace 2 days ago

    Is alladin a Disney princess and mad hatter

  • Nel Fituch
    Nel Fituch 2 days ago

    „disney princesses as pokémon trainers” puts alladin and mad hatter in the video

  • Emily Cho
    Emily Cho 2 days ago

    Moana is not a princess is “Chief’s Daughter”

  • нєlσω нєlσω
    нєlσω нєlσω 2 days ago

    Lemme get this straight.both Aladdin and mad hatter don't have a penis oh yah DAT explains it.

  • Albatross The Seawing

    Ooooo aladdin is a new disney princess

  • Itzyourgirl DAE
    Itzyourgirl DAE 2 days ago

    Boys are now princesses 😑

  • Kuroashi 07
    Kuroashi 07 2 days ago

    When disney princesses get bored in their life and start their very own adventure, "Gotta catch 'em all."

  • Liza Tchii
    Liza Tchii 3 days ago

    Et Vanellope ? C'est une princesse Disney elle aussi !

  • au.rellia
    au.rellia 3 days ago

    2:36 wOw, who knew Aladdin was a princess ?!?1?

  • alexis snader braunfeld

    Ummm tinker bell is not a princess

  • Brookie Cookie
    Brookie Cookie 3 days ago

    Ok ok ok. You put Aladdin and M.Hatts... And yet... not the Best Disney princess...

    Kuzco of course!

  • Mia Viljoen
    Mia Viljoen 3 days ago


  • Leandri Tun
    Leandri Tun 3 days ago +1

    Aurora silveon
    I ❤ evolusion evee

  • ItzMiraculousMya
    ItzMiraculousMya 3 days ago

    0:12 Since when was Alice a princess?!
    1:44 How is Esmeralda a princess too??
    2:26 Tinker Bell is a Disney FAIRY!!
    2:35 Aladdin is a BOY!!!
    2:44 The Mad Hatter isn't even royalty!!!
    2:57 I don't even know this person...
    Other than that, this is really good!😊

  • cheyenne cedeno
    cheyenne cedeno 3 days ago

    I LOVE BELLE AND TIANA'S APPEARANCES & POKÉMON TEAMS the most. But all the girls are cute & truly right their teams.
    Now for the video cute music relaxing. Suprise twist throwing Aladdin & the Mad Hatter in too. 😂😂
    Maybe next video could be 'Disney Descendants characters as Trainers. As in Ben/Mal, Jay/Lonnie, Doug/Evie & the rest. 😉

  • Kelsa Quakenbush
    Kelsa Quakenbush 3 days ago

    Awe Tiana is perfect!!! 👑🐸

  • female ink
    female ink 3 days ago

    Who else saw some Sun and Moon Pokemon and some legendarys

  • The Raddest Ruddin
    The Raddest Ruddin 3 days ago


  • Darki Chan
    Darki Chan 3 days ago

    *Aladdin comes up*

  • Abu Khaleel
    Abu Khaleel 3 days ago

    Mulan with a pancham . My dreams have come true

  • Vincent Kael Garcia
    Vincent Kael Garcia 3 days ago

    Haven’t we had Ariel in the show already? I thought Ariel was Misty!

  • Emily hahaha
    Emily hahaha 4 days ago +1

    Why did you do the title as Disney princess Pokémon trainers when you did Aladdin and mad hatter
    They're a boy

    I don't know if I'm wrong or not

  • MadHatterCiesus
    MadHatterCiesus 4 days ago

    Someone. Please. Get on making a fan made game called Pokemon: Disney

  • im_Chad Anonuevo
    im_Chad Anonuevo 4 days ago

    Best princess "ALADDIN"

  • Mariane Requinton
    Mariane Requinton 4 days ago

    Isn't it good to know, that Aladdin and the Hatter are princesses.
    How fabulous.

  • itz_glittergirl :D
    itz_glittergirl :D 4 days ago

    Bruh Aladdin is not a Disney princess

  • Kim Laurence Chun
    Kim Laurence Chun 4 days ago +2

    Im pretty sure that aurora and esmeralda belong from mobile legends
    1 like = if you agree

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 4 days ago

    I didn’t know Aladdin was a Disney princess

  • Jinx The Loose Cannon

    2:35 princesseseses

  • {Galaxy Wolf}
    {Galaxy Wolf} 4 days ago

    Oh and thanks for the glaceon

  • {Galaxy Wolf}
    {Galaxy Wolf} 4 days ago

    Where is sylveon?

  • random sade
    random sade 4 days ago

    Merida and alice were my favorite

  • 『A u r a』
    『A u r a』 4 days ago

    As usual, Ariel is dressed as a stripper.

  • pinky playz
    pinky playz 4 days ago

    How are
    Alice in wonderland
    Mad Hatter
    And tinker bell
    Disney princesses?!
    Tinker bell may be one
    Alladin is a boy so a Disney prince still doesn’t count as princess
    Mad Hatter is also a boy
    And Alice isn’t a princess because the entire movie was a dream or so we thought

    Tinker bell can be considered a princess but for me she’s not

  • Five Smiles
    Five Smiles 4 days ago

    Aurora freeing to all Oricorios

  • Coolsloths 26
    Coolsloths 26 4 days ago

    Jasmine has a unique collection of Pokémon. Am I right?

  • Elemental 206411
    Elemental 206411 4 days ago

    I need another one with disney villians..

  • underyokaimon _1207
    underyokaimon _1207 4 days ago

    Mad hatter with a Blacephalon. ;-;

  • Arianna Haymer
    Arianna Haymer 4 days ago

    I think ash would go for ariel

  • Girl power Perez
    Girl power Perez 5 days ago

    i agree Cinderella would have more for the cute pokemon

  • Ocean Stewart
    Ocean Stewart 5 days ago +1

    Ok I'm sorry but since when is the mad hatter a Disney princess!?😂😃

  • Alolan Raichu Builder

    Not all of them are princesses. 😂
    They are just characters.

  • S O P H I A_ Xx
    S O P H I A_ Xx 5 days ago +1

    2:43 not even princesses

  • DerpyMidnight
    DerpyMidnight 5 days ago +2

    I thought Moana would have a derpy psyduck to represent Hey-Hey the derpy chicken

  • SwellestGoat Random374

    *HaahhahahHhahaaa Disney Princess my ass*

  • Gacha_ VienaYT
    Gacha_ VienaYT 5 days ago

    Wait alladin is a Disney princess?!???

  • Kayleigh Yune
    Kayleigh Yune 5 days ago

    You said Disney PRINCESSES not Princes

  • Sakura the last
    Sakura the last 5 days ago

    If this is called Disney princesses then does that mean Aladdin and mad hatter are princesses?

  • Starlet06 Toys
    Starlet06 Toys 5 days ago

    yay you remembered Mulan!

    WHISPER PLAYS 5 days ago

    my favorite is Aurora

  • ❤Everything Hal❤

    Jasmine should have had an arcanine

  • Amiya Morgan
    Amiya Morgan 5 days ago

    Alice isn’t a Disney princes

  • Unique_Pearl
    Unique_Pearl 6 days ago +1

    The art is adorable

  • Clara Kim
    Clara Kim 6 days ago

    i like Pocahontas's team the best

  • //Skyler cookies//
    //Skyler cookies// 6 days ago

    These drawings are not good

  • Mery Love
    Mery Love 6 days ago

    I'm so happy to see my favorite princess included in these, no one is prettier than Aladdin.

  • Satan Sama
    Satan Sama 6 days ago

    the mad hatter is my favorite disney princess

  • Мария Уварова

    This is so good!

  • TheScrapLord
    TheScrapLord 6 days ago

    Let me get this straight aladdin is a PRINCESS?!?!

  • Gini_The_ Guinea_Pig

    Disney princesses,ay?
    then why did i see Pochahontas (sorry if i spelt it wrong), Moana,Aladdin, and the mad hatter?

  • Phoenix Smith
    Phoenix Smith 6 days ago

    Alice is not a princess

  • violet the racoon
    violet the racoon 6 days ago

    Wait aladin and the madhatter are disney princesses?

  • tigercloud128
    tigercloud128 6 days ago

    Ok I'm sorry for not knowing this but..

    *Who are Esmeralda and Kida?*

    • Alessandro Marzorati
      Alessandro Marzorati 4 days ago

      Their Disney characters from the movies that hunchback of Notre Dame and Atlantis the lost empire

  • ubukipekoyamaeda fan Danganronpa johan

    1:42 esa no es princesa esa es una perra sin sentimientos.

    Me encantó tú vídeo y como lo representaste.

  • Nephicool
    Nephicool 6 days ago

    Omg they said Disney princesses but they added Aladdin lol

  • Kamie Lebouef
    Kamie Lebouef 6 days ago

    Tink aint no princess but its fine there super cute edit also Aladdin = male so no princess

  • Eevee Awesomeness
    Eevee Awesomeness 6 days ago

    Aladdin is now a princess

  • ElVice OS
    ElVice OS 6 days ago

    This is very creative, but the title is wrong.

  • sieanna simmer
    sieanna simmer 6 days ago


  • •Taniku Chan•:3
    •Taniku Chan•:3 7 days ago

    Kida and Merida are the best xD (no se inglés)

  • Alexandra Eveline Stefan


  • Angelo Acuna
    Angelo Acuna 7 days ago

    "spoiler alert"The reason why Merida has 3 teddiursa is because in the movie she has 3 brothers that turned into a bear

  • CyanRose
    CyanRose 7 days ago +1

    Mulan not having Aegislash or Honedge is a TRAVESTY. Otherwise pretty good choices and cool art

  • Jenna Webb
    Jenna Webb 7 days ago

    I don't think that Alice is a princess

  • Felicity ParkSmith (Student)

    Allison reminded me of ash

  • PuyihBoy Zapata
    PuyihBoy Zapata 7 days ago

    why isnt dugtrio ( alolan form ) one of rapunzel's pokemon

  • Christian Evangelista

    How did alice became a princess?

  • Little Kool Kat
    Little Kool Kat 7 days ago +4

    Why do I like the Pokémon versions of the Disney princesses that the originals ;-;

    *then not that XD

  • the anime manga fan Senpai

    I wish Disney princesses where Pokémon trainer because they look so cute??!!😋

  • owo bazinga
    owo bazinga 7 days ago

    When did tinker belle Aladdin and the mad hatter become princesses thinking this led me to think what Aladdin would look like in a dress and I almost chocked on my water

  • Shirley Khuu
    Shirley Khuu 7 days ago

    I didn’t know the *Mad Hatter* was princess!

  • Oreo Draws
    Oreo Draws 7 days ago

    Oof kinda hoped for Giselle but eh I still like this :P

  • ella hartmann
    ella hartmann 7 days ago

    Since when was Aladdin and the mad hatter princesses?

  • Bernard Kylle Ramos
    Bernard Kylle Ramos 7 days ago

    Props to the creator love the art

  • serenity K.S.
    serenity K.S. 7 days ago

    Yay kida

  • Amie Gordon
    Amie Gordon 7 days ago

    Aladdin and madhatter are DEFINAtELY priNcesses

  • Anime Gaming
    Anime Gaming 7 days ago

    Aladdin and the Mad Hatter are my FAVORITE princesses!

  • Butch the BEAST
    Butch the BEAST 8 days ago

    Mad Hatter is my favorite princess

  • Levi Stokes
    Levi Stokes 8 days ago

    0:21 yaaas my girl fa Mulan

  • ふうりん
    ふうりん 8 days ago

    Which animation movie is it respectively? Please tell someone to me.それぞれどのアニメ・映画ですか?どなたか教えてください。