Bloodrayne - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Jun 28, 2016
  • Uwe Boll is back, and so are Linkara and Spoony! The 3 knuckleheads review 2005's Bloodrayne.
    Originally aired on July 15th, 2014.
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Comments • 2 951

    HOLK HOOGIN 22 hours ago

    17:21 killed me

  • Retro Longplays 79

    The total non-reaction of Michael Madsen getting killed is hilarious. That is the epitome of cool.

  • Hans Ruhlmann
    Hans Ruhlmann 7 days ago

    1:28 What is the name of the score? It is just so freakin' awesome and i love it!

  • casper daghost
    casper daghost 9 days ago

    How have u guys not covered demon knight

  • ComXDude
    ComXDude 11 days ago

    18:40 Writing like that's not gonna work out too hot, Critic.

    *Yes, I am aware this video is three years old at this point.*

  • reagent -52
    reagent -52 12 days ago

    21:30 and 25:47 apparently spoony lives a much more adventurous life than we thought.

  • Cliff Corbett
    Cliff Corbett 12 days ago

    What was that music used during the opening of the DVD? It was awesome!!

  • Poopy Joe
    Poopy Joe 16 days ago


  • CultOfWeirdness
    CultOfWeirdness 16 days ago

    I remember seeing this movie in the $5 DVD bin at Walmart. It came with the full first game on PC. I instead bout season 1 of the show reaper. It sucked, but not as much

  • Hayden Ysidro
    Hayden Ysidro 18 days ago

    You know see uwe boll movies did make it through film school or even if he went to school period

  • Lu1z 4 3v3r And the voices

    I AM A MAAAAAN!!!! **PUNCH**
    i know, its not that joke, but its still funny

  • scott carter
    scott carter 19 days ago


  • Pylon Imp
    Pylon Imp 22 days ago

    You know what I love,waking up to a review at the half mark

  • Пётр Кондратьев

    Don't mind me, I'm stone drunk, this video is now my personal blog bitches, youtube will delete all of it in the morning anyway.

  • Пётр Кондратьев


  • Пётр Кондратьев


  • Пётр Кондратьев

    Why the fuck Udo Keer wasn't casted in proper movies? He's a geniunely good actor, but he's always casted in Z-movie shlock like this.

  • Пётр Кондратьев

    ADAMANTIUM RAGE! oh boy, that brings me back

  • Пётр Кондратьев

    Funny thing, Ben Kingsley wasn't just paying an LSD tv, he enjoyed every second of it. He said in the interview he always wanted to act as that kind of over the top fuck off vampire overlord role.

  • Пётр Кондратьев


  • Пётр Кондратьев

    Oh, remeber the good old days, when that shit was just starting, when people could just gloss over Spoony trolling tranny on twitter and joke about it. Ah, thouse were the days.

  • Пётр Кондратьев

    This is it. The last decent review made by MC.

  • PolarTechie
    PolarTechie 24 days ago +1

    The gang's all here I LOVE THIS

  • Caliginous Moira
    Caliginous Moira 28 days ago

    i liked that final fantasy anime!!!!!!

  • Owen L
    Owen L Month ago +1

    Way is this have no video link

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez Month ago

    Oh god, there's sequels.

    PHILL SHIVELY Month ago

    I Liked this Movie

  • Black X /Samurai Zackx

    DEAD POOL 25:05

  • Robert Lyndall
    Robert Lyndall Month ago +1

    Michelle Rodriguez is the female equivalent of Sean Bean at this point. I can't think of many movies she survives through.

  • Trinidad Astacio
    Trinidad Astacio Month ago

    The three shmuckleheads

  • Trinidad Astacio
    Trinidad Astacio Month ago

    She has missed a couple steps

  • Trinidad Astacio
    Trinidad Astacio Month ago

    Oh come on toysrus is the best toy store in history of all time

  • Devon Hall
    Devon Hall Month ago

    Hey i got one joke for this review " woudle you like blood on that meatloaf".

  • Ellie Gray
    Ellie Gray Month ago

    Hang on. I thought she was half vampire because her mother was killed by a vampire, but then they show she was already a child and watched it happen! How did that make her a vampire???

  • Abel Mantor
    Abel Mantor Month ago

    Since they brought it up , i don't know which is more insufferable to sit through : This or twilight.

  • Salem Black
    Salem Black Month ago +1

    Wasn't Bloodrayne originally a Video game?

  • Unprofessional Professor

    Critic: There's a... _tradition_ ...
    Tamara: "Tradition?"
    Tevye (singing): *TRADITIOOOOON! (tradition!)*

  • Sean Noel
    Sean Noel Month ago +1

    The sad thing is that normal water hurting Rayn is a canonical feature in the game.

  • John Traxler
    John Traxler Month ago

    Bowchikawow-OW XD

  • 12DevasSonGoku84
    12DevasSonGoku84 Month ago

    Erm, Legacy of Kain did that whole "water's touch being as acid" in 1995 with Blood Omen!
    And responding to being blown up by drinking? Yeah, that seems about right!

  • lightKyubi
    lightKyubi Month ago

    It funny because in some vampire like the European vampire are actually weak against normal water.

  • Joe Ross Productions

    I like to wear women's clothing

  • John Paul Thessen
    John Paul Thessen Month ago

    So you saw Strike Commando too! It was laugh-out-loud terrible.

  • J Double C
    J Double C Month ago

    17:59 OMG these Fucking Meat Loaf Jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 (also 25:06 WTF 😂)

  • Public Service Announcements PSA's

    21:30 Rough first night in jail.

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick Month ago +2

    Damn i forgot how intolerable Linkara’s voice was

  • Jason Freeman
    Jason Freeman 2 months ago

    He needs to review the sequel

  • rayray1983
    rayray1983 2 months ago

    July 2019 here. Why do these kinda good actors accept these terribly bad movies? I mean I know the money but to be like for life linked to this? Like Tim Robbins in Howard the Duck.

  • The Skunk
    The Skunk 2 months ago +2

    This review is much more clearer now that I’ve watched Down The Rabbit Hole

  • Brad Parton
    Brad Parton 2 months ago +1

    To be fair, at the beginning of the Bloodrayne game, she cannot touch water.

  • Zachary Girgenti
    Zachary Girgenti 2 months ago

    I remember seeing this in theaters when it first came out. I was hyped because Bloodrayne was one of my favorite video games so I thought this would be a great idea. It was a horrible film had barely anything to do with the original source material so I went home disappointed. Even the second game was lack luster and quite a departure from the original design in my opinion, so the potential for this I.P. was sort of squandered in general. Such a wacky and badass concept for a character though. Blade meets Tomb Raider.

  • Serasia
    Serasia 2 months ago

    It was actually really progressive of the directors to put a phallus in the title.

  • LL X
    LL X 2 months ago

    Please do more Uwe Boll reviews

  • Drayden Hotel
    Drayden Hotel 2 months ago

    posh vampire kills are soooo boring now werewolf vampire that is cool

  • Drayden Hotel
    Drayden Hotel 2 months ago

    uwe boll boner is over 9,000

  • Drayden Hotel
    Drayden Hotel 2 months ago

    well this is dated

  • Word to the Wise Podcast
    Word to the Wise Podcast 2 months ago +1

    Tamara and Malcolm are unfunny versions of cartoon PSA characters.

  • Camse Corps
    Camse Corps 2 months ago

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  • Wisdom River
    Wisdom River 2 months ago

    I really would love to see another review with spoony and linkara again with another shitty Movie.

  • Murder Motion Pictures
    Murder Motion Pictures 2 months ago

    Huge disappointment, I was a big fan of the games and expected so much more.