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If people lagged in real life. (compilation)

  • Published on Nov 15, 2020
  • A compilation from episodes 1-6.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • This is a good name
    This is a good name Year ago +3876

    I can imagine “I’m just having a really laggy day” being a phrase that would be used in a world where irl lag is a thing.

  • HyperBlade Productions
    HyperBlade Productions 4 months ago +246

    The fact that he actually did a belly flop on the sand shows his true commitment to this channel

    • Jonathan Forsyth
      Jonathan Forsyth Month ago +1

      He's really gotta stop bellflopping on his bed though.😃

    • EziaPlays
      EziaPlays Month ago

      0:14 lol he’s just showing his tushy

  • 5MadMovieMakers
    5MadMovieMakers 2 months ago +14

    Right in the middle of typing a comment
    Really annoying when you lag

  • Arbitrary CN X
    Arbitrary CN X 2 months ago +6

    Can we appreciate how much effort he puts in in making these videos.

  • don't click me
    don't click me 4 months ago +28

    Let's appreciate that he climbed on to the roof just to entertain us like do you know how hard it is to carry a ladder for our entertainment.

  • Kief L
    Kief L Year ago +2948

    The absolute commitment to this joke is inspiring.

    • Omar Farooq
      Omar Farooq Month ago

      Me bro 😁

    • The DinoBladen
      The DinoBladen 4 months ago

      @Daniel wtf do you mean “straight people” are you referencing us *all* being bad or have I misread you

    • The DinoBladen
      The DinoBladen 4 months ago

      @Lorenzo Scibilia Daniel labelle is WAY funnier than you

  • Declan Winchester
    Declan Winchester 20 days ago

    I love how he includes the random speeding up that sometimes come with lag when all the commands you've attempted to execute happen at once

  • Observer
    Observer 7 days ago

    I believe that the entire team is involved in this project, even though the main actor is our hero of every scene. You guys are very original. Go ahead!

  • Sydney Sagas AND MORE!!
    Sydney Sagas AND MORE!! 4 months ago +10

    Legend says he’s still trying to get past the puddle. 🌧

  • Ian
    Ian 4 months ago +3

    Daniel: *Throws a Banana*
    Littering Gods: “Not this time..”
    *Littering Gods throw it back at him*
    -Life Leason: DONT LITTER.-

    • Jonathan Forsyth
      Jonathan Forsyth Month ago +1

      I love when he tries climbing the stairs but keeps ending up at the bottom.😃

  • - Erik -
    - Erik - Year ago +433

    why is no one talking about how this guy beat his reflexes so far into submission that he can just belly flop onto the floor with perfect form and his arms unmoving at his side

  • yaqin ma
    yaqin ma 4 months ago +2


  • Safia Jabbar
    Safia Jabbar Month ago

    Climbing stairs really left me rolling on the floor laughing 😂😂😂

  • Bahy Salama
    Bahy Salama 4 days ago

    I love how that pillow lags onto his head and hits the wall with the switch on it and turns on the light.

  • MessiCreationz
    MessiCreationz 25 days ago

    I have been watching his video for 2 years and his video still make me roll across the floor and laugh like hell 🤣🤣

  • Razorr
    Razorr Year ago +1639

    It’s funny because when he “lags” he takes a moment to realise he is lagging just like in actual games.

    • DuckyYT
      DuckyYT 4 months ago

      @Cameron Gaming 5000 i just fall thru the floor

    • Razorr
      Razorr Year ago +2

      @Arno Online They are crazy ass replies-

    • Arno Online
      Arno Online Year ago +1

      what kind of ketamine are these replies on?

    • Razorr
      Razorr Year ago

      @My Cat Is gay What’s your issue?

  • MihailRO
    MihailRO 4 months ago +1

    How could no one think about something so simple, yet so funny?

  • xX Galaxy Kitty Xx
    xX Galaxy Kitty Xx 23 days ago

    He almost kissed the fridge though,This man is to be appreciated to everything he did just for us to have a bright laugh,we should thank him for that ❤️🎁.

  • Nyontube
    Nyontube Month ago

    Daniel: Walks up and turns around
    His Wife: Tries to catch him after he did a trust fall
    Also Daniel: Lags
    His Wife: What?

  • Damien Paxton
    Damien Paxton 2 months ago

    As an offline player, can someone explain “lag” to me please. Great video.

  • lilac ;3
    lilac ;3 Year ago +11260

    Who else accidentally stumbled across him and now can’t stop watching him 🤣

  • Adi Padi
    Adi Padi 4 months ago +1

    I love how he just ran trough the water and then looked back like:what the..... And then again:ah shit here we go again

  • crazy world creative passions

    This is the most accurate representation of the sims games in real life 😂😂😂😂

  • Darth Nox
    Darth Nox 12 days ago

    The Matrix is everywhere. It's all around us. Even now in this lagging room.

  • Simran Bhatt
    Simran Bhatt 3 months ago +1

    I can't stop laughing!!🤣🤣😂
    Doing a good job of making people laugh.😊👍

    • Simran Bhatt
      Simran Bhatt 2 months ago +1

      @gary law yes..

    • gary law
      gary law 2 months ago +1

      Such needed relief from an impending www3 !

  • Night Nika
    Night Nika Year ago +2484

    So basically life would completely suck for people with poor internet.

  • Rick Sanchez C-137
    Rick Sanchez C-137 Month ago

    "The world is the ultimate trolling stand, Perfect to make people think they lag."

  • Stella Smith
    Stella Smith Month ago

    The fact he literally picked up legos just to dump them back onto the floor….. 😳 that takes detication. Let’s give the guy some love. Because imagine how long it took to do that.

  • elaine w
    elaine w 25 days ago +1

    He’s just not having the best day so far…😂😂

  • Riot The squid ink cookie

    This guy does all kinds of stuff for us and it’s anazing

  • Jaden The Music Freak
    Jaden The Music Freak Year ago +421

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how confused or disappointed he looks at the end of all of these? 😂

  • Teresa Kozak
    Teresa Kozak 5 months ago

    I watched this guy yesterday and now I can never stop watching him

  • Viola Mandy Finnigan
    Viola Mandy Finnigan 3 months ago

    I couldn't stop laughing at the 'walking up the stairs' clip 🤣🤣

  • OffCamberIgnitor
    OffCamberIgnitor 2 months ago

    2:38 the saying "those stairs are endless" is actually true.

  • Marae Bailey
    Marae Bailey 3 months ago +1

    1:41 made me laugh so hard

  • ömer k
    ömer k Year ago +1581

    if people were lagging irl too, this would be more depressive than ever.

  • BlockyBro Minecraft
    BlockyBro Minecraft 4 months ago

    The pain this man has to go through.

  • Norma Moore
    Norma Moore Month ago

    I play in second life, I can so confirm some of these can totally happen.

  • Ashy
    Ashy 4 months ago

    Omg i can't stop laughing XD he always makes my day. Even in the worse moments he makes me laugh. I want a life partner just like him. Hes so cool TY for entertaining us brother i hope u have a long life . Peace out ✌️

  • Esme_Ls
    Esme_Ls 4 months ago

    This guy has some good editing skills

  • Devansh KumAr
    Devansh KumAr Year ago +1844

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate this guy that he literally learnt teleportation technique for this video

  • Piggy Pig
    Piggy Pig 4 months ago

    The last one really got me *pretend there is a laughing emoji here, idk how to put it in* Lets take a moment to appreciate how hard he works to get a laugh out of us, he spilled water on the floor, shoed himself under a chair, and bellyflopped onto the sand. That's commitment.

  • Lil Bit
    Lil Bit 4 months ago

    That would be such an inconvenience this was hilarious 😂

  • Zahieda Fanie
    Zahieda Fanie 4 months ago

    This guy is always makes my day

  • DonReality
    DonReality 3 months ago

    Don't get me started on lagging. The worst thing about me lagging is hearing
    "You have been slain". LOL.

  • Khai Angel PH
    Khai Angel PH Year ago +6775

    I feel like I've known this guy's house better than mine...

  • Lettuce 🥬
    Lettuce 🥬 4 months ago +2

    8 year old me trying to go up the infinite staircase in super more 64

  • TheYouTubingGuy
    TheYouTubingGuy 5 days ago

    This is the first vid i saw from Daniel's channel back in January 2021, he only got a million subs but now it's 11 million. Good work man and keep up the entertaining videos!

  • Alt
    Alt 4 months ago

    Let’s appreciate how many bruises this man had to go threw

  • Daniel the Spaniel's Channiel

    Solution to all of this: do everything the wrong way and then you will lag to end up the right way. BIG BRAIN

  • FitFadi
    FitFadi Year ago +20164

    Imagine being a neighbor and seeing this guy running on water multiple times.

  • blessed soul
    blessed soul 4 days ago

    My cheeks hurt from laughing so much.

  • Red Wyvern Emperor
    Red Wyvern Emperor 12 days ago

    Honestly... That is about my experience with online games. XD

  • Daniel Enrique Navarro
    Daniel Enrique Navarro 4 months ago

    Que increíble imaginación tienes amigo!!! Gracias por tantas sonrisas!!!

  • Just myself ✨💜
    Just myself ✨💜 4 months ago

    When dude wore a basket instead of cap then somehow teleported at roof , that burst me out of laugh 😂

  • ali
    ali Year ago +2563

    Plot twist : he had such a good internet but the whole world was laggy

    • Angelo Budiongan
      Angelo Budiongan Year ago +1

      @Raphkole Morrison hell and hevean is purgatory for the dead or banned people lol

    • MarsiGames
      MarsiGames Year ago +1

      @Raphkole Morrison yea developer want to do new Sea map

    • Your momma
      Your momma Year ago +1

      people are so better at jokes then me:

      DOUBLE BASS MAN Year ago

      The video seems relatable to me.

    • r0shan
      r0shan Year ago +1

      @Raphkole Morrison D E E P

  • معاذ الجزائري

    2:40 backdrooms in nutshell, he just nocliped into reality and ended up in an infinite loop

  • Yoann
    Yoann Month ago +1

    POV: You're playing a game with 100+ ping rn

  • Douglas Acherekoh
    Douglas Acherekoh 5 months ago +1

    Made me laugh so hard

  • firex
    firex 2 months ago

    2:38 This reminds me a moment, when Dio moved Polnareff in stopped time

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb Year ago +313

    Doctor: So what seems to be the problem? Him: I’ve been lagging a lot lately

    • Abhay Chaudhary
      Abhay Chaudhary Year ago +1

      Photo album?

    • Chakra Beatbox
      Chakra Beatbox Year ago +1

      Nice one bro ! Appreciate it !

    • J sanchez
      J sanchez Year ago +3

      He's been lagging
      I've just been lacking

    • Fancy_Tord
      Fancy_Tord Year ago +4

      So what seems to be the problem? ---- sir?---- yeah I’ve been lagging a lot lately.--- yeah I was lagging a lot I said

  • °-°Sweet Dreams*
    °-°Sweet Dreams* 4 months ago

    I can't stop laughing 🤣

  • simon yate
    simon yate 3 months ago

    “If people lagged in real life”
    Backrooms: *Its my time to shine now.*

  • JustBobbs
    JustBobbs 4 months ago

    the fact that he belly flopped onto the ground was painful
    but the fact that he wanted to belly flop onto water hurts even more

  • Chris Pace
    Chris Pace 3 months ago

    This man gonna need new floors from warping and carpets from staining and all that lmaooo

  • RedFlamez
    RedFlamez Year ago +1543

    As someone who grew up with terrible internet this hits hard

  • sipporah s
    sipporah s 2 months ago

    Lag can sometimes be a very powerful weapon...

  • Hollowtimber
    Hollowtimber Month ago

    Let’s just appreciate how much he has to clean his floor

  • Icefang GD
    Icefang GD 3 months ago

    this is what my fps is like when i'm doing literally anything involving a screen. its like mega rare i get more than 5 fps

  • JellyBeanGamer
    JellyBeanGamer 4 months ago

    2:03 oops I think the gods forgot to properly code the chair’s hitbox...

  • Seven Aries
    Seven Aries Year ago +6675

    His expression after he lags like he's questioning his existence LMAO

  • Finley Palin
    Finley Palin 4 months ago

    So funny just discovered him already love his vids

  • Karen Twins!
    Karen Twins! Month ago

    I cant get enough of his videos I laugh so much I choke

  • Dynamo
    Dynamo Month ago

    I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aseel Aadossery
    Aseel Aadossery 5 months ago

    His physical comedy is golden Charlie Chaplin level ............ I'm thankful for some risks hurting himself to entertain us , some things he did in this video were real

  • SlimeKitty
    SlimeKitty Year ago +1313

    Let’s just appreciate how long this probably took this guy

    • wisherfox
      wisherfox Year ago

      Lets appreciate how he won +7k with this vod. He deserved it tbh

    • Evdogg
      Evdogg Year ago

      2 hours is totally a very long time

    • Carina Sirena
      Carina Sirena Year ago


    • Josh
      Josh Year ago

      It proves wouldn't have took to long

    • passion diiies
      passion diiies Year ago +1

      @Nice but.... my mom and dad are already older than 0...

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man 4 months ago

    I was laughing so hard lmao 3:25

  • Diy Sisters
    Diy Sisters 4 months ago +1

    Can't stop laughing.....🤣🤣🤣😆😆

  • Patis_aaaaa
    Patis_aaaaa 4 months ago

    I can't stop laughing🤣

  • Kiaya's Videos
    Kiaya's Videos 7 days ago +1

    this one isn't lag
    *IT'S KARMA :D*

  • Tyler Donovan
    Tyler Donovan Year ago +670

    Imagine being this guys roommate and just seeing him teleport everywhere.😂😂

    • Mr David Desert Fire
      Mr David Desert Fire Year ago +2

      It would be like having an Enderman from Minecraft as a roommate.

    • Artyom
      Artyom Year ago +2

      I'm gonna complain to him to update the patch

    • JesusButNotJesus
      JesusButNotJesus Year ago +1

      My boo u laggy as hell

    • PerishZac
      PerishZac Year ago +2

      Typical mondays

    • Barry Mosley, 63
      Barry Mosley, 63 Year ago +4

      Funny. Too funny in fact that I nearly died from laughter.

  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis 4 months ago

    It must’ve took him hours to pick up those Legos

  • Abigayle Brooks
    Abigayle Brooks 22 days ago

    The fact he dropped EVERY SINGLE ONE of those legos for us for our entertainment, he probably steps on them a few times

  • blocks
    blocks Month ago

    i’m guessing 2:38 happened because he didn’t have enough power stars

  • Sixten Lindberg
    Sixten Lindberg 4 months ago

    1:24 that one got me laughing

  • RodTV
    RodTV Year ago +2177

    This video is a candidate for try not to laugh challenge of youtubers😂

  • Gbr J J
    Gbr J J Month ago +1

    Prequel to ' if people could teleport' 🤣

  • AAAAAAAAAA Channel
    AAAAAAAAAA Channel 4 months ago

    1:05 imagine how painful that would be

  • AgentHairiO501
    AgentHairiO501 4 months ago

    I'm Your New Subsriber And This Is My First Time Laughing Very Hardly When Watching Your Videos!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Sebastian Calvey
    Sebastian Calvey 3 days ago

    The MC Is Learning How To Control His Power.....

  • Rectrix
    Rectrix Year ago +2708

    It’s a miracle this guy hasn’t stubbed his toe at all during these videos

    • Sophia
      Sophia Year ago

      @Carson Hankey calm down child

    • Carson Hankey
      Carson Hankey Year ago

      @HPVRStuff your the one wasting time

  • Alejandro Prado
    Alejandro Prado 4 months ago

    This is hilarious 🤣

  • if u wanna check the weather


  • Ceca Dokić
    Ceca Dokić 5 months ago +1

    Pov: You are In prison
    -You escaped
    -*You lagged back In*

  • Subhan No
    Subhan No 4 months ago +1

    A moment for this guys hard work

  • Hans Loop
    Hans Loop Year ago +3604

    Thiss will be a good excuse if you were late.
    "Why were you late to school?"
    "I lagged and somehow managed to get to china"

  • robbin ramsey
    robbin ramsey 4 months ago

    When I saw his stuff on RU-clip and watched it I could've died laughing!!! 😅🤣!

  • High Calibur X
    High Calibur X 4 months ago

    You captured my frustrations perfectly.

  • Jesica
    Jesica 4 months ago

    Uh thank God I found his vids, he's like my stress reliever now HAHAH

  • Faateh Hyat
    Faateh Hyat 3 months ago

    The pillow ones always get me.