Learner Drivers First Ever Driving Lesson - What Happens On Driving Lesson #1

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    This is Tazs' first ever driving lesson and her first time behind the wheel. In this video you'll see Taz learning to drive using the Ultimate Driving Course.
    By using the course, Taz had gained knowledge on the cockpit drill, foot controls, hand controls, moving and stopping the vehicle.
    This saved us a lot of time, therefore we could do more practical driving.
    We hope you enjoy this driving lesson video.
    Thanks for watching.
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  • DGN Driving School
    DGN Driving School  8 months ago +49

    Get my brand NEW driving course here:

    Using all of my experience and knowledge I've created a brand NEW video course with over 35 videos covering every topic required to pass your driving test.

    In the course, I show you simple and effective techniques to master the essential driving skills.

    • Robert Obadic
      Robert Obadic 7 months ago

      Here in Austria (EUROPE) I drove on the street after 10 minutes of being in the car with the instructor :D

      AFRO VOICE TV 7 months ago

      I need a test how can I get one with u boss???

    • Nida Khan
      Nida Khan 8 months ago +1

      Hi, do these come in dvds?

    • Ashley I
      Ashley I 8 months ago +1

      DGN Driving School is this an Advanced or enhanced lesson

    • DGN Driving School
      DGN Driving School  8 months ago +3

      streaming warrior Thank you

  • Ellen Monk
    Ellen Monk 6 days ago

    Someone explain what he means by the reference please when parking up

  • Ellen Monk
    Ellen Monk 6 days ago

    This is really helpful! Thankyou :)

  • Oumayma Shili
    Oumayma Shili 7 days ago +1

    I had my first driving experience last week and honestly i felt like i’ve driven before

  • girlsdrinkfeck
    girlsdrinkfeck 7 days ago

    always easier to learn in a diesel since it dosnt need fuel assistance

  • Meme
    Meme 10 days ago +1

    Good one but l skipping the turning on of the wipers and switching on lights gave ma anxiety. I got my license nicely been driving good until 1 day l had to drive in the rain at night😢. I froze the sec l walked out looking at my car. I had to google that ish😭😂

  • SnowCYYCling
    SnowCYYCling 13 days ago

    I passed my test 12 years ago but stopped driving for the past 8 years. Purchased a car two weeks ago and simply by watching really helped refresh my memory :) Thanks!

  • Sanaa Jade
    Sanaa Jade 15 days ago

    this is so good for the nerd in me

  • Alex’s Games
    Alex’s Games 15 days ago

    Why is this taking so long why are they talking forever

  • Amun
    Amun 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who saw the armpit...

  • Grimshaw Grummage
    Grimshaw Grummage 19 days ago

    i think she needs bigger glasses
    like those: images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/5395de18e4b0c79f2b9dfd79/1402501846884-9XWKPXJMX43ZBAQY1N2C/kb26.jpg?content-type=image%2Fjpeg

  • Ellie Caitlin'xo
    Ellie Caitlin'xo 19 days ago

    3:32 i'm so sorry but did anyone else see her armpit hair :)

  • Sion Mainwaring
    Sion Mainwaring 20 days ago

    3:31 armpits you’re welcome

  • ピカチュウPikachu
    ピカチュウPikachu 20 days ago +1

    I got my license today and started to drive alone in my neighbourhood. I’m so scared and really missed my instructor 😂 I wished my parents would sit beside me but they said they don’t wanna die so.. I would have to face it. Can’t wait to drive on the road!

  • Life Food Tech
    Life Food Tech 22 days ago

    Nice video. Your friend. Pls stay connected

  • vitali
    vitali 28 days ago

    She's so cute haha

  • Blush Flower
    Blush Flower 29 days ago

    she your daughter

  • j k
    j k 29 days ago

    Has she passed

  • Sammy
    Sammy Month ago

    Very informative video.. Thank you for shring so much information,, 🙏🙏🙏💐💐😊😊

  • Jordan V
    Jordan V Month ago

    Hey guys! Do you mind doing a quick survey for me regarding booking a driving instructor. THANK YOU in advance to the people who took the time for this!! docs.google.com/forms/d/1PjZ-gi3klduOqSTM0hGB5adqD_e0mRWUrHsI6bZEt0U/viewform?edit_requested=true

  • Anya Shelmerdine
    Anya Shelmerdine Month ago

    So so strange watching this, my first lesson I was on the roads learning all the gears and doing roundabouts. Don’t think driving in a straight like in going to help her learn quickly

    • Mr A Khan95
      Mr A Khan95 Month ago

      @Anya Shelmerdine 9.7 Rating lol does ring any bring any bells? 😂

  • Kyle Gomez
    Kyle Gomez Month ago

    Even if someone was about to crash god forbid, this guy would still be so chilled out 🤣

  • ren able
    ren able Month ago

    She didn’t stall the very first time!!! Pin you’re amazing 😂

  • Paul us M.
    Paul us M. Month ago +5

    23:36 wrong footposition - don´t let the "clutch-foot" stay under the pedal but on the left footrest to be always forarmed to react quickly, even best feeling you have when you push the pedal with your toes (fist quart of the foot) and not your middlefoot - the "exellerator-foot" should stay with the hee always on the ground and switch from position brake on gas - don´t lift your complete foot no cardriver do that bec. it´s not proper

  • Paul us M.
    Paul us M. Month ago

    12:35 she has a wrong seatposition bec. she mooves forward with her butt when she pushes the clutch fully down

  • ItsConnorGL
    ItsConnorGL Month ago +7

    I thought she was gonna be in the engine bay if she moved her seat any more forward

  • Razia Hashim
    Razia Hashim Month ago

    Are you an indian?

  • Tilen Ger.
    Tilen Ger. Month ago +2

    When i first went into a drivers seat i reved the engine to 3000 rpm and poped the clutch(sim racing habbit, i thought thats how you get moving irl) and my uncle screamed at me, are you fucking mad you are going to break the fucking car.

  • sheila cruz
    sheila cruz Month ago

    Just subscribed this video cause planing to go school driving
    This will help me

  • Big Dave
    Big Dave Month ago

    12m 53s the gear stick moves on its own

  • Rachie Sherlock
    Rachie Sherlock Month ago

    Did she pass ever

  • funbot
    funbot Month ago

    Shes stunning. Would she be interested in dating a nice English lad?

  • Tia Broom
    Tia Broom Month ago

    this is so helpful! im so much more happier going into my lessons with this

  • Sarah Tucker
    Sarah Tucker Month ago

    Did you actually let the girl drive?!

    • Sarah Tucker
      Sarah Tucker Month ago

      Not if the instructor barely lets you pull away from the curb! 😂

    • altkovac
      altkovac Month ago

      Sarah Tucker That’s what driving is about lmao

  • Lilly Martin
    Lilly Martin Month ago +1

    I passed a little while ago idk why im still watching 😂

  • Gemma_dancer
    Gemma_dancer Month ago

    I had my first lesson today. I was really nervous but I am so pleased that I had watched lots of your videos before hand. I was able to prepare myself for what was coming and move on quickly. I had an hour lesson with moving off/stopping, left turns and passing a meeting place. I built confidence quickly and didn’t stall or make any mistakes! Thank you for your help!

    • DGN Driving School
      DGN Driving School  Month ago

      Gemma_dancer Thanks for watching and good luck with your driving

  • r0dent
    r0dent Month ago

    Im here wiping my screen tryna figure out why i couldnt get rid of the bug lmao 38:28

  • R6 Wolves
    R6 Wolves 2 months ago

    Taking my first lesson when I turn 17 in September. These videos are really useful and I've already learnt so much from watching these. I just need to practice them now that I have the knowledge, thanks.

  • maria gambardella
    maria gambardella 2 months ago +1

    I was driving on normal roads, roundabouts and all on my first lesson

    • Xochitl Nunez
      Xochitl Nunez 2 months ago +1

      Some people have drivers anxiety so its not so easy lol but good for you :)

  • Jeyakumar
    Jeyakumar 2 months ago

    Very intelligent and fast learner ... she'll drive like her uncle soon !

  • Blaze Gamer
    Blaze Gamer 2 months ago

    shes an engineer.... :O

  • Beyday_1129
    Beyday_1129 2 months ago

    I’m 16 and I gotta learn how to drive and I’m really scared and people keep teasing me on how I don’t drive yet

  • Magdalena P
    Magdalena P 2 months ago

    If that wasn’t me yesterday on my first lesson 😂😩

  • S
    S 2 months ago

    Your lesson is very helpful. I learned alot . Thank you DGN.

  • YouMadBro???
    YouMadBro??? 2 months ago

    She studied this shit like an science exam wth

  • John Whoskins
    John Whoskins 2 months ago

    I’m surprised the man stays calm after all the talking

  • xusta111
    xusta111 2 months ago

    i got my license 3 years ago what the fuck am i doing

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev 2 months ago

    Driving on the left? Messed up to start with ..

  • J Doggy Dog
    J Doggy Dog 2 months ago +1

    Reading the comments makes me realise how lucky I am to have a good instructor

  • Alissia Camp
    Alissia Camp 2 months ago

    Pin looked like a proud uncle the whole time 😌 AWW

  • WaveyGames
    WaveyGames 2 months ago +39

    I know for a fact when this guy said a “bit more braking please “ the second time his heart was doing 11000 bpm.

    • Lu Lu
      Lu Lu Month ago +5

      They have a brake pedal on their side so they can stop the car at any time

  • Owen Benson
    Owen Benson 2 months ago

    I drove home on my first lesson

  • CurryJuice
    CurryJuice 2 months ago +2

    My first driving lesson I was literally put on the road and drove swiftly.

    • Zara Kam
      Zara Kam 2 months ago +1

      Curry_Juice same 😉

  • Lycaneen
    Lycaneen 2 months ago

    This handbrake thing is so weird. i heard that it is too much overuse. just learn it once for uphill driving but dont pull it every time you stand still. Or use it for drifting, then it´s put for good use

  • Forever Computing
    Forever Computing 2 months ago

    That's not how a clutch works. You have a floating disc, (main friction material with anti chatter springs), a flywheel which the disc goes against to help with friction, and a movable part - the clutch diaphragm.

    Pressure is applied to the centre of the diaphragm which releases the pressure plate and that clutch disc? - It has no grip and as it can slide, it MAY be rubbing against the pressure plate OR the flywheel.

    This is why I never hold 1st gear for more than ~5 seconds.

    There aren't 2 plates that separate. There will always be some kind of contact with the clutch pedal pushed all the way to the floor.

    I've changed one - it's not fun.

  • Ianis
    Ianis 2 months ago

    12:55 look at the shifter

  • Bogdan Voicu
    Bogdan Voicu 2 months ago

    bro, i like so much your videos, try do more teaching videos not only examing

  • Omar Choudhury
    Omar Choudhury 2 months ago +5

    3:34 she doesn’t shave 🪒 😂😂😬👌

  • Zahraa Jebara
    Zahraa Jebara 2 months ago +3

    28:50 i came out of the bathroom and it was so quiet and then my dad dropped something loud and then 28:50 came on and i screamed and jumped on my bed LMFAOO

  • Ty Garland
    Ty Garland 2 months ago

    she had mad armpit hair

  • marrentm
    marrentm 3 months ago

    Is The Ultimate Driving Course good for Norwegians aswell, even though we drive on the other side of the road?

    • marrentm
      marrentm 2 months ago

      @Jack haha ty Jack

    • Jack
      Jack 2 months ago

      how did i find you here lol nice fortnite vids

  • subhan afzal
    subhan afzal 3 months ago

    Omg shes such a nerd

  • Bunny
    Bunny 3 months ago

    Objects appear closer in side mirrors, not further...

    • Avi
      Avi 3 months ago

      You are moron. Convex glasses make objects look further than they actually are, ergo, every side mirror has a text saying "objects are closer than they appear"

  • bander al
    bander al 3 months ago

    today i drove for the first time and my brother told me to go on the highway now that was scary

  • Getsmoked-_
    Getsmoked-_ 3 months ago

    She’s tiny

  • Vizzy
    Vizzy 3 months ago

    No one:

  • Cars.and_gtrs Yt
    Cars.and_gtrs Yt 3 months ago

    I learnt at 12 in thruxton, it was litttt

  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes 3 months ago

    *_wHy dOn'T wE jUsT rElAx AnD tUrN oN tHe RaDiO? wOuLd YoU lIkE aM oR fM_*

  • Mahad Jama
    Mahad Jama 4 months ago

    Hi I was wondering if the ultimate driving course will also be useful for the London driving tests pls get back to me as soon as possible thank you very much.

  • Kiera Taylor
    Kiera Taylor 4 months ago

    Has she passed yet?

  • 90snostalgicgal
    90snostalgicgal 4 months ago +1

    My first ever driving lesson in 2009 was a horrendous experience & the instructor had no patience for me whatsoever! Last month, I reapplied for my Provisional Licence & I'm now so determined to get my licence. You are a fabulous instructor, love watching your videos!

  • Diceeyy 02
    Diceeyy 02 4 months ago

    This will help me for my first lesson, thankyou.

  • Sid Sidington
    Sid Sidington 4 months ago

    My first lesson I went all around Sutton and went around islands through junctions non of that one road rubbish.

  • Tyler Russell
    Tyler Russell 4 months ago

    Oh nah hahah she has hairy arm pits

  • Waqas Al Abbasi
    Waqas Al Abbasi 4 months ago

    I love your Teaching Style. Appreciate able Sir. ❤❤❤
    Greetings from The State Jammu & Kashmir Aksai E Tibatha 🍁🍁🍁

  • Rangerrye
    Rangerrye 4 months ago

    Imagine paying for a course about fucjing glass

  • Jac Gordon
    Jac Gordon 4 months ago

    These videos are absolutely phenomenal for learning yourself 😂 Like it's incredible how much I don't know even tho I have driven (off road and in private property, not old enough to drive) im turning 17 in 3 months but probably won't be driving until about 5 months, but until then I'll be watching all these videos flat out 😂

  • Mahdi Saadat
    Mahdi Saadat 4 months ago

    Hi, Could you please let me know if the ultimate driving courses cover the driving rules in Australia? I can see many similarities but I am not 100% sure.

  • JAMERZZ 13
    JAMERZZ 13 4 months ago +4

    God damn, her armpit hair tho😦😯

  • Glovine
    Glovine 4 months ago +5

    had my first ever driving test today and passed with only 3 minors! Thank you so much for posting your videos because they do really help!