• Published on Feb 26, 2017
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  • BT Rulez
    BT Rulez 7 months ago +645

    Lebron James in the thumbnail, hahaha. You tried to mirror it.

    • Alcina Calla Anza
      Alcina Calla Anza Month ago

      Dexcinn Onso yuyou yh bbbNnnm m

    • grenz yu
      grenz yu Month ago

      hahaha,ni shuo de tai hao le

    • AT47 _
      AT47 _ Month ago

      @Taewoo Lee LeBron's image is inverted in the thumbnail

    • Taewoo Lee
      Taewoo Lee 2 months ago

      What does it mean..? James? Mirror??

  • 杰 啊
    杰 啊 7 hours ago

    More scores:

  • Oliver Magliaro
    Oliver Magliaro 10 hours ago

    Kobe to shaq oop

  • Wesley Johnson
    Wesley Johnson 17 hours ago

    D wade dunk on Varejao lets be honest if it wasn’t D wade That could have been a Technical. After D wade landed he noticed Varejao went down so he changed the way he was going to walk over Varejao. Thats pretty disrespectful. Imagine if Kendrick Perkins does that. Thats a obvious T foul.

  • minzinha :3
    minzinha :3 Day ago +1

    Kuroko no basket hehehhehe

    JASON C Day ago

    Lebron 》Kobe

  • Fabiano Zmt
    Fabiano Zmt Day ago

    Derek Fisher 0.4 seconds, where is it!?

  • Sandijs Visnakovs

    Top 10 finishes for 15 year old teenagers. They dont know a shit how many MJ did of these hahaha what a joke!!!

  • bokeem bridge
    bokeem bridge Day ago

    That sucked...didnt know the nba started in 2001

  • khristian mari
    khristian mari Day ago +1

    1987 finals Lakers vs Celtics Game 4 , Magic vs Bird 10 most epic? jajajajajaja that´s game its epic

  • Larry Webb
    Larry Webb 2 days ago

    Where's #Magic's baby Sky Hook for the Laker's 1st Championship over the Celtics in 1985?

  • Larry Webb
    Larry Webb 2 days ago +1

    You miss 28 shots... you'd better score 60 points and win.

  • Михаил Чекунов

    MJ -number one. ...

  • onynex Johnson
    onynex Johnson 3 days ago

    Yall peep that illegal ass screen in number one👀

  • SIRIUS/シリウス
    SIRIUS/シリウス 3 days ago

    LeBron is nigga

  • Viktorija Lukavičiūtė


  • Ty Cornett
    Ty Cornett 4 days ago

    Music pissed me off

  • Clay Call
    Clay Call 4 days ago +1

    Shouldn’t this be labeled Best NBA moments from 1998-Now? Cool video but extremely misleading title

    • Michael Tao
      Michael Tao 2 days ago

      My Friend Sammy decided on the title and he said hes sorry

  • mike corona
    mike corona 5 days ago

    Tracy @ #5 was straight outa pocket I’m sorry but coach Pop lost 2 years of his life over that shit! 😂

  • Aiz ko
    Aiz ko 5 days ago

    shot over craig ehlo isnt here and lillards buzzer beater is higher than the block?

  • Serdar Zengin
    Serdar Zengin 5 days ago

    Where is Robert Horry? LA - Kings

  • Sean Yager
    Sean Yager 6 days ago +4

    I have NEVER in my life seen music RUIN such a quality video as much as I just witnessed...

  • Demonwiner & Gachawinter

    That's crazy

  • Antonio Escudero
    Antonio Escudero 7 days ago

    JORDAN....... OPEEEN......... For the history

  • Robert0276
    Robert0276 8 days ago

  • Mari Hearndon
    Mari Hearndon 8 days ago +2

    Who did this video.....
    Where is IVERSON????

  • Carlo Cruz
    Carlo Cruz 9 days ago +3

    Jordan's should've been #1 and should have shown the last 2mins leading up to that final shot... people thought the game was over and Utah won...

  • Airfabio
    Airfabio 10 days ago

    James in the most epic? lmfao! xD Please! You forgot many other more epic plays of the past.

    • Airfabio
      Airfabio 13 hours ago

      @Joshua Rivers Coz everybody is a media slave and isn't able to think with his own mind. Plus, don't understand anything of basketball.
      P.s. I stand and talk whenever I want!

    • Joshua Rivers
      Joshua Rivers 16 hours ago +1

      Dude shut up and sit down, LeBron James will always be on any epic list period whether you like it or not.

  • Geca Prescilla Graboso

    So TMac #5 Ray Allen #9 and Lillard #3? Admins are high AF.

  • Lucas Kim
    Lucas Kim 10 days ago

    Wtf is this music

  • هاني الحربي
    هاني الحربي 10 days ago


  • Tony Lai
    Tony Lai 10 days ago

    No offence, but LBJ’s shooting pose is a bit rare among there 3 guys loll

  • Dave TheWave
    Dave TheWave 10 days ago

    They gave him them 60. #1?.. smh

  • 蔡宗哲
    蔡宗哲 11 days ago

    T MAC is the best !!!

  • Killer Peanut
    Killer Peanut 11 days ago

    Tmac's moment was the best moment ever on nba, and still is. I am happy that Tmac was the hero o3f a moment like this, he deserve it

  • Jerry Long
    Jerry Long 11 days ago

    Batum didn’t believe it was going in

  • 100 subscribers without any videos challenge

    The music just makes it so much better..

  • watchyamind
    watchyamind 12 days ago +11

    Forgot Reggie Miller's 11 points in 9 secs vs the Knicks ....or something like that 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Carson Barnes
    Carson Barnes 12 days ago

    no d rose?

  • Francis Cabrera
    Francis Cabrera 13 days ago


  • Ahmed Kadar
    Ahmed Kadar 13 days ago

    Wait what in 3:04 durent used in the thunder team?

  • Aaron Javier
    Aaron Javier 13 days ago +1

    That MJ shot - He pushed his defender

  • Olivia Connors
    Olivia Connors 14 days ago +1

    the best one r when players get dunked on 😂👌🏻🤯

  • n3v3r l3t0ff
    n3v3r l3t0ff 15 days ago

    Music ruined it good video tho

  • Jonathon Murray
    Jonathon Murray 15 days ago

    I can think of two NBA moments that are greater than any of these.

  • Andy Z
    Andy Z 16 days ago

    Obviously, you're not a fan of the Warriors, and that's ok. But you're Top Ten is tainted, and therefore....bye.

    • Andy Zamenes
      Andy Zamenes 15 days ago

      @Borjoalsa Actually, I was a Warrior fan back in the Al Attles, Rick Barry, Nate Thurmond, etc. days. You might not even know who they are, depending on how old you are. But hey, you've got the views, think what you want.

  • Lock이
    Lock이 17 days ago

    르브론의 슈팅폼은 엉성함

  • Anelice Ribeiro
    Anelice Ribeiro 17 days ago


  • Trey V
    Trey V 17 days ago +5

    4:30 Kevin love was clamping curry

  • •Søfi 30 Herrerå•

    Were is Stephen Curry ??? 😡😡😡

  • boxx wiition
    boxx wiition 18 days ago

    mc grady 1

  • West Senkovec
    West Senkovec 18 days ago +1

    This video is bullshit.
    Michael Jordans dunk from half court in Space jam isn't even in top 10 smh

  • Ahmed Alnoor
    Ahmed Alnoor 18 days ago +2

    Kobe's final game is the top moment in NBA history? hmmm you must not know much about NBA history or you would have put a couple more Jordan highlights, Magic's final MVP and Bird game winner against Portland... all those are far more impacting and legendary than some of these you have in this list.

  • Angelo Salinas
    Angelo Salinas 18 days ago


  • Pokemon 25x
    Pokemon 25x 18 days ago +1

    Jordan did not ankle that guy cause Michael Jordan push him 😕😕😐😑

  • txkillersnow
    txkillersnow 18 days ago

    I could make 30 better lists

  • Zdai Capone
    Zdai Capone 19 days ago

    both Kobe's cenes too high. Allen's shot to low. mjs finals shot with bulls should be # 1. weres Dr J's cradle dunk against Lakers? the arena went crazy. and Derrick Rose's buzzer against Cavs> westbrooks.

  • TripledoublemachneL23 L23

    Lol jordan flu game is #1.

  • Μιλτος Κυριακοπουλος

    Only one scene from the nba king michael?ahhahahahaha

  • jim boukis
    jim boukis 20 days ago

    mj not #1???????????????????? fuck out of here man

  • Quirino Garza
    Quirino Garza 20 days ago

    That shove in the back kills me every time 😂

  • Rayhan Zulfa skinhead
    Rayhan Zulfa skinhead 20 days ago

    Ditantangun aspac team sir hehe deal by michle jordan amin allah swt alhamdulillah ya allah amin salooom assalamualaikum big brother your secret edmayers your student sir now i work in indonesia goverment of indonesia nations and working in syariah bank and have BNU DISTRO CLOSE AND PANTS SPORT WEAR ALL AROUND THE WORLD BIG BROTERS BYE........

  • Tavo Moya
    Tavo Moya 21 day ago +1

    Ahhh Reggie Miller against New York? ???

  • Zachary Gippe
    Zachary Gippe 21 day ago

    Kobe Bryant is number one!!

  • Yasmin Queen
    Yasmin Queen 21 day ago

    Music is annoying

  • Carlos Acuña
    Carlos Acuña 21 day ago

    you forgot a big moment in the last times !!! the spurs season 2013-2014, that year the world saw the most beautiful basketball of all times ... like celtics and lakers of larry bird and magic jhonson !! ... something never seen.

  • Kevin Crater
    Kevin Crater 21 day ago

    Game 7, coming down from 3-1, against a 73 win team with the back to back MVP, winning it for Cleveland... there's NO WAY Kyrie's shot isn't number 1.

  • Eozvarit
    Eozvarit 22 days ago

    Epic my ass! No Miller's 8 pts in 9 seconds, no inbound over Jao to alley-oop, no Kerr's 3 "if he comes off I'll be ready" which is definition of epic

  • brandon hargraves
    brandon hargraves 22 days ago

    That mcgrady shit was fucking way

  • lalala lalala
    lalala lalala 22 days ago

    The people that says "the person who made this probably born on 2000" but the basket have completely changed the last 20 years and the popularity of the nba just blew up the last 20 years too so stop saying bullshit pls