DO TEENS KNOW 90s MUSIC? #5 (REACT: Do They Know It?)


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    • MoRiellyMoProblems
      MoRiellyMoProblems Год назад +17

      Five of these videos about 90s songs, and not one of them has featured a Blues Traveler song.

    • Patrick sucks at Vlogging
      Patrick sucks at Vlogging Год назад +1


    • JustKeN
      JustKeN Год назад +1

      Aqua - Barbie Girl

    • Oscar Luna
      Oscar Luna Год назад +3

      REACT I want to see people reacting to Punk Rock music, especially the elders they never like it

    • Anto Redmond
      Anto Redmond Год назад +3

      REACT Soundgarden!!!!

  • Wendy P.
    Wendy P. Год назад +2

    No Bjork,rage against the machine,and korn?!:(

  • NinjaKiero
    NinjaKiero Год назад +1

    You should really do a rock/metal edition of this, because that's pretty much the only music I listen to. Would be cool to see that. :)

  • Alpaca Jones
    Alpaca Jones Год назад +1

    Jordan knew Pony straight away because she has stripped to it before. Note the nervous laugh at the start. Boom.

  • CurryKingWurst
    CurryKingWurst Год назад +10

    “I wasn't even born back then.“
    And? Hell, if I'd stop listening to everything older than me, I'd lose about 80% of my music.

  • sarah sallet
    sarah sallet Год назад +1

    I can barely watch these kinda web shows nowadays considering so many kids never heard of the artist, song, or they just think the music is plain weird. (And I'm a teenager myself)

    • sarah sallet
      sarah sallet Год назад

      Pure G 101 I knew all these songs except one (by Genuwine or whatever). I am a huge rock and roll fan, and to think none of them ever heard of Alice in Chains ticked me off 😂 They're iconic honestly.

    • _SOmEoNe_ litt
      _SOmEoNe_ litt Год назад +1

      sarah sallet I feel the same way😂

  • Emerald Eimear
    Emerald Eimear Год назад +7

    How do they not know Mmmbop?!? Genuinely shocked at this one!

  • Alyssa Rey
    Alyssa Rey Год назад +3

    kids react to blink 182 or kids react to my chemical romance(:

  • Ariana Kennedy
    Ariana Kennedy Год назад +11

    i actually cried when no one knew alice in chains

  • Willow
    Willow Год назад

    I only knew 1 -_-

  • Surgtech1321
    Surgtech1321 Год назад +30

    Mmmbop also made Zac Hanson the youngest Grammy nominated songwriter

  • Kiwi Wilson
    Kiwi Wilson Год назад +3

    The only song I knew was 'All The Small Things' XD

  • MKZ
    MKZ Год назад +4

    Yall got Hannah Baker reacting to stuff now. cool

  • RAFAEL Magallanes
    RAFAEL Magallanes Год назад

    you should do more of these but for kids and I want to be in it

  • King and Charlies Adventures
    King and Charlies Adventures Год назад +4

    how is Michael Jackson not in this he is the '90's

  • Pájaro Megalomaniaco
    Pájaro Megalomaniaco Год назад +21

    so tragic that nobody knew Man in the box :(

  • Gisselle Marie
    Gisselle Marie Год назад +5

    Hey, hey. Hanson was LIFE. LOL.

    • gαγ иєκο
      gαγ иєκο Год назад

      Gisselle Marie I know that was one of my favourite back when I was little.

    • gαγ иєκο
      gαγ иєκο Год назад +1

      Gisselle Marie I know that was one of my favourite back when I was little.

  • YPP Dabigo
    YPP Dabigo Год назад +7


  • TheDaktary24
    TheDaktary24 Год назад

    that last song might have been number one in Mexico City but not in the border cities where we listen to Metallica, Gun's 'N Roses, RHCP RATM and other rock, folk rock, punk rock, grundge and some hip hop, but not at all pop, there are cities where even Britney Spears is still baned

  • SelInflictePain
    SelInflictePain Год назад +4

    The curly haired chick looks like the girl who plays Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why

  • Ben Isaacson
    Ben Isaacson Год назад +1

    I was really hoping that you would play "snow, Informer (1992)" but no such luck.

  • Sarah Cunningham
    Sarah Cunningham Год назад +2

    what the hell, how can some of them not know mmm bop by hansen?!?!

  • Kyle Deansters
    Kyle Deansters Год назад +1

    all these 2017 "I love 90s" tours. I'm in heaven. Plus I've seen a bunch of other 90s artists during a 90s RnB music festival..

  • Soratha Preap
    Soratha Preap Год назад +1

    Funny how much Thomas looks just like a younger version of Tom Welling(Smallville).

  • Chris Cassidy
    Chris Cassidy Год назад +6

    did anyone else wanna throw their computers when only one person got the first one and he was unsure??

  • Toni Jay
    Toni Jay Год назад +8

    Bryson be knowing all the music lol

  • MUBM
    MUBM Год назад +1281

    The lack of Alice in Chains knowledge somewhat hurts my heart.

  • mark nvt
    mark nvt Год назад +3

    is this the 90's in America, its not in Europe lol

  • Meina
    Meina Год назад +5

    Adult react to Hanson for their 25th Anniversary!! (and mmmbop 20th anniversary!)

  • Ska-ventures 97
    Ska-ventures 97 Год назад +2

    Do teens know 70s-80s Punk music?

  • johnny carter
    johnny carter Год назад +2

    guess what these teens will be old to and it will come fasttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Matteus2002
    Matteus2002 Год назад +1

    I'd love to see any of the adults / you tubers / teens react to songs from Canada or the UK. They'd probably be shocked at how much songs they like isn't home grown

    • GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER
      GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER Год назад

      Uhh, most likely not...Our three countries' music is basically intertwined.

  • Thena
    Thena Год назад +2


  • Fly Cartoons
    Fly Cartoons Год назад +2

    Can you react to 90's hip hop groups?

    • Thena
      Thena Год назад

      KvngInds I doubt they will sadly

  • chiPunk11
    chiPunk11 Год назад +1

    love these 90s song videos

  • Harris McGregor
    Harris McGregor Год назад +11

    i live a simple life, i see blink i click

    • Dom Flores
      Dom Flores Год назад +1

      Harris McGregor yep

    • Bean Flexer
      Bean Flexer Год назад +1

      Harris McGregor same.

  • Pierce Fondren
    Pierce Fondren Год назад +10

    why does everyone try singing punk pop with a british accent

    • Sebastian Nathan
      Sebastian Nathan Год назад +1

      Pierce Fondren the blink singer had a lip ring and a tongue piercing at the same time while he sang those songs so that explains the accent

    • Emily Rose
      Emily Rose Год назад

      Have you even heard 'I Miss You'? by Blink 😂

  • Mee Meee
    Mee Meee Год назад +1

    teens react to TLC music videos and fashion

  • Nicole Teo
    Nicole Teo Год назад +3

    anyone remembers the chasing waterfalls song from the princess diaries??

  • mallowhawk294
    mallowhawk294 Год назад

    7:07 she's naturally funny

  • M0rphin
    M0rphin Год назад +2

    Teens react any heavy metal cmoooon judas dio ozzy maiden cmooon i really wanna know what these new gen children will think about heavy metal

  • James D Teller
    James D Teller Год назад

    As soon as I hear either grunge or rap one these shows I want to go listen to some especially this one after hearing Alice In Chains

  • Ludmila A.
    Ludmila A. Год назад +1

    react to caravan palace

  • Surly Momma
    Surly Momma Год назад +3

    "what were you doin in the 90's" well kid only if you knew. Lol miss the grunge music that's for sure.

    • EruvieBruinen
      EruvieBruinen Год назад

      Surly Momma 90's was the best time to grow up in! :-D

  • J. Boisselle
    J. Boisselle Год назад +228

    "Rolling Stones/Coldplay, same thing....WOOOOOWWW...I hope he was kidding....was he kidding?!!?!

  • jose olalde
    jose olalde Год назад +138

    I"m surprised Bryson did not know Waterfalls by TLC, he looks like the kid who sang it in We're the Millers.

  • Marina Abroad
    Marina Abroad Год назад +1

    Now "Mmm Bop" will be stuck in my head!! I wonder if I could fall asleep 😂🤗 I love this song so much😍😍

  • Cupid De Locke
    Cupid De Locke Год назад +2

    1:20. My heart 💔

  • Ludmila A.
    Ludmila A. Год назад +1

    You should put some Jamiroquai on these. They were pretty big in the 90s and early 2000s.

  • Yuki Eiri
    Yuki Eiri Год назад +1

    2/7... Needs more Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein and Ministry.. :P

  • Peenoise Gaming
    Peenoise Gaming Год назад

    3:11 Britney Spears?

  • Emily Hawthorne
    Emily Hawthorne Год назад +3

    I'm 14 and knew most of these

    • Emily Hawthorne
      Emily Hawthorne Год назад +4

      Zebraa yes I'm very special infact I am the definition of special in everyway!! are you special?

    • Zebraa
      Zebraa Год назад +8

      and ur special now ?

  • zkamuiz
    zkamuiz Год назад +1

    put a song from our lady peace!

  • Young Clout Boy
    Young Clout Boy Год назад +313

    It hurts me to see that only 1 out of 10 of them knew man in the box by Alice In Chains

  • Nnia Elharar
    Nnia Elharar Год назад +1

    when they started playing alice in chains i was so confused cuz theyve never done that before lmaoo

  • Incorrectly Drawn
    Incorrectly Drawn Год назад +6

    brysons face during pony... he knows what's up.

  • F.C.O F.C.O
    F.C.O F.C.O Год назад

    olivia look so good hopefully she doesn't have a boyfriend😦

  • Patrick sucks at Vlogging
    Patrick sucks at Vlogging Год назад +2

    ive been waiting for you to do my favorite band blink 182!

  • Alana Williams
    Alana Williams Год назад +7

    I'm so happy Man in the Box was finally in one of these react videos , I've been waiting forever !!

  • Alleah Grimster
    Alleah Grimster Год назад +1

    2000 rock?

  • Rebecca H
    Rebecca H Год назад +7

    I have got to stop watching these... they make me feel really really old, and I'm not even 30!

  • funch
    funch Год назад +1

    Teens react to $uicideboy$

  • NiggasBR
    NiggasBR Год назад +15

    What's wrong with the 90s?

  • Magic_Asap
    Magic_Asap Год назад

    Teens React toPokemon XYZ plz

  • f i s h
    f i s h Год назад +1

    Teens react to the song Sucker For Pain from Suicide Squad please! :D

  • Alex K
    Alex K Год назад +2

    Needed more grunge... loved that you incorporated an a.i.c song in there.

  • Uncle Bozo
    Uncle Bozo Год назад +2

    kids/teens react to Bon Jovi

  • priscilla ortega
    priscilla ortega Год назад +4

    I really wish I was a part of this channel omg

  • Breyon O'Neal
    Breyon O'Neal Год назад +7

    So happy to hear Hanson at the end. I love their songs. Hanson forever💖💖💖

  • Christopher Terrazas
    Christopher Terrazas Год назад +2

    The girl in the red made this episode 💪🏼

  • loweredtalon
    loweredtalon Год назад +6

    Really want to mess them up? Play them some 90s Euro music.

  • A
    A Год назад

    maybe do a do teens know old war movies

  • amalia
    amalia Год назад +7

    The way she said library😬

    • brian0918
      brian0918 Год назад


    • Kaitlyn Carroll
      Kaitlyn Carroll Год назад +1


  • Peter Thrupp
    Peter Thrupp Год назад +5

    "Rolling Stones, Coldplay, same thing."
    Boy, I will find you, and I will force you to listen to Get Your Ya-Ya's Out.

  • Alexander Cross
    Alexander Cross Год назад

    I was born in '88, and these kids knew many of these as well as i do.

    • Alexander Cross
      Alexander Cross Год назад

      Oh I know all, but could only name 3 of the artists.

    • Garraway Prox
      Garraway Prox Год назад

      I was also born in '88 and I can't recall most of these. Some of them sure, but not all :C

  • MrYamaha06
    MrYamaha06 Год назад

    teens/collage kids Avengers: Infinity War: First Look REACT??? :D

  • Sarauniya B. I. B
    Sarauniya B. I. B Год назад +11

    "TLC, is that a TV station?" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Carl Vitek
    Carl Vitek Год назад

    that waterfalls song is a joke I always use in poker when someone chases the river and fails

  • cacticrisis
    cacticrisis Год назад +2

    Mandy Moore always​ makes me want to watch Center Stage

  • Scott Hudson
    Scott Hudson Год назад +12

    these kids today wouldn't have a clue what good music is if it ran over them.

  • PaulXPZ
    PaulXPZ Год назад +4

    God I miss the 90's!!

  • Garrett Duke
    Garrett Duke Год назад +3

    Can you please put a Pantera song into the next Do They Know 90's music

  • gen
    gen Год назад +6

    we need a teens react to chris cornell

  • gen
    gen Год назад +13

    no one knew alice in chains, what a shame.

    • j0m017
      j0m017 Год назад +5

      That made me really depressed.

  • Jamie Lamie
    Jamie Lamie Год назад +2

    I sense a pattern; They know less and less what the songs are. Which, ultimately, is super depressing hahahahaha

  • Guru Lax
    Guru Lax Год назад +3

    "They probably surf and have seashell necklaces"

  • Jodie Thow
    Jodie Thow Год назад +5

    Never have i felt so ancient

  • Moonwort
    Moonwort Год назад +3

    I have 2 copies of that Hanson CD still idk why. Like one maybe, but 2?

  • Mica Mimi
    Mica Mimi Год назад +3

    reac to ramones!

  • hockeyfan224
    hockeyfan224 Год назад

    React to mushroomhead!!

  • Mackenzie Largent
    Mackenzie Largent Год назад +1

    Can you do teens react to Pierce The Veil or Sleeping With Sirens? That would be awesome

  • McLovin
    McLovin Год назад +8

    Finally some blink 182

  • Whi te
    Whi te Год назад +2

    The 90s were definitely the best years of my life.

  • Mari-Elise Vik
    Mari-Elise Vik Год назад

    Teens react to skam

  • rdujdzjdd yxdudzudzzj
    rdujdzjdd yxdudzudzzj Год назад +6

    teens call anything iconic nowadays, lol.

  • Robyn Walsh
    Robyn Walsh Год назад

    I'm 11and I Knew all of these cause I'm a 90s little girl like I loveeee the rollin stones I love acdc and the who and Kings of Leon's and even more ❤️❤️

    • Robyn Walsh
      Robyn Walsh Год назад

      Ye but when I was growing up my dad would listen to all them and I know all the songs so that's how and I still listen to them to this day

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler Год назад +4

      yeah ok but you do know that none of these bands are from the 90's and you are also not a 90's kid right?

    • Ricky Pasmant
      Ricky Pasmant Год назад +2

      If you are 11 then you aren't a 90's kid

  • Baby Roach
    Baby Roach Год назад +5

    Wearing supreme but doesn't know TLC ......🤔

  • Mariam
    Mariam Год назад +6

    teens react to UK grime !!!!

    • Baby Roach
      Baby Roach Год назад

      Mariam that would be Soo lit!!!!

  • kevin davis
    kevin davis Год назад +6

    Teens react to 90s r&b

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson Год назад +1

    January 2000 baby here. I have never done well on any of these, but I knew every other song starting with number one somehow!