Kosovo: Tony Blair Street ❓ WHY ❓❓❓

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
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  • Kuq e Zi
    Kuq e Zi 3 months ago

    Good guy tony

    RED DRAGON 5 months ago +1

    I wish you all the best, dear friend.
    Thanks Graham. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Anton Sokoli
    Anton Sokoli 5 months ago

    All politicians in Europe and America are garbage
    All of them Zionist puppets

  • Ogi Gligic
    Ogi Gligic 6 months ago

    Pure evil in man shape.

  • Arber Kastrati
    Arber Kastrati 6 months ago

    You are so stupid video I swear you ask an old man and he cant speak English you are so stupid it's not your fault is the Fault the shop you have by this camera the men that have sell you this camera this is a the fold of your life because selling a camera and Donkey a****** it's it's impossible make a video about crimes in Kosovo I give the name of the village with make crimes in Kosovo the Serbian pay you if you humans make a video about crime scene kosova 1 masakra e libeniqit 2 masakra Rugove te hasit 3 masakrat e Drenices 4 Masakra reqak and more and more 13000 people Kosova Albanias was killed 1656 are hidden in serbia 20000 women and girls are sexual abuse tortured this is the truth not you can change the story you can make thousands of videos but you just losing your time and ignorance is not that best the truth is that best I know Serbian Russian have pay you but it's not a solution to destroy inside yourself

  • rokman69able
    rokman69able 6 months ago

    Graham you paid troll of serbia, do you know how many civilians were killed in bosnia and croatia. If it wasnt for nato, today no bosnia and kosova to exist. You gutter rat graham

    • FishCebab
      FishCebab 5 months ago +2

      yes but it was a civil war. nothing is wrong in a war among themselves. when NATO decides to interfere it become idiotic. btw i believe that croatian ustashe commited mass genocide killing around 500 000 serbs. you gutter rat rokman69able

    LODIELIE B 7 months ago +1

    Albanian criminals never go to jail, but Serbian “criminals” go to jail no matter what 🙄

  • Enver Lami
    Enver Lami 7 months ago +1

    Bill Clinton, toni bler medlin ollbrajt fantastik, uck,ucmbp,fenamenal ,London USA fantastik, NATO Big Albanien fenamenal 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱uck

  • Enver Lami
    Enver Lami 7 months ago +1

    Graham he mut serb sllav und ☝️

  • Enver Lami
    Enver Lami 7 months ago

    Toni bler fantastike 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • A.M Nasuji
    A.M Nasuji 7 months ago +3

    So u are saying they should have left Serbia kill more of us(Albanians) and then move on.Nah dude either u are out of your mind or u just have not heart.Cuz u would know that thousands of us died because oft those street dogs,THIS IS OUR LAND,OUR LOVE,OUR INDEPENDENCE AND AINT NOBODY IN THE WORLD GONNA STOP THAT

  • adam nikqi
    adam nikqi 7 months ago

    Thank u Tony u are my hero and Graham is sick pedofil

  • adam nikqi
    adam nikqi 7 months ago +1

    Toni Blair is working for vucic as adviser not to be 💣 again

    • adam nikqi
      adam nikqi 6 months ago

      @Ivan Radovanović kako ste bolesni narod, jesi video igra buducnost u kosarci se tucete vama treba sve isterati u rusiju oluja cetnici

    • Ivan Radovanović
      Ivan Radovanović 6 months ago

      No,we learned that we need to pay more than you to slow him down its more like bribe.we are investing in our military you investing in mafia.well we will see at the end ,because this isn't over my friend.

  • adam nikqi
    adam nikqi 7 months ago +1

    Thanks for supporting republic of kosova Graham u are pedofil

  • brobribrubra wwv
    brobribrubra wwv 7 months ago

    I hope that you will also have your street somewhere in Svrbija Grami! 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

  • Marko Malisor
    Marko Malisor 7 months ago

    Fuck all you with propaganda Tony Blear save two million humans in Kosova bcs England toke Kosovo from Albania 1911 in London conference and that was huge mistake of entire Europe and put Kosovo Albanians in shark teeth of Serb nationalist and genocide people that they killed only in Bosnia ove 270 thousand people so who is wrong here Mr Blear and NATO or Serbian četniks and nationalist only in Kosovo execute over 13.500 people only bcs are Albanians and rape 20 thousand young girls shame on you

  • Real Isti
    Real Isti 7 months ago

    Graham fucking liar. Piece of shit ...

  • J M
    J M 7 months ago

    Graham philip he will suck dick for £10 that’s what he is. Like serbs for even less €1

  • J M
    J M 7 months ago

    Graham Philip he’s a spy cunt and I fucking hate him more then serbs.

  • J M
    J M 7 months ago +3

    God bless tony Blair he’s a best leader that Uk never had and also at same time bill clinton.
    God bless those two people that we will never forget them never ever!!!

    • Kuq e Zi
      Kuq e Zi 3 months ago

      In 20 years is Kosovo in NATO you bitch

    • Ivan Radovanović
      Ivan Radovanović 6 months ago

      You will in 20years , history will forget them and so you would.things are going in our favour .it's trump on power now , Russia getting stronger and stronger (check Syria;)), China too.you will loose yours protectors ,we investin in army you investing in mafia and at the end we will return ,our history is there our monestyres are there our graves is there do you think this is over?we liberated Kosovo from Turks after 350years we will do it again .you don't understand Serbian people well.Serbia has 7.5milion people living in most of them, at least 1milion is prepared to go to Kosovo if war began but we don't need that we just need to free Colonel Milorad Ulemek Legija From prison plus give him arms and couple of thousand of his men and that's is my friend . without yours protectors you running like chicken shit .why you didn't win the rebellion for independensy by your self without NATO !?;)

  • balena
    balena 7 months ago

    HA HA HA , you don't dare to talk to someone who knows English... you coward.....they would kick your ass .,,,,

  • Dardan Çelaj
    Dardan Çelaj 7 months ago

    "Thaci has been accused of atrocities"..... right
    The serbian army, police, paramilitaries, even some civilians with arms have been CONVICTED of atrocities against Albanian men women and children in the war and you are blaming the Albanians defending themselves against the army? loool go lick putins arse you bald mug

  • M Beqo
    M Beqo 8 months ago

    You are so agly Graham. You stupid NAZI

    BALKAN HAJDUK 8 months ago

    Albans lick ass

  • bekim1996
    bekim1996 8 months ago +1

    Tony Blair saved 1.6 million people from Massacre and this is true and you lot know it what did John Major done for UK kill Diana yeah is that right what did Margaret Thatcher did closed all the manufacturers industries she put working close to the property Tony Blair is the legend and always will be

  • Angelfire
    Angelfire 8 months ago +1

    Just another indicator of how ridiculous that “country” is.

  • Afrim Daljipi
    Afrim Daljipi 8 months ago +1

    Bravo toni Blair Respekt. Gruß from Austria 👍👍👍👍

  • cool cool
    cool cool 8 months ago +3


  • Free-Spoken Media
    Free-Spoken Media 8 months ago

    Blair and Clinton are evil. Doesn't change the fact that Kosovo is 95% Albanian and has been a majority Albanian population since the last 1800s.

  • Du Bist
    Du Bist 8 months ago

    omg youre such a hater

  • Arber Frasheri
    Arber Frasheri 8 months ago

    In every place in world has different names off different nation. I heard that Tony fucked Graham wife on that street, that's why that street is called in that way.

  • boo yaa
    boo yaa 8 months ago

    hey graham it looks like you are from russian father background and gipsy siberian mother but i can tell one thing ill bet you if you ever step a foot in kosovo i promise you they will make best video of you running like a bitch, same videos you made for ukrainians when you spoke russian and then we found out you are gipsy later on.

  • Artenis Sollaku
    Artenis Sollaku 8 months ago

    The Albanian nation has always been cut off by the great powers said otherwise Albania is fragmented for the interest of other states in the various conferences that have made these states in the name of peace and stability by destroying an indigenous people throughout the Balkans.

    • Artenis Sollaku
      Artenis Sollaku 8 months ago

      Yebossi Mukewu Powerful states have changed the history of mankind according to their personal interest by destroying and breaking the Albanian nation.

    • Artenis Sollaku
      Artenis Sollaku 8 months ago

      Yebossi Mukewu The Albanian people and the Albanian nation are autochthonous and descendants of Skënderbeg and Pirro of Epirus and are descendants of Pelasgians who are the most ancient people of mankind.

    • Yebossi Mukewu
      Yebossi Mukewu 8 months ago

      Actually, at 1912 you were granted a state that you never had in your history by the Great Powers, to prevent Serbia from getting access to the Adriatic Sea. Each Balkan nation fought against Ottomans for centuries to liberate its lands and create modern and independent state, while you got a state for free on the territory that was liberated by Serbian, Montenegrin and Greek troops! Sorry, but you don't have any credit to complain!

  • Magnificient_AD
    Magnificient_AD 8 months ago

    This journalist is payed by serbians and russians. Everything they can do is pay some journalists to make unethical campaigns against Kosovo. Shame on you! We expected this from russians and serbians but not from British... Just how can you accuse one of the best presidents of UK! Everything I can say is: SHAME ON YOU GRAHAM PHILIPS!

    • Magnificient_AD
      Magnificient_AD 7 months ago

      sranjesuper sranjesuper What expose ?! Unrealistic expose? Try reading something. Albanians protected serbians in world war II we even wore you with our national wear just so you won't be recognized and killed by Hitler regime. But you are ungrateful people who forget what someone did for them and stab them in the back without even thinking! READ YOUR DIRTY HISTORY FIRST AND THEN JUST THEN YOU CAN TRY TALKING ABOUT IT.

    • Magnificient_AD
      Magnificient_AD 7 months ago

      Yebossi Mukewu "pathetic albanian self-victimization" you say... Oh my God I can't believe how many people in this world give worthless opinions about what they don't know. Serbians killed 15 SERBIAN children yes, yes you can say what, you can think we are self-victimizers but I tell you what: Serbians are the most unethical, most bad people in the whole globe... They raped albanian women, children and even men without a single thought, oh, i forgot because they are brainless, no they're not even brainless because they try to brainwash the whole world that they were the victim. It's worthless talking with people that know nothing about our history or even theirs so... Bye and try reading something!

    • sranjesuper
      sranjesuper 7 months ago

      Shame on him for exposing things for how they are?

    • Yebossi Mukewu
      Yebossi Mukewu 8 months ago

      Noone is paying him for anything! He is just a free thinking person immune to pathetic Albanian self-victimization, as well as Western media-lies! Therefore, he has nothing to be ashamed off, quite the opposite!

  • Lucas Mar
    Lucas Mar 8 months ago +1

    Un 1991,1995,1999 Serbian goverment committed genocide, killing bosnians,albanian, croatian civiles... We dont forget the 8000 bosniacs killed by serbian trops in an day? Kosovo libre y indipendente

  • Lucas Mar
    Lucas Mar 8 months ago +3

    The Serbian goverment did genocide, killing bosnians,albanian, croatian civiles... We dont forget the 8000 bosniacs killed by serbian trops in an day? Kosovo libre y indipendente

    • Yebossi Mukewu
      Yebossi Mukewu 8 months ago

      You are incredibly retarded! What „genocide" when Serbs were the ones that were ethnically cleansed from Croatia, large part of Bosnia and Kosovo?

    MALISA GMB 8 months ago +1

    everybody now kosovo is muslim criminal country,president of kosovo hasim taci he is traffic organ people,hasim taci made centar in kosovo muslim albanian centar for terorist from syria,pakistan,avganistan...this terorist come in kosovo and rest and prepare for attack in france ,germany,england...kosovo must return in serbia,and serbia must quickly in europe and close the bordel..europe must help the christian SERBIA

  • Phoenix angel
    Phoenix angel 8 months ago +1

    See what Albanians did to Serb graveyards.

  • B Financial
    B Financial 8 months ago

    Colonel Jacques Hogard wrote a book about his military experience in Southern Serbia called "Europe died in Pristina" - mightynose.wordpress.com/2017/07/30/jacques-hogart-british-sas-and-americans-were-attacking-serbs-their-churches-monasteries-refugees/?fbclid=IwAR0NQu3Q7-K1pa8koMzcn1R13poK06jkZaiA_nMGLPnQLfJFoj8IV5Xjq9E

  • Bulgarian English Property Translation

    Why does RT not have a Portuguese youtube channel? its one of the most popular languages on the planet.

  • Marshall
    Marshall 8 months ago


  • J J
    J J 8 months ago +7

    Bless u Graham! It must be know that the spanish Javier Solana has a big responsability in the belgrade's attacks! NATO worldwide terrorists!!

  • Dardania Lion
    Dardania Lion 8 months ago +2

    God bless America and UK and all the rest who helps us fight back the Serbian monster machine that killed us. Long live UKRAINE that is killing the Russians.

  • StandSure
    StandSure 8 months ago +1

    Makes me sick to see this POS try worm his way back into politics in Brexit and having his opinion on things like Syria then MSM regurgitated his BS, it's disgraceful that this guy was paramount in Iraq 2003, him and Dearlove who took Intel despite being challenged by every level of analyst in MI6, to Blair and they both sailed with it, why are these people not in prison between then and Bush the Clintons they're the most dangerous and kaniving terrorist group on this planet responsible fornthe deaths of millions.

    • xrx0R 9
      xrx0R 9 2 months ago

      Well, atleast we don't have to deal with Saddam anymore.

  • dzh dzh
    dzh dzh 8 months ago +2

    You are sad human beign,I feel sorry for you.

  • Astrit Destani
    Astrit Destani 8 months ago

    tony blairworks with vucic you are stupid you are not journalist kosovo will bee forever albanian kosovo have 2 milion albanians how can be serbian you fucking idiot

  • Марко Јовановић

    Try to find Serbian cemetery and the church in Pristina. Prepare the stomach before visit. We appreciate your efforts. Beware..

  • Марко Јовановић

    2:30, Tony Bljer man, he was said on Sebian, Velika Britania.. lol

    • Ivan Radovanović
      Ivan Radovanović 6 months ago +3

      Знаш ону стару српску "говори српски да те цео свет разуме":)))

  • Big G Haywood
    Big G Haywood 8 months ago +1

    Tony Blair IS like Britain's Bill Clinton. Both were the most effective Right Wing leaders of their countries, in recent memory.

  • Katrina G
    Katrina G 8 months ago +1

    Tormentors and destroyers. Wherever they appear they leave behind death, destruction and suffering of innocent people. And that's all for money. However, the day will come when they will pay for everything. Graham, many, many, many thanks for making people aware of that. May they learn the truth and open their eyes to see who is who.

  • Confused- Cius
    Confused- Cius 8 months ago

    Hah hah! Please don't begin a "Humerous Street Titles." thread .... ;-)

  • Александр Честный

    когда же эти мрази напьются людской крови !? Тони Блядь , так точнее , сколько благодаря жажде стать "Царём Земли" уничтожено людей на межнационализме , искусственно создаваемом "заботливой дерьмократией " и " Мы лучше знаем как Вам жить в (некогда) своей стране " !? а ООН просто женская прокладка ... больше нечего сказать ... порой думается , что правят вампиры , так любящие чужую кровь ! Косово и Блер ... похоже на надгробную табличку (

  • Гульмира Омарова

    В Грузии проспект Буша... везде наследили...демократизаторы. Хотят в Венесуэле теперь улицу Трампа забацать...

  • yuri Lemming
    yuri Lemming 8 months ago +2

    Can't stand looking at that demonic face of the corrupter of decency, a labour man he never was beware of the reptilians passing themselves off as human, a hit through the neck with a shovel is best way to dispense justice to snakes & ziolizzards.

  • PavlovićHeroj Radosavljević

    😂😂😂🐵🐵🐵siptari dali mu ime ulice i to avenija gde prolaze samo stoka 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐zločinci.

    • Kuq e Zi
      Kuq e Zi 3 months ago

      Stupid bitches!!!

    • Ivan Radovanović
      Ivan Radovanović 6 months ago

      Хајахахахахаха ,слатко си ме насмејао брате ова ти је ко у Његуша!!!:)позз

    • J M
      J M 7 months ago

      Albanians will fuck your family anytime fucking filthy gypsy

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin 8 months ago +2

    You should also expose how US DynCorp [ security firm ] and including UN personnel of bad actors that were exploiting young women and minor girls as young as 11 yrs. old as well as kidnapping young girls to have associated with local criminal gangs creating Brothels for those that occupied during the so-called peacekeeping period!
    Our US State Dept. swore to find those guilty of rape and exploitation in the sex trade and trafficking were to be brought to justice but ended up like a fart in the wind!!??!!

  • Jozef Ciszewski
    Jozef Ciszewski 8 months ago +1

    How is it that people like Blair, Bush, Chany and others live very rich lives, after all the crimes they committed. Someone should kill them all. Fkn bastards.

  • George Boy
    George Boy 8 months ago +1

    It doesn't matter that much as they've spelt his name wrong. They should name a street after me, and play on it my war song. All the Kosavans and suburbians will become enlightened and make friends with each other again.

  • Сербо Фаца
    Сербо Фаца 8 months ago +13

    In end of video u speak with this old albanian man in english and he answer u in serbian not even albanian wtf hahaha

    • adam nikqi
      adam nikqi 6 months ago

      @Ivan Radovanović juce sam cuo oni iz podgorice su albanci, nisam znao 😁

    • adam nikqi
      adam nikqi 6 months ago

      @Ivan Radovanović prelazim ja svake godine izgleda mi kao selo u beograd, na benzinskim stanicima serbi pricaju albanski ja dajem pare, oni peraju kola

    • Ivan Radovanović
      Ivan Radovanović 6 months ago

      @adam nikqi плус немој се ложиш -цела Европа се ложи на Београд;)дођи слободно у Београд да видиш шта је светска метропола да осетиш мало ноћни живот најбољи у Европи, најлепше маце, најефтиније зезање ,топлоту и гостопримство Београда и овдашњих Срба ,ето позивам те да будеш мој гост гарантујем ти добар провод.позз

    • Ivan Radovanović
      Ivan Radovanović 6 months ago

      @adam nikqi Ал зато читаш српски феноменално свака част свака ти се дала:)Хрвати пишу латиницом фрајеру;)значи ово што читаш то је српски а то је зато што ти несвесно знаш где живиш и зато користиш тај језик.ја стварно твој српски неразликујем од оног језика којим је говорио свети цар Лазар док је бранио Косово од најезде Османлија;)позз

    • adam nikqi
      adam nikqi 6 months ago

      @Ivan Radovanović a ja pricam hervatski jer su oni nasa braca

  • Nummer 1
    Nummer 1 8 months ago +4

    Toni Blair ist a GOT!! Greatings from Prishtina (Independent Kosova)!