HIGHEST PAID NBA PLAYERS OF ALL-TIME! - Chris Paul | Carmelo Anthony | LeBron James

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • Over recent years in the NBA, contracts have continued to get more ridiculous each offseason and with so many legends playing in the league, who's really the highest paid players ever?
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  • Nevin K Harada
    Nevin K Harada 7 days ago


  • Mohammed Abdulla
    Mohammed Abdulla 29 days ago

    Lebron James was in the 2003 draft

  • Seek_ Speek
    Seek_ Speek Month ago

    weres jordan

  • KyaGeng
    KyaGeng Month ago +1

    1:51 is that Kemba Walker?

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness Month ago

    These Some Rich PeopLe Right Here

  • Matthew Zamora
    Matthew Zamora Month ago +1

    My friends mom almost dated Tim Duncan at wake forest

  • Dhani Smith
    Dhani Smith Month ago

    10-8 what is the background music

  • Koboids
    Koboids Month ago

    Micheal Jordan??????

  • Tayto Distura
    Tayto Distura Month ago

    0. mj?

  • Snl Montufar
    Snl Montufar Month ago +1


  • KingShaun2019
    KingShaun2019 Month ago +7

    5:03 Damian lillard was drafted the next year 🤦‍♂️

  • Chuks 41217
    Chuks 41217 Month ago

    1:15 dang

  • omegapointil
    omegapointil Month ago +1

    And they come to taxpayers when they need an arena refurbished. Its all just the art of accounting.

  • Crabby James
    Crabby James Month ago

    Man Kevin Garnett rich

  • Chan Bawi Bik
    Chan Bawi Bik Month ago +17

    What about Michael Jordan he basically has his own company and what about Stephen Curry ?

  • Tywon Taylor
    Tywon Taylor Month ago +11

    I need a what if Lebron was able to enter the 2002 draft video !!! ASAP

  • Hybrid
    Hybrid Month ago +11

    I'm calling it Shai gilgeous Alexander is going to be a beast

    • Omar
      Omar Month ago +1

      Hybrid his brother to

  • ayye chris
    ayye chris Month ago +32

    damian lilard wasn’t in the league yet 🤦🏽‍♂️ @sportshub

    • Sir Analysts
      Sir Analysts Month ago +5

      ayye chris oh yeah he buggin dame was drafted in 2012 😭

  • Alex Ye
    Alex Ye Month ago +2

    Dame wasn’t in the nba yet during dirks finals run

  • Kevin Amaya
    Kevin Amaya Month ago

    What about mj

    • Aqua
      Aqua Month ago

      court contracts

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson Month ago +1

    Can someone tell me why they took a picture of Kobe grabbing Dwight's peeni wallie

  • Bromax 800
    Bromax 800 Month ago +1

    1:14 kobe X Dwight

  • Christian Cruz
    Christian Cruz Month ago


  • ronny jayjay
    ronny jayjay Month ago +1


  • Makel Burnside
    Makel Burnside Month ago +17

    Prediction for 2020 NBA Finals

    Lakers vs 76ers

    • Darcy Walsh
      Darcy Walsh Month ago

      @KingShaun2019 If you knew basketball, you'd know they aint bums.

    • Darcy Walsh
      Darcy Walsh Month ago

      @Nick Gerr I want Lakers V Clippers.

    • Cryptic
      Cryptic Month ago +1

      i got 76ers

    • KingShaun2019
      KingShaun2019 Month ago

      The lakers have 3 players tho the rest of their team is just bums

  • Greycin Cobble
    Greycin Cobble Month ago +2

    Melo is still the goat 😂

  • Official Salmon
    Official Salmon Month ago +4

    Isint it MJ? He’s a billionaire

    • Goro
      Goro Month ago

      Chronic Zay fortnite profile pic 😂

    • Chronic Zay
      Chronic Zay Month ago +4

      he means on court contracts

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele Month ago +4

    The 3 players I want the 3 rookies to follow their footsteps:

    Luka Doncic= Dirk Nowitzki
    Zion WIlliamson= LeBron James
    Giannis Antetokounmpo= Shaquille O'Neal

    • DJDEN1 Z
      DJDEN1 Z Month ago

      I dont think the 1st and 3rd one will happem

  • Brandon Conner
    Brandon Conner Month ago +44

    I miss my man carmelo

  • Flatbush Massachusetts


  • Aliou Bah
    Aliou Bah Month ago +1

    First Person to comment gotta like it

  • Ruadhri Deans
    Ruadhri Deans Month ago +1

    mo bamba will be an all star next year

  • More Gefranha
    More Gefranha Month ago +1


  • 1k subs With no vids
    1k subs With no vids Month ago +8

    3rd like bro love your vids dude

  • McGoat 41
    McGoat 41 Month ago +2


  • Harlan Sivapalan
    Harlan Sivapalan Month ago +3