Visiting North Sentinel - An Island Untouched For 60,000 Years

  • Published on Jul 18, 2018
  • Known as “the most dangerous island in the world” - north sentinel island has been isolated from the rest of the world for a long time. Lets visit the past of north sentinel island to find out about one of the few “uncontacted” civilizations.
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Comments • 33 082

    BE AMAZED  Month ago +70

    If you want to find out more about uncontacted peoples, checkout this video:


      click bait
      fuck you

    • Neyl Amacna
      Neyl Amacna Month ago

      Ive got a BIG QUESTION where do you get this data or information

    • ashley spenner
      ashley spenner Month ago

      Sign the petition to help the Jarawas:
      This video is disgusting. Do you see your comments about humans that are being laid out before you, really do you have a heart?

    • CortoMaltese
      CortoMaltese Month ago +1

      JA RA WA not JAWAWA

  • Rtsy Gaming
    Rtsy Gaming 7 minutes ago

    Bring kids with you in your trip for a sign of peace 🚼

  • Sherrie boucher
    Sherrie boucher 3 hours ago

    It’s 2019 bra

  • Finley WOODS
    Finley WOODS 5 hours ago

    Britain: I know guys why don’t we kidnap them a force them to our country
    Rest of the world: what a good idea

  • Literally Random
    Literally Random 7 hours ago

    We should colonise them and we can move in during ww3

  • Akeesha Playz
    Akeesha Playz 9 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the mermaid tail thing in the 3d google globe 0:12

  • Zachary Hurley
    Zachary Hurley 13 hours ago

    Fuck that let's build a casino over there

  • Gay isopod
    Gay isopod 14 hours ago

    I'd be down to live like these dudes in the future tbh.
    Like, I'd literally go out and do this and I think I might

  • Regenarc Canis
    Regenarc Canis 20 hours ago +1

    Be amazed ducks balls

  • Vijin Roy
    Vijin Roy 23 hours ago

    All INDIA busy in ELECTION expect this People , lucky no need to pay TAX😁👍

  • lutayi mayika
    lutayi mayika Day ago

    Why do white people always feel they need to make contact with other countries /tribes or invade them

  • John Henry
    John Henry Day ago

    Why do they get to have an ethno state. I suggest that the islands inhabitants welcome a multicultural society and stop being bigots. Someone needs to tell them diversity is a strength.

  • Matthew Velez
    Matthew Velez Day ago

    What do they do for fun? Have sex?

  • LemonSyrup -
    LemonSyrup - 2 days ago

    They’re scared to go there because of them shooting arrows. Ur kidding me right. Someone should just show up with a machine gun lol

  • Platfoot
    Platfoot 2 days ago

    Wow, 7,4 million views for reading a Wikipedia page

  • Mr. Nunuisance
    Mr. Nunuisance 2 days ago

    They should land their wearing an knights armor, no arrows will get through that.

  • GaRy FaCts
    GaRy FaCts 2 days ago

    We have we can see it ALL 🤣😂🤣

  • Broderick Wilson
    Broderick Wilson 2 days ago

    This is a big lie these people are not from Africa you people always think that dark color people are from Africa the most high put people all over this planet 🌏 ok the aboriginal people are dark color people ok water is all over the world trees 🌲 are all over the world 🌎 grass is all over the world 🌎 so was the dark color humans THAT IS THE ORIGINAL RULER S OF THIS PLANET ok it’s amazing the EUROPEANS always get to tell their stories histories well tell us about herstories....that’s because the so call Indian people is Hindi because they don’t speak no Indian language that these people is the beginning of the aka Hindi so call India hybrid race them India people always come to make fun of their ancestors this is why the their government won’t let them 4 miles near that island 🌴 because they KNOW THE TRUTH AND SO DOES THE CREATOR.

  • Meredith Wordingham
    Meredith Wordingham 2 days ago


    OMFG how the hell did they survive da tsunami shook rn

  • It’s ya boi Jesse
    It’s ya boi Jesse 3 days ago

    What if there's a new species of animal that we don't know and it's on the island

  • ༒G̶a̶m̶e̶r̶z̶ 4̶4̶4̶༒

    They have oil

  • David Anewman
    David Anewman 3 days ago

    Cannibalism, incest, genetic defects and mutations, diseases, demigods, and slavery. Maybe they have been there for 3-4000 years maximum. Where do you get your info?

  • Just Cool Animate / SML Fanboy 2007

    They are probably poorer than the Central African Republic, so we can beat them by just a 1940s tsar bomb

  • Jack Mama
    Jack Mama 3 days ago

    invade them

    SAURABH THAKUR 4 days ago

    Best life 😎😎

  • U c Unique
    U c Unique 4 days ago

    Leave them alone.

  • Michał Bartczak
    Michał Bartczak 4 days ago

    Me: says "ooga booga roomba groomba"
    Sentinel nibbas: kambahare gooboo koogoo habala (he needs to be with us)

  • Michał Bartczak
    Michał Bartczak 4 days ago

    Plot twist: *it's a new battle royale game map*

  • C Karima
    C Karima 4 days ago

    When the NWO is in full effect will the island be a part of it? 🤔

  • James Mike
    James Mike 4 days ago +2

    Us and Russia: Whats the island
    Tribe: We are strong and nothing can stop us
    Us and Russia: Sents a Army of both nations and bombs and kills the tribe.

  • Canardia
    Canardia 4 days ago

    We should leave all island in peace.

  • Mr Blake
    Mr Blake 4 days ago +1

    Do you thing bow and arrow can kill someone in "2019"

    "Who does even use bow and arrow 2019 "lol"

  • White CIS Cum
    White CIS Cum 5 days ago +1

    We should just carpet bomb the place.
    I wonder why they haven't developed any form of advanced technology...

  • Jake Bell
    Jake Bell 5 days ago +2

    We should leave them alone also they cannot be vaccinated because vaccinations have a small dose of the disease and they would likely have contracted the disease.

  • Jerry McFlurry
    Jerry McFlurry 5 days ago +1

    *drops another tribe on the island to see what happens*
    *sees spears start to fly*

  • Lyn Malcolm
    Lyn Malcolm 5 days ago

    So, the Virgin Island. 😅

  • aubrey palencia
    aubrey palencia 6 days ago

    Maybe El Dorado is in there.

  • Millind Kuchhal
    Millind Kuchhal 6 days ago

    Lsave them in peace

    KIAN TKOV 6 days ago

    i would just paddle through and touch the sand and leave fast lol

  • CozyMini
    CozyMini 6 days ago

    We are aliens to them believe me 😂

  • anwar yasin
    anwar yasin 6 days ago

    white people or lets say the british stick there ass every where
    dont know why ??

  • Mikazuki Augus
    Mikazuki Augus 6 days ago

    just drop a nuke on them.

  • Junior Rivera
    Junior Rivera 6 days ago

    Leave them in peace. 👍

  • Vancovermycity
    Vancovermycity 7 days ago

    There is no secrets there idiots. Leave these people alone and let them live there life. They have a small island with nothing hidden there. They just want to life in peace. End the video delete it and stop being a nosy fuck

  • Brian trerotola
    Brian trerotola 7 days ago

    Although I am very curious about these people and iv looked them up multiple times. I think it's best for us to leave them alone. They might be the very last actual free people left on earth. Yes we have lots of technology but ignorance is bliss and you cant miss things you don't even know exist! A simple life working together as a community? They could probably teach us more than we could teach them.

  • That priest you hear about on the News

    Why are we scared of them we have superior armor by miles there arrows won’t do shit to the armor and then we firearms like you could send a small special forces team or just stay at the ship with a sniper and I know this is a war crime but biological weapons

    • John DC
      John DC 6 days ago

      We aren't scared of them because we think they might destroy us, we're scared because we might destroy them. This amount of isolation means that the simplest of diseases that we are immune to can be deadly to them.

  • Cag. YT chann
    Cag. YT chann 7 days ago

    Flying iron bird

  • NayShine _
    NayShine _ 7 days ago

    leave them niggas alone they aint tryin give you the wifi password damn

  • Kali Lanham
    Kali Lanham 7 days ago

    3:33 markkky

  • Ebay's Hottest Product Sales

    Black Power at it's finest

  • GlennAdam1
    GlennAdam1 7 days ago

    Their Wakanda is our land. It belongs to my people. We mist invade them and teach them English.

  • suraj raturi
    suraj raturi 8 days ago

    Ask them to subcribe t series

  • Gentleman1147
    Gentleman1147 8 days ago

    Do they have Oil ?

  • 3dplanet100
    3dplanet100 8 days ago

    How many of you are gonna see the island in google satellite view? Am sure a lot of you.

  • james Boling
    james Boling 8 days ago

    I wonder if they have muffins

  • AfexManTv
    AfexManTv 8 days ago

    I buy this island from them for coconuts

  • Mr. Destruction
    Mr. Destruction 8 days ago

    it seems they need some american democracy

  • Awjee ASMR
    Awjee ASMR 8 days ago

    I think they know what whites have done to past Africans they are not dumb they knew when the tsunami was coming and moved up all by themselves they are fine and don’t need our help

  • DrR4ZZ3
    DrR4ZZ3 8 days ago

    Dear god, imagine how many fucking retards there must be on that island, must be like alabama on speed, 60 000 years of incest

    • John DC
      John DC 6 days ago

      Any group with a population higher than 500 would be safe in terms of genetics. So they'd avoid incest, if it isn't somehow part pf their culture. But looking at nehigbouring insular tribes I wouldn't think that it is the case.

  • Prajwal Prajwal
    Prajwal Prajwal 8 days ago

    Thank God I was not born there...!

  • Mike2014
    Mike2014 8 days ago

    2023 - Spain is working on establishing a colony on this island of Sentinel. The conquistadors are anxious to spread Catholicism once again. African-American's behave the exact same way as the
    Sentinelese people, they just go about it in different ways. Instead of using bows and arrows, African-American's use the News media to make war with the local inhabitants. Scaring the local's with racism and discrimination is an effective way to stir up wars. The African people sold their relatives for profit and money to the conquistadors and managed to shift the blame onto everyone else. This created an effective way to scare the local inhabitants with racism and discrimination. It's a sophisticated way of defeating your enemy from within and taking over their island and/or country.

  • olivi a
    olivi a 8 days ago

    leave them alone they're probably throwing arrows and spears at u for a reason :v

  • Tuned In
    Tuned In 8 days ago

    Why he so

  • Jack Douglas
    Jack Douglas 10 days ago +1

    send them a gun so they dont use crappy bows

  • kontoculai
    kontoculai 10 days ago

    They must always have enough arrows to keep strangers away.The North Sentinelese Ministry of Defense must be the busiest department

  • Mr Manager
    Mr Manager 10 days ago

    I was wondering why this video didn't mention the guy who got killed there recently trying to convert them to Christianity. Then I saw the date this video was published and realised it was 3 months after this video was published. It got me thinking that there is a possibility that the guy who was killed may have watched this video and it inspired him to research the island and its people.

  • Common Woman
    Common Woman 10 days ago

    Plz leave them alone, they are the true Native Indians. India lost it's original children i.e. SC/STs who were killed and sexually exploited by Intruders like Hindu Aryans (Brahmins, Vysyas, Kshatriyas and Sudras), Muslims and British. As India is also part of Equator and greener country, especially South India, native Indians would have been darker than Africans. British itself found Africa 100 years back only then How these innocent people would have come from Africa to Andaman that too 60,000 years back!? They do not know to build boats, they just capture the boats of Intruders. Hindus (Traingular society, who travelled in search of India and built all river valley Civilizations before finally finding and settling here in India) came to India before 2000 years, Muslims before 700 years and British before 500 years (All these people travelled to escape harsh weather of Desert and snow countries). We equatorial people (South America, Middle Africa, India, Australia and small Islands in the Equatorial Continents)don't need to travel anywhere, because everything is provided by nature here, so small adaptations and evolution techniques are enough to live in these beautiful, fruitful and livable countries. Mind that skin color, intelligence, height and hair color and type depends on the Environment of your country, God made ur genes from mud of ur country or ur world or habitat. So, it will not change. Respect all Humans irrespective of skin color, beauty and Intelligence. See, there is this difference even in animals like for eg. In polar regions foxes will be white, big, more Intelligent and have sharp eyesight and grt sense of smell which is needed to live in harsh snow to search for dead animals burried under thick snow, whereas Equatorial foxes will have normal fox's properties where as Desert foxes have long legs, yellowish desert color skin and cunning Intelligence because of desert genes, to escape head and dust storms of desert. This is how animals adapt and live wherever they were created by God but Humans fight, kill and trouble others for their well being. Which is against God's plan. The Humans of desert and snow learn to build big buildings, wear thick and full clothes to protect from harsh weather, mining, cut trees and destroy nature but its not needed to live in Equatorial Continents and rain forests. Those people come here and spoil everything and everybody. All, this is because Humans couldn't adapt and live like animals in their habitat, So they travel, invent, destroy because Necessity is the mother of all Inventions but already these Hindus or people of Varna System, Muslims and British have spoiled the world with their so called Inventions, which are gainst God, all this is because of Sin of Humans, as it is in Bible how God explains what had happened. Plzz leave at least these poor Aboriginals of India, I beg you plzzzz!

  • oh its logan
    oh its logan 10 days ago

    They probably think we're aliens

  • corey miller
    corey miller 10 days ago

    Is this how aliens would see us as a planet?

  • Liam Kearney
    Liam Kearney 10 days ago

    We are probably part of their religion lol

  • Devil prabhakar
    Devil prabhakar 10 days ago

    Our only last hope

    Bear Grylls

  • TKBD Chesseyman
    TKBD Chesseyman 11 days ago

    The Indians should go to jail for killing people... plus that's not there property ....It's not fair

  • Colin Williams
    Colin Williams 11 days ago

    you throw a iPhone on the island they start eating it LOL

  • Evan Falls
    Evan Falls 11 days ago

    Who else looked this up on google maps

  • iamthejk
    iamthejk 11 days ago

    If you make any contact you could kill them all with your diseases, bad idea.

  • Sim One
    Sim One 11 days ago

    Hello my name is Donald Chump we come bearing hotels resorts spas and "THUNK! " ouch.

  • dildo_ swaggins
    dildo_ swaggins 11 days ago +1

    Leave them alone!
    They are more advanced than the people who are trying to civilize them.
    Reason -
    1. Nothing happened to these guys during tsunami. Lots of cities and parts of countries got washed away.
    2. Nothing happened to them at the time of Storm. Just imagine how storms will happen in islands and seas.
    3. They are more close to nature. And nature loves them back.
    They are safe until so called “civilized” people go and disturb their privacy.

  • macdaddy mandalorian
    macdaddy mandalorian 11 days ago

    These are just uneducated people

  • Vedant
    Vedant 11 days ago +1

    I have seen jarawa in real life!

  • Sabrina's World
    Sabrina's World 11 days ago

    some things are just meant to be left alone

  • Titan Kidd
    Titan Kidd 11 days ago

    If they attack then fire back with miniguns

  • RockyTheBear
    RockyTheBear 12 days ago

    This is like Moana

  • minh tu do
    minh tu do 12 days ago

    What a waste
    Colonial big badass like british spanish or french never found this land, if they did maybe the native tribe could be killed off and replace with white people like what they did with new world of americas

  • Go Home You're Drunk
    Go Home You're Drunk 12 days ago

    Well hopefully they don’t have any oil lol

  • Cinthia Garcia
    Cinthia Garcia 12 days ago

    Stupid tourists

  • Dale Bacon
    Dale Bacon 12 days ago

    This place is dangerous *gets nuked*

  • nillson the irsh
    nillson the irsh 12 days ago

    Bomb them all YEET

  • Luke Price
    Luke Price 12 days ago

    They probably have super advanced tech like starship type shit and they just act like they don’t speak the same language

  • itsB14Z3playz !!!!!
    itsB14Z3playz !!!!! 12 days ago

    These guys are dickheads after killing a dude they laugh and then bury a HARMLESS PIG AND A DOLL

  • itsB14Z3playz !!!!!
    itsB14Z3playz !!!!! 12 days ago

    These guys remind me of the wakandans

  • J V
    J V 12 days ago

    Sentinelises should have killed that piece of shit kidnapper

  • smallstream.
    smallstream. 13 days ago

    lmao they aren’t dangerous. we have guns that are capable of pumping numerous rounds of high speed projectiles in a few seconds, they have fucking bows and spears. however i do find it insulting how these people are treated like zoo animals

  • Palmetto [GD]
    Palmetto [GD] 13 days ago +1

    Where do they get all the arrows from?!?

  • Palmetto [GD]
    Palmetto [GD] 13 days ago +1

    I hope nobody actually attempts to contact them. Just leave them alone.

  • Roverman
    Roverman 13 days ago

    These people need left alone. Any contact from out sides could be fatal for them. You would expose then to sickness and disease they have never had and it would kill them. Just let them be.

  • IJP
    IJP 13 days ago

    Just leave them alone daamn you dont have to colonize everything

    ALL ABOUT CRYPTO 13 days ago +1

    You can control them what you need is to make them to fear you and then you be treated like god.
    1 attack with a lot bombs that island.
    2 land solders with scary guns and attack if they seem to be ready to attack you too.
    3 throw a lot granades so they can hear.
    Yup that way is sick to meet them.
    I don't see peace with them.

  • Lyric Shit
    Lyric Shit 14 days ago

    Prison guy must have a bad day

  • WhiteWolf247
    WhiteWolf247 14 days ago

    I think that they should be left to evolve their own way, like what we did throughout our history, our envolvment will only slow it down

  • Hansi99
    Hansi99 14 days ago

    How did they survive during ww1&2