Sound Effects For Remix ( FULL PACKAGE ) Best Audio Quality


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    Mcm sial! Entah pape lagu..stress ak tggu..huhh

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    send the download link

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    dude this is gold

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    How to download this.?

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    i have a dance group and i have to mix our music but i need some transicions beetween the diffrent musics. could someone help me?

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    Watch it in 2× speed
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    what's the sound effect called at 0:38?

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    Imapct Ko apne Reverse Kiya H Sir Ji Na

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    Cool, i really like it 😻 Thank you.

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    how to download brother i like every effects

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    The sound tickles😂😂

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    6:58 what's this sound effect?

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    Guys please what are you using to play DJ is it a laptop or Phone?

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      +3D Bolly Music thank you so much brooo😍😍

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      Ted Vip laptop software virtual DJ 8

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    Wow! These is good one please can I get some

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    im high as fuck and this is insane

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    5:39 ? Please help

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    i Just Want 1:04

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    Dj beats samples please

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    how to download this

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    how i can use these? I mean can i download them? It would be great :D

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      Can i download effect 1 by 1 or i need package? Cuz it would be great if i can use all them without cutting from video

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    Nah ini yang saya cari :v

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    shid i want em all lol

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    I want the drum effect on dont let me down

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    can I take please

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    I Need These Sound Effects What R u Give me For fl studio Projects

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    Ilove this mix More mix again

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    Good morning friends with my family and friends

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    plz give me download link

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    2:12 effect??

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    I am trying to find those deep voices

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    8:30 i can do this with my mouth XD

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    Can i have it, please?

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    I want download track can I

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    please i need an effect which goes like this "now hear this"

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    Sounds relaxing and exciting at the same time

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    Bad starting

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    My cat jumped and I though he made one of the sounds 😂😂

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    Wow excellent effects for dj

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    *Please go to **5:07*
    goes to 5:07

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    Kenneth Wickersham Год назадвидео.html?t=4668 Jelly bread "come together' Beatles cover, funk

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    Can you make me one that says DJ PANDA 101

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    I hear a jumpscare from Five nights at freddy's

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    babal xa

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    download dont work

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      StickTv RU-clip mp3 dumbass

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    hi man i would like some techno samples to play with my traktor s4 plese let me know if u can send me pl.. thx

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    link down

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    Thanx man, realy nice sounds! :>

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    Hello n Beats. I wonder if you are able to send the sound effects to me? If yes, please let me know and I will send you my email address. Cheers R

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    tyyysmm now i can make audios

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    Anyone knows the sound effect on those “goodnight edit” videos on Instagram? It’s like wood burning... I don’t know how to explain.

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    How can i get this sound effects?i want to use it...plsss...

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    whare is the downlode?

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    1:15 how do you call this kind of sound effect? i mean this type that is in every other song for transitions, when it comes to the drop. this rising effect. i've been looking for it, but no idea how to name it, please help

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      Siren or a White Noise

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    please send me the link for me to download it very useful the efx are beautiful

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    who taught that was an intro

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    They are free for us to use?

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      Shakira World if you have Dj software... Some people copy this link then convert this link into mp3 and record the sounds as a sample
      😉 Just saying

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    thank you so much n Beats Sound Effects

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    Can I use this for my remix?

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    site down

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    Excellent sound effects. I'm looking for mashup sound effects of quest crew fireset track. Did you know its?

    GAME MANIAC 26 2 года назад

    what sound effect is it when the person says damn

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    What's it called when a sound goes down then up like a scale

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    Can someone help me find a sound effect

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    I'm looking for that sound effect that you hear in trap music... Where you hear that guy shouting hey in the background I don't know the name of it but I've been searching two days on RU-clip and I haven't found it yet

    • Travon Ace
      Travon Ace 19 дней назад

      DCW Productions Ghetto shouts

    • FLO bros
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      im pretty sure you're thinking about dj mustards "hey" in the background

    • djstric2
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      DCW Productions. can you post a Link of a song with that "Hey" vocal youre speaking of?

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      DCW Productions same

  • DCW Productions
    DCW Productions 2 года назад +7

    I'm looking for that sound effect that you hear in trap music... Where you hear that guy shouting hey in the background I don't know the name of it but I've been searching two days on RU-clip and I haven't found it yet

    • dorkylust
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      and the girl saying *hi*

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    • catinaonesie
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      DCW Productions Its called ad libs, not sure if this helps :)

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      same dude smae

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    this is perfect!

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    DJ is the best of music ever ✨💞💞😘😍