Jennifer Aniston Recalls Her Past Jobs (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 30, 2017
  • Chelsea's good friend Jennifer Aniston stops by to talk about her role in Office Christmas Party, the many odd jobs she had before Friends, and their mutual affection for Jason Bateman, TJ Miller, and Fortune Feimster.
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    Jennifer Aniston Recalls Her Past Jobs (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix
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Comments • 555

  • Dada13409
    Dada13409 2 years ago +435

    finally full interviews :D

    • phyo ye
      phyo ye Year ago

      FRIENDS < Supernatural

    • Hex
      Hex Year ago

      And no ads!

    • Marta Carothers
      Marta Carothers 2 years ago

      Dada13409 pobajki

    • Federico Pérez
      Federico Pérez 2 years ago +7

      Freddie what?! Chelsea is totally fuckable

    • Freddie
      Freddie 2 years ago +5

      Chelsea can go fuck herself but Aniston is what dreams are made of.

  • Eugene McDonald
    Eugene McDonald 2 days ago

    Jennifer Aniston it's such a beautiful and talented and well-educated woman very respectable

  • Leila Wagner
    Leila Wagner 3 days ago

    I love her

  • Frank Dalla
    Frank Dalla 4 days ago

    Touching herself to make sure she's there?

  • Cosette Laplante
    Cosette Laplante 21 day ago

    Chelsea looks like a thin Roseanne Barr...

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones Month ago

    Brad Pitt had her & Angelina Jolie luckiest son of a bitch on earth fucked up both

  • Rick Chollett
    Rick Chollett Month ago

    I don't understand why actresses always marry actors. Jenn would be much better off with me!

  • Ebony Hicks
    Ebony Hicks Month ago

    Everyone needs a friend like Jennifer Aniston

  • Emma Louise
    Emma Louise Month ago

    I swear she doesn’t age omg

  • Alpha Focus
    Alpha Focus Month ago

    I love Jennifer Aniston coz i’m a 90’s kid.
    f.r.i.e.n.d.s. is a part of the 90’s kids right?

  • n v
    n v Month ago +1

    Chelsea should be the 7th member on FRIENDS 😂

  • Fernando Díaz
    Fernando Díaz Month ago +1

    I'm watching a movie in my bed, and casually I can text to the actor from it hahahahaha, I would love to do that one day

  • Benjamin Andersen
    Benjamin Andersen Month ago

    She llterally looks like she´s still in her 20´s.... She must have superior genetics... Not just her diet/being healthy, skin care and so on, you got to have great genetics too... Amazing! In my opnion the hottest woman i have seen!

  • Elizabeth Fernanda Revollo

    LOVED this program!!

  • Alonzo Mendez
    Alonzo Mendez 2 months ago


  • missnatalieOK
    missnatalieOK 2 months ago

    I don't care for celebs, BUT I do like her!!

  • brih Mendiola
    brih Mendiola 2 months ago +1

    Never finished an episode of Friends but I noticed people were so into it. The show never appealed to me. The only actress I liked on the cast was Lisa Kudrow. She was the funniest. I have seen her in many movies. She is a very underrated actress. And very funny.

  • Bass King
    Bass King 2 months ago +1

    I missed Jennifer Aniston when she came to Montreal with Adam Sandler . I would have loved to meet her and huge her and never let go 😍

  • Kristeen Saka
    Kristeen Saka 3 months ago

    Omg they look like twins

  • Stephen
    Stephen 3 months ago +1

    People think Chelsea is such a bitch but you hear all these stories like the one Jennifer told. She is a rare form of genuine selflessness and doesn't care if people know it

  • lil l
    lil l 3 months ago +1

    I'm wondering to have Barbie doll looks like Jennifer

  • Matthew Meditz
    Matthew Meditz 3 months ago

    Chelsea needs to stop getting g work done.

  • Marlene Love
    Marlene Love 3 months ago

    you are all satanic tranny freaks

  • Natali
    Natali 3 months ago +1

    Jennifer is amazing!

  • lenia markou
    lenia markou 4 months ago +1

    I don't think there is one person in planet earth who doesn't love Jennifer and she deserves everything....

  • Radhika Nagu
    Radhika Nagu 4 months ago +1

    It's so evident how much chelsea loves jen!! she is not that warm or sweet to everyone. i can see love for jen in her eyes.

  • Kat
    Kat 4 months ago +1

    "Horrible knee shape" lol

  • Sexycountryboy
    Sexycountryboy 4 months ago

    I’m so glad these rich beautiful people like this gets old and ugly and dies just like us poor people do they have to leave it all haha thank god

  • Nikita C.
    Nikita C. 4 months ago +1

    She is so great.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 4 months ago +1

    Don't get me wrong; I think Jennifer is lovely, and I like her; that's biological attraction right there, nothing more.
    But, if you can feel/sense it, there's a genuine face/fakeness that's being put to the world. That's not her fault, definitely one of biology. Now, being enthusiastic/energy-full isn't something you just manifest, it has to be something of biology too.
    Why, then, is the fake/face part of society that 'functions' and, why do we value it? - or, do we detest it?
    If, for example, Jennifer would just spill all the stuff that really, really annoys her, it would be funny, and most would tune out?
    But, it would be noble; because, although we value beauty, do we not value truth, more?

  • Billy Pate
    Billy Pate 4 months ago +1

    Beauitful woman blessed actress funny

  • gengarrules777
    gengarrules777 5 months ago +1

    Wow Chelsea paid for rich entitled people's alcohol/drugs.. So generous

  • Giovana Guerrieri
    Giovana Guerrieri 5 months ago +2

    2:27 I LOVE Jenn's laugh 🤣

  • Gabriel Da Silva
    Gabriel Da Silva 5 months ago +1

    Olá sou brasileiro e essa Jennifer Aniston tem um corpo muito gostosa ela é uma delícia de mulher

  • Love Life
    Love Life 5 months ago

    I do not find Jennifer all that . Sharon Stone is a far more beautiful and attractive woman in my opinion .

  • Ammar Balla
    Ammar Balla 5 months ago +1

    Chelsea intesting

  • Ammar Balla
    Ammar Balla 5 months ago


    MARK PEYTON ENNIS 5 months ago +1

    Thank you wonderful...

  • Zero Limits
    Zero Limits 5 months ago

    I'm sooo jealous they are friends with each other...both are the perfect friend!

  • John Kramer
    John Kramer 5 months ago

    Jen is a lot more orange in person. You know, I get it, being a celebrity and feeling like you have to be photogenic all the time: it's tough, it really is. And I'm not saying she shouldn't be orange. It very well could be her natural color.I don't think so, but let's not send anyone an unwanted baby gift.

  • Shellynn123
    Shellynn123 5 months ago

    That was one of the most stupid movies I've ever seen. (Just my opinion) I know many others won't feel the same way. ;-)

  • Srija Chakraborty
    Srija Chakraborty 6 months ago +1

    She's so amazing and down to earth. Even though she's a Hollywood celebrity she's just like us. And it's really sad that she didn't get the happiness and bliss in life like she wanted, if y'all know what I mean

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 6 months ago +1

    love you long time jennifer 😭❤️

  • Llamadeus Mozart
    Llamadeus Mozart 6 months ago +2

    But electrolisis its still a thing today

  • Brandi Perry
    Brandi Perry 6 months ago +2

    Paying for their dinner Chelsea, I love that!!!

    NALI DAVID 6 months ago +1

    ג'ניפר פשוט נחמדה לכולם

  • Ichi QX
    Ichi QX 6 months ago +1

    Rachel just never change

  • Smith Carmen
    Smith Carmen 7 months ago +1

    Jennifer is one decent queen born in the same day and month w me she is very intelligent honest,awesome girl God bless

  • Frank Richel
    Frank Richel 7 months ago


  • Regina Sero
    Regina Sero 7 months ago

    Woo beautifull jen

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  • Jalen Walker
    Jalen Walker 8 months ago +1

    Jennifer Aniston is beautiful.

  • eric ageh
    eric ageh 8 months ago

    Straight men are the funniest people in the world. what is this woman saying?

  • Rolls Royce
    Rolls Royce 8 months ago +1


  • George Yemen
    George Yemen 8 months ago +1

    How Lucy feel lucifer is lieing to you

  • George Yemen
    George Yemen 8 months ago

    How are her men these whores are anti God and sac religious if they had the desenses

  • Fer Quintero
    Fer Quintero 8 months ago

    i like her ass

  • Jacob Cross
    Jacob Cross 9 months ago

    Its kind of sad to see whole friend cast getting old maybe it because it reminds me that time is passing and I am getting old to or maybe something else.

  • fantabulousstargirl
    fantabulousstargirl 9 months ago +1

    Jen is so perfect

    TGWCL 9 months ago

    Jennifer is very smart too, coz she is not saying anything really. Thus protecting her career.

  • Joseph Lara
    Joseph Lara 9 months ago

    Lol - uncoordinated superhero!

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 9 months ago +1

    Chelsea and her audience are insufferable. But Jen - brilliant lady!

  • ananya hegde
    ananya hegde 9 months ago

    Fucking legend 😍😍😍

  • Marion Sanchez
    Marion Sanchez 10 months ago

    Wow, you guys below are so nice. I really like Jennifer Aniston, but I think that she really looks in her 50s here. She looks so different in such a subtle way tough. But eh, we all age. And she's still full of class.

    • xaviar detach
      xaviar detach 8 months ago

      They are pussified males is quite different to see her with bed head, no make up, puppy breath, body odour etc....this is reality...

  • Salazar Slytherin
    Salazar Slytherin 10 months ago

    Love this girl❤

  • Éabha O'Sullivan
    Éabha O'Sullivan 10 months ago

    Brad’s an idiot

  • Lightning XIII
    Lightning XIII 10 months ago

    Why does Chelsea sit like that? It's not good for the ankles!

  • oullah takane bghik awili hbiba diali

    should be "Jennifer Aniston Recalls Her Past noize Jobs"

  • Jeshurun AOUHURUN
    Jeshurun AOUHURUN 10 months ago


  • Zdenko Krpan
    Zdenko Krpan 10 months ago +1

    Ova žena će sve reći da podigne gdje stoji.

  • houssam Ahead
    houssam Ahead 10 months ago

    i ship those two 😍 is it normal ?

  • louis lemos
    louis lemos 10 months ago +1

    No I don’t like this there was no intense heat in the conversation ☹️

  • Mary Ann Gonzales
    Mary Ann Gonzales 10 months ago

    Jennifer is very ok ageing gracefully

  • Max Swiftie
    Max Swiftie 10 months ago +1

    You were always the best actress

  • pes2011 arsenal
    pes2011 arsenal 11 months ago +1

    Her look has changed. But her style never changes!!! She always has that same great style

  • meeeee1968
    meeeee1968 11 months ago

    smoking hot goddess miss aniston

  • Kamal Poluri
    Kamal Poluri 11 months ago

    Why doesn't she smile at all? Clearly, she is struggling with something. She has that depressed look.

  • Frantisek Janosik
    Frantisek Janosik 11 months ago +1

    she's incredible..

  • Imports are gay riced fagmobiles

    I would fuck the shit outa both these ladies

  • Radhika Nagu
    Radhika Nagu Year ago

    It’s so obvious how much Chelsea loves Jennifer. Adorable written all over ❤️

  • Radhika Nagu
    Radhika Nagu Year ago

    It’s so obvious how much Chelsea loved Jennifer. Adorable written all over ❤️

  • Edmond Lam
    Edmond Lam Year ago +8

    This is the perfect example of why we need a female late night talk show host asap. The whole dynamic is different

  • Maryanne Munyiri
    Maryanne Munyiri Year ago

    oh my God do you realize that Jen is now old enough to play a grandma.....Im sorry I just had to say it

  • M. Eche
    M. Eche Year ago

    omgg i love her!!

  • Mark the Butt Rimming Goldbridge

    Just wish she didn't look down on friends and the boys she needs to remember without friends she wouldn't be the star she is today, not inviting them to her wedding etc it's uncalled for surely 3 more people wouldn't strain her buffet

  • Vitor Prudlik Ribeiro


  • BEAST Raju
    BEAST Raju Year ago +2

    Jen is crazy beautiful

  • Dwindle Deeds
    Dwindle Deeds Year ago +1


  • a Estrada
    a Estrada Year ago +1

    great haircolor. !!!!

  • Positive Chick
    Positive Chick Year ago

    Awesome interview.

  • britneysprsfan1forever

    Stunning beautiful woman!! Simply ageless can pass as a 25 year old!!😙

  • Jason R Stanton
    Jason R Stanton Year ago

    Your going to b fun

  • Jason R Stanton
    Jason R Stanton Year ago

    So if your cool,, bring some weed and we can see what happens