ON THE STREETS -- a feature documentary on homelessness in L.A.

  • Published on Mar 25, 2016
  • 'On the Streets' is a 12-part video series about homelessness in Los Angeles. Journalist and filmmaker Lisa Biagiotti tackles this complex issue by putting faces to the statistics.
    She starts by following The L.A.Times' homeless data map, and sets out to have conversations with people who do not have homes. Since October, Biagiotti has been learning about their varied experiences and connecting their stories to larger issues. Along the way, she gains input and insights from Angelenos.
    The series concept is to build a dynamic documentary scene-by-scene with our audience. Thank you for participating and helping us tell this story.
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  • E Irving Diaz
    E Irving Diaz 2 hours ago +1

    god damn! homeless, and she's 10 weeks pregnant.


    I’m not homeless I’m just houseless.... homeless is a state of mind.... That’s strength and wisdom right there.

  • Véla
    Véla 3 hours ago

    São Paulo: 25000 homeless. Los Angeles: 50000 homeless. Population: São Paulo 12 000 000, Los Angeles 4 000 000. With the São Paulo population, Los Angeles would have 150000 homeless!

  • Brooke Salt
    Brooke Salt 9 hours ago

    I wonder who the "former celebrity" person was??

  • Vickie Garri
    Vickie Garri 16 hours ago

    Take responsibility for your part, you have voted in these useless people and after 49 years I hope you don't believe they will change. They have become very rich,while the poor get poorer and the middle-class move away. Wake up, take your state back.

  • Vickie Garri
    Vickie Garri 16 hours ago

    This is not about hate it is about your local and state government letting you down. Most of your homeless are drug attacks and mentally disabled or untreated. Your government ignoring these issues and making money on the companies they or their family or friends own that clean up after the homeless is a racket. They pretend to care about these people but they don't. As a parent would you give and allow your addicted child,drugs, needles and a safe place to us them and call that love. NO!! Nor would you allow your mentally disable or unmediated child live on the street. The government should be like a parent, do the best thing for the person. If they need help to get off drugs then give them that help,if they need mental health help..help them. They are only hurting them and all the people of the state by enabling these destructive behavior. Take that money they are paying themselves to clean up after the homeless and put that money into real programs that will help them. There are some real homeless that a year of free rent would make the difference. Right now you are running away your middle-class as more leave the taxes will go up until you will only have the very rich and the very poor. This is causing disease and polluting the ocean, your fires are polluting not just your state but the country. Stop buying into this climate hoax and own up to your responsibility in this mess. And, now to make matters worse you are a sanctuary state. So, you have more poor people to support. The small business owners are shutting down and moving to better states.

  • Pablo Pablo
    Pablo Pablo Day ago

    #1 is drugs #2 the rent is too high and #3 where are ur parents

  • Cantere Gonda
    Cantere Gonda 2 days ago

    Great doc! Thx Lisa and The LA Times for this. I was homeless once for 4 years on the streets of Waikiki in Hawaii. So this hits home and I'm glad that you show the homeless as REAL people with REAL HEARTS!

  • Michael Graham
    Michael Graham 2 days ago

    Says something about greedy human behavior..Profits over caring for others...what a sad Situation for the richest country in the world don't ya think!!!?

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A 2 days ago

    Being marginalized and transgender I think we have it the worst. We are the very bottom of the social ladder. I warned my wife before we got married that being with someone like me would ruin her life. It made it richer in some areas and worse in others due to social stigma. Americans don't take care of each other like they should. But where else are we supposed to go? It's dangerous everywhere. So we are stuck in a mindless system that has no cares for us at all. Why do I continue to pay taxes when I don't get the same opportunities of basic living like heterosexual couples get.

  • Charles O
    Charles O 3 days ago

    Lisa your gorgeous !

  • Charles O
    Charles O 3 days ago

    Working helps not being homeless.. President Trump is ending food stamps that will also help.

  • mihuta palimariu raul ovidiu

    yup living the American dream …..

  • Susan Sumner
    Susan Sumner 3 days ago

    I have a heart for these people . I have two Adult children with Autism . One son is with me one is in a group home . My daughter is with her dad. My son and I are disabled we could easily end up like them. I live in NJ

  • David
    David 3 days ago

    Same all over Babylon west, sad man 😯💔

  • Gecxid Rureel
    Gecxid Rureel 4 days ago

    I have been a correctional facility volunteer for 12 years now and one thing I have learned from all those years of listening to them.
    They choose the lifestyle which you see them in. In jail you get free medical, three hot meals a day, cloths and bedding. The part where you can't just walk out the door
    is just something that goes with the territory. You sell drugs, live large for a while and then give a couple of years to the state...all part of the deal...a choice.
    The people on the street are worse off than those in jail, but they still choose that life. It starts early in life with just an attitude about authority. It ends up
    with what you see in this video. 100% the result of decisions that each individual made along the way. A direct result of "I reject society and refuse to participate in it."
    So because you choose to participate in society I should pity you / fell sorry for you...hold your breath...LOL...LOL...LOL...

  • blackmaster73
    blackmaster73 4 days ago +2

    Pissing myself at the interviewer finding the concept of people sleeping in a camper-van hard to fathom

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 4 days ago

    Thank you for your excellent channel.💯😊❤️💕🇺🇸


  • Richard alvarez
    Richard alvarez 4 days ago

    The problem here is not ppl being homeless this whole place is fueled by drugs a 24-7 drug super store drugs here are so cheap it will make your head spin I've seen ppl turn down housing cause it wasn't near skid row 98% of the ppl here can not function on a normal level if they got housing they still would have to pay something and utilities I've seen ppl get there SSI check $931 and broke 2days later what they they should do is take down the tents there a good majority of ppl down there that ain't homeless sell drugs and getting all that ssi money I met some body that has a tent and pulls around 10 thousand on the first 6 days of each month sell dope

  • Lil xandor Taser
    Lil xandor Taser 4 days ago

    nice officer

  • mr koolio
    mr koolio 4 days ago

    You make one area tent city. Everywhere else is no go. Then you can offer services and help more effectively. At least 10-20% could be helped immediately helped and placed. Build large dorms. As is is BS

  • Bighamza22
    Bighamza22 5 days ago

    The Prophet Muhammad PBUH once said "A Muslim is not a Muslim if his neighbor goes to bed hungry" He also said Allah will punish the person who goes to sleep with a full stomach while his neighbor's stomach is empty. These God Damn rich people in Los Angeles are terrible.

  • Duc Bui
    Duc Bui 5 days ago

    Sorry, so sorry to see ,,

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 5 days ago

    Jesus leave dude alone he figured out how to struggle with a humble attitude ,go find someone whos looking for a pitty party.

  • Free Housing Project

    NO. Most people are homeless because of illnesses... they lose their homes. Over 80,000 are vets who need healthy assistance. Environmental disasters displace people... Over 60,000 blacks were displaced during the New Orleans Flood. There are entire towns flooded annually... and now fires. Many people are homeless because of disasters and their insurance won't cover it. A growing population of older white men and women can't get jobs and go homeless. Do not judge my friends.

  • the horror movie channel

    I was homeless for 5 years I never forget that I've slept in abandoned houses and on people floors and in a shelter I also was battling a crack addiction at the time now I've been clean since 2013 and in public housing since 2012

  • Anarchist Zero
    Anarchist Zero 6 days ago

    There are seventy-seven thousand empty federal buildings in the USA. --- nationalhomeless.org & unemployedworkers.org & #Offshoring

  • D Williams
    D Williams 6 days ago

    I wonder how the young man who received his PhD will now look back at the unfortunate

  • Denise Burroughs
    Denise Burroughs 6 days ago

    I was homeless in Florida for 10 yrs and it was hell. Thank God I have a place to live now. I'm 63 and on disability and I'm barely surviving

  • George Valdivia
    George Valdivia 6 days ago


    • Lore Strahan
      Lore Strahan 5 days ago

      Many of them have jobs. However, they can't afford housing over there.

  • z a84
    z a84 7 days ago

    lmao that black cop talked to me in the LA county holding facility for messing around in Chinatown until my dad came and picked me up.

  • Mia Wise
    Mia Wise 7 days ago

    That officer could TEACH a few others a thing or 2. I truely think men like himself are such a blessing to these type of environments. Im a missionary everything we do is truely from our hearts & our own pockets we work regular jobs matter of fact we have coworkers in this very same position. It is sad but do all you can do keep your faith & pray for better days. Make no mistake there are so many of us that are 1or2 pay checks from being in this position so don't take life or people for granted TRY YOUR VERY BEST TO AS HUMBLE AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE😇🙏💜💔💚💖😘

  • Querent
    Querent 7 days ago

    that section with that white guy who chooses to live in his van in venice was such cringe compared to the rest of the narrative

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 7 days ago

    and then there are Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.....

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 7 days ago

    The situation has gotten a lot worse, it's almost 2020, and more than 60,000+ people are homeless now. LA is literally turning into a 3rd world city.

  • SIR Robert Taylor
    SIR Robert Taylor 7 days ago +1

    I had to dislike this film because it's awful that we have aloud this to happen.

  • tron maxx
    tron maxx 7 days ago +1

    "It's not what you got It's whats inside and how you use whats inside"

  • tron maxx
    tron maxx 7 days ago

    DUDE @56:00 has a very creative and imaginative mind

  • Loon Treez
    Loon Treez 8 days ago

    Eventually seems like a revolution is imminent....to me

  • Loon Treez
    Loon Treez 8 days ago +2

    All they wanna do is build another highrise. It's a joke but it's not funny.

  • shieroc
    shieroc 8 days ago +2

    The interviewer seems more put off by their homelessness then they are.

    • Mateo 1289
      Mateo 1289 5 days ago +1

      shieroc And that's why they're homeless they accept3d it and don't fight

  • Amos Culbreth
    Amos Culbreth 8 days ago

    Sad to see this, L.A homeless reminds me of Seattle

  • United States
    United States 9 days ago

    You can live in a tent and still get employment.... Walmart is always hiring .

  • Addventuretastic #
    Addventuretastic # 9 days ago +1

    "That's why it's people going crazy walking around here and look like tarantulas and stuff" 3:20

  • Trevor Michael
    Trevor Michael 9 days ago

    Our government and media seems to care more about the bullshit in the MiddleEast than what’s going on in their own country. This shouldn’t be happening.

  • Veronica Greene
    Veronica Greene 9 days ago

    Yet this people cant even get help but DEMOCRATICS care more about ILLEGAL MIGRANTS than these people are HOMELESS and on the ground but O no the DEMOS are more worried about ILLEGAL MIGRANTS sleeping on the floors this is sad to see the Americans legal citizens cant get help

  • Sodbuster346
    Sodbuster346 9 days ago +1

    All homeless shud be moved to Southern California At least it’s warm and the won’t freeze to death. Better than being homeless in Minot ND

    • Fred Dexta
      Fred Dexta 8 days ago

      Yeah I've been there in January, now there are no people living on those streets, that I saw. One winter outside will cure most of what ails you.

  • Long Tran
    Long Tran 9 days ago

    US government should do something for these homeless people.
    This issue is result of capitalism

    • Fred Dexta
      Fred Dexta 8 days ago

      Oh boy, you should go live somewhere where communism is still practised and then comment again after you return

  • Karma Karma
    Karma Karma 10 days ago

    This is the result of Democrats fully controlling California for decades. We need to vote out all Democrats in the election 2020.

  • Maria Aquos
    Maria Aquos 10 days ago +1

    If Dems like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are unable to handle the crises of homelessness and human waste of California-the world's fifth-largest economy, how can they handle the US as the world largest economy on the planet? HOW? Dems like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are in fact a bunch of incompetent, immoral, irresponsible and useless politicians.

  • Conner Stern
    Conner Stern 10 days ago

    George Carlin - There not homeless. A home is a state of mind. I'm houseless"

  • Guljacka
    Guljacka 10 days ago

    Great reporting! Not often that you see work like this that shows the current problems of the USA. When I look at mainstream media, they only are dealing with Mr Trump who claims that he made America great again. Do all those people have homes now?

  • Michelle Perez
    Michelle Perez 10 days ago

    Wonder who that ex celebrity girl was with the pink hair

  • John McMahon
    John McMahon 10 days ago +1

    Living the dying dream. Officer Deon is a great man and an asset to that community. Anthony is an inspiration to keep on keeping on. Lisa, you're a beautiful lady. This documentary makes me feel more blessed than I already thought is was. I'm going to seek a place in my area to volunteer help the less fortunate. Most of these people just need just hope and a opportunity to excel. May God bless them and the more fortunate help them.

  • Hp Kao
    Hp Kao 10 days ago


  • gary c
    gary c 10 days ago +1

    good old democrat gov's and local leaders...they got a good
    solution...holler an d curse trump or whoever else they can find...
    hollywood talking a good ''runaway''game at he late shows and award shows...
    but want others to pay for it or fix it... and amen to comment below about
    tom cruise scientology fake cult group who should not be considered a religion...
    if im elected i show how test should be given for relgion...america has not
    done as its founders told them to ....not fake progressive...but really conservative
    progressive and fix these kind of things... where is the scientology money and
    solutions...and what about farrakhan and the muslims..cant find them eh??
    al sharpton?? dont tell me its others fault again...i can do that
    how about harvard leader louis gates ...?
    now them and elijah cummings have run down baltimore also, to rat heaven...
    have to say ....stick with trump some help may be on the way....ya gotta get over it...
    really pray for better really do.... imo

  • Lailani Messina
    Lailani Messina 10 days ago

    The Asian college student is gonna make something out of himself 💪 He's got a plan and is determined ! The others... They've basically become stagnant and ok with their situation ! Continuing to wait on sum1 to save them... Good luck with that

    • Fred Dexta
      Fred Dexta 8 days ago

      The trucker will be just fine, great attitude.

  • Lailani Messina
    Lailani Messina 10 days ago +2

    When she asked that man how he's gonna get off the streets and he said "I was hoping u had the answer" THATS WHY HE'LL CONTINUE BEING HOMELESS !! If YOU aren't willing to get YOURSELF out of the situation DONT EXPECT ANYONE ELSE TO HELP U ! I've been there a few times and the last time IS THE LAST TIME ! Other dude said "just wait" 🤔 if ur gonna just wait... You'll continue to wait 🤷

    • Fred Dexta
      Fred Dexta 8 days ago

      Yup, so true. No time like the present.

  • Mark le
    Mark le 10 days ago +1

    It’s a drug issue...not homeless issue. Drug test them...and u shall see the truth...

  • Teresa Leach
    Teresa Leach 10 days ago

    Very interesting!! Could be one of the homeless. Lucky for me I live in an apartment with my Down Syndrome son.