10 Digital Art MISTAKES You Are Making! 💀

  • Published on Sep 1, 2017
  • These are 10 of the worst digital art mistakes an artist can make. But don't worry because I have some advice for how to improve your digital art skills. SUBSCRIBE to my art channel for more #DigitalArtSmart videos every week: aaronrutten.link/subscribe
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    This is a shorter re-uploaded version of the original video '10 Mistakes Digital Artists Make'.
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  • Aaron Rutten
    Aaron Rutten  Year ago +397

    Admit it. Were you guilty of any of these? If so, you should subscribe to my art channel for free #DigitalArtSmart tutorials: ru-clip.com/user/anatomyofrockthe

    • Shqiponja Enti
      Shqiponja Enti Month ago

      Does anybody else use PAINT?

    • Shqiponja Enti
      Shqiponja Enti Month ago

      My mistake nr 1. is I use PAINT and the mouse (and I use the finger on the telephone) for digital drawings.
      But, I like my mistakes...
      Nr. 2 is JPG

    • Maddox Judson
      Maddox Judson Month ago

      Already guilty of the first two, barely into the video XD

    • Viktory Chaf-chaf
      Viktory Chaf-chaf 2 months ago

      Thank you very much!!!!!

  • Pat Cabahug
    Pat Cabahug Day ago

    I didn't even know about the JPEG thingy until you pointed it out

  • alswords
    alswords Day ago

    Thanks for being so clear, methodical and pedantic, lots of very important points and not just what tools do. AND not mute:)

  • Korps Xd
    Korps Xd 2 days ago


  • C73D5
    C73D5 2 days ago +1

    #1 why use wacom tablet when u already have a cintiq duh

  • ·Yam ·
    ·Yam · 3 days ago

    Thanks! I didnt realize i always did those mistakes. Anyways what art programs do you use? I have been using firealpaca but i want to know about another programs i could use better ;^)
    (Sorry for the bad english ^^)

  • BitterVoid
    BitterVoid 3 days ago +1

    3:36 I feel like A LOT of people make this mistake. Most images look better without lots of detail, and actually look better with less. And there is the fact that when we view things from far away, we don't see little details like a random mark on someones skin. There's usually no need to add obsessive detail and lines and outlines everywhere.

  • Ebi
    Ebi 3 days ago

    I feel personally attacked for doing all 10

  • Baloney Bear
    Baloney Bear 4 days ago

    Tip for resizing stuff: do it when your in the rough sketch period. This way, you wont have to worry about your artwork lowering quality. You will still have the rough but the quality will be pixelated. However, that shouldn’t matter if its just a rough, and are using it as a guideline for the clean sketch up

  • Tinara Nathania
    Tinara Nathania 4 days ago

    lmao I put my tablet beside my laptop (right)

  • Jael Henby
    Jael Henby 5 days ago

    10:32 wait, theres a limit to how many times you can undo? I dont think i have that on my art program?

  • LampP0st
    LampP0st 9 days ago

    I guess drawing for 5 years made me not have a single one on this list.

  • Azure the Alpha
    Azure the Alpha 9 days ago

    I have always saved my images to PNG 😊

  • patrik c137
    patrik c137 10 days ago

    que raiva esse negocio de traduzir vc acha que esta na sua lingua mas n esta

  • Mizai YT
    Mizai YT 10 days ago +1

    Thank You so much for this very helpful video! Now, when I realized my mistakes I can improve myself and fix things I did wrong.

  • Isolation
    Isolation 11 days ago

    Ok first one I’m guilty of but I have a reason, I NEVER write or draw or anything with paper straight, it’s either horizontal or tilted, my hands/arms don’t work that way and I’ve done it since kindergarten

  • The Cosmic, Kidd
    The Cosmic, Kidd 11 days ago

    I sometimes accidentally back space too far and I am selecting a different layer, and now I am painting on an existing layer. Will likely still catch myself making these mistakes again.

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll 11 days ago

    This mistake i always do?

  • MetalHarpey JOvI
    MetalHarpey JOvI 14 days ago

    Well, I didn't know about the 300 dpi that's needed for prints, but then again I never actually made prints so... You prevented me from making that mistake. I thank you x)

  • MEmNOiD KAnDi
    MEmNOiD KAnDi 15 days ago

    This has helped me so much thank you!!! ❤️

  • Gate of Congruu
    Gate of Congruu 15 days ago

    Bold of you to assume I use digital art.

    • Aaron Rutten
      Aaron Rutten  15 days ago

      You clicked on a video called DIGITAL ART Mistakes...

  • Emily Wood
    Emily Wood 15 days ago

    I cant go without layers it gets weird if i dont

  • Oreo Dimasdale
    Oreo Dimasdale 15 days ago

    Dude, I love your brushes.

  • Lucky Shepherd
    Lucky Shepherd 16 days ago

    I use medibang so I usually save my art work as a medibang file and as a tiff.

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan 16 days ago +1

    Before even watching I'll say there are no mistakes in art.

  • Candy Wolf
    Candy Wolf 16 days ago +2

    Hah number one doesn’t affect me because I can’t afford a tablet ;w;

  • Lunaric Cat
    Lunaric Cat 17 days ago

    Can’t make any mistakes if you don’t make any digital art in the first place 👍

    • Aaron Rutten
      Aaron Rutten  17 days ago

      Well, then your mistake was was watching this video.

  • Okami Bredren
    Okami Bredren 18 days ago

    Lol one of my most hated mistakes is drawing on the wrong layer by accident... such a pain in the ass when it happens especially if you get so sucked in to a piece that you don't notice in time 😥

  • _Fr3ak_
    _Fr3ak_ 18 days ago

    When i first started digital drawing i was always using one layer and filled it with the bucket tool 😂😂😂. Its been 3 years since i stopped doing that my life is easier

  • Lexi The Dutch Angel Dragon

    Already? Wowo, and I thought I'd be good for at least some of it lol The first point is right, i'm guessing the rest is too. Good video

  • Glam Purrincess
    Glam Purrincess 18 days ago

    The only mistakes I make from this video are shading and contrast. The rest, I don't really do. Still not that good at doing art.

  • SLiKK
    SLiKK 19 days ago

    I don’t use a drawing tablet but I’m getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 soon do I’ll be on track with art.

  • Jay Middleton
    Jay Middleton 19 days ago

    JPEG is much better for online distribution so if you’re planning on making images for the internet save your final product as a jpeg.

  • Sorry Nope
    Sorry Nope 19 days ago

    Well my problem is that I don't know how to draw in tablets however I do in paper😥😥

  • Gameslayer 9000
    Gameslayer 9000 19 days ago

    Thx I needed this

  • αmρhιe
    αmρhιe 19 days ago +21

    7. Not saving often enough

    Jokes on you, my art program autosaves

    MINi YOONJI 20 days ago

    I first used mouse when I started digital art. When I switched to tablet, I positioned it similarly as to where I would put my mouse (beside my keyboard). I had no problem drawing in that position and actually found it easier for my hand-eye coordination. When I cleaned up my workstation, I repositioned my tablet in front of my monitor. When I try to draw afterwards, I was really frustrated. I could still draw as normal but there seems to be a niggling feeling that something is off. Now I can't seem to finish anything 😂

  • Nicole PlayZ
    Nicole PlayZ 21 day ago +1

    Idk how to remove the resolution :( im in mobile lol

  • Uzura Honey
    Uzura Honey 21 day ago

    OMG this is really Helped me! Thank u so much!!! I've frustated that i think, why? I've draw my comic and i draw it really hard and good, but when i saving it, and i upload it to my device, the pic turn little bit grey, and the quality is... Urghh

  • Cruja
    Cruja 21 day ago

    damn I've just noticed that the video is also English (I'm halfway)
    The title was translated by YT in German so I did not pay attention to the language anymore

  • hase1997 ri
    hase1997 ri 21 day ago

    HI i just sbbed.. i have colrel psp 2019, photosop cc subscription, sai and twisted brush,.. have you ever used or heard of twisted brush? it is amazing i think but confusing to use

  • ice cold soda
    ice cold soda 24 days ago

    aint making any of those

  • Christiaan Kruger
    Christiaan Kruger 26 days ago

    Using too many layers is a much bigger mistake than not using them at all. With a lot of artists their layers quickly escalate to the double digits and beyond. They can cause a sort of analysis paralysis where you're too afraid of changing things because it would have consequences for the other layers. So you're far less likely to change something and stray from your original design, which means your painting doesn't evolve much, and the mistakes you made in the initial stages get carried over to the final painting.

    I personally use one layer for the drawing, then put down the first colours in a layer underneath. When I'm more or less satisfied, I merge them down and continue painting. If I have to change something, I just paint over it or use the select tool. You can always use liquefy as well, there are many options. My point is that layers are a great tool, but you should never be a slave to them. Paint fearlessly, and use layers only for convenience.

    Gaining a solid understanding of the fundamentals and the medium in which you work is important, and if you're afraid to make mistakes you interfere with that process.

  • Aemon Warrick
    Aemon Warrick Month ago

    Woah! Excellent video! Very helpful.

  • Lambo-chan
    Lambo-chan Month ago

    You nailed it. These are all things people often ignore.

  • NESova.RAR
    NESova.RAR Month ago

    cool life hack - have a touchscreen for your PC

  • Squ
    Squ Month ago

    I'm guilty to some of these, but I learned things from scratch and by making mistakes. Thanks for this video, I learned some new things also.

  • N I M I Z E
    N I M I Z E Month ago +1

    What application are you using

  • rene pusepatten
    rene pusepatten Month ago

    Before I bought my Ipad I had wacom on pc, I always sat angled, worked much better.

  • purple nugget
    purple nugget Month ago

    I don't even have a pc

  • WafflKitty :3
    WafflKitty :3 Month ago +1

    I draw on my phone on Medibang :/

  • Westy
    Westy Month ago

    2:38 what IS THAT

  • Dark Fun
    Dark Fun Month ago

    I never even make a mistake like the first one wanna know how?
    Well it's simple

    Because I don't have a freaking drawing tablet or sketch tablet or what ever the hell you call that thing

  • Kyle Tatum
    Kyle Tatum Month ago

    Not gonna lie, these blew my mind.

  • The LouvardiTestLab Productions

    That stickman part though...

  • wh ut
    wh ut Month ago

    Do,,, do people _not_ use layers??

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer Month ago

    I really like manga style so I’d like to go to a comic schoool but it will not teach me digital art or animation, that’s why I’m not sure what to do.

    I like animation and 3d animation but maybe studying only animation won’t make me good with anatomy or illustrations/traditional art?

    Also, in the future I would like to work as a game designer or to publish a manga or a short animated film, that’s why I’ve initially thought about a combo bachelor in CS+ comics art or animation.

    My dream is to tell or give people interactive or emotional stories.

    Which one should I get? CS and illustration, CS and animation or Animation and Comics Art?

    If I get a comics art course, is it more difficult for me to do animation then for an animator to do a comic? or Vice Versa?

    Illustration is a totally different thing?

  • My name is Monika
    My name is Monika Month ago

    Poor stickman

  • My name is Monika
    My name is Monika Month ago

    I have a challenge....

    Do your digital art on a phone!

  • fezzamond -
    fezzamond - Month ago +1

    Watching this video i could only get a couple minutes into the video before i started to get triggerd,
    There is much easier ways to finding and making contrasts in your art peices, like for one utilising the amazing tools most art programs give you such as the overlay n multiply layers, using these it outomaticly makes a nice shad n light that doesnt look too drastic in paintings because i noticed even when you shaded your drawings still kinda look flat and the shading was too drastic and unrealistic (try to stay away from too dark or too light colours like white use more yellows with the overlay layers and more browns in multiply layers),
    Another thing too is you should never flatten n image! Rookie mistake, i save at least 2 to 3 copies of the same art peice to try diffrent editing techniques and upload the ones that look the best (always save a photoshop file to have an original version of the art piece just in case you dont want to loose your art)
    I hope i could help someone!

  • Angel H
    Angel H Month ago

    Thank you. Very helpful

  • Valeria Beltran
    Valeria Beltran Month ago

    Guilty of destructive editing 😭 it's a horrible feeling

  • rachel.doremi
    rachel.doremi Month ago

    Definitely useful for those that are going for realism or surrealism

  • Vanilla Sacs
    Vanilla Sacs Month ago

    What do you use to draw

  • Yuhei
    Yuhei Month ago +1

    the only thing I'm guilty of is number 7 lol, I've lost so much work due to forgetting to save or procrastinating it, only to find that my program crashed

  • Flying Penguin
    Flying Penguin Month ago

    I used to ruin so many drawings by saving them as jpeg when I was 14. I would spend hours redrawing them over and over only to ruin them again 'cause I had no idea what file formats were and couldn't figure out what was going on. Baby's first computer, oh the humanity!

    BLVCKFIRE Month ago

    *layers are your friend!!!*

    BLVCKFIRE Month ago +1

    Bummer, all my files are .jpeg
    *I guess I am the mistake*

  • Jona0
    Jona0 Month ago

    I use more objekts on one layer, bit they have to be far away from each one, so I can still easly move them.

  • X.nonymous
    X.nonymous Month ago

    It’s pronounced "gay peg" lol I had a debate with my class over it

  • Jill Suzuyo
    Jill Suzuyo Month ago

    Who saves his work in JPEG is an idiot

  • elena J
    elena J Month ago

    whaha mistake, not changing the hue ...... continues to shade apple without changing the hue

  • Joan Mayer
    Joan Mayer Month ago

    Thanks for the tutorial - and reminders! In an intro class where the instructor kept bringing up Smart Objects, but didn't explain it as you did. Really appreciate the straightforward simplicity. #sbccmediaarts

  • sombruh colomar
    sombruh colomar Month ago

    ive always had my tablet on my side where i put my mouse. not infront of me. time to try

  • 김할머니
    김할머니 Month ago

    Your voice is like a voice mm

  • TheNovaWind
    TheNovaWind Month ago

    Fun you mention not to use your tablet on the side, but that’s how i learned and it does mess up my works lol but nice tips though!

  • Courtney Rae
    Courtney Rae Month ago

    If you have to compress your image, go to tiny png; there is virtually no quality loss that i have ever seen from using the free web service.

  • vicioushellsing
    vicioushellsing Month ago

    I got a bigger laugh out of that stick figures complaints than I should have.

  • Ari Joy Schaffer
    Ari Joy Schaffer Month ago

    Ohmigawsh! Thank you so much! I’ve been a graphic artist for years and I still hadn’t figured out most of these! Thanks so much for posting this! It’s helped a lot!

  • Tithi Wakhariya
    Tithi Wakhariya 2 months ago

    One of the best video for beginners!Thanks Aaron! :)

  • Spotify
    Spotify 2 months ago +1

    The digital art mistake I have is drawing

  • Johnny Alpha
    Johnny Alpha 2 months ago +1

    I’ve done 100+ full drawings on my computer and I saved them all as jpeg... kill me now.

  • This is what I look like when I eat Tacos

    Me: uses all of these dispite not having a drawing tablet

  • Sarah 'Cactus-Chan' Bond

    Oh, believe me, I don't HAVE a tablet. I prefer a mouse or paper and a camera.

  • Awenigma 4u
    Awenigma 4u 2 months ago

    Very useful especially the resolution part!

  • ebo's trash
    ebo's trash 2 months ago

    I didn't think the first one was a problem lmao I've been doing that since i first got my tablet four years ago
    The jpeg one I only started doing quite recently and I didn't realize that was what was changing the color of my art !! How did i not realise this???? 😅

  • Saturn Stardust
    Saturn Stardust 2 months ago

    I’ve always saved images as png so no wonder I have no storage left fjksksndkdkskf

  • Alex Stern
    Alex Stern 2 months ago

    I used to draw like "correct" on the first tip. And it ruined my wrist. My hand is now not something I can use for writing more than just 1 minute. And the only way to prevent it or continue to work with it - holding the tablet in the right if you right-handed like MiuMau and others do. 'cause it IS the thing that will keep your hand healthy.

  • E V A
    E V A 2 months ago +1

    This is just... so basic? I never made any of those mistakes even when I was a beginner like eight years ago. Still interesting to know that these are a very common mistakes for someone.

  • Leafyyay
    Leafyyay 2 months ago

    hahaha i cant make the first one mouse gang where u at

  • DogeisCut
    DogeisCut 2 months ago

    Haha who said i have a tablet 😂

    • DogeisCut
      DogeisCut 2 months ago

      I dont make most of these

  • Youngin영인
    Youngin영인 2 months ago

    Omg these stuffs are what i gradually realized while practicing but i didnt have it as clear as how its being explained. Thank you so much! Im ... enlightened👀

  • MoopSeal
    MoopSeal 2 months ago +1

    Why tf does software have limited undos and redos!? Like seriously it's digital why can't it just be infinite?

  • sup me
    sup me 2 months ago

    I save png

  • richardhalo
    richardhalo 2 months ago

    0:40 incorect. Having the tablet like that will make you stay in a uncofortable position. The tablet indeed must be positioned straight and not in front of the monitor but a bit offside so that you body has a confortable position.

  • Steven ZachariasVA
    Steven ZachariasVA 2 months ago

    I actually forgot masking was a thing. Thank you for the reeducation!

  • Aldrich - rpgmaker
    Aldrich - rpgmaker 2 months ago

    that was surprisingly useful, thanks.

  • Ghost wizard
    Ghost wizard 2 months ago

    Making the zero look like a fat 6

  • HappiisMatt
    HappiisMatt 2 months ago

    I admit,

    I use a mouse

  • Frost Fire
    Frost Fire 2 months ago

    Uh... my digital art is drawing with a finger on an iPad on flipaclip... I’m evil