Understanding "How do I Sleep Better" | Dr. Vyga Kaufmann | TEDxBoulder

  • Опубликовано: 22 окт 2015
  • Have we all thought that we could sleep better? Can we solve sleep? Dr. Vyga Kaufmann discusses just what sleep disorders are and what tools you have to sleep better tonight. Hint: no square screens anywhere near your bed.
    When Vyga Kaufmann, PhD thinks about a night of quality sleep she envisions Ivan Pavlov comfortably reclined in a freight train gliding down a mountain under a moonlit sky. As a clinical psychologist with 20 years of professional experience in mental health care and a relentless curiosity about how and why we sleep she has applied her expertise to promoting awareness about the ways that seemingly benign behaviors can impact overall quality of sleep. Kaufmann is a founding partner of Summit Behavioral Sleep Medicine, part-time instructor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at CU Boulder, hiker of Mt. Sanitas, and mother of an energetic and inquisitive 4-year old daughter.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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  • Amanda Curtiss
    Amanda Curtiss 6 дней назад

    Is it just me or does she look like an older taylor swift

  • Amanda Curtiss
    Amanda Curtiss 6 дней назад

    I watched this vid instead of sleeping it 12:39am rn

  • Alex Trout
    Alex Trout Месяц назад

    Actually deep sleep is not a lack of consciousness but consciousness without objects.

  • Sabrina Bailey
    Sabrina Bailey 4 месяца назад

    This was a waste of 11 minutes. No new information and there is a lot more to sleep than what is in this video. Very basic

  • Angel'slove C.
    Angel'slove C. 8 месяцев назад

    CBTI sounds like a way of asking insurances for more money and putting symptoms under the rug like going with rX drugs

  • Larry Sexton
    Larry Sexton 8 месяцев назад +1

    I'm getting sleepy. Think ill have a glass of warm milk now and lay me down


    Türkish please. Biri tercüme etsin lütfen.

  • Michael N
    Michael N Год назад +17

    I should probably turn this off and go to sleep.

  • Arshpreet Singh
    Arshpreet Singh Год назад +1

    Taylor Swift aged so quickly

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven Год назад

    Too wimpy. Directed to girls only. Sexist.

  • Dana Baker
    Dana Baker Год назад

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  • Zey Hash
    Zey Hash Год назад +10

    Well, that was a waste of 11 minutes and 25 seconds of my life.

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    vsleboss cacakaka Год назад

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  • Dane Gonzalez
    Dane Gonzalez Год назад +1

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  • Falcon Britt
    Falcon Britt Год назад +3

    What has actually helped me: When your mind won't shut up, White Chestnut flower essence, 4 drops in small amount of water. If you worry too much about loved ones, add Red Chestnut flower essence. When stress is making you altogether too wound up and overwrought to sleep, Pantothenic Acid (B5) 500 mg a half hour before bed time. A doctor recommended this, said it would sedate me and then my body would flush what it didn't need, no side effects. Pantothenic Acid also revolutionized the life of a friend, it worked so well for her. She overcame depression. Vervain flower essence helps one not go around overwrought, which affects our ability to sleep. (If you are very sensitive and highly intuitive, you might also try Chestnut Bud flower essence for coping better.) Flower essences are not sedating and can be taken day or night for better functioning. Eventually a sleep study proved that I was stopping breathing 16 times a night, disturbing my sleep - not waking me but causing huge fatigue. If you snore and have fatigue, I would go to a sleep doctor - they can send home a device you can wear to test you now, you don't have to stay overnight for the sleep test. My CPAP isn't sexy, but a good night's sleep night after night is priceless - I function better on all levels!

    • dddux
      dddux 6 месяцев назад

      How does this differ from using drugs? Marijuana, for example? It does help me sleep, but it's hard to find it here because it is still illegal to sell it.

    • Stephen OD
      Stephen OD 10 месяцев назад +2

      F Britt, I bet I could sell you crow feather essence for constipation.

  • Heather Brown
    Heather Brown Год назад

    Bless this woman.

  • Anna Mckay
    Anna Mckay Год назад +2

    Doctors don't have much to offer - we know that drugs impair sleep quality and often don't work. In the UK CBT is advocated as first line treatment - but it is expensive and we don't have enough practitioners. Online CBT may help. And as one of the comments points out, it may only be a solution for anxiety linked insomnia. We are working on prompting the brain to follow good sleep patterns by using extremely low power electrical prompts - Zeez Sleep Pebble. Please check us out. Especially researchers.

  • Lysander Dusseljee
    Lysander Dusseljee Год назад +1

    Absolutely useless. CBT does appear somewhat effective for anxiety, which could help a bit with insomnia. It could also potentially treat sleep anxiety (i.e. anxiety about insomnia). However, why would this be sufficient? What about people who are resistant to placebo? What about cost? Isn't this rather condescending and dismissive?
    I'm a big fan of drugs. However, the common sleep drugs impair sleep quality. I'm currently interested in hydroxyzine 100-200mg per night, as it should improve sleep quality. I haven't tried it yet, but hope to soon. It is an unscheduled legend drug and an antihistamine, so I imagine it's not hard to get upon request.

  • Joanne
    Joanne Год назад


  • mudsinkmayor
    mudsinkmayor 2 года назад +2

    This appears to be a memorized speech.

    • Amanda F
      Amanda F 2 месяца назад

      mudsinkmayor of course it is
      All Ted Talks are prepared in some way

  • Tis Life
    Tis Life 2 года назад +3

    Oh "if you have insomnia maybe you should get it checked out". I did just that and instead of the doctor trying to understand my sleeping disorder, they only wanted to prescribe prescriptions. Once that I told the doctor I wasn't interested in prescriptions he basically told me he couldn't help me.

  • fatalmystic
    fatalmystic 2 года назад +5

    sounds more like a sales person. also removing symptoms is a poor goal for health treatment.

  • TrickWithAKnife
    TrickWithAKnife 2 года назад +3

    Too bad for those of us who are unable to talk with a therapist. Guess I'll continue with my 1-3 hours a night of sleep.

    • Zey Hash
      Zey Hash Год назад


    • jose alberto barrios contreras
      jose alberto barrios contreras 2 года назад +1

      Oхford University Reveals: Quiсk Insоmnia Cure => twitter.com/6b32c5ac996d61862/status/804614583075733505 Understaaanding How do I Sleep Better Dr Vyga Kaufmann TEDxBouldееeer

  • Toxo
    Toxo 2 года назад +97

    I didn't know Taylor Swift was a doctor

    • Harry Stapleton
      Harry Stapleton Год назад

      20shourya how is that hate? Taylor is Beautiful

      ISWAR PATEL Год назад

      Wish she was that smart lol

    • ziajerica
      ziajerica Год назад

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    • Eric McDonough
      Eric McDonough Год назад +2

      Look what u made her do

    • 20shourya
      20shourya Год назад +2

      haters gonna hate...

  • Alex Borodin
    Alex Borodin 2 года назад +15

    Another psychologist touts for business. These people are worse than the Jehovas.

    • Pete Shand
      Pete Shand 8 месяцев назад

      The point of the talk is stop using band-aid solutions. Getting a genuine good night's sleep requires a holistic approach that often means making lifestyle changes. CBTi can help you navigate that.

    • Terry Guire
      Terry Guire Год назад +1

      Yea, it was the most anticlimactic TED talk I've heard. The only thing I thought useful was the pie chart.

    • oolon colluphid
      oolon colluphid Год назад +2

      Thank you guys for saving me the time. The ratio of Likes to Dislikes is confirmed.

    • FungluttonDotCom
      FungluttonDotCom 2 года назад +7

      Exactly. This talk was so bogus. 10 minutes of build up and then "I can't diagnose you with a treatment unless I meet you, but eat healthy and exercise in the meantime."

  • Gina McGalliard
    Gina McGalliard 2 года назад +29

    This is the same tired advice we've heard in every article written about sleep. And no, CBT-I should not be the first line of defense with insomnia. It should be trying to evaluate the physical reasons in the body that is preventing you from sleeping well.

    • Juan Van Schoor
      Juan Van Schoor 7 месяцев назад +1

      Till started by using medication for it no thank you

    • Juan Van Schoor
      Juan Van Schoor 7 месяцев назад +1

      Gina McGalliard exactly thought it was ok video till last half of video

  • chanelname969
    chanelname969 2 года назад +3

    very optimistic I like it..