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  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • After a lot of thought and research, we have come to the conclusion that there is no particular reason why pranks don't work in India. They just don't!! Here are a few examples. Enjoy.
    Also, if you know any more such pranks, let us know in the comments below.
    Production: Do Creative Labs
    Niharika NM
    Sunilino Matthew
    Kevin Zombi Joseph
    Neelam Issac Devavara
    Shane Mendes
    Prashant Murali
    Poster Credits - Maryann Vincent
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  • Jordindian
    Jordindian  5 months ago +3152

    You've been asking for pranks for a long time.. So here is our twist on it. Hope you like it. Let us know in the comments below :) #jordindiansquad

    • Kodandapani Akurati
      Kodandapani Akurati Month ago

      Thanks bro

    • Johnprakash #
      Johnprakash # Month ago

      Halal Prank is the most realistic in Indian situation!

    • Pooja K
      Pooja K 2 months ago

      U guys will shine and be the proud of India 💜💛💚💙❤️

    • T R
      T R 3 months ago

      @Dane Andrew well now I have to watch it (again)

  • Aneesh Prince
    Aneesh Prince 16 hours ago

    Perfect Australian accent

  • Azan and Nafih vlogs

    That bike was Suzuki Hayabusa

  • Saraswathy Narayana Moorthy

    Pranks go wrong in India😜

  • shanthi radha
    shanthi radha 2 days ago

    Mind black magic Manjunath😂😂😂😂

  • puja rajput
    puja rajput 2 days ago

    australian accent i love it

  • Aman Pandey
    Aman Pandey 3 days ago

    Fffaake Snnaekes .... Man that was hilarious 1:30

  • Abinash Senapati
    Abinash Senapati 3 days ago

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  • Shahid Nehal
    Shahid Nehal 3 days ago

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  • Music Lover
    Music Lover 4 days ago

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  • Salad Ass
    Salad Ass 4 days ago +3

    3:45 how can she slap reference 😂😂😂
    From that stupid clip of a reality show

  • Nidap Maya Dhar
    Nidap Maya Dhar 5 days ago

    That accent with the snake one 😆😆😆

  • Nadeem Akhtar
    Nadeem Akhtar 5 days ago +1

    You are very funny the most funny
    I am from Pakistan

  • Sayuni Senadeera
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  • peachology
    peachology 6 days ago +1

    Legend says you can still hear the echoes of Naser's "I have a bike"

  • Joel Francis
    Joel Francis 6 days ago

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  • Guna Shekar
    Guna Shekar 6 days ago

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  • SGT xag
    SGT xag 6 days ago +3

    Legends say that naser is still saying that *he has a bike*

  • Sasidhar Kosuri
    Sasidhar Kosuri 6 days ago

    I love Nasser he is funny

  • Goodwill Owl
    Goodwill Owl 6 days ago

    I laughed so much while watching this😂😂😂😂👌👌loved it keep it up guys

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  • Karthik Nadig
    Karthik Nadig 8 days ago

    Mere pass gaadi hai banglaa hai paisa hai tumhare paas kya hai?
    Amitabh: mere pass maa hai
    Nasser: I've a bike 😄

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    kp 9 days ago

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    Suchismita Das 10 days ago

    Why didn't I find you guys earlier...

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    Sumit Mahanta 10 days ago

    I am here once again ...Only for two words "fake snakes"

  • Mini Jose. Ashok
    Mini Jose. Ashok 11 days ago +1

    Vineeth looks like Tamil actor Vijay in magic mangunath

  • Pavithran Stark
    Pavithran Stark 14 days ago

    The girl she's, hella cute

  • Allan Prince
    Allan Prince 14 days ago +2

    U wanna ask question for the kiss prank, ask who's the chief minister of Tamil nadu !!!

  • Savitha Anjje
    Savitha Anjje 14 days ago

    Refrigerater is good but too much of peeing...

  • Koushik Hariram
    Koushik Hariram 15 days ago +1

    Legends say naser is still standing in the same place and saying "I have a bike"

  • anuhebbar
    anuhebbar 15 days ago

    Vineet is awesome 😎

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    monu P 15 days ago +3

    1:47 It's alive! 🤣 what a perfect acting man!!

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    Afraeem Yusha 15 days ago

    Scare them with fike snike

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    Cio Dokop 16 days ago

    A Australian guy in the middle of my street LOL XD

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    Gamer Z 16 days ago

    Is Street Magic a Prank

  • Arjun Dev
    Arjun Dev 16 days ago +1

    2:30 light bill they don't pay or what 😂

  • s p
    s p 17 days ago

    Indian is no good people's see only money

  • Parvathy .R
    Parvathy .R 17 days ago

    What is the meaning of JORDINDIAN . WHY THE NAME ?

    • Sajil Haq
      Sajil Haq 5 days ago

      Naser is from Jordan
      Vineeth is indian.
      Both are friends. So.... Jordindian.

  • E O
    E O 17 days ago

    Is he really not from dubai?

    • Sul sur
      Sul sur 17 days ago

      Not. Both are Indians. That naseer's ancestors came from Jordan and they both loved in middle East for some time.

  • Fahim Haque
    Fahim Haque 18 days ago

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    Naseeba 19 days ago

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    fazlay rabbi 20 days ago +2

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    Ninja on Steroids 20 days ago

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    *Mysteries of the world :*


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    one more dog video 20 days ago

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