Flight of Passage Full Ride POV at Pandora: World of Avatar

  • Published on May 16, 2017
  • On ride video of Flight of Passage at Pandora: World of Avatar in Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World
    Ride on the back of a banshee on a thrilling trip thru Pandora: World of Avatar
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  • Sister Cyclone
    Sister Cyclone 19 hours ago

    That was unbelievable!

  • Daybreak
    Daybreak 2 days ago

    This is what i'm definitely gonna ride!

  • neiljuice
    neiljuice 3 days ago

    i’m really excited for Avatar 2. i think they are trying to do underwater mo cap and whether the movie tops the first, i’m still gonna enjoy getting to see more of the world of Pandora.

  • Nicole Annette
    Nicole Annette 6 days ago +1

    It was worth the 1 hour wait. I went on it 4 times and every time it feels like it’s the first time riding it. Breathtakingly beautiful and very calming lmao

  • Aylin Ristagno
    Aylin Ristagno 7 days ago +1

    I’m from Argentina and I waited 3 hours to ride it, all my family did it but not me, I had a panic attack and went out of the game, I’m so sad and dessapointed of my self because for us Disney is very expensive.

  • Clammybox8
    Clammybox8 8 days ago

    It looks so good, but it sucks that I can't experience it properly as 3d doesn't work with me.

  • Slothers
    Slothers 8 days ago

    It pains me to know I might never ride this ride because I've never gone to Disney world.

  • Psiu Psi
    Psiu Psi 9 days ago

    The best

  • Psiu Psi
    Psiu Psi 9 days ago

    I love so much🇧🇷❤️🇺🇸

  • Ramieverse !
    Ramieverse ! 10 days ago

    God bless all the Animators and VFX crew

  • Ryan Price
    Ryan Price 10 days ago

    Just how much effort Disney put into this is insane, even the smells and water spraying in your face from waves is grade A. 🙌🏼👏🏼

  • Weiten Marco
    Weiten Marco 10 days ago

    This is THE BEST RIDE ever ... thank you Walt Disney World and James Cameron ... I will never forget ... LOVE, LOVE ... LOVE it
    Thank you

  • creator Space
    creator Space 10 days ago

    It's done well.

  • Mr. Stormy
    Mr. Stormy 12 days ago

    Was anyone else scared of hitting the rocks
    That’s how real it fealt

  • Greg Schaffer
    Greg Schaffer 13 days ago

    2:10 reminds me of legiana but red from monster hunter world

  • Sythia Speedbuilds
    Sythia Speedbuilds 14 days ago +2

    Don’t ride this if you hate:
    Special effects
    Big and sudden drops
    Close encounters
    And near upside down things

  • Oblivion Josh
    Oblivion Josh 15 days ago

    You have to so long to get on it that’s how good it it

  • Adiel Alfonso
    Adiel Alfonso 17 days ago

    Not a fan of this "simulator", and the pre show is so cringe worthy and long. Expedition Everest is much better.
    Update: I'd take this over the Millennium Falcon simulator though, now that is crap.

  • bluefirez playz
    bluefirez playz 17 days ago

    I have serious anxiety and I'm terrified of rollercoaster and the feeling that you get because of rollercoasters, so should I go on the ride because I haven't yet and I'm kinda scared

  • Blaine whitehead
    Blaine whitehead 19 days ago

    We were here opening weekend and waited 3+ hours for this ride but it was WORTH IT!! By far my favorite ride of all time. Even if you aren’t an avatar fan, this will take your breathe away

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 19 days ago

    Went on this twice!

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 19 days ago

    This was my favorite ride, considering it was my favorite movie!

  • NYK Protege
    NYK Protege 19 days ago

    Easily the best ride in Disney. Heard it described as “soarin’ on steroids”. Pretty accurate

    • Lixx -_-
      Lixx -_- 15 days ago

      NYK Protege soarin was freaking amazing aswell

  • supreme12
    supreme12 20 days ago

    After riding this i cant wait for PSVR 3 for the Playstation 6!!!

  • Lil’ Mush and family

    We can't wait to ride this next time we go.

  • Gold Tiara {princess of all jewels}

    I just wanna know if this ride is scary?

  • legendofzeldafan 3762
    legendofzeldafan 3762 25 days ago

    If this is not the best ride disneyworld has to offer, I don't know what is.

  • legendofzeldafan 3762
    legendofzeldafan 3762 25 days ago

    Talk about an experience you will never forget. Hands down best ride there.

  • xxMiaRosexx :3
    xxMiaRosexx :3 25 days ago +1

    Ok, so story time:
    I went on this ride and it was brilliant (although it did make me feel a little motion sickness). So because the ride was over I got off of it (obviously...) and I saw everyone blocking the exit so a saw what was going on and there was a huge storm and it was flooding everything. So we were stuck at Disney for an hour an a half. Eventually, we made it to the car, but we did ruin the car because we were so wet...
    It happened yesterday...

  • Bianca Tan
    Bianca Tan 26 days ago +1

    Hands down the BEST ride I have ever ridden in my life! It all felt so real I literally had tears in my eyes from how amazing it was.

  • bori2kewt
    bori2kewt 26 days ago

    Omg best ride ever. I stood on line almost 2hrs for this ride and it was worth it amazing ride I promise u.

  • Professor Utonium
    Professor Utonium Month ago +1



  • TatizaZ
    TatizaZ Month ago +2

    This is the best ride I’ve ever been to

    • TatizaZ
      TatizaZ 24 days ago

      Peter Herron true story! It’s not even 10% of the real feeling you get when you’re there

    • Peter Herron
      Peter Herron 24 days ago +1

      TatizaZ I watched the video hoping to make myself feel better then realized the video does it zero justice whatsoever

    • TatizaZ
      TatizaZ 24 days ago

      Peter Herron omg me too!! Been there in July miss it so much

    • Peter Herron
      Peter Herron 27 days ago +1

      TatizaZ I just rode it yesterday and oh my god I literally have depression I miss it so much

  • titi juegos 2
    titi juegos 2 Month ago +1

    Que cull

  • titi juegos 2
    titi juegos 2 Month ago +1

    Que cull

  • Ross DiamondThief
    Ross DiamondThief Month ago

    This ride took my fucking breath away. I remember my jaw dropped when the ride started and I just began smiling ear to ear with excitement. It just makes you feel like you’re in a whole other world.

  • Winnford M. Dela Torre


  • Chunky Potato
    Chunky Potato Month ago

    Ok so I went on this ride and I’m afraid of heights so for most of the ride I was trying not to poop my pants yet I felt like I was actually riding a banshee or and ikran. This has to be the best ride I ever went on

  • Nyeh Squidward89
    Nyeh Squidward89 Month ago +2

    Just experienced this today. We were a little ways back in the line, but it was still moving pretty quickly, so we got there in about half an hour. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. If you can, make sure to ride this if you go. I watched this first a couple of years ago to see what it was like, but it really doesn't beat the real thing.

  • Vireo
    Vireo Month ago

    So it’s like Star Tours where you are watching a screen while the ride moves? If it is I would so love it!

  • Coach Tony Paul
    Coach Tony Paul Month ago

    Rode it today. Some of the most advance technology in a simulated ride... It truly is an adventure.. Lines are 2hours ride is 4 minutes and 30 seconds..

  • Sean K
    Sean K Month ago

    I remember visiting Animal kingdom last year before it opened and we all sprinted to Pandora to get in line and wait. Such good memories, this ride is fantastic.

  • Yes
    Yes Month ago +3

    Rides like these are ones that could never be the same if it was on video. You have to ride it for the full experience

  • Iguana Blox
    Iguana Blox Month ago +1

    Wait a minute how would they record if you have to put all items away

  • TizzyRose
    TizzyRose Month ago +1

    2nd favourite ride after rock ‘n’ rollercoaster :3

  • Gatitos bonitos
    Gatitos bonitos Month ago +1

    Cómo se llama?????

  • Alanna Grace
    Alanna Grace Month ago

    I wept the entire time I was on this ride. I don’t know, something about it was so beautiful and hyper realistic. You have to experience it irl

  • Cole Vigna
    Cole Vigna Month ago

    I know this sounds stupid but did anyone else notice how good it smelled

  • Zakk Harris
    Zakk Harris Month ago

    This ride got me back to watching avatar such a great ride

  • Bryce M
    Bryce M Month ago

    isn't this kind of fucked up though? like riding these things is supposed to be some kind of rite of passage, an almost spiritual experience, and the story for this ride is that... they're selling that experience to space tourists??

  • Rodrequez Daniels
    Rodrequez Daniels Month ago

    Best ride at Disney by far to me. With the movements of the seats and the water hitting ya its incredible.

  • SK Magic
    SK Magic Month ago

    The only 220 minutes in my life that were worth it.

  • Evelyn Vianey
    Evelyn Vianey Month ago


  • Juan Arizaga
    Juan Arizaga Month ago +1

    I rode it yesterday only had to wait 1 minute. #fastpass

  • Singing PSYCHO
    Singing PSYCHO Month ago

    I went to Disney yesterday and we were planning to go on this but my big brother was obsessed with the mountain Everest ride he went on it 4 times 😄 🏔

  • diamond gamer112
    diamond gamer112 Month ago

    my fav part 0:00 - 4:31

  • Cass Ann
    Cass Ann Month ago

    This is an absolutely visually stunning experience. There are so many elements that propel you into a whole other world, I remember resting as we entered the cavern of glowing lights and tears nearly coming from my eyes. There’s a calmness and serenity about this that you can only experience riding this. Wether your wait is 5 minutes to 3 hours, i completely recommend waiting whatever you need. If you are looking at fastpasses, a helpful hint is procuring them at least a month ahead of time. This is a surreal experience, and by far my favorite ride at disney. Sivako!

  • Hyru1e
    Hyru1e Month ago

    I rode this yesterday and it was worth the 2 hour wait.

  • Cole Cameron
    Cole Cameron Month ago

    Before I went on this rude I thought that it was kind of overrated but I was dead wrong, this is easily in the top 5 Disney world attractions

  • Giancarlo G.
    Giancarlo G. Month ago

    This is the best thing i did in America