The CPU Intel SHOULD have made!

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
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    The Core i7 8086K is boring... But we couldn’t pass up celebrating the 8086's anniversary in style. Time for a little DIY action to turn it into a work of art!
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Comments • 4 023

  • Piotr Sumela
    Piotr Sumela 7 months ago +2350

    If only you would do it straight... it kinda hurts my "premium" thing. To be fair, never delidded anything, so I have no idea how hard it is to align IHS correctly, but it looks like something what you would buy on aliexpress. Especially on b-rolls ;p

    • bmxriderforlife1234
      bmxriderforlife1234 3 months ago

      +shaunskii or nail polish.

    • bmxriderforlife1234
      bmxriderforlife1234 3 months ago

      so when is linus getting the new lazer engraver? he said no one around there has one so im assuming this means a new toy for linus?

    • Jokey Jesus
      Jokey Jesus 5 months ago

      True 😂

    • mandarin125
      mandarin125 5 months ago +1

      +Aurélien ETIENNE mais oui

    • Maggie McFee
      Maggie McFee 5 months ago

      Honestly, would it have killed them to stop and cut that tape square? Sure, it won't be seen, but neither will that gold top. So... same same.

  • Cyn Hicks
    Cyn Hicks Day ago

    That before and

  • Rodrigo Mendes
    Rodrigo Mendes 4 days ago

    Looks like shit lol but it was funny

  • MeMo Ra-Sta
    MeMo Ra-Sta 5 days ago

    Yea they should have. But they didn’t.

  • The Ultimate Player
    The Ultimate Player 5 days ago

    Intel and LMG made it

  • Timothy Reed
    Timothy Reed 7 days ago

    Now that they are soldering the IHS you kind of wish you didn't make that comment huh??? The soldered IHS can't be delidded now meaning we can't get the best performance possible due to low quality control on the IHS. It's almost mandatory now that you lap the IHS to decrease core to core deltas. We are seeing upwards of 40c deltas which sucks and lapping only fixes it so much. Gamersnexus lapping their cpu and did not see a huge difference but if the soldered IHS could be delidded and liquid metal applied without putting the IHS back there's a good chance of being able to overclock another 400-500mhz BUT WE CAN'T!!!! REALLY LINUS????? SOLDERED IHS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    DENİZ DORA KARAKAŞ 9 days ago +1

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    I got clickbaited
    After 1year from this videos due

  • Carver Harrison
    Carver Harrison 11 days ago

    I want a 8088k with a 32bit databus.

  • Matthew Flores
    Matthew Flores 13 days ago

    I cringed at the blood

  • Niklas Bissinger
    Niklas Bissinger 16 days ago

    You used an tool from derBauer lol

  • Jansel
    Jansel 17 days ago

    He used the Diamond Delidder from der8auer

  • Aaryan Gupta
    Aaryan Gupta 17 days ago

    Man you are adding gold the best heat cunducting natural metal

    • John Shalamskas
      John Shalamskas 13 days ago

      Bzzt. Silver is a better conductor of both heat and electricity.

  • Quick420ful
    Quick420ful 24 days ago

    I didn't catch what he did with the cpu? His wife probably owns it now,right Linus?

  • eric1911a1
    eric1911a1 25 days ago

    neat and all, but it's kinda pointless if it's covered by a heatsink or cooling block, unless you get a sticker that's a photo copy of the gold cpu to put on your tower to show what it looks like, but even then, what's the point?

  • Abdul Raffay
    Abdul Raffay 27 days ago

    Please give me this processir

  • TheRetroGamer
    TheRetroGamer 28 days ago

    Try to run windows 10 on the 2.5MHz CDIP variant of the original i8086!!

  • dagoelius
    dagoelius 29 days ago

    All that work, only to be covered up by a liquid cooling block.

    THE CANNIBAL Month ago +2

    Employee: wheres linus
    Other employee: he went to go drink some couphy
    Employee: WHAT!!!
    Linus: (falls in through the roof) guess who turned the frigde into a helicopter

  • Pavelow
    Pavelow Month ago

    i know gold plate is cool and stuff. but silver is more functional. its more conductive to heat.

  • HowToBasic JR.
    HowToBasic JR. Month ago

    **Mechanical keyboard test**

  • 7500 subs with no video challenge

    Is it just me that took time to read the title

  • Devin W
    Devin W Month ago

    It’s 12:25am and now I want coffee....
    thanks Linus....

  • V O
    V O Month ago

    Another thing nobody needs

  • Dan Shannon
    Dan Shannon Month ago

    Anthony is great!

  • Mad Mario
    Mad Mario Month ago +1

    diet....pepsi.... DIET PEPSI?!!! REALLY?! unsubbed, unfollowed, unwatched....

  • Andres De Osio
    Andres De Osio Month ago +1

    Awesome!!@! The custom cpu you will never ever see again once you place your water block!!!

  • G4lli
    G4lli Month ago

    The only dislikes were from Intel employees

  • TheUnknownD
    TheUnknownD Month ago +2

    In 2021
    Friend: What computer are you buying?
    Me: A linus computer.

  • KillerOfLight
    KillerOfLight Month ago

    And after all that work you just put an cooler on top of it and never see it again lol

  • Andrew ergerergerg
    Andrew ergerergerg Month ago

    Coffee Mocha in russian sounds like "Coffee Pee" :D

  • A Happy Potato
    A Happy Potato Month ago

    5:24 that smile dude

  • Rob Estey
    Rob Estey Month ago

    Oh very sweet. I would have loved that. I won the regular 8086k so its great - but oh my.....yours is soooo sweet. Anniversary worthy.

  • B34rGrub
    B34rGrub Month ago

    i thought it was a condom

  • Dimitri Lens Flare Abrams

    Intel should have done exactly what Linus did plus make the CPU with either a blue sub straight for Intel or a brown one for that retro CPU look. They should have also made that CPU the most baller consumer chip they could've made.

  • Z/dos
    Z/dos Month ago


  • Derek at ClassicRockRadio

    I have not seen brush plating done for over forty years when I left the electro deposition industry, we used to do remedial chrome or nickel for machinery. You could have a renumerative sideline going there :-)

  • nickt
    nickt Month ago

    why the fuck would you use music with voices?!

  • Gregory Paul Drapeau

    A multi billion dollar company got beat by a multi million subscriber RU-clip channel.

  • Really Madnomad
    Really Madnomad Month ago +1

    5:17 AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!! He said "JOO-lery!" 'Tis one of the words I may not hear. Right up there with "NOO-kee-ler."
    Repeat after me: JOO-well-ry. JOO-well-ry. JOO-well-ry. Repeat this 50,000 times. I'm an old guy. Soon I shall join the unseen.
    I WILL haunt you. So help me.
    JOO-well-ry. JOO-well-ry. JOO-well-ry.

  • Светослав Божурски

    Cool PROCESSOR Intel core 7

  • Anonymous243
    Anonymous243 Month ago

    You should have sanded down almost to the depth initially desired on the CPU lid. And then had it in graved and then gone through one more time with a quick sanding past to get some of the burrs off and then do that gold shit you do. Buuuut hell I'd buy what you made

  • HiT
    HiT Month ago

    3:20 "eh" what a true canadian

  • Kristian Hill
    Kristian Hill Month ago

    anyone know what the keyboard Linus is using is

  • Layzee.Cupcake
    Layzee.Cupcake Month ago


  • bigbilly boggins
    bigbilly boggins Month ago

    As an electroplater, have to say your brush plating technique more than sucks, must have taken ages to get a decent amp-hour count, but kudos for sticking at it, guess its easier with a specialist rectifier though.

  • Jimi Jackson
    Jimi Jackson Month ago

    is it me or when i saw the picture it looked like a condom

  • Subscribe to pewdiepie Or ill shank your nan

    Can someone step on my console peasant ass... please

  • scars guy
    scars guy Month ago

    i am interested to work at your place if i turn 18 but i live in europe

  • Jack McCourt
    Jack McCourt Month ago

    Why does it matter how the cpu looks?

  • Joseph Zeru
    Joseph Zeru 2 months ago

    Wow........this video is literally just painting a CPU, which causes it to literally loses XMP and Multicore Enhancement

  • Joey Pug
    Joey Pug 2 months ago

    Can we buy coffe at store

  • Bass-D C
    Bass-D C 2 months ago +2

    Jewler: "So you want me to engrave this patter into the heatspreader? Will you be able to see it?"
    Linus: "Nah It will be completely covered by a CPU cooler and never see the light of day again."
    Jewler _Insert "Am I a Joke to you?" Meme here_

  • TabalugaDragon
    TabalugaDragon 2 months ago

    Shouldn't it be Pentium Gold instead?

  • n00baTr00pa
    n00baTr00pa 2 months ago


  • Morgan Sedge
    Morgan Sedge 2 months ago

    Hi Linus loved your version of the cpu with the gold...i see you know how to overclock wish you could help me with that on my Asus Z97 Deluxe using Intel core i7 4790K.... anyway i love your video's and your work

  • SejfulahKralj Razor
    SejfulahKralj Razor 2 months ago

    I saw condom in the thumbnail

  • Drogni Boy
    Drogni Boy 2 months ago


  • mr Smile
    mr Smile 2 months ago +2

    Linus tech tips the gold cpu.

  • Exploit Entertainment
    Exploit Entertainment 2 months ago

    10:24 whats wrong with the gold plate there?

  • Exploit Entertainment
    Exploit Entertainment 2 months ago

    Grüße gehen raus an der8auer lol :D

  • Amy Purrington
    Amy Purrington 2 months ago

    Anthony rocking the forehead mustache haha.

  • rthgtr& Gaehgq
    rthgtr& Gaehgq 2 months ago

    "it's so cooool!!" and then put a ventirad on it

  • Tibeau Van Hekken
    Tibeau Van Hekken 2 months ago


  • HEM man
    HEM man 2 months ago +1

    This is so dumb you literally just cover the whole thing up with a heatsink. So you are wrong, Intel should not have made this because it would have been a waste of money and time.

  • Charlie Thomas
    Charlie Thomas 2 months ago

    drops cpu then you know its a Linus vidio

  • Vaporous synth-Gaming
    Vaporous synth-Gaming 2 months ago

    My cpu not oced gets like 900 ish

  • Owen Sherman
    Owen Sherman 2 months ago

    Shut up and take my money

  • Captin Pooky
    Captin Pooky 2 months ago

    What keyboard are you using at 8:04

  • Regan Collins
    Regan Collins 2 months ago

    Who is the helper guy? I've seen him on other videos, and he certainly seems to know his stuff

  • Jose Casas
    Jose Casas 2 months ago

    What kind of drugs are you taking?

  • tdawg067 YT
    tdawg067 YT 2 months ago +3

    So Now. i9 9900k lol

  • Jeff Geofferson
    Jeff Geofferson 2 months ago

    What do you use to stick the lid back on?

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 2 months ago

    62 deg, is that f or c?

  • Ryan Bergström
    Ryan Bergström 2 months ago

    Linus, Can I pay you to do the same for me too?

  • Santiago Sanchez
    Santiago Sanchez 2 months ago +4

    Anthony looks like a golem

  • Modest Mewtwo
    Modest Mewtwo 2 months ago

    where's the rgb on the cpu tho

  • Carlminion
    Carlminion 2 months ago

    So a custom made cpu?

  • Alpharius Omegon
    Alpharius Omegon 2 months ago

    Novice question: Was thermal paste used for the testing, after the gold brush plating?

  • Walter Legere
    Walter Legere 2 months ago

    Wow...what a monumental waste of money and time!

  • Butters
    Butters 2 months ago

    Donald Trump approves of the gold CPU

  • johannes
    johannes 2 months ago


  • pubg pubg
    pubg pubg 3 months ago

    linus is insane person of the century

  • Joshua Scholar
    Joshua Scholar 3 months ago

    That moment you realize that your cinebench score is 700 points higher than a Linus machine.

  • Coleman Ouimet
    Coleman Ouimet 3 months ago


  • Akshay Chalil Meethal
    Akshay Chalil Meethal 3 months ago

    Did anyone else's iPhone turn Siri on at 3:15,or is it just my iPhone

  • Mostafa Mohamed
    Mostafa Mohamed 3 months ago

    But cpu will be hiding for long long period ....

  • John Hayes
    John Hayes 3 months ago

    Totally Sick CPU

  • Meditation Relax Music
    Meditation Relax Music 3 months ago

    Shame on you, Intel...
    (BTW after 15 years of Intel, a week ago I've bought a Threadripper)

  • Caleb
    Caleb 3 months ago

    A fiber optic laser isn't really a type of laser. It has only to do with the light's being inserted into a fiber optic cable before it's coupled with whatever you want to use it. The term is usually " fiber coupled laser," and they're usually adjustable and usually not very powerful unless you want them to be (i.e. if you pay for a model that's powerful).

  • David C
    David C 3 months ago

    adding an extra layer made this CPU *THICCCER*

  • Nate Grey
    Nate Grey 3 months ago

    Anthony is the man

  • Francis Phillipeck
    Francis Phillipeck 3 months ago

    I think a matte black PCB, like lets say an EVGA GPU type color of PCB or ASUS motherboard type PCB color would look better and maybe a brushed gold heat spreader would look nicer but imo they did an awesome job frfr

  • Disguise_AU
    Disguise_AU 3 months ago

    Can you guys make more of these to sell? I'd definitely buy one just for show (I'd put it in a frame)

  • Buck Private
    Buck Private 3 months ago

    Hey Linus, where might I be able to buy some of that Liquid Metal?

  • Crissy Hutto
    Crissy Hutto 3 months ago


  • Taggart Olson
    Taggart Olson 3 months ago

    Solid Gold heatsink.

  • jaiden91
    jaiden91 3 months ago

    feels bad

  • arvenyon
    arvenyon 3 months ago

    Can I buy it from you guys????

  • rockedout
    rockedout 3 months ago

    they don't need to do better cosmetically... it already costs $500 CAD last time i checked might be cheaper now. It won't ever show on your rig because of the cooler. By doing it better cosmetically and increase production cost, they won't do it. If it increase retail value because they did something cosmetically, i wouldn't want them to do it.