Hamburger Steak Southern Style


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  • Christine Duval
    Christine Duval 18 часов назад

    This looks so good!!!!

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith День назад

    With all this salt, how's your blood pressure?

  • Ima Hick
    Ima Hick День назад


  • Magnum
    Magnum 4 дня назад

    Nice job, sir. Looks delicious.

  • Magnum
    Magnum 4 дня назад

    Lee & Perrins was the only Worchestershire allowed in our house.

  • froggie6608
    froggie6608 4 дня назад

    What we have here is Southern comfort food 101. Gather the family around the table and have at it. Pure enjoyment.

  • cloe bubble
    cloe bubble 5 дней назад

    Lot salt Lea Perrin worchestshire and granulated salt

  • Rod Fair
    Rod Fair 5 дней назад

    Lovely looking meal! Cooked like I do shorts and bare feet!
    Thanks for taking the time to make the video, I appreciate it.

  • Douglas Dailey
    Douglas Dailey 5 дней назад

    There's only one thing missing, me for dinner.

  • Old yeller 77
    Old yeller 77 6 дней назад

    Congratulations! You’ve just invented sloppy joes or Salisbury steak. Take your pick.

  • Gordon Greenwood
    Gordon Greenwood 6 дней назад

    You kinda went crazy with the potatoes lol over kill

  • Dimi K
    Dimi K 7 дней назад

    After preparing this deelicious recipe, grab yourselves a beer and make a toast to the cardiologist who'll have to fix your ticker sometime soon. Please o please don't have meals like this too often. Too much of a good thing ain't.

  • ROBERT snyder
    ROBERT snyder 7 дней назад

    The galloping gormet used to say that some chef's used alot of pepper to make up for their bad cooking.

  • Gwynne Gaut
    Gwynne Gaut 8 дней назад

    She is your WIFE not THE wife
    So ignorant

  • Richard FitzGibbon
    Richard FitzGibbon 8 дней назад

    Unhealthy 🤡

  • David Bennett
    David Bennett 9 дней назад

    Vegetable Oil? To cook 80%-20% Ground Chuck? Why? "Vegetable" oil is POISON! Only Animal Fat is suitable for human consumption. Anyone mentioning Cholesterol only displays the perpetuation of medical myth.

  • Daniel Wardimon
    Daniel Wardimon 10 дней назад

    Cooking bare footed isnuce, but with under ware would be much better. If you talk a bit less you could cook the whole meal in 10 minutes or less. There’s nothing like rare Berger. You cook it to death. Disgusting.

  • Jim Webb
    Jim Webb 11 дней назад

    I hate Lima beans

  • Nasser Khan
    Nasser Khan 11 дней назад

    Ahem I mean finely ground ginger............not onions oops.

  • Nasser Khan
    Nasser Khan 11 дней назад

    Some Haldi (tumeric) garam masala and a tip of chilli powder....Some finely diced onions and fresh garlic paste plus a little ground onions, ground cloves, and tomato paste will make a lovely kebab from this lovely burger recipe..............thumbs up.

  • Lara Rosevelt
    Lara Rosevelt 11 дней назад

    Looks delicious

  • Choa William
    Choa William 12 дней назад

    too much water on steak

  • David Hannon
    David Hannon 14 дней назад

    The Guy Making the Hamburgers Or Grilled

  • Mark T
    Mark T 15 дней назад

    And people wonder why they are

  • Boomer Taylor
    Boomer Taylor 17 дней назад

    Try milk when you make your flour roux. Let some water cook out and when you mix I. Your roux, you get a wonderful southern white gravy. :) I'm also a fan of using a mixer and getting more of a whip to my mashed potatoes. Not saying mine is better, just different and worth a try. It's also very rural southern.

  • Boomer Taylor
    Boomer Taylor 17 дней назад

    When you make your patties, push a dent in the middle and put an ice cube in the dent while the first side cooks. This will prevent the "footcall" effect of swelling while it cooks. :)
    My tongue is watering and my waistline is growing just thinking about this. LOL

  • Hucfinn 16195
    Hucfinn 16195 18 дней назад

    What's wrong with seeing the black pepper ?

  • Terry Tavares
    Terry Tavares 18 дней назад

    You are right mate, you made some really Fine eating there!

  • HeavyDemir
    HeavyDemir 19 дней назад

    looks good, but I think you need to stop putting soap in your cast iron skillet

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 21 день назад

    Man as good as it looks will stroke out .....Just a matter of time...

  • Leonard Szubinski
    Leonard Szubinski 21 день назад

    Geez! Have a little potatoes with your black pepper!

  • Jason Wheeler
    Jason Wheeler 21 день назад

    I’ll give this a try! I might use beef broth/water. It definitely looks good! ✊🏽👊🏽👍🏽

  • Danny L
    Danny L 21 день назад

    Who knows maybe you’ll make a million bucks because yours is better than KFC. Hey, I’m about burnt out on KFC

  • Patricia Simonds
    Patricia Simonds 21 день назад

    Oh yeah nice tasty cardiac arrest

  • Don Blake
    Don Blake 22 дня назад

    Looks really good! My Mom would use Beef Stock instead of Water but the recipe is just about dead on! Nice work!

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 22 дня назад

    Looks delicious food with flavor yum yum

  • Brad D
    Brad D 22 дня назад

    Thats looks friggin awesome great job !

  • capnchip
    capnchip 23 дня назад

    Hot-damn big Boy! That darn shoo looks like I could eat ALL them vittles! I gotta try that reel soon. My little 99 pound wife don't eat much and eats even less red meat. ( yep 99 pounds after 2 kids and 53 years married to me.) ( She tries to eat right.) I eat 'bout like a fattnin' hog. But I have a friend that will help me eat the whole pot. Beautiful....thanks, can't wait to try it!

  • larrysmiths1
    larrysmiths1 24 дня назад

    Damn it , I'll send you a bill for my ruined computer from drooling all over the keyboard! ;-)

  • Doreen Lopez
    Doreen Lopez 25 дней назад

    It’s almost 2:30 in the morning and you just made me so hungry! Looks yummy! 😍👍

  • Mike Albright
    Mike Albright 25 дней назад

    Hush my mouth! That looks awesome from here in Little Dixie! Thanks brother will be making this for sure!

  • Randy Parkin
    Randy Parkin 26 дней назад

    Slap that meat

  • ethel newberry
    ethel newberry 26 дней назад

    I was going to mention usung to use Beef or Chicken Broth also, but it's already been done. Water won't add any flavor. Potatoes should always start in cold water. It has to do with the final texture of your cooked product.

  • Joseph Roman
    Joseph Roman 27 дней назад

    You had me at '' reintroduce the meat ''

  • Blayne MacPherson
    Blayne MacPherson 28 дней назад

    very nice looking and tasty looking dish Except the beans. LOL

  • Henry Huffman
    Henry Huffman 28 дней назад

    Nasty looking mess. You didn't show it on the plate. Wrong kind of gravy. Go to Kent Rollins and he'll show you how to make chicken fried steak.

  • nikita nakeets
    nikita nakeets 29 дней назад

    veggies on wood meat on plastic...cutting boards that is

  • sherri d
    sherri d 29 дней назад

    You can cook! That's Texas food!

  • Snaps Often
    Snaps Often Месяц назад

    Looks great, but that house looks way to clean, when his wife gets home and sees all that grease splattered all over, he will be eating that in car.

  • Michael Solomon
    Michael Solomon Месяц назад

    That iron skillet has rust, pure poison.

  • Potrvlb
    Potrvlb Месяц назад

    Looked damn good!

  • Joseph allan aka Oseph Dickson
    Joseph allan aka Oseph Dickson Месяц назад

    Go dadbods go

  • Linda J. S. Anderson
    Linda J. S. Anderson Месяц назад

    Flour and water, I would like to introduce you to onion and oil in Mister Skillet. This word does not fit in with cooking. It's not proper language for cooking. That's the way I feel. I know the food is good! But I don't believe that word (introduce) is proper for homemade down to earth Southern cooking. If true country cookers do this, they won't use introduction. If they do, they are just spoiling their kids. I will keep my old language. I will not submit to this new stuff the younger feel are right, because it is so wrong. It makes me think they don't really feel what it's like to make a good country cooked meal for the family.

  • Weaver Kevin
    Weaver Kevin Месяц назад

    Use bottled water cause water from south is no GOOD.

  • Jeff Richardson
    Jeff Richardson Месяц назад

    Lost me with the nasty ass Mushrooms.

  • tim mccoy
    tim mccoy Месяц назад

    Lost me at water n limma beans

  • tim mccoy
    tim mccoy Месяц назад

    Good cook

  • tim mccoy
    tim mccoy Месяц назад

    Talking to your food makes it taste. BEtter

  • Barney Blair
    Barney Blair Месяц назад

    start your potatoes in cold water as not to release the gluten that putting them directly in hot water will do

  • gail carter
    gail carter Месяц назад

    Add some red dry wine to your onions and mushrooms, let the alcohol cook out, then some beef broth instead of water. The wine with the broth would make this awesome. Try it sweetie.

  • Nancy Aylward
    Nancy Aylward Месяц назад

    Someone's been cooking 😂🔥 ya in My kitchen 😂🔥 ya😂👀😂 🔥 professional and personal 😉 😁👍😀 naturally 😇😉👍 you😈😉👍 simmer is a good way 😍 ♥️ 😘 Man and the Sea of Galilee

  • Nancy Aylward
    Nancy Aylward Месяц назад

    I like the idea of pizza pan easy clean up better than McDonald's just as fast to cook as is to wait in 😂🔥 ya😋😈 in 😂 Line 😂🔥 ya😋😅😂🔥 ya😂😉 Damn 😂 👌 legs lol 😂 love you too babe 😘💋😍💋😍💋

  • M. J.E.
    M. J.E. Месяц назад

    I have a 60+ year old Flint potato masher that both of my deceased parents used years ago. It is in great condition. My sister also has one, also owned by our deceased parents. Our father passed away 37+ years ago; our mother passed away 11+ years ago. Had they still been around, they would have been 97+ years old, may God rest their souls.

  • darlene Tillman
    darlene Tillman Месяц назад

    I love listening and watching you cook...

  • tip of the iceberg
    tip of the iceberg Месяц назад

    Looks delicious...

  • Lois Bush
    Lois Bush Месяц назад

    This really looks good. I am going to make it for supper. Thanks

  • Scale Jedi
    Scale Jedi Месяц назад +1

    Grease burgers great for the Heart

  • Maurice Cardinal
    Maurice Cardinal Месяц назад

    Classic down home! Oh yeah!

  • Spoton
    Spoton Месяц назад

    I'm coming over for supper.

  • James Smith
    James Smith Месяц назад

    I have quit watching you ..already to fat like to eat and cook..good video..yummy..

  • K P
    K P Месяц назад

    Put a rounded off hole in the center( I use my index finger) and they want swell up in the middle so they will be evenly done.

  • Matt Roberts
    Matt Roberts Месяц назад

    You’re officially the Bob Ross of cooking ha. Instead of “The Joy of Painting”, you could call your RU-clip vids, “The Joy of Cooking” ha

  • Green Hornet
    Green Hornet Месяц назад

    Enough salt there to kill 5 people....

  • Paula Bradley
    Paula Bradley Месяц назад

    Yum this dinner looks,so good. I make almost the same minus the gravy and use steak sauce

  • Klaus Pucher
    Klaus Pucher Месяц назад

    very nice receip, you don't even need a bun for a pattie ;-) looks very tasty, but what i'm really interested in, are your grilling-cooking-safety-shoes, they are so ....inconspicuous :-) :-), a new brand ??? greetings from Carinthia, Austria, Europe

  • Robert Kirkpatrick
    Robert Kirkpatrick Месяц назад

    Hey nice job on the video. Try a packet of the dry hidden valley ranch in your hamburger. You'll thank me

  • Harry Langdon
    Harry Langdon Месяц назад

    Evening T... As a long time sub of yours, I have to say, I love the food that you make.. of which, I have tried on my own and most of your recipes have turned out to be spot-on! That said, This vid was recorded in 2012, aka, at around the time that I subscribed . Since then, as your channel has grown and it is now 2019, your style has changed and is nothing like it was before youtube became even a larger "business". Still enjoy your vids brother, but stick to what got you started on here before it became a contest... Damn I miss the original you.

  • Joel Mitchell
    Joel Mitchell Месяц назад

    very nice

  • Steve Kirksey
    Steve Kirksey Месяц назад

    Great video Try marinating with dales seasoning works well on chicken, pork and beef and mushrooms You can purchase it at Walmart or Meijer you’ll love it

  • Wedge Lewis
    Wedge Lewis Месяц назад

    It's amazing that we cook exactly alike except for one thing. I add one raw egg to my paddies when mixing. That holds them together. Where are you from.

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton Месяц назад

    Those steaks look goooooo-uuuud.

  • Quentin James
    Quentin James Месяц назад

    Lima beans ?? I'm unfriending you !!! Seriously, looks AWESOME !!

  • mary smukler
    mary smukler Месяц назад

    Everything looks so good!! Next time you make mashed potatoes try using mayo and diced boiled eggs along with salt and pepper to taste. My mom used to do this to give a change of flavor to her potatoes. As far as men cooks go, I taught all 3 of my sons to cook as soon as they could look over the top of the stove without burning their noses. Now they are all grown and can outcook me!!! Some men, like some women, can really cook! Enjoyed the video and plan to subscribe. Thanks

  • MrJC7071
    MrJC7071 2 месяца назад

    This may have been the most overblown "recipe" I've seen to date! They're Hamburgers, PERIOD!

  • dmccorkle9
    dmccorkle9 2 месяца назад


  • Zombie Farm35
    Zombie Farm35 2 месяца назад

    Is that the sheriff from stranger things?

  • Chanel Tucker
    Chanel Tucker 2 месяца назад

    Looks good Troy! I'll make this for Thursday's dinner. ;-)

  • Jerry Cain
    Jerry Cain 2 месяца назад

    You do not have a green veggi, you have 2 carbohydrates.

  • Ronald Zannini
    Ronald Zannini 2 месяца назад

    i've learned your center swelling can be cured by dimpling the center so that as it swells it ends up the same thickness all around. i've also known poeple to gently press the center with an ice cube.

  • G Murphy
    G Murphy 2 месяца назад

    When using red potatoes for fried potatoes and French fries, keep the skin on.
    For mashed potatoes, skin off.
    Put in stainless steel pot, and use an electric hand mixer with the 2beaters.
    Use sweet salted butter and whole milk. Forget salt and pepper !
    Use Lawry seasoning salt to flavor instead.
    It's a game changer !!
    Blend until thick and creamy, a spoon should be able to stand up without help.
    Guaranteed the absolute best mashed potatoes that you've ever had.

  • G Murphy
    G Murphy 2 месяца назад

    Red potatoes are absolutely awesome.
    I ONLY use red potatoes for my fried potatoes, French fries and my mashed potatoes.
    Red potatoes absolutely rule in flavor.

  • Cool Dude Daddy
    Cool Dude Daddy 2 месяца назад

    Exactly how you fuck up chopmeat. Water - ridiculous, foolish, and just pulling out all the nutrients

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 месяца назад

    Troy, what kind of "butter" are you using in the potatoes?

  • Li nda Kambara
    Li nda Kambara 2 месяца назад

    Looks so delicious

  • spontina
    spontina 2 месяца назад

    What no toe jam n biscuits?

    • Fred Berfal
      Fred Berfal 27 дней назад

      thats hillbilly d sert

    SEYMOUR SCAGNETTI 2 месяца назад

    t-Roy, excellent presentation!!! you are a natural at the cooking and video process. also nice touch to show the food dished/presented in a couple of different ways. keep the videos coming. thanks!!!

  • dude man
    dude man 2 месяца назад

    great recipe bro. good job taking care of your wifee. She gotta eat and you just tellin da troof.

  • Donald Pruett
    Donald Pruett 2 месяца назад

    74 years old. Four heart stents. And that still looks real good. Born & raised on a farm in the Midwest in `44. Lived in the Southwest since I was 10. Cut me and I'll bleed gravy.

    • dude man
      dude man 2 месяца назад

      4 heart stents and still trucking! nice!

  • Joh2n
    Joh2n 2 месяца назад

    A meal fit for a king God Bless

  • Gregory Calzada
    Gregory Calzada 2 месяца назад

    nice 😅