Hamburger Steak Southern Style

  • Published on Aug 1, 2012
  • This is my recipe for making Homemade Hamburger Steaks, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, and Ford Hook Lima Beans
    "Nile's Blues" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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  • Greg Bush
    Greg Bush 14 hours ago

    Why water? What about beef or mushroom stock?

  • Erica corey
    Erica corey 2 days ago

    A man that cooks 😍 looks awesome, lucky wife I can't even get toast haha

    • Erica corey
      Erica corey 2 days ago

      I definitely am subscribing looks so good 😁 I will make for my husband

  • FieryLittleRaven
    FieryLittleRaven 2 days ago

    This is s great recipe. I have one like it that I make all the time. Thanks for making these videos. They help a lot of people just learning how to cook. You make it easy to learn for folks. 👍

  • Ikon
    Ikon 4 days ago +3

    Ohh baby, nothing fancy just good ol stick to your bones food.
    There is nothing like this meal for a hot comfort meal!

  • Roger Waters
    Roger Waters 4 days ago +1

    Sorry but it may taste great but looks like something i had at my school dinner in the early 1990s... But I will say that i was so happy you did not smash that patty!!! Being in the UK gravy like this we do not do with a burger patty... Maybe 1 day i will try.
    If the hashtag is still a thing then, Hashtag... stop the smashing of burgers. hashtag, keep the juice in

  • Jim San
    Jim San 5 days ago +1

    Glad I don't have to clean that cook top.

  • Donna Bullock
    Donna Bullock 5 days ago +1

    Looks great! I would eat anything you cook! Good job!!! Fine eating!!!

  • cjb cjb
    cjb cjb 6 days ago

    No one is trying to see his crusty feet! Put some shoes on or socks and be a professional. Smh

  • Charles Palmer
    Charles Palmer 12 days ago +1

    I will try this out for sure

  • John A.
    John A. 13 days ago

    Its hard to beat a good hamburger steak.

  • Gail Stewart
    Gail Stewart 14 days ago

    You didn't plate the dinner up, also it sure looks yummy!!!!

  • Mary Walsh
    Mary Walsh 14 days ago

    Why leave those little pieces of skin on the potatoes when they are being mashed??????? Yuk

  • Greg Dietrich
    Greg Dietrich 17 days ago

    Looks gooood!

  • Sandee Holden
    Sandee Holden 19 days ago

    That's not butter. It's margarine which is full of hydrogenized oils! Your body can't break this oil down so your setting yourself up for disaster down the road. Use butter in everything.

  • Robb Houston
    Robb Houston 19 days ago

    Yum! I loved to cook. But I've succumbed to a nerve condition over the last year that's made it impossible. However, watching you whip up some that I might have is a nice reminder of the simple joy of cooking simple... :-) There's your book title!... Thx!

  • Suzanne Cluff
    Suzanne Cluff 22 days ago +2

    This looks so wonderful!! Now I’m hungry!!

  • SongbirdGLS
    SongbirdGLS 22 days ago

    I'm about to marry a man who wants to cook dinner for us, but he's pretty clueless in a real kitchen (he's a microwave kinda guy, LOL). I'm going to let him watch some of your videos so that he can learn how to cook so that I'll actually eat it! :-)

  • Marylou Mäder
    Marylou Mäder 22 days ago

    I love Lima beans I make my hamburger steaks just like you do. Thanks for your recipe

  • Mike D
    Mike D 24 days ago

    this guy was pretty good in Hell Boy

  • Gerard Murphy
    Gerard Murphy 24 days ago

    That looks great ,I use egg yolk in my mash potato and some English mustard ,would go great with that gravy👍🏽

  • Jean G
    Jean G 24 days ago

    At my house, we call this salisbury steak..whatever the name, it is GOOD!!!

  • Josh Hood
    Josh Hood 25 days ago

    Can you do the old military SOS / sh** on a shingle

  • Paula Bradley
    Paula Bradley 27 days ago +1

    Looks like such a great supper! Thanks

  • leopold klop
    leopold klop 28 days ago

    Saying hamburger steak is as stupid as saying soda pop

  • M Ladd
    M Ladd 28 days ago

    The more you play with those taters the sooner they will turn to ceement!

  • Michael Coulter
    Michael Coulter 29 days ago

    And just when it couldn't get any better my man you started sauteing the onions I love sauteed onions

  • Michael Coulter
    Michael Coulter 29 days ago

    I just love it when meat is cooked in a cast iron skillet yum yum you get all the flavor from a cast iron skillet it makes the meat even more flavorful

  • None ya Biz
    None ya Biz Month ago

    Damn you, now I'm starving! Looks soooooo good, might I suggest a small splash of port or burgundy in the gravy?

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Month ago

    Put some clothes on.

  • Jose Coria
    Jose Coria Month ago

    Nice !!and a lot of love also nice job bro,and you kept the queen and kingdom happy home !!. 😏🙂👨‍🍳🤴👸🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️👍✌🙏💖

  • EvilMeatloaf
    EvilMeatloaf Month ago

    funny how he says water like worter.

  • Byron Dotson
    Byron Dotson Month ago

    This is a prime example of what you call "Putting Love in the Food"... T-Roy was putting nothing but love in this meal!!!

  • joseph kirby
    joseph kirby Month ago

    Can't imagine WHY, their is 777 thumbs down on this video.
    Absolute feast where I come from.

      PHUQ FACE Month ago

      Maybe boiling the meat would taste like shit

  • Carolyn
    Carolyn Month ago


  • Rusty Razors
    Rusty Razors Month ago +1

    What a job!!! Damn now you done made me starving. I won't be forgotten what you've done soon now son.

  • Douglas Hurrell
    Douglas Hurrell Month ago

    Add a little English mustard powder and maybe a raw egg to. Your mash according to how smooth you want it good cooking

  • Harold Pritchard
    Harold Pritchard Month ago

    First thing in making a video is not to show your face, that is not the subject.

      T-ROY COOKS  Month ago

      I appreciate you watching and thanks for the comment. We each have our own viewers that watch us on RU-clip and my fans like to see my face. To each their own.

  • Maria Guardanapo
    Maria Guardanapo Month ago

    The pan was rusty

  • Brenda Alexander
    Brenda Alexander Month ago +1

    Your wife is lucky,but i am sure you feel lucky also that looks great.

  • Hemerald H
    Hemerald H Month ago +5

    I'm from Spain 💖, Fava beans 😆, and we do the same burgers just they are round, like meatballs, Thank you very much for sharing. 👍 😉 you have my like and I new subscriber.

    • Michael Coulter
      Michael Coulter 29 days ago

      So you're from Spain my friend tell me have you ever had liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti lol

  • David Hall
    David Hall Month ago

    Lost me at the lima beans. Green beans would have been better.

  • Mark Keniston
    Mark Keniston Month ago

    damn man you made me hungry...time to try me some! thanks for sharing

  • Ron Bennett
    Ron Bennett Month ago

    Water ? Beef stock would be better.

  • Jmlva Me
    Jmlva Me Month ago

    Always use red potatoes. The best...

  • Jmlva Me
    Jmlva Me Month ago

    Yes going to cook very soon. Yum Yummy 😛😊

  • Shirley Post
    Shirley Post Month ago

    Looks delicious!

  • Alice Downing
    Alice Downing Month ago +4

    that looks so good, who wouldn't want to come home to a sweet guy and a supper like that? thanks, great video

  • Michelle Crockett
    Michelle Crockett Month ago +3

    Blessings... To you looks real good! 💖

  • Marvin I
    Marvin I Month ago +7

    Dude, you need to season your cast iron pan, you take care of it and it will last for generations. Good steaks though

  • Janeece Smith
    Janeece Smith Month ago made me HUNGRY😹😹

  • EISENKOPF 1954
    EISENKOPF 1954 Month ago +4

    As a former chef I tell you, your hamburgers taste 100% better than the fast food junk.

  • Toney Isaiah
    Toney Isaiah Month ago

    Sir, Those steaks make my
    mouth water.

  • Toney Isaiah
    Toney Isaiah Month ago

    I know it's a Southern thing.

  • Toney Isaiah
    Toney Isaiah Month ago


  • Sidney Mathious
    Sidney Mathious Month ago

    That dish is looking great and reminds me of the hamburger steaks and gravy my mother and grandmother use make years ago.

  • marz3335
    marz3335 Month ago

    Jacques Pepin you ain't.

  • D Wink
    D Wink Month ago

    How come every fat boy who cooks for themselves think that because someone gave them a camera for Christmas, they’re ready to show the u-tube public that they are video stars? By the way...put some shoes on and hold down the bacteria in your kitchen!

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere Month ago

    Looks good!

  • Kippp Nippp
    Kippp Nippp Month ago

    I fix it the eaay way one pack onion gravy two packs Brown gravy mix over cooked burgers

  • Bob Brandt
    Bob Brandt Month ago

    An oldie but a good one. Just stumbled across it. Your videos today are so much better but the food was just as good back then. Made me hungry for a good hamburger steak!

  • Michael Baumgardner
    Michael Baumgardner Month ago +1

    Boy howdy you've came along way since this video,think it's the first one I saw though,still subscribed.

  • Dean Staff
    Dean Staff Month ago +1

    HELL YES !

  • Douglas Velasquez
    Douglas Velasquez Month ago +2

    Making this right now

  • William Coley
    William Coley Month ago +1

    If you had made the gravy and simmerrd the hamburger steaks in the gravy.
    And thrown those Ford hooks in the garbage, and cooked the new potatoes and put butter and sour cream on them. Then roast some squash slices.
    You would have done ok

    • Donna Bullock
      Donna Bullock 5 days ago

      William Coley do your own video instead of criticizing his!!!

  • William Coley
    William Coley Month ago +1

    There is a such thing as over kill .KISS

  • ESP1000
    ESP1000 Month ago

    80/20 hamburger is awful ground chuck is your cheapest cut try using a 90/10 I use 97/3 and add about 5-10 lean pork sausage this will increase the fat content without the greasy flavor of the 80/20. I'll also instead of pork I'll add light olive oil that has your different spices as you like. Always by hand work the oil into the lean ground beef

  • Irma Gomez
    Irma Gomez Month ago

    nothing more awesome then to see a man cook lucky wife

  • palladini971
    palladini971 Month ago

    Add some butter, a lot of Butter that's how we do it. I loved that statement

  • A free man
    A free man 2 months ago

    Damn good TRoy!

  • Bill Cavazos
    Bill Cavazos 2 months ago

    A old school style hamburger steak is made with ground sirloin which is 90-10. That is why it taste like a steak. What you just made is a large hamburger patty.

  • Chris Tripp
    Chris Tripp 2 months ago +1

    Lol the wife was hungry so she went ahead and took one Hahahaaaa

  • Copper Cassie Campbell
    Copper Cassie Campbell 2 months ago

    I'm here for the voice...
    But stayed for the food..

  • daz paterson
    daz paterson 2 months ago +1

    Hey from sxotland defo be trying some of these recipes looking good

  • Stephanie Aleo
    Stephanie Aleo 2 months ago

    Cant wait to try this receipe..thanks for sharing

  • Paul Rincon
    Paul Rincon 2 months ago +2

    I woulda made me a mess of biscuits to go with this chow... that's some mighty fine viddles right there now......... I'm powerful hungry ....

  • PieceOf CheeseCake
    PieceOf CheeseCake 2 months ago

    This was GREAT! Thanks for sharing!

  • dale haub
    dale haub 2 months ago

    i brought a pie!!

  • Sylvia Ostir
    Sylvia Ostir 2 months ago

    Are you cooking barefoot

  • Melvin Rodriguez
    Melvin Rodriguez 2 months ago


  • Route 166
    Route 166 2 months ago

    Odd ending.. but I'd love to try it !!!

  • Flowers Flowers
    Flowers Flowers 2 months ago

    I get turned off when I see someone who is going to show how to make something and they can't even put on shoes and put on something decent. ..

  • Gary Alexander
    Gary Alexander 2 months ago

    Not Ham burger. Pork.
    Beefburger steak. Beef.😐

  • David Humphrey
    David Humphrey 2 months ago

    I'm hungry now

  • dominic piscopo
    dominic piscopo 3 months ago +1


  • dominic piscopo
    dominic piscopo 3 months ago


  • ben o
    ben o 3 months ago

    nice and simple gravy yummy

  • Jean S. Dineen
    Jean S. Dineen 3 months ago +1

    Is there a written recipe?

  • Mark Crawford
    Mark Crawford 3 months ago

    Looked everywhere, never found the "wister shear shire"

    • Mark Crawford
      Mark Crawford 2 months ago

      @LEAK3DSWEAT I know, was just being a smart ass. Fine job tho!

      LEAK3DSWEAT 2 months ago

      Mark it’s worchestershire sauce

  • jo smith
    jo smith 3 months ago


  • Lia Johnson
    Lia Johnson 3 months ago

    Good job buddy

  • Susan McGlone
    Susan McGlone 3 months ago

    Looks delicious

  • Bradford Smith
    Bradford Smith 3 months ago +2

    Only thing missin' is the CORNBREAD!! 👍

  • Katy Sun
    Katy Sun 3 months ago

    You did good sir made me hungry lol

  • H.E. Miller
    H.E. Miller 3 months ago

    Recommend either washing spatula after contact with raw patties OR leave it in skillet water with
    patties so sterilized by boiling before lifting cooked patties. Which should go on fresh plate not same plate raw patties and contaminated spatula was on. Bon Appetite

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 3 months ago +3

    Looks awesome, by the way you sound like Elvis.

  • Marci Norkin-Schoepel
    Marci Norkin-Schoepel 3 months ago

    Love the Instant Pot; use it a couple of times per month for quick and tasty meals. Love the comments from "The Peanut Gallery" while taping; usually great advice and sometimes funny.

  • Barbara Loe
    Barbara Loe 3 months ago


  • Rapheal Francis
    Rapheal Francis 3 months ago


  • Infidel Dave
    Infidel Dave 3 months ago

    Anyone else thinks that he sounds just like Elvis!!

    • SSG Squidward
      SSG Squidward 3 months ago

      Infidel Dave He sounds like Johnny Bravo

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 3 months ago +1

    That sure looks good!!