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  • Published on May 29, 2015
  • My most recent turban looks! I hope this helps! Please ignore my mumbling lips, I was singing and talking to myself LOL.. Also do try these looks with printed scarves, and silk|chiffon ones for more of a dressy look, they work well!
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  • Mily Alvarez
    Mily Alvarez 7 years ago +200

    Am I the only one who think that Dina looks flawless in this video??

  • Maryam Ahmad
    Maryam Ahmad 6 years ago +37

    Salam! I don't know if you'll even read this but I was going through a major spiritual low and stopped wearing my hijab too but this tutorial has inspired me to put my once loved hijab back on. Who says you can't carry your Iman and your style together? May Allah bless you always!!

    • Miya Calderon
      Miya Calderon 6 years ago +10

      hey there! unlike you, here in my home (ur home) my mother forbade me to wear hijab, my family is not a muslim family, even my town and country are not as well, so... she is not ok with the idea of watch me "wearing that thing on my head" At first I was so angry and sad because she was thinking that about me and my new beliefs, so now i'm looking for some new alternatives to keep my head covered and look just "more casual" just to try to keep the peace with her. N I think turbans are a really nice option :D

  • Anne Kohler
    Anne Kohler 6 years ago +2

    Hallo Dina, this tutorial helped me a lot... thanks heaps. Btw, your style with black and gold is the best i've seen so far from you :)

  • Priyanka Sharma
    Priyanka Sharma 7 years ago +1

    Dina looks stunning, please do a tutorial of this look, your makeup looks flawless x

  • meena atta
    meena atta 7 years ago

    Thank you Dina for updating the Turban Tutorial ! Love them 💟

  • MzAaloush - Allia
    MzAaloush - Allia 6 years ago

    Dina, you are a ray of sunshine in our lives! You've inspired and helped me to find my own sense of style. I love watching your videos. May Allah bless you for the happiness you bring.

  • Malika Wears
    Malika Wears 7 years ago +9

    Beautiful styles, as always! Also you and sid are soooooo adorable, may Allah swt always protect your marriage, ameen :')

  • Hal Lo
    Hal Lo 7 years ago +19

    We need more Sid n Dina videos! Love them as I can see more of Sids humour :P
    Thank you for making these videos for us though! :)

  • Fátimas Flair
    Fátimas Flair 7 years ago +1

    when I tell you.....no one that I've seen on YT can wrap a scarf like Dina....you have the best turban styles eveeeeerrrrrr!......they give me life😘

  • Kaniz Miah
    Kaniz Miah 7 years ago

    i love these turban looks! defo gonna try them out! :))

  • zahraz549
    zahraz549 7 years ago

    Please do a graduation hijab tutorial and how to style your hijab with the graduation cap! I love all your tutorials!💚

  • Prince Tahaa
    Prince Tahaa 7 years ago

    Yaaay this came on the right time as i have recentLy purchased severaL coLors of beautifuL jersey scarves - perfect for turbans!
    & MashaALLah the best coupLes 💗

  • Greeneyespinknails
    Greeneyespinknails 6 years ago

    You are so creative Dina! I love your videos

  • Khadiza Khanam-Brabec
    Khadiza Khanam-Brabec 7 years ago

    You make it look super duper easy :'( it never works out for me boohoo. Either way I love all of your turban styles.

  • am_alsh
    am_alsh 7 years ago

    Thanks Dina for this video loooool Sid we all love you you're hilarious :) !!

  • Hadjar benaida
    Hadjar benaida 7 years ago

    the #4 et #5 is my everyday casual style ! :)

  • Nazirah El
    Nazirah El 7 years ago +4

    People are so critical on these videos, do you girl! you look amazing.

  • Natalie Dillon
    Natalie Dillon 7 years ago

    I thank you sis for this WONDERFUL to SWEET video,you and your husband are to funny and adorable !!!!!! Keep up the great work. And I look forward to trying this look. VERY KOOL!!!

  • Elegance Queen
    Elegance Queen 7 years ago +1

    Wow. I love all of these looks.

  • em kay
    em kay 7 years ago

    Did is hilarious! Dina you're such a beauty. I always wished I could've pulled off turban like you

  • Nis H
    Nis H 7 years ago +13

    I miss you doing 'get the look for less..' I'm sure this is what it was called! Really enjoyed

  • Laaiqah Isaacs
    Laaiqah Isaacs 7 years ago +1

    haha oh my soul! I was totally caught off guard when Sid started speaking, literally split my coffee all over myself haha Hilarious! And thanks for the update Dina, got some new fresh looks to flaunt. lol xxx

  • MakeupBy CynnBadd
    MakeupBy CynnBadd 7 years ago +120

    "Like a croissant" lol, y'all crack me up! Lovin' ALL these turban looks honey, yaaass!
    Being a natural hair sista myself, I like to dabble in the turban look but can never get that daggon scarf to go how I want it. -_-

    • Yurrah Al-Hadi
      Yurrah Al-Hadi 7 years ago +5

      @missbubblez100 Actually the turban does count as hijab. Obviously she needs to fully cover her hair, which if she did then the turban counts as hijab as far as covering her hair. She could take another scarf to cover her neck and bossom.

    • bahiyah.raheema
      bahiyah.raheema 7 years ago +1

      @Cynn Badd Same. I'll look them up.

    • MakeupBy CynnBadd
      MakeupBy CynnBadd 7 years ago

      I just started using it. I was watch naturallynellzy and she had mentioned it so I thought I'd try it. Yolanda Renee and a few other natural hair RU-cliprs mentioned it also. I like it so far.

    • bahiyah.raheema
      bahiyah.raheema 7 years ago +1

      @Cynn Badd Same I've been using it for only about a month tho

    • MakeupBy CynnBadd
      MakeupBy CynnBadd 7 years ago

      @CookieCrumbKid It works really well. It made my hair feel super moisturized and gave my curls that POP that I like

  • Tasneem
    Tasneem 7 years ago

    Loved the tutorials x

  • Shamiela Jassiem
    Shamiela Jassiem 7 years ago

    Love it... Will definitely try it, especially for summer now in South Africa

  • Shamiela Jassiem
    Shamiela Jassiem 7 years ago

    Love it... Will definitely try it, especially for summer now in South Africa

  • Aries Mum
    Aries Mum 6 years ago

    Great tutorial video easy to follow thanks

  • Mayrish N
    Mayrish N 6 years ago

    Omg dina just seen this video now you look soooooo goddamn pretty Ma'Sha'Allah 💕

  • Ten la nu emet
    Ten la nu emet 6 years ago +2

    Beautiful demostration. Could you please show:
    Organizing scarves
    Wash and care for each material
    Lengths for fabric/style

  • ahsia
    ahsia 7 years ago +6

    The turban look you're wearing in the intro is my favorite on you :)

  • Christina Pin
    Christina Pin 7 years ago

    Yayyyyy gonna attempt to tie these turban style. Wish me luck. It looks so easy. But we shall see. You look awesome!!!

  • Zainab
    Zainab 7 years ago +1

    ahh I'm so pleased you uploaded this! Been thinking to myself I want to see more of your turban looks :) first one is my favourite!

  • Masuma Yasmin
    Masuma Yasmin 7 years ago

    Those prints on the shoes and scarfs and bag are so pretty. I want to go Istanbul everything looks so pretty there and the food looked good too.
    I think I know how you did that scarf im going to try it tomorrow. But I would love to see a tutorial

  • Maisha Karim
    Maisha Karim 7 years ago

    Great tutorial!! X

  • Fleur Jenna
    Fleur Jenna 7 years ago

    I like so much when u say " Hi guys !!!" . U 're so funny Dina ! Macha Allah !!

  • Ghazala Hussain-Mansha

    I struggled to follow these styles because the hijab Dina used was black! So it was pretty hard to define the different layers she'd done.


    Beautiful! Masha'Allah and I love Sids commentary 😂😂

  • Mahattoki Hamja
    Mahattoki Hamja 7 years ago

    Sid is hilarious .. I got to update my hijab plus a good laugh !! 😂

  • Nabeelah Khan
    Nabeelah Khan 6 years ago

    Dina you are the Turban Master!

  • poetiklee vehrzed
    poetiklee vehrzed 7 years ago +1

    I love when sid narrated lol. He's hilarious. But definitely love the last one on you. Different from all the others I've seen you wear.

  • Hana
    Hana 6 years ago

    beautiful ! thank you!! love love love ^^

  • Ghada Allam
    Ghada Allam 7 years ago

    U r always inspiring and beautiful mashaallah and covering ur neck is really better because young girls recently wearing hijab imitate your beautiful style and they should begin right .In egypt we have something like a turtle neck it covers the neck and hair and is very soft .if I only can get the chance to see u it will be a very small present for u dina

  • Hanan Alnaiyd
    Hanan Alnaiyd 7 years ago

    Loved it ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Del Shahid
    Del Shahid 6 years ago

    Beautiful Dina, nice turban styles

  • farheen mirza
    farheen mirza 7 years ago

    Hey Dina u look soooo pretty ... Love ur videos ... Keep it up👍👍👍may Allah swt bless you❤️❤️

  • Hajar M
    Hajar M 6 years ago +54

    Sid's voiceovers are life 😂

    • Jasmine Kamilah
      Jasmine Kamilah 6 years ago +1

      Like a croissant!

    • Hajar M
      Hajar M 6 years ago +1

      +Yaman Hassan hala hala 👋🏻😂

    • Yaman
      Yaman 6 years ago


  • Amna Afridi
    Amna Afridi 7 years ago

    So helpful thank you!!!! Ps SIDS voice over made me laugh. Can you do a make up tutorial next? Love from the US xoxo

  • gowens2006
    gowens2006 7 years ago

    I vote for Sid to make a guest appearance in all of your voice overs!

  • Habiba H
    Habiba H 7 years ago

    Love the overall makeup xxx

  • Sumayyah Begum
    Sumayyah Begum 6 years ago

    Honestly your voice overs are amazing and hilarious 😂

  • Shorifa Begum
    Shorifa Begum 7 years ago

    beautiful as usual😍

  • Yurrah Al-Hadi
    Yurrah Al-Hadi 7 years ago +4

    I am wearing a turban now. Mainly because I haven't braid my afro down, so I have to do a hijab style that doesn't make me look like an alien!

  • Little Hummingbird
    Little Hummingbird 7 years ago

    you are soo gorgeous....I realize you have a lot of makeup on, but you do it so beautifully...your base is dark eyes, full brows...full lips....simply stunning. And young too helps..heeheee

  • Mehar Tariq
    Mehar Tariq 7 years ago

    loved them, wish you used a lighter scarf so we could see the detail of each turbo style. you look amazing mashAllah!!

  • Zara
    Zara 7 years ago +1

    Haha sids voiceovers :D Do more! And you looked extra beautiful Dina! :)

  • Maria Bardo
    Maria Bardo 7 years ago +344

    I read a LOT of comments here about the turban (showing hair and neck) and about the hijab. This is my personal opinion, ladies.
    Respectfully, I do not consider that a piece of fabric makes you more Muslim than anyone else. However, your actions speaks louder than words. Helping those in need during the entire year not just Ramadhan, not criticizing others negatively when no one is perfect, not being the Haram police because I do not know anyone who walk the right path straight during their entire lives, are just to name a few examples to start. Your relationship between you and Allah, is between you and Allah. Allah knows best, not us.
    With that being said, the Q'ran teaches us about modesty. There's nothing in the Q'ran about "forced hijab" and how it should be worn exactly. That is why some Muslim women wear them, some do not, and the style and allowed colors varies from region to region.
    Ramadhan Mubarak!!

    • Adiba Masud
      Adiba Masud 2 years ago

      @Anisah Kasim u. R showing ur opinion about hijab beside knowing what are Hadith says wear hijab properly otherwise ... By wearing yhses turbans and all it's a sighn that u are disrespecting hijab

    • Adiba Masud
      Adiba Masud 2 years ago

      @Jennifer Omari turban is forbidden, showing earing while wearing hiajb forbidden , while wearing hijab when ur ankle is also in show dis is forbidden when ur neck is in show is also forbidden ....it's all about covering wearing modestly .. u r inspiring from her hahaha after knowing what is wrong and what is right if u go on doing wrong while seeing others then no one can help u ... Following majority can never let u go in right path .. wear for god make god happy of ur outfits beside showing off or wearing fr others ... Aallah swt is the most imp. .. everything is temporary either we are also temporary .. live ur life with full of devotion for aallah ... Ur dressing ur iman can show how much u love aallahh

    • f
      f 3 years ago +1

      Ramadan mubarak, you've made my day 😊

    • CherryBlossom 🌸
      CherryBlossom 🌸 4 years ago

      well said
      Maria Bardo

    • Anisah Kasim
      Anisah Kasim 5 years ago +3

      then, YOU do it. Noone is stopping you. It's when you bash others it becomes a problem. Let other women be. Is it better if she fully covers? Yes. But is it better than not covering at all? Yes. Different people are on different journeys. Who knows, maybe it's possible that Allah blesses her for her pure heart than what's on her head. You can't decide how He bestows His blessings. Remember the story of God rewarding a prostitute just for giving a thirsty dog water? God's blessings are abundant and they are His to bestow.

  • Menal I
    Menal I 7 years ago

    Love it!!!!

  • tuty758
    tuty758 4 years ago

    that is the most funniest thing i've watched, your husband imitations "Get the eggs place them in the nest" was hilarious, love the designs, I have trouble doing the lower bun, and tucking the hair in, whats your secret in not letting hair loose from the ear section and the back?

  • Aabir Nawaz
    Aabir Nawaz 7 years ago

    Love you Dina! Omg you're so beautiful masha'Allah

  • Marie D
    Marie D 7 years ago +1

    Allahumma barik laha she is so gorgeous.. love the style :)

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A 7 years ago

    haha sid xD i love this! you're so flawless x

  • dina mostafa
    dina mostafa 7 years ago

    AH-MAZING quality!! love love love!
    but it would've been a bit better if the scarf was a lighter color so we can properly see the folds :)

  • Naomi Sturgeon Beauty Make-up

    Look two was my fav 😀

  • Minnie
    Minnie 7 years ago

    I really try to like turbans but i just can't do it. I much prefer regular scarf styles. You always look beautiful both ways xx

  • Farzana Zaidi
    Farzana Zaidi 5 years ago

    Salam, beautiful tutorial Dina. How long should be the length of the fabric (in meters)? What is the fabric?

  • Inès Gaida
    Inès Gaida 6 years ago +5

    "Like a CROISSANT" I'm french and it's soooo hilarious !
    Turban is really cool !

  • Khalid Ahmed
    Khalid Ahmed 5 years ago

    Thx Dina! mashallah nice turban vid☺

  • Ghada DRIDI
    Ghada DRIDI 3 years ago

    you guys are relationship goals xD

  • Asya Khalil
    Asya Khalil 7 years ago

    Love the styles, way to go :D & & & You look exactly like an Egyptian Actress called Soheer el Pably :D Gorgeous :D

  • Maariyah Peeroo
    Maariyah Peeroo 7 years ago

    I really want to know how you get your base perfect like that, I try and it never works! Thanks for this amazing video :) 👌🏽

  • N.S
    N.S 7 years ago

    Your face when you start look 1 😂😂😂. Loved this

  • Nyotakikora1
    Nyotakikora1 7 years ago

    I love your videos. What is the under wrap you initially have covering your hair as you start your video? and where do you get yours ? :)

  • Zamzam Ali
    Zamzam Ali 6 years ago

    Ahh Masha'allah 💖💖💖

  • Acadie
    Acadie 7 years ago


  • TrucketteTV MsMac
    TrucketteTV MsMac 7 years ago

    mA sis. You are so beautiful w/o all that makeup. It actually takes away from you

  • Maya X
    Maya X 7 years ago +2

    If she wants to show her hair, let her it's her decision and I don't think anyone should judge her for that

  • Suha
    Suha 7 years ago

    Stunning! And Sid's voice was so unexpected 😂!x

  • Just Ihssane
    Just Ihssane 7 years ago

    Nice Video dina :-) Keep it up!!

  • gigimj
    gigimj 6 years ago +17

    Wish the scarf was of a lighter color. Could you please do a similar video on a non muslim; just so i can really see how you prep the hair underneath? I so want to do this on myself.

  • Louisa Kalokoh
    Louisa Kalokoh 7 years ago

    I'm not Muslim but I love your whole style dina including the way you wrap your head is it bad if I where my head scarf the same way😊😊

  • Natasha Olson
    Natasha Olson 7 years ago

    I'm being serious, Sid should become a beauty guru

  • AasimahHanif
    AasimahHanif 7 years ago

    Can your do a video showing how you get the bun/volume for when you wear the hijab??

  • Mawdda 7aider
    Mawdda 7aider 7 years ago

    ًi just adore it 💜

  • tasha sheikh
    tasha sheikh 4 years ago

    My turban keeps slipping back and coming off! How do I stop that from happening??

  • jennyparfum
    jennyparfum 5 years ago

    When I try the turban style, and cross or knot the fabric in my neck, it slips off of my ear at one side, also the underscarf or cap slips. Can anyone give any tips on that? I'm a convert/revert and not wearing a hijab or turban yet, trying out some styles.

  • salb
    salb 7 years ago +44

    such a good video but wish it was with a different color scarf. black scarfes never show the designs as clear as color ones.

  • Dh
    Dh 7 years ago

    I love your makeup can you do a tutariel

  • MM2sonia
    MM2sonia 7 years ago +1

    Asalaamalium Dina I seen you a few days ago in Bradford at the bus stop
    I felt so lucky to be in presence of such Celebrities Lol Hudafiz

  • Maya S
    Maya S 7 years ago

    Thanks a lot i was waiting for em 👌🏼☺️💋

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 years ago

    Remember this one so well x stunning x mashallah x

  • MissWisky22
    MissWisky22 7 years ago

    Just amazing sweety!

  • Stephanie H
    Stephanie H 7 years ago

    you are so beautiful. and I havent even seen your hair yet (nor will I). ♡

  • A A
    A A 7 years ago

    Love ur videos

  • Hadil A
    Hadil A 7 years ago

    beautiful turban looks.. although i wish you used a different color bc you cant really see the difference!

  • Melissa Imoudrg
    Melissa Imoudrg 7 years ago

    Dina I sure would love a hijab style for my bio pic on a book I am publishing, Inchallah! It will be ready in about two months time, Inchallah. It is my first childrens book of four and I need a bio picture. I am a little nervous about a hijab pic for a book that will be available in us and eu but it would not have happened without the will of Allah. Can you please help me!!!!!

  • Mariam
    Mariam 7 years ago

    Thing is, not all scarf types turban-able or I mean could be made into a turban so what materials would you suggest be the easiest to tamper with?

  • Nouf Alshareef
    Nouf Alshareef 7 years ago

    Thank you so much..jizak Allah khair..Ramadan Kareem

  • Viera Madjid
    Viera Madjid 2 years ago

    Hi ,
    What material for your turban .
    It’s really flexible and easy to crate many shape 🥰👍🏼

  • Dodo Em
    Dodo Em 7 years ago

    So beautiful

  • Bev's Eye View
    Bev's Eye View 7 years ago

    Love this video. Such a fan!! Wanna do stuff like this on my channel!