McDonald's in India | Eating Indian McDonalds menu taste test in Kolkata

  • Published on May 1, 2017
  • Join us as we eat McDonald's in India sampling all of the uniquely Indian menu items including a Chicken Maharaja Mac, McAloo Tikki burger and a McSpicy Paneer burger in the form of a taste test in Kolkata (Calcutta). Indian McDonald's menu is different from what you find the United States in the sense that no beef patties are used. You'll only find vegetarian patties (for example with cottage cheese or with a mixture of potato and peas) and chicken patties. Basically the two vegetarian burgers we tried were the McAloo Tikki (potato/peas patty) and the McSpicy Paneer (cottage cheese patty) while the non-vegetarian burger was the Maharaja Mac (chicken patty) which is basically the equivalent of a Big Mac in India. Anyhow, this is what we altogether for our western-style fast food meal in India:
    1) Coke float (Coca cola with soft serve vanilla ice cream)
    2) McDonald's Fries (standard McD's fries found all over the world)
    3) Regular Coca Cola
    4) McAloo Tikki (Indian vegetarian McDonald's burger with a potato and peas patty)
    5) McSpicy Paneer (Indian vegetarian McDonalds burger with fried cottage cheese)
    6) Chicken Maharaja Mac (Big Mac with chicken instead of beef patties)
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    McDonald's in India | Eating Indian McDonalds menu taste test in Kolkata travel food transcript:
    Alright guys so today is our last full day in India and it is lunchtime. So we've decided we're going to go to McDonald's. McDonalds. Mc D's.
    Of all places to have it in India. I mean they have a very unique menu so we're looking forward to trying that out. And while we were traveling with my parents we didn't make a lot of food videos so we're just kind of going with an easy one here.
    Yeah but you know what? This is going to be a cool meal because Indian McDonald's has items that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Most of it is vegetarian.
    It has kind of cool names. So we're going to order a whole bunch of different stuff and show you what it looks like.
    Alright, well I got myself the McSpicy Paneer Passion. So let me read this to you. It says creamy, spicy, crunchy paneer. Crispy on the outside tender on the inside. The all new McSpicy Paneer is here to spice up your taste quotient. Topped with a creamy sauce and crispy lettuce to soothe the spice.
    So let's lift this up. There you have it. The McSpicy Paneer.
    So to me honestly it looks pretty simple. It is just a bun and you have your Paneer which is like cottage cheese and it has been breaded and then it is just shredded lettuce and a bit of sauce on top.
    So next up we're going for the Maharaja Mac. I'll read it out to you.
    Two perfectly flamed grilled chicken patties topped with cabanero sauce mingled with fire-y Jalapeños. Juicy tomato round bills and crunchy onions.
    Wow they really have a way with words in India to make this sound wonderful. And then they get then they blend with delicious cheese and fresh lettuce to give you satisfaction. Big time satisfaction. Alright.
    So for those of you who have had a Big Mac this is the Big Mac equivalent here in India. So with chicken instead of beef.
    Okay so next up we are having the McAloo Tikki Burger. I like the name of it. It is so catchy. What is that patty made out of?
    This is a potato and pea patty. It is covered in bread crumbs and then we also have tomatoes, red onions and a spicy vegetable sauce. It is our second vegetarian burger.
    So that was my first time at a McDonalds in India and I have to say that was pretty good.
    That came to 559 Rupees which is $8.25 US and that included everything. Three burgers, two drinks and large fries. So we're leaving stuffed and yeah it was only about four dollars per person for the meal. Not bad at all. McDonald's in India guys.
    This is part of our Travel in India video series showcasing Indian food, Indian culture and Indian cuisine.

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  • Timothy Kwoh
    Timothy Kwoh 3 days ago

    McDonald's in India is perfect for vegetarians in general. I just wish McDonald's in Australia would at least have the decency to include 1 or 2 vegetarian burgers.

  • Lorena Galvan
    Lorena Galvan Month ago

    I am Mexican and moved to USA at age 23, so have been here for over a decade and I have never eaten a beef burger from Macdonald.
    I don’t eat beef, pork or any other meat other than chicken.
    I would love to eat those options they have in India.
    I rarely eat at Macdonald only when there is the only option due to time. I only get chicken options which are very limited here in USA.

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    Loved this awsome video

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    So amazing to see these guys accept their mediocrity & go on with their work. Acceptance is truly liberating!

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    Saoji cuisines (The dishes originating in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra State) are the most spiciest variants.
    Many of our Indian friends refrain from tasting the same.

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      Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food Videos hey guys. It's actually already closed. One of the principal franchise partners for Indian outlets in eastern and southern India is in a legal tiff with MCD USA. So other franchise partners are taking up the outlets one at a time. But the park Street one is out. Rents too expensive

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