Testing The Strangest Tools on AMAZON

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Wraglerstar testing some of the strangest tools on Amazon
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Comments • 914

  • Wranglerstar
    Wranglerstar  5 months ago +45

    Get Your Torque Multiplier Here amzn.to/2EgtUeI ONLY $41

    • fire surfer
      fire surfer Month ago

      @chris rock yes he did. Your sarcasm detector is not working. It's called dry humor.

    • fire surfer
      fire surfer Month ago

      It needs a pin lock for the sockets. They come off the tool too easy. On sockets and handles that don't snap on tight, I use a bit of double stick carpet tape on the drive part. Not too much, just enough to keep it on. 1/2 in x 1" on standard tools and 12mm x 30mm for the rest of the world.

    • Molage Motte
      Molage Motte 4 months ago

      mm stands for millimeters Wranglerstar nice video

    • Nicholas Downs
      Nicholas Downs 5 months ago

      You said something about the brown grease, but in a bit of use most grease becomes brown.

    • Emil Vestblom
      Emil Vestblom 5 months ago

      Wranglerstar mm stands for milimiter

  • brad hamilton
    brad hamilton 3 hours ago

    Did anyone see Jack in the background looking out the window

  • Brian Thornton
    Brian Thornton 5 days ago

    Even a woman???

  • Robert Robertson
    Robert Robertson 8 days ago

    Mm is millimetres. I am 12 and I know that!

  • Idiot
    Idiot 16 days ago

    Kid: goes in living room - sees them outside making a video - goes back to room to play minecraft

  • Grey Code
    Grey Code 19 days ago

    0:30 Feminist triggered

  • riley houghton
    riley houghton 22 days ago

    Milli meter 🙄😂

  • jimmy salford
    jimmy salford 24 days ago

    MM = Millimeters

  • kebabman1968
    kebabman1968 29 days ago

    Acually the grease increases the durabillity of the tool, less chance to break it, greetings from Varberg Sweden

  • Fred Fredrickson
    Fred Fredrickson Month ago


  • Charm
    Charm Month ago

    12:02 jack watches his parents sit in the snow laughing with a little dog and a breaker bar talking about toothpaste

  • Lynndon Harnell
    Lynndon Harnell Month ago

    Carefully. You'll be demonised.

  • jesper nyberg
    jesper nyberg Month ago

    6:55: ummmmmmmm

  • kawadude mcdouble
    kawadude mcdouble Month ago

    The sun gear is the one in the center the others are planet gears

  • Ludwig Liebenberg
    Ludwig Liebenberg Month ago

    mm stands for millimeters. It is part of the metric system.

  • John ming
    John ming Month ago

    wow shes so annoying

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson Month ago

    Hateful Peas. Excellent band name

  • oShane Kasper
    oShane Kasper Month ago

    "Is it easy enough for a woman to use it" I laughed thinking about all the snowflakes you triggered lol. Another great video.

    JINX JONES Month ago

    the appliance of science

  • Master80059
    Master80059 Month ago

    advantage it does not put lateral force on the stud risk of snapping the stud. i love it for that simple fact.

  • George Hebdon
    George Hebdon Month ago

    My old mum used to change tyres on tank transporters in WW2, she was a force multiplier. 😀😀😀😀😀👵

  • abrown_huntingfowl603

    Sun gear is the middle gears with the planetary gears around that.

  • duffmanrtr
    duffmanrtr Month ago

    Neat tool. . Interesting to see what it can really take in regards to abuse. .Connect it to an impact and see what it can take.

  • allen vasher
    allen vasher Month ago

    www.amazon.com/Torsional-Torque-Multiplier-cheater-Remover/dp/B074GR49V4/ref=sr_1_15?crid=1G4FWM1XXAWDX&keywords=torque+multiplier&qid=1559049666&s=gateway&sprefix=Torque+mu%2Caps%2C213&sr=8-15 $35.97

  • allen vasher
    allen vasher Month ago

    So a standard .85-ounce (24 g)toothpaste would last you about 42.5 times, or just about 14 days, if brushing thrice daily. If you follow the dentist-recommended pea size, you could double the amount and stretch it out to 28 days

  • Awarrior 154
    Awarrior 154 Month ago

    mm= millimetres welcome to the metric system all Americans

  • Despain
    Despain Month ago

    Ok...this is the best you tube channel there is. Mustie1 comes real close, but this one wins. All my opinion, of course.

  • Ben Carey
    Ben Carey Month ago +1

    get a room 😁

  • james jines
    james jines 2 months ago

    Creepy guy with a balloon in the window??? Lol.

  • Basic TuTs
    Basic TuTs 2 months ago

    I don't know if you were joking or not but mm stands for millimeter

  • RedesCat
    RedesCat 2 months ago

    peas are nice

  • Vincent Sluga
    Vincent Sluga 2 months ago

    Now put two of them together.

  • mildly_rude_tech_dude
    mildly_rude_tech_dude 2 months ago

    I just ordered one to keep in the trunk of my wife's car...she knows how to change a tire but is terrified to break loose the lugs nuts with the 4-way, and I don't want to keep a 2 foot breaker in the trunk rolling around. This will fit nicely in the 16-inch tool bag. And that, Cody, is the advantage in my eyes!

  • Stephan Fourie
    Stephan Fourie 2 months ago

    mm millimeter 0.001m (meter)

  • Dusty Crook
    Dusty Crook 2 months ago

    Mm is Miller meter

  • William Beck
    William Beck 2 months ago

    You obviously married uphill dude !

  • Cole Geernaert
    Cole Geernaert 2 months ago

    MM is “millimeter” so a 10 mm is “10 millimeters”

  • sgtspanky0
    sgtspanky0 2 months ago

    Manimal was incredible

  • Marshall Davidson
    Marshall Davidson 2 months ago

    Ooo, TRD Offroad

  • Robert Bragg
    Robert Bragg 2 months ago

    The torque multiplier is used with larger vehicles that require impact guns or 6ft breaker bars usually. But women could find this tool very useful. Good video.

  • Dynamo Joe
    Dynamo Joe 2 months ago

    My buddy Bobby bet a fellow mechanic he could remove a mounting nut (2" dia) off a Cat D7 Hyster winch with a 1/4" ratchet. "I'll betcha a case of beer". Dude says "Yer on". Bobby stacked 3 torque multipliers on each other and the 1/4" ratchet on top then proceeded to unwind the nut off the winch. And the nut started to unwind. Bobby said "go into town and get me that beer now and I might be done by the time you get back. hahaha

  • Todd Stone
    Todd Stone 2 months ago

    Did he just say what does mm stand for?

  • Vade Nummela
    Vade Nummela 2 months ago

    Now even a kid can undo a lugnut.
    Now even a grown man can overtorque the shit out of alu rims and make them crack on the highway

  • Jack Olson
    Jack Olson 2 months ago

    As you see the kid in the back playing with a heart baloon

  • ForrestGump_TM
    ForrestGump_TM 2 months ago

    mm milimetres

  • loempiaboer1000 s.l. geerlings

    Mickey mouse and calling planetary gears the sun gears. Oof.
    Sun is the central gear. The one that does not change location.
    Mm from milimeter. Mils

    • loempiaboer1000 s.l. geerlings
      loempiaboer1000 s.l. geerlings 2 months ago

      @Tyler Ramage whell at least 10 mm is a cm and a 1000cc is a liter not those wierd numbers

    • Tyler Ramage
      Tyler Ramage 2 months ago

      loempiaboer1000 s.l. geerlings you must be new here Mickey Mouse = making fun of the metric system.

  • kirk mcclean
    kirk mcclean 2 months ago

    Idk... I think you have pretty loose lugnuts haha

  • Thomas Decon
    Thomas Decon 2 months ago

    MRS> W !!! IS THE BEST !!!! you are a blessed man !!

  • Jonas Thomsen
    Jonas Thomsen 2 months ago

    MM stands for millimeter

  • Robert Mayo
    Robert Mayo 2 months ago

    I was dieing to death, 🤣🤣😂

  • Kage Shi
    Kage Shi 2 months ago

    Drive input in this config is the Sun Gear, the two idle gears are planetary. This is a fixed multi-stage Planetary gear box.

  • carmelo navarro
    carmelo navarro 2 months ago

    She doesn’t have any high heels?

  • Dominic Leduc
    Dominic Leduc 2 months ago

    Mm stands for MilliMeter

  • Pontus Vineholt
    Pontus Vineholt 2 months ago

    MM prolly stands for millimeter ;)

  • Musea Bear
    Musea Bear 2 months ago

    I love how in love those two are with each other. It reminds me of me and my wife when i would tell her stories. she passed this year. I miss her so much. i hope you know how much your videos make me feel at peace and calm. i find working with my hands as you do help. God bless you and your wife.

  • Stephen Connors
    Stephen Connors 2 months ago

    Center gear is Sun, middle gears are Planetaries. Simple when you think about the solar system. Planets rotate around the Sun

  • Ayaaz Gazi
    Ayaaz Gazi 2 months ago

    This is so sexist

  • richard shaw
    richard shaw 2 months ago

    I guess you are joking but if not the mm stands for millimeter's it's the metric system to you imperial one but your joking right lol

  • Abdul Khan
    Abdul Khan 2 months ago


  • Jason Washburn
    Jason Washburn 3 months ago

    Good stuff!

  • Clyde Garland
    Clyde Garland 3 months ago

    With one hand*** uses two hands*** before taking off makes sure to loosen really quick cause he secretly knows she just torqued the shit out of that out 😂 😂

  • Boba Bier
    Boba Bier 3 months ago

    "so simple a woman can do it"
    In which century do you live, dude?

  • Isaiah Linkous
    Isaiah Linkous 3 months ago

    The small gears aren’t the sun gears. The middle one is. It’s similar to our solar system - the planets revolve around the sun.

  • Anthony Picklesimer
    Anthony Picklesimer 3 months ago

    That thing is cool. I need one

  • GuiltyMalice
    GuiltyMalice 3 months ago

    I like you better when you’re with your wife. No offense I just think you guys are awesome together.

  • bzykolo bzyq
    bzykolo bzyq 3 months ago

    Mili Meter! Metric system.

  • Novo Seclo
    Novo Seclo 3 months ago

    When you reinserted the secondary planet gears, I believe they should have been acentricly placed, to properly displace torque on the tool.

  • DCM lawn&repair
    DCM lawn&repair 3 months ago

    You should do a story telling video some time.

  • Leo Olguin
    Leo Olguin 3 months ago +1

    "so simple a woman can do it" ~ wranglerstar 2019

    • Leo Olguin
      Leo Olguin 3 months ago

      @Boba Bier i think it was just a meme, i dont think he is serious. even if he is its still funny.

    • Boba Bier
      Boba Bier 3 months ago

      Yeah, that's what i thought. Seems he's stuck somewhere in the past.

  • Steven Bryant
    Steven Bryant 3 months ago

    The center gear is the sun gear the outer gears are the planet gears

  • Bigus Dickus
    Bigus Dickus 3 months ago

    I wanna see you break some studs or bolts with it

  • Peter Hadeler
    Peter Hadeler 3 months ago

    Thanks for sharing. Based on some the feedback, it appears that this has been in use by truckers and RV owners but now I too am enlightened. :) Using a torque multiplier device for lug nuts is a very cool application. I recently purchased a "corded" electric impact driver, making that selection over a battery-powered version due to the significantly higher torque that it offered. Of course, it would be useless to me while on the road, so now I can buy a torque multiplier lug wrench for the win at home and on the road...Hmm, perhaps I should return the electric impact driver? :)

  • Tamiya Fan
    Tamiya Fan 3 months ago

    Manimal...Well ill have to look that one up lol.

  • Sam Robinson
    Sam Robinson 3 months ago

    “What’s mm” that’s just typical, metric > imperial

  • J S
    J S 3 months ago +1

    Sun gear in the middle, planets orbit round, annular on the outside. Just like the solar system

  • Jan Klas
    Jan Klas 3 months ago

    Your story about the peas makes me think of a joke.

    3 construction workers, bob tim and pete, sit down for their daily lunch. They open up their breadbins, bob gets angry, peanut butter, for 20 years I've been getting peanut butter, I'm sick of it, if I get peanut butter tomorrow, I'll jump off the building!!. Then Tim opens his; ham. He also rages; for 15 years I've been getting ham, you know what, If I get ham tomorrow, I'll also jump. Then bob pete opens his; bacon. Same thing, 25 years of bacon gets to him; he also sais: if I get bacon once more, I'll also jump.

    So the next day they sit on top of the building again, and open their breadbins. Bob starts, and sure enough, peanut butter. He screams, and jumps of the building. Dead. Then it's tims turn: ham again. He also jumps of the building. Dead. Then Pete, and same thing; again bacon, 'goodbye cruel world', he jumps, dead.

    On the funeral their wives talk to each other. They are sad and confused. "If Tim would have told me he didn't want peanut butter, I would have put something else on his bread", tims wife sais. "Same here, if Bob just would have told me he didn't like bacon, he would have gotten something else". Petes wife is even more confused.. "I REALLY don't get it.. pete made his bread himself every morning!"

  • Robin Lidström
    Robin Lidström 3 months ago

    MM stands for millimeters

  • tiredrummertube
    tiredrummertube 3 months ago

    What happens when you get to the last stud??

  • Xaeza Olt
    Xaeza Olt 3 months ago

    Haha the sun gear is the one in the center (ie the one to the handle and the one to the socket) the outer gears are planet gears

  • Nicolas Walsh
    Nicolas Walsh 3 months ago

    I’m shocked you have a Toyota, buy American!!

  • kelly hill
    kelly hill 3 months ago

    Sun gear in the center and the planets orbit around the sun.

  • moto kid
    moto kid 3 months ago +1

    The "mm" stands for milli meter.

  • Socknetea
    Socknetea 3 months ago

    test it on a honda crank bolt

    GAB JAW 3 months ago

    You should take that back apart and the sun gear pairs at a + the vid was cut at the point of you putting the cover on. Over time the unbalance to the gears will wear them prematurely. 90° bottom and top sun gears

  • GAS D
    GAS D 3 months ago

    Torque multipliers are fairly common in aviation maintenance.

  • Conspiracy
    Conspiracy 3 months ago

    Man I love seeing relationships like this these days theres not many of them anymore

  • Ethan Skinner
    Ethan Skinner 3 months ago +1

    I’m sorry but the, “even a woman can do it” part is really bothering me, anyone else?

  • Big Red
    Big Red 3 months ago

    Anyone hand torque there lug nuts more than what he did

  • Unpopular Vlogs
    Unpopular Vlogs 3 months ago

    This guy never gets to the damm point he’s so annoying now. I used to like his videos Bc he was brief with everything

  • Marnick Kenis
    Marnick Kenis 4 months ago

    those aren't sun weels, they are satelite weels. The small one in the middle is the sun weel.

  • IV Holm
    IV Holm 4 months ago

    mm stands for millimeter the better system then the inch system

  • El Terrible SoCal
    El Terrible SoCal 4 months ago

    Peas are awesome. I remember watching an episode of “The Three Stooges” where they were dressed up as sophisticants and eating peas. I think it was Larry that would use the butter knife to scoop up mashed potato and then dip it into the peas to pick some up. To this day, I do the same except with a fork.

  • Vinnie Cocco
    Vinnie Cocco 4 months ago

    Smart move adding the grease

  • Sabrina Luck
    Sabrina Luck 4 months ago

    "So easy a woman can use it" Didn't know we were back in the days of misogyny. I have always been a fan, but sorry.. I'm unsubscribing from you. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • scott cox
    scott cox 4 months ago

    Love the channel but how can anyone not know what MM means on a socket haha.

  • tony flamingo
    tony flamingo 4 months ago

    21 19 and 17 mm (millimeter)

  • Sam Beaugrand
    Sam Beaugrand 4 months ago

    You guys are amazing! Very funny and great to watch!! Even if I originally came to watch about the tool 😂

  • kegnogg
    kegnogg 4 months ago

    so simple, even a man can do it...

  • IM toxic
    IM toxic 4 months ago

    Holy f*ck i guessed it, it was something about torque

  • Jared Rablin
    Jared Rablin 4 months ago

    That'd be nice to just throw in my truck!