The NEW Sportster Build Series - Ft. Miss Bird!

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
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Comments • 80

  • Hambone_Rides
    Hambone_Rides 7 months ago

    Been watching your videos, love how you shut down the keyboard warriors before they talk shit.

  • Michael Ciotti
    Michael Ciotti 8 months ago

    Legends suspension buddy

  • J Gilbert
    J Gilbert 10 months ago

    Give the girl a cheater bar! haha. Great videos! Guaranteed Sub here!

  • Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold 10 months ago

    Cool Video. She's a keeper!

  • Larry Collins {larrdogg}
    Larry Collins {larrdogg} 10 months ago

    its cool the mrs wants to wrench on the bike too, respect

  • Kim K
    Kim K 11 months ago

    making something your own makes it so much more valuable!

  • Wicked Winter
    Wicked Winter 11 months ago

    lower suspension or air ride and go with a thinner seat

  • little Sammy909
    little Sammy909 11 months ago

    Nobody comment anything, he already know what we are going to say...

  • Zachary Haynes
    Zachary Haynes 11 months ago

    Hey bud, check into the burly slammer shocks! I had them on mine before I decided to get the cafe stilettos and the slammers lower it a lot!

  • Brady Bouffleur
    Brady Bouffleur 11 months ago

    I had a nightster I put some RSD Vintage handle bars on and did not have to extend any wires.

  • c0uchsl0uch
    c0uchsl0uch 11 months ago

    Shes cute as can be

  • moto kiero
    moto kiero 11 months ago

    Im short too but i al happy with my honda Shadow phantom

  • 4-n
    4-n 11 months ago

    I think she'll appreciate it more doing all the work herself. I think it will also motivate her to ride more since she has so much more invested in it. Good work both of you.

  • Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz 11 months ago

    Im digging the transformation of the bike... again! Hahaha! Keep the videos coming! Yall are a cool couple! Btw i have some chips ive been meaning to send you from my trip to Japan early this year! And i do need to come to one of your rides! My 48 now has a bigger tank so it would be better to ride as a group

    MICK YANIC 11 months ago

    @Bike N' Bird
    If you use the mini apes that are on the 2018 1200 iron , ur gonna need longer cables, chump bars are good but there not knurled!, and break line will be a little tight

  • Lianny Pangelinan
    Lianny Pangelinan 11 months ago

    Is that a uprr hard hat I see?

  • Kevin Dunn
    Kevin Dunn 11 months ago

    could look into Burley slammer kit. lower fork springs and rear slammer shocks. cool to get the bike fit miss bird.

  • Tim Meyer
    Tim Meyer 11 months ago

    If you still have your take off bars from your street bob you could try those , always good to reuse and the price is right

  • Trav Gebhardt
    Trav Gebhardt 11 months ago

    My moms first bike was a 883. She dropped it in the garage for this same reason. They need to make it even lower for short girls. My wife only rides with me because she's 4'9 and can't really touch.

  • Michael Doucette
    Michael Doucette 11 months ago

    Are there lowering kits for Sportsters? I've seen them for Street Glides and Road Glides that can lower up to a couple of inches.

  • GrumpyMudrock
    GrumpyMudrock 11 months ago

    She wants new pipes.. gotta get her those new pipes man!

  • Roscoe Wolf
    Roscoe Wolf 11 months ago

    Dude i love Ms.Bird she is so hilarious I'm so glad she's more apart of the channel. No shade of course you're funny to Bike n Bird..wives(future wives) always steal the shine lol

  • Al Crabby
    Al Crabby 11 months ago

    An inexpensive fix that I've seen before is a lowering kit for the rear that kicks out the shocks so they are more horizontal although I hear the ride does suffer a bit it may be worth a go. I think she will find that better fitting bars will make a huge difference also as she will have much better control so the apes the dude mentioned will be good.

  • nale gtx
    nale gtx 11 months ago

    she needs some riding boot, much bigger sole will help for sure

  • DBagger
    DBagger 11 months ago

    Burley brand slammer shocks would help bring it down some more and will help

  • BadgerFarmGirl
    BadgerFarmGirl 11 months ago

    Nice bike... got to love the Sportster!

  • Micho Cox
    Micho Cox 11 months ago

    I recommend biltwell chumps. $99, 8 inch rise, you can use the stock cables and brake lines no problem I have them on my Xl1200R and theyre great

  • twisten throttle
    twisten throttle 11 months ago

    Try burly slamer rear shocks and pergressive lowering fork springs

  • Dead SouL 73 Dan F
    Dead SouL 73 Dan F 11 months ago

    You both are great

  • Dead SouL 73 Dan F
    Dead SouL 73 Dan F 11 months ago

    That's awesome pull back bars should help her to great video

  • Orion Marra
    Orion Marra 11 months ago

    The big question. Does she get to rename it???????

  • WhenPigsFly
    WhenPigsFly 11 months ago +6

    Great job! Burley Slam that sucker!

    • terrill wolf
      terrill wolf 11 months ago +1

      WhenPigsFly I put a Burly Slammer kit on my old Sporty; one of the lowest Sportsters I have ever seen; that is exactly what she needs.

  • Sheldon Dunlap
    Sheldon Dunlap 11 months ago

    Lol, she’s adorable, also thinks the 883 looks better lower!

  • LunchBox1738
    LunchBox1738 11 months ago

    Ft. Miss hipster

  • Douglas Phillips
    Douglas Phillips 11 months ago

    Great job wrenching! Hint if your brute strength isn’t around, a breaker bar, another wrench or a pipe is a good replacement. (But not nearly as good looking or cuddly, so definitely go for that option when you can!)

  • cranky shaterro
    cranky shaterro 11 months ago

    change the bars and get some tilted risers

  • TheBigpappa160
    TheBigpappa160 11 months ago

    What maintenance platform are you using? looking to get one for my Street Glide?

  • TheBigpappa160
    TheBigpappa160 11 months ago

    You might already know this, but next time use longer ratchet or a breaker bar then ya'll won't struggle breaking torque on shock bolt!

  • Arizona Rider
    Arizona Rider 11 months ago

    Might need to do something different with those bars . Looks like she is really reaching .

    RYD-ER-DIE 11 months ago

    Nice to see Ms bird on her way to making Mia her own...looks like once yall go with less aggressive bars she will be riding confidently and the vids

  • SE120R BEAST!
    SE120R BEAST! 11 months ago +4

    Go with a burly slammer kit....great product and fair price

  • Maximilian Rockefeller
    Maximilian Rockefeller 11 months ago

    I think mini apes will look bad ass on the sporty, Ms. Bird along with it.

  • Spectre223
    Spectre223 11 months ago

    Nice job guys, great seeing her do the work herself, that'll definitely help give her a sense of ownership on the build. Not knowing mechanics is one of my biggest biking shortcomings too so she'll feel much better about herself as a new rider if she knows at least the basics. Look forward to upcoming vids

  • Tattooed Alex
    Tattooed Alex 11 months ago

    That’s awesome that Miss Bird wants to do the work herself so she can learn 👍🏻

  • Gunluver1
    Gunluver1 11 months ago

    switch to burly shocks, youre right lowering blocks suck. seat also sits high af. My stock solo on my 2010 48 sits lower and i find it more comfortable then the le pera. Doesnt look as nice in terms of material but your girl will sit lower and closer to the frame

  • Jerald Haddox
    Jerald Haddox 11 months ago

    Don’t they make a drop seat kit for sportsters?

  • Lucas Nelson
    Lucas Nelson 11 months ago

    Taller bars leaned further back will stand her up more and should make it even better

  • Moto Maverick
    Moto Maverick 11 months ago +1

    Great video brother

  • Dueydidit
    Dueydidit 11 months ago +5

    She needs a progressive suspension front end drop cost is around $130 part #10-2000

    • Cody Davison
      Cody Davison 11 months ago +1 less than 120 on amazon

    • Dueydidit
      Dueydidit 11 months ago +1

      Uncle Ken once i start rolling out my content im a major techincal mechanic that loves to customize

    • Uncle Ken
      Uncle Ken 11 months ago +1

      Duey_didit This is a real, actually helpful, suggestion. Part number and all. Well done.

  • Moto Maverick
    Moto Maverick 11 months ago

    You may look into some z bars pulled back instead of up so she doesn't have so much lean on the front.

  • George Farrar
    George Farrar 11 months ago

    Why would you need new bolts

  • Roger Wachal
    Roger Wachal 11 months ago +3

    Awesome for Miss Bird .
    Nice that she doing the work ,that's the only way she will learn how and what's involved and how things work .
    I can't wait to see more on Miss Bird's new bike (or I always say it's a new to me bike or what ever you have) LOL

  • Rosie
    Rosie 11 months ago

    Love that Ms Bird is doing the work

  • Tom rebel
    Tom rebel 11 months ago

    Remember those fugly platform "buffalo" shoes from 2000? I get it now.
    Put on some slammer shocks or 10" struts.

  • Shane l
    Shane l 11 months ago

    how tall is miss bike n bird ?

  • RAW Cycles
    RAW Cycles 11 months ago +1

    Awesome start

  • Zachary Fett
    Zachary Fett 11 months ago +1

    You can fit her in your pocket!!!
    I had the stock seat on my Sporty for about 4 to 5 months and it was painful! I recommend a Mustang seat as a replacement. It feels comfy and looks great.

  • WolverineX’69
    WolverineX’69 11 months ago

    Pull back a higher handlebars 10 inches could be fine, if the seats make low difference keep the la pera

  • WolverineX’69
    WolverineX’69 11 months ago

    If you want to lower a little the front of the bike loose the triple tree and slide up the forks not too much or it will hit there are lowering kit for the front but they are not cheap, get a lowering kit for the back that costs less than lower shocks although they are safer, and she should be good to go because she has short and big legs (no offense I don’t know how to explain it well in english ahahaahah) because if you put a even slicker seat it will be painful for the butt.

  • bluegem6559
    bluegem6559 11 months ago +7

    She rides, she wrenches, she’s a keeper. 😊 You guys make a great couple.

  • james bennett
    james bennett 11 months ago

    That bikes looks a lot better with mrs bird on it she’s crazy lol

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 11 months ago

    Open end wrench works wonders for more torque on the end of that socket. So cute...

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith 11 months ago

      Don thanks, I had a brain fart, you are right, open end goes in hole when using other than socket wrench to extend it. Need to be careful either way. Out in the field where one may not want extra weight, every tool for the job, knowing little tricks is helpful.

    • Don
      Don 11 months ago +1

      Mark Smith Maybe box end. Open end can be a recipe for busted knuckles on a very tight bolt.

  • SkidPig
    SkidPig 11 months ago

    Just get some bigger boots Miss Bird 🤙

  • Misfits Viper
    Misfits Viper 11 months ago +2

    Why didn’t you just put lowering blocks on. Could have kept the better shocks
    Doesn’t matter I see you don’t want to use them. Maybe try some burly 10.5 shocks

  • Chip Branson
    Chip Branson 11 months ago

    I put 8" z bars on my iron the only cable I had to change was brake line.

  • erikdravn
    erikdravn 11 months ago +1

    I'm going to follow this build very carefully. I have a 2016 Iron 883. I am also a "short stack" at 5'5". I can almost flat foot my bike, but not quite. I would be a hell of a lot more comfortable riding if I could. Also, what is that seat she settled on in the end? It looks very nice and comfortable! I NEED THAT SEAT! I have the stock seat and a 2 up that I don't much like. I also need new bars but am afraid I'll need new lines (brake, throttle, clutch) if I change them. Ugh!

    • Dave Beals
      Dave Beals 11 months ago

      Thou speakest truth.

    • erikdravn
      erikdravn 11 months ago +1

      I was considering the Slammer kit as well. Seems like a good option. I'm not far from you,. my inseam is only 28". That's my biggest problem (pun not intended hehe). I'm not "real" short, low average actually. But my inseam is VERY short, even for my height. There are other Harley models with a lower seat height. However, those don't help because the engine and frame are wider, making it impossible for people like us to ride. Oh the struggles of first world people! lol

    • Dave Beals
      Dave Beals 11 months ago

      I wish I were a tall person like yourself; I'm 5' even. Still haven't pulled the trigger on a Sporty yet; but plan on the Burley Slammer kit front/back. Can't even consider a bigger bike due to a 26" inseam and forward controls.

  • Rene Fierro
    Rene Fierro 11 months ago

    Try some biltwell chumps with small risers. From the looks of what she’s saying would be comfortable for her, they might fit the bill. Maybe something an inch or two shorter but similarly shaped could work even better.
    But ten inch mini apes might be too tall I think.

  • Jarred Ridley
    Jarred Ridley 11 months ago

    Miss Bird not just a pretty face! But we all knew that already.
    My missus is also short, and I'm trying to get her into bikes. Currently, she's only comfortable on a Grom, which is a start I guess.

  • Jeremee Gartner
    Jeremee Gartner 11 months ago

    A woman working on a motorcycle.........that's FUCKIN' HOT !! 😜

  • Matthew Cook
    Matthew Cook 11 months ago

    My wife is also short we got her a 1200t super low sportster they don’t make them anymore so you mite get one used cheap it’s a awesome bike just a thought love the videos and can’t wait to see what you do to this bike