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    Jack (Jack Nicholson) forces Wendy (Shelley Duvall) into the bathroom, but she finds that she can't squeeze through the window.
    "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" -- or, rather, a homicidal boy in Stanley Kubrick's eerie 1980 adaptation of Stephen King's horror novel. With wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and psychic son Danny (Danny Lloyd) in tow, frustrated writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) takes a job as the winter caretaker at the opulently ominous, mountain-locked Overlook Hotel so that he can write in peace. Before the Overlook is vacated for the Torrances, the manager (Barry Nelson) informs Jack that a previous caretaker went crazy and slaughtered his family; Jack thinks it's no problem, but Danny's "shining" hints otherwise. Settling into their routine, Danny cruises through the empty corridors on his Big Wheel and plays in the topiary maze with Wendy, while Jack sets up shop in a cavernous lounge with strict orders not to be disturbed. Danny's alter ego, "Tony," however, starts warning of "redrum" as Danny is plagued by more blood-soaked visions of the past, and a blocked Jack starts visiting the hotel bar for a few visions of his own. Frightened by her husband's behavior and Danny's visit to the forbidding Room 237, Wendy soon discovers what Jack has really been doing in his study all day, and what the hotel has done to Jack.
    TM & © Warner Bros. (1980)
    Cast: Danny Lloyd, Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall
    Director: Stanley Kubrick
    Producers: Robert Fryer, Jan Harlan, Mary Lea Johnson, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Richards
    Screenwriters: Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick, Diane Johnson
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Comments • 80

  • Yoshi Gozilla Dinosaure
    Yoshi Gozilla Dinosaure 10 minutes ago

    Everybody said the woman wasn't acting.
    Does that mean she ACTUALLY stabbed him the hand?

  • Alief Alghifachrie
    Alief Alghifachrie 21 minute ago

    Good meme

  • Jesse Discon
    Jesse Discon Hour ago

    Day 17 of Covid 19 quarantine:

  • Robin Feltion
    Robin Feltion 3 hours ago

    Lol yes I'm ready Freddy Krueger said he hates the same thing cause Amar'e and she said contact you about him getting out on the bracelet but they need your approval

  • Angelica Butterfly
    Angelica Butterfly 6 hours ago

    This is how I feel after a week in isolation.

  • Hanisi Antonio
    Hanisi Antonio 7 hours ago

    pls tell me he just said little pigs little pigs let me come in form a three little pig story book

  • Ron LivingStone
    Ron LivingStone 10 hours ago

    1:37 it sounded like someone shooting a wild tiger

  • Matthias
    Matthias 14 hours ago


  • Sylvek Toporek
    Sylvek Toporek 18 hours ago

    2:09 good job lady

  • sulpert
    sulpert Day ago

    Women's day scene

  • XxJohnny117xX
    XxJohnny117xX Day ago

    When you break into donkey crew’s servers to get into lost oasis

  • minecraft Cosine V X-VIRUS Robby paul

    Dont try this at home ok everyone

  • Doge supremo
    Doge supremo Day ago

    this movie is 40 years old

  • Kate McDevitt
    Kate McDevitt Day ago +1

    When your parents find out you’ve been suspended from school or college Xx

  • Yuri Pasin
    Yuri Pasin Day ago

    Крепкая дверь, сейчас таких не делают!

  • Rylle Gaming PH
    Rylle Gaming PH Day ago +1

    Who watch this in 2020?

  • Josue Alejandro Lopez

    Here's Johnny Cage of MK 10

  • bag3lmonst3r
    bag3lmonst3r Day ago

    That's going on the hotel bill.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Day ago

    Rose the hat

  • Jeremy Ipizart
    Jeremy Ipizart 2 days ago +1

    The effect of lockdown

  • Alex Quash
    Alex Quash 2 days ago

    Ready player one Brought me HERE
    Who else agrees

  • dude trash
    dude trash 2 days ago

    When he said here's Johnny I would have stayed him in the face lol

  • madison araujo
    madison araujo 2 days ago

    This just began as a meme in 2016 or 2017

  • Chillin’ With Dylan

    I would just break the glass with the knife

  • bbno bs
    bbno bs 2 days ago +1

    I saw this from "Doctor Sleep" movie!!! 😂

  • Sub Zero Gaming
    Sub Zero Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Johnny reminds me of Trevor the crazy character in GTA5 lol 😆

    • Indiana Joe
      Indiana Joe Day ago

      No trevor reminds you of him being that he was way before Trevor was a character in the creators mind.

  • Hamza
    Hamza 3 days ago

    I don’t understand why people were so terrified of this movie it wasn’t even that scary!

    • Hardy30680
      Hardy30680 19 hours ago

      Don't forget that this movie is 40 years old.

  • YFA Subparallel
    YFA Subparallel 3 days ago

    Bruh when he said "Here's Johnny" I felt that

  • Geese Goose
    Geese Goose 3 days ago +1

    Axeman of New Orleans who?

  • Johnny Sins
    Johnny Sins 3 days ago +2

    16 666 776

  • Al Al
    Al Al 3 days ago +2

    You and your roommate spring 2020

  • Arrigo
    Arrigo 3 days ago +1


  • prince xavier
    prince xavier 3 days ago

    Funny face hahaha

  • Kunal G
    Kunal G 3 days ago +3

    Perfect movie to watch in quarantine

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 4 days ago +1

    Who is here after watching Doctor Sleep ??

    But seriously guys!!! This movie is a legend and I felt very happy and old after watching Doctor legend cuz I remembered all the scenes of The shining movie also I gotta say y'all that no other movie can make me feel like that.....

  • Communism CCCP
    Communism CCCP 4 days ago +1

    Хорошая попытка военком ))

  • shark eating a seal
    shark eating a seal 4 days ago

    *The President wants to make the U.S. the best country in the world
    A handicap jockey: 2:01

  • Ben J. Johnson
    Ben J. Johnson 4 days ago

    1:52 I like how the damaged Wood just leans on the Camera Lens.

  • panosveto
    panosveto 4 days ago +2

    The whole world after few weeks quarantine

  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Here's me!

  • Jairo Chulim
    Jairo Chulim 4 days ago


    Act 4

  • deric dj
    deric dj 5 days ago

    Here's Johnny

  • SilentEvil2
    SilentEvil2 5 days ago +1

    This going to us after 4 weeks of quarantine

  • Yonathan
    Yonathan 5 days ago

    I just realized 80% of the characters Jack Nicholson played are named Jack-

  • Airport James
    Airport James 5 days ago


  • Adam Szuba
    Adam Szuba 5 days ago

    2:01 here's Johnny

  • Cyber Black-cyan
    Cyber Black-cyan 5 days ago

    I want the the fınal of the scene

  • Ponto Filmes
    Ponto Filmes 5 days ago

    o bom e velho meme

  • Kani Editsシ
    Kani Editsシ 5 days ago +1

    This was uploaded on my birthday lmao

  • Nelson Bernardi
    Nelson Bernardi 5 days ago +1

    Me after one week of coronavirus quarantine

  • Georgia Cooper
    Georgia Cooper 5 days ago

    Why didn't she smash the window with the knife she had in her hand

  • Mia Mason
    Mia Mason 5 days ago +1

    when ur asian parents find out u got an f in your test

  • IdioticGurl
    IdioticGurl 5 days ago

    HeRe'S jOhNnY!

  • Connor Cooney
    Connor Cooney 6 days ago

    No! (screaming)

  • Predator Alien
    Predator Alien 6 days ago


  • BkxSymptomz
    BkxSymptomz 6 days ago +1

    the girl looks scarier than Johnny man

  • Gary Roach Sanderson
    Gary Roach Sanderson 6 days ago +1

    @Gacha Mike Here’s Johnny!

  • YOU
    YOU 6 days ago +1

    I'm curious what happened next

  • redline619
    redline619 7 days ago

    She grabbed the knife with no hope

  • Ludwig lorrto
    Ludwig lorrto 7 days ago

    Chu mimiiiii

  • Luke The Ghost Killer 2515

    Heeeere’s JAHNNEE!!! 🪓

  • Jacob Lescallette
    Jacob Lescallette 7 days ago

    My dad and his friend saw this movie in the cinema when it came out when they were 10 or 11 my dads friends dad took them to see it and they f‘ckin loved it so much

    • A Path of Peace
      A Path of Peace 4 days ago

      @Jacob Lescallette yeah I didnt ask lol

    • Jacob Lescallette
      Jacob Lescallette 4 days ago

      A Path of Peace I’ve never seen this movie but just only this scene when he says HERES JOHNNY and when Jack started banging on the door to get Wendy my dad and his friend jumped out of their seats and laughed and knew there was something wrong and Shelley Duvall’s terrifying face when he banged on the door and I’ve seen memes of this scene as well their funny as hell bruh

    • Jacob Lescallette
      Jacob Lescallette 4 days ago

      A Path of Peace they weren’t scared of it when he said HERES JOHNNY the audience and them laughed and screamed Jack Nicholson is a goddang legend and I really wanna see this movie in the cinema for its 40th anniversary on my birthday but Idk I might be busy because of my birthday

    • A Path of Peace
      A Path of Peace 5 days ago

      Wow no way that's CRAZY they saw this in a CINEMA?? and your dad's friend's dad took them?? That's CRAZY I can't believe they got to see The Shining in an actual CINEMA and that your dad's friend's dad took them like I just cannot believe that and wow they F'CKIN loved it?? That is so crazy

  • Ahmed Çelik
    Ahmed Çelik 7 days ago +1


  • ihiminen
    ihiminen 7 days ago

    Here's Johnny!!!

  • Janine S
    Janine S 7 days ago


  • Klaidi Rubiku
    Klaidi Rubiku 7 days ago

    2020 campaign be like: Its joey.

  • Tine Duya
    Tine Duya 7 days ago

    1980 "HERE'S JOHNNY!"

  • Blyat Man
    Blyat Man 8 days ago

    That's a big as s knife.

  • Gary Roach Sanderson
    Gary Roach Sanderson 8 days ago +1

    @707 Here’s Johnny!

  • Mifunesaurus N
    Mifunesaurus N 8 days ago +24

    Government: "work from home"

    • Uncle Ben
      Uncle Ben 3 days ago +1

      I really shouldn't have laughed but I did well played

  • Chloe Nicholls
    Chloe Nicholls 8 days ago

    im a friken kide and im renting that now

  • Nathan Norton
    Nathan Norton 8 days ago

    100% meme

  • ectoling
    ectoling 8 days ago

    2:01 is the moment

  • A C
    A C 8 days ago

    Quarantine has me like

  • PyroShayNiac
    PyroShayNiac 8 days ago

    Poor girl.

  • ADILLA_2409
    ADILLA_2409 8 days ago +1

    Papa: Johnny Johnny!
    Johnny: 2:01

  • Zoey Pete
    Zoey Pete 8 days ago


  • Nebeorx
    Nebeorx 8 days ago

    Day 30 of Corona lockdown

  • Gio Seb
    Gio Seb 9 days ago +1

    Boomers thought this was thrilling? This was corny af

    • Matt G
      Matt G 8 days ago +2

      It’s only corny now because it’s 40 years old, it was completely original when it was first released.

  • Yung GooseJuice
    Yung GooseJuice 9 days ago +3

    Day 50 of corona quarantine