The Bee Performs "Chandelier" | Season 1 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

  • Опубликовано: 10 янв 2019
  • The Bee performs "Chandelier" by Sia.
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    Hosted by Nick Cannon, THE MASKED SINGER is a new celebrity singing game show featuring panelists Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke.
    Based on an international format, and already a viral phenomenon with over half a billion fans worldwide, THE MASKED SINGER features celebrities facing off against one another with one major twist: each singer is shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume, complete with full face mask to conceal his or her identity.
    With each performance, the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the other contestants are left guessing who is singing behind the mask. Ranging from Grammy Award winners to legendary athletes, and everything in between, the singers may attempt to throw the crowd off of their scent, while keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show. One singer will be eliminated each week, ultimately revealing his or her true identity. It’s not a “whodunit,” it’s a “whosungit!”
    The Bee Performs "Chandelier" | Season 1 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER
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Комментарии • 3 420

  • The Masked Singer
    The Masked Singer  10 дней назад +472

    The whole town's buzzin'! Any guesses on who this bee? 🐝

    • Muffin The Beagle
      Muffin The Beagle 15 часов назад

      I think its Tina Turner

    • The Quintessential
      The Quintessential 15 часов назад

      Its not your BEEZNESS who the masked singer is.

    • Hillary
      Hillary 16 часов назад

      Tina Turner is my guess.

    • Danielle Paige
      Danielle Paige 17 часов назад

      The bee has to be Gladys Knight😍they should tweak her voice a little to make it less obvious!

    • JaySity's World
      JaySity's World 18 часов назад

      Carly Simon?

  • Hybrid Hildan
    Hybrid Hildan 40 минут назад

    I can’t stop watching this . Love you Gladys Knight.

  • Rich Marino
    Rich Marino 57 минут назад

    Why is there a weird edit at 1.11? Watch her right hand, DOWN at 1.10 and UP at 1.11 --- an edit mistake.

  • Serina Thibault
    Serina Thibault Час назад

    Tina Turner

  • Rich Marino
    Rich Marino Час назад

    I NEED to buy a copy of this version of the song. Beyond, amazed -- such a voice.... Ms. Knight? ;)

  • J T
    J T 2 часа назад

    Gladys Knight or Roberta Flack

  • Imad oes
    Imad oes 2 часа назад

    Best than the original song...sorry

  • Ebony Mckinney
    Ebony Mckinney 2 часа назад

    Gladys I want that bee suit

  • Ebony Mckinney
    Ebony Mckinney 2 часа назад

    She sounds amazing...Patti cant do it...we all wouldve know who it was

  • Gwen Schriever
    Gwen Schriever 3 часа назад

    Tina Turner.

  • KayWay Tv
    KayWay Tv 6 часов назад

    Mary J. Blige

  • Reign Lhyt of Gratitude
    Reign Lhyt of Gratitude 8 часов назад

    Ms. Knight's voice is very distinct. I approve for them to use auto tune on her mics to cover the obvious voice😀

  • Gibran Lewis
    Gibran Lewis 9 часов назад

    HAS to be Gladys!! Nobody else is singing it like that. She sounds great. Like Tina Turner & Patti Labelle, Gladys has one of those voices & singing styles that are signature. Classic & powerful. She just did something awesome with Cia's already great song. Looking forward to the next performance.

  • Sayra Melendez
    Sayra Melendez 10 часов назад

    This is Ru Paul

  • malik stuart
    malik stuart 12 часов назад

    Correction that may very well be Tina, it is her or gladys

  • debbie resly
    debbie resly 12 часов назад

    I think the bee is Tina Turner. Her legs are the bomb still. She was the queen in Mad Max. I heard her voice and instantly said Tina turner. She ha she given me chills when she sings for decades. Go Tina!!!!

  • malik stuart
    malik stuart 12 часов назад +1

    I am a 17 year old boy and I know without a shadow of a doubt that that is the legendary Ms.Gladys Knight the only thing that would make it more obvious is if the pips were backing her up

  • Christina Poahway
    Christina Poahway 13 часов назад

    Her voice took me to where I should be, I just never knew!!! Amazing!!!

  • DeWayne Johnson
    DeWayne Johnson 13 часов назад +1

    This is Gladys Knight. She gave herself away how she phrases certain passages when she sang "Tomorrow" and "holdin on for dear life", it's Auntie Gladys y'all

  • sailorkeyblader
    sailorkeyblader 13 часов назад +1

    Gladys Knight

  • Kitten Lyric
    Kitten Lyric 13 часов назад +1

    Gladys Knight

  • Jessica V
    Jessica V 14 часов назад

    You can see the skin color in the eyes part

  • Candy Lankford
    Candy Lankford 14 часов назад +1

    the empress of soul is Gladys Knight,,,,

  • Wolvina Saraki
    Wolvina Saraki 14 часов назад

    Gladys Knight is first choice and 2nd is Dionne Warwick

  • marcus gary
    marcus gary 14 часов назад

    I was thinking Gladys but now I’m thinking Jennifer Lewis 😩

  • z1g2012
    z1g2012 14 часов назад

    I go back and forth between Gladys and Tina. Tina moves a lot more when she performs but the vibrato and tone is very similar. Regardless that was a great performance. Great song by Sia, and that was a great rendition. I have to be honest. When I saw the trailers for this show I laughed. I thought it would be a one and done gimmick show. It is a great show.

  • Black Canary
    Black Canary 14 часов назад +1

    Powerful performance i also think its Gladys Knight 💎💎💎

  • Cryssi O.
    Cryssi O. 15 часов назад

    This is Gladys Knight, who else could she possibly _bee?_
    I'll see myself out.

  • The Quintessential
    The Quintessential 15 часов назад

    Its not your BEEZNESS who the masked singer is.

  • Mr Futzy
    Mr Futzy 16 часов назад

    Every one is saying Gladis Knight. Any one think maybe Diana Ross???

  • Bonita Ortiz
    Bonita Ortiz 16 часов назад

    I’m gonna say TINA TURNER! Look at the legs

  • sweet inhancer
    sweet inhancer 16 часов назад

    It's for sure Pattie Labelle. Magnificent!

  • Carla Leibee Brown
    Carla Leibee Brown 16 часов назад

    I would love to hear this song without the celebrity commentary. Why are they even on the show?

  • Stephanie Goss
    Stephanie Goss 16 часов назад

    Tina Turner

  • mstrusosweet
    mstrusosweet 16 часов назад

    Black woman

  • Danielle Paige
    Danielle Paige 17 часов назад +1

    Everyone can tell it’s Gladys Knight😍they should have tweaked her voice a little cause it’s very obvious but she killed it!

  • Luna Kitty
    Luna Kitty 17 часов назад

    Tina Turner

  • Sam Lowe
    Sam Lowe 17 часов назад

    Gladys knight

  • TracyInTheMoment
    TracyInTheMoment 17 часов назад

    One of the clues was tennis balls. Google Gladys Knight and Tennis. Omg! 🎾🎾🎾 Further convinced.

  • randy love
    randy love 19 часов назад

    to me this sounds like tina turner was my first thought

  • KingSwole1994 Ernest Wilson
    KingSwole1994 Ernest Wilson 20 часов назад

    It's Tina Turner

  • Alexander Daniels
    Alexander Daniels 20 часов назад

    Tina Turner??

  • Jessica Thurman
    Jessica Thurman 21 час назад

    Tina Turner baby!!!!!

  • ed gagarin
    ed gagarin 22 часа назад

    My girl Gladys!!!

  • Bubbles Bubbles
    Bubbles Bubbles 22 часа назад

    Patti labell

  • Andrea Koger
    Andrea Koger 22 часа назад

    The way she breaks down her vocals and the notes gives you goosebumps 😩🙌🏽

  • Andrea Koger
    Andrea Koger 22 часа назад

    This performance is definitely on repeat ! Her voice is so soothing ❤️🙌🏽 I’m here for it

  • Cieara Cooper
    Cieara Cooper 22 часа назад +1

    When you hear the original and you start singing like GLADYS KNIGHT, had to cut the original off. Lmao

  • markbotplus
    markbotplus 22 часа назад

    Got the best idea for a contestant. I’d like to see Bonjovi cover recent hits.

  • MzThickness822
    MzThickness822 22 часа назад

    Gladys Knight

  • socalrep091
    socalrep091 23 часа назад

    $100 it’s Gladys Knight!

  • Brandon Biagiano
    Brandon Biagiano 23 часа назад

    I can’t believe nobody recognizes the Egyptian\illuminati symbolisms this show throws out........smdh.freaking sheep in America.......

  • Nacole Witherspoon
    Nacole Witherspoon 23 часа назад

    Gladice Knoght or Diana Ross

  • Sue Miller
    Sue Miller День назад

    I feel that the bee is Tina Turner. She has a unique tone. The way the words are pronounced to me sounds like Tina Turner.

  • Tia Tupuola
    Tia Tupuola День назад

    I have no idea who dis is.🤔🤔🤔

  • 1 0
    1 0 День назад

    OMG I have this video like 20 times she sings so good ❤️

  • Michael Raymond
    Michael Raymond День назад

    It’s Gladys Knight or someone who knows how to imitate Gladys VERY well. I read she singing at the Super Bowl. Hmm.. why would Gladys be singing at the Super Bowl after being out of the spotlight for a while? Because she’s about to be revealed as a Masked Singer.

  • T cnBrooklyn
    T cnBrooklyn День назад +1

    Gladys show these youngins

  • chris kelco
    chris kelco День назад

    I think she should sing all of Sia's songs for her from now on. Such a pro

  • Zia Justine
    Zia Justine День назад

    Her singing makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Her voice is so comforting, I can't stop replying this lol.

  • Nathan Price
    Nathan Price День назад

    Is that Diana Ross????

  • M. Romero
    M. Romero День назад

    Gladys Knight

  • Jamis Marshall
    Jamis Marshall День назад

    I'm gonna swing from the "chandelier" gives her away to soulful and genuine for any singer Today sorry but so true

  • Jamis Marshall
    Jamis Marshall День назад +1

    Auntie Gladys the strong powerful soulful ness will make a grown man feel like a 🐝

  • lwgoinghome
    lwgoinghome День назад

    The costumes are fantastic!

  • Aqu 11th
    Aqu 11th День назад

    Sounds like Tina

  • Owen Canobas
    Owen Canobas День назад

    That’s my girl TINA TURNER!i recognize her

  • BabyboyDet
    BabyboyDet День назад

    When she got to the chorus I knew it was Gladys Knight instantly. I know that voice anywhere. This truly shows that she can sing anything and make it her own.

  • SeanAlto
    SeanAlto День назад +1

    Gladys Knight, she's the original storyteller. Has to be!!

  • jc boy
    jc boy День назад

    Voice sucks. Whats the buzz....

  • Fiona Jeram
    Fiona Jeram День назад

    I think he is Jeffre Star 🤷‍♀️

  • Horny Potter
    Horny Potter День назад

    1:04 He's so cute.

  • MrStyle23
    MrStyle23 День назад

    For sure that's Gladys. I could tell it was her from her body movements. lol

  • Draya D
    Draya D День назад +1

    I'm late but uhhh yeah...I grew up on that voice...Gladys Knight u can't fool me💛🖤💛🖤

  • aaliyonce
    aaliyonce День назад

    Gladys Knight or Mary Wells

  • Cynthia Siddall
    Cynthia Siddall День назад

    Im thinking queen latifa

  • bonnie cottrell
    bonnie cottrell День назад

    First thought is ru Paul

  • Shane C
    Shane C День назад

    Out of all the older divas, Gladys Knight maintained her voice the best! This lady can still SANG...and that's no exaggeration. She can still hit every note she did in the 50s & 60s. Who else can say that?

  • gor mara
    gor mara День назад

    Tina turner

  • Devon Reynolds
    Devon Reynolds День назад +1

    Gladys Knight did a phenomenal job.

  • Peace Beuponyou
    Peace Beuponyou День назад +1

    Those are golden pipes!! Gladys Knight and her Pipes!!!

  • Gurrola Gurrola
    Gurrola Gurrola День назад

    That is my BABY Gladys Knight!!! PLUS... she is going to sing the Nation Anthem at SuperBowl!!

  • Brandon S.
    Brandon S. День назад +1

    Gladys Knight baby!

  • Angela LaCour
    Angela LaCour День назад

    I grew up listing to all the Motown singers and my favorite has always been Gladys Knight, with and without the Pips. I would play the 45s over and over, I think "Neither one of us" probably my favorite song of all time (You're the Best Thing is my 2nd favorite) and I would recognize that voice anywhere. I have watched this episode 5 times now and every time the bee sings I get chills. I can't wait for the Superbowl so I can watch her sing the national anthem. God bless the Empress of Soul, The bee is the incomparable, the legendary Ms. Gladys Knight.

  • xadam2dudex
    xadam2dudex День назад

    She's not a singer by profession.. Older black actress

  • Linda Web
    Linda Web День назад

    It's Dionne L2 her song That's what friends are for.

  • Gregory Hankins
    Gregory Hankins День назад

    Clearly Diana Ross.

  • Karen
    Karen День назад

    Gladys Knight

  • Kathy Jarvis
    Kathy Jarvis День назад

    That is Gladys Knight.

  • L3gi0nS 4ng3l
    L3gi0nS 4ng3l День назад

    The Empress! Gladys Knight.

  • Michael Raymond
    Michael Raymond День назад

    That is either Gladys Knight or someone who. Is VERY good at imitating her. I hope it’s Gladys. Show them girl!

  • Angelique Hebert
    Angelique Hebert День назад

    Gladys Knight or Dionne Warwick maybe😬

  • Savage Voices
    Savage Voices День назад

    I love this performance

  • Security Puppet kid
    Security Puppet kid День назад

    Think it's Queen think that's a celebrity

  • MsTip73
    MsTip73 День назад +1

    MS GLADYS!! Hunny u can't hide that voice if she tried😍

  • Lotus Flower
    Lotus Flower День назад +1

    At first I thought it's Tina Turner but nope, pretty sure it's Gladys Knight...she's the Queen Bee!!😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗

  • Kayla McCurdy
    Kayla McCurdy День назад

    TINA TURNER !! :)

  • Cheryl Branson
    Cheryl Branson День назад

    Thsat is so Tina tuner!

  • Tyler Brewster
    Tyler Brewster День назад

    Gloria gaynor

  • GracieEvilPanda
    GracieEvilPanda День назад

    It's Tina Turner