All New Zealand Asked Trump For Was 'Love'

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • The only thing New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern asked of President Trump was to 'send sympathy and love for all Muslim communities.'
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Comments • 8 597

  • CaptEoNinja83
    CaptEoNinja83 10 days ago

    Man, New Zealand. I am so jealous you have someone in charge that's humane, intelligent, and likable.

  • Mr Jibs
    Mr Jibs 19 days ago

    The guy who plays piano is so strange...such youthful looks but has the voice of a 80 year old

  • Hazza Jones Music
    Hazza Jones Music 21 day ago

    Thank you Steven ftom NZ, our pm is a joke though and your comedy is cringe at. And getting worse, enjoy Trump 2020 and all the dry jokes you'll try spin out of thin air , stupid Americans, politicize every terror attack and ignore the daily atrocities that are unspinible, unspinable? God bless, just fink wif to mind beau,

  • I love New Zealand
    I love New Zealand 22 days ago +2

    Iam from India but I love new Zealand, new Zealand my hero

  • Tama'a Taufa
    Tama'a Taufa 23 days ago


  • Lookingland
    Lookingland 25 days ago

    Love them who gave US 9/11 Donald,You can do it,...Love their Hate

  • Mick Rumsby
    Mick Rumsby 28 days ago

    Colbert, you were sucked in by Taxinda Adern, there are so many scandals under her leadership. She should stand down

  • Seamas Dubhthaigh
    Seamas Dubhthaigh Month ago +1

    So basically Donnie Numb Nuts , goose steps to a different drummer .

  • Sarah Shae
    Sarah Shae Month ago

    She is an absolute champion and inspires me

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa Month ago

    Globalist Cabal Child Comrade Jacinda Ardern is under massive pressure. She has seen the people flock to Trump and Q-Anon. Her Socialist agenda has nee exposed. Muslim's love a woman that rejects marriage.

  • PaulieMac77
    PaulieMac77 Month ago

    I'm from New Zealand and well Donald Trump is the biggest white serpematist around and this just goes to prove it

  • heyysimone
    heyysimone Month ago

    "we are the nicest people" take that Canada!

  • Shem Brokenshire
    Shem Brokenshire Month ago

    Thankyou Stephen

  • superkiwistar
    superkiwistar Month ago

    there is no hate in nz for donald trump. even socialist, jacinda ardern, is now careful not to offend the president of the us, & still hopes for a free trade deal. don't know what it is with stephen colbert and his hate for trump, but it isn't good for the us.

  • atque scientia europa universalis

    Why so much hate for Trump? And why is the New Zealand prime minister asking him for love?

  • Mongol ForLife
    Mongol ForLife 2 months ago +1

    Media lies - He was not a white supremacist

  • Trinitrotoluene Monomania

    Y'know there are only 4 things he loves. Money, the whites, Big Mac, aaand his daughter.

  • Trinitrotoluene Monomania

    Y'know there are only 4 things he loves. Money, the whites, Big Mac, aaand his daughter.

  • peter murphy
    peter murphy 2 months ago

    has new zealand ever had a prime minsters that is not white

    • peter murphy
      peter murphy 2 months ago

      @TRIKEN because she bitching about trump whos a bigot but zealand was created by racists and bigots

    • TRIKEN
      TRIKEN 2 months ago

      If this is your only criticism of her than that's very sad, I don't know what this has to do with race but mind you that 4/5 of the entire population is of European descent.

  • Jack Shite
    Jack Shite 2 months ago +1

    "Agh we don't like to tell Braiden what to do, he communicates in his own way, and btw he's not biting the children, he's kissing them with his teeth" hahahaah!!

  • Ed Stewart
    Ed Stewart 2 months ago +1

    that lady should be fired\\\that puppet who not funny should go to another country

  • Mohamed Arman
    Mohamed Arman 2 months ago

    2:12 africa is not a country

    • TRIKEN
      TRIKEN 2 months ago

      He can still be right when he says that Trump refers to Africa as shithole countries, plural.

  • Emmanuel J
    Emmanuel J 2 months ago

    Thank you New Zealand PM for showing the real leadership in darkest time , guided by compassion and love for all human being. Stay strong New Zealanders.

  • Ploxii
    Ploxii 2 months ago +2

    Shut up ur just a tv funny man

  • manon raoult
    manon raoult 2 months ago +1

    I am a kiwi and that lives in New Zealand all my wishes are still are out there down south we got this keep up all the wishes kiwis and others for everyone who was effected in this.

  • Jarrod Watson
    Jarrod Watson 2 months ago

    Does this dude do anything but talk shit about Trump? No matter how rude some of the shit Trump says might be most of it is still true, how is something that's true racist.

  • David Parkes
    David Parkes 2 months ago

    "Gun law changes will never work."
    10 March: Mosque terror attacks happened.
    10 April: new stricter gun laws passed.
    1st August (as i'm posting this): NO terror attacks have happened in response to or in retaliation of the 10th March attacks.
    Your move America.

  • James Longie
    James Longie 2 months ago

    The spawns of Satan are emboldened by orange sphincter

  • Solaris -
    Solaris - 2 months ago

    Why on earth does America act like a child who always wants to be the centre of attention?!?!?!
    New Zealand has a mass shooting, America just thinks about itself!!!
    Very disappointing.

  • Aziz Noor
    Aziz Noor 2 months ago

    I'm just seeing this but Stephen is a voice for the voice less. I hope he understands that.

  • iluvugoldenblue
    iluvugoldenblue 2 months ago

    it feels utterly bizarre, as a long time colbert fan, to hear him mention my neighbourhood of linwood. thank you steven.

  • Widdekuu91
    Widdekuu91 2 months ago

    New soon as she's done with ruling your country...
    Can we borrow that lady to manage the Netherlands?

    • Widdekuu91
      Widdekuu91 2 months ago

      @Well Drive
      Thanks, we'll pick her up as soon as possible then.!

    • Well Drive
      Well Drive 2 months ago

      You can have her now, she's useless.

  • Faisal Japan
    Faisal Japan 3 months ago


  • GHustle4
    GHustle4 3 months ago

    fuck this world...there is no helping it!!

  • Mustybone666
    Mustybone666 3 months ago +2

    Jacinda Ardern most not be aware off what is happening in Germany, Sweden and Great Britain.

  • Xiao Ran Li
    Xiao Ran Li 3 months ago

    New Zeland's PM is amazing. Hope all world leaders are like her.

  • Kelly Stephenson
    Kelly Stephenson 3 months ago

    I'm a kiwi and Trump shove his condolences where the sun don't shine.

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 3 months ago

    Are the Secret Service targeting Stephen for roasting the Pres like this? Lmao.

  • Honeybee420
    Honeybee420 3 months ago

    Fortunately no New Zealand citizens were killed in these attacks. Praise Allah

  • Gary Hutton
    Gary Hutton 3 months ago

    Us Irish are not to blame your Irish Stephen why u pick on Irish like that ?m

    MRMAX 3 months ago

    Your Late night show is disgusting !

  • Mark Stead
    Mark Stead 3 months ago

    Hey what about me!!! I'm on the terrorist watchlist, I'm a New Zealander, I have multiple copies of the first 'Mosque' attack (exercise really). I was in the NZRNS (Navy) I've seen films of real gunshots real injuries.... And the (exercise) was PG5year old... Nobody died in Mosque One... Go figure.. Have no comment unless you have seen the truth.. So hush up....

  • Linda Bowman
    Linda Bowman 4 months ago

    Two attendees of that NZ mosque went to Morocco and killed those two young female hitchhikers, why has that never been reported in the MSM??

  • vajiravudh
    vajiravudh 4 months ago +1

    my heart go to the christians in sri lanka who were killed by muslims.

    • Street fighter
      Street fighter 4 months ago

      You are right vajiravudh. I can't understand why the muslims hate peaceful sri lankan christians. What harm have they done? Stephen colbert became silent when christians get killed.

    • AnDerTheke[r]
      AnDerTheke[r] 4 months ago

      Nice try

  • M Munroe
    M Munroe 4 months ago

    I think KellyAnn thought she could get in there and worm her way into a VERY close relationship with the Donald [and oust Mrs.T with a preemptive strike] ... and she finds herself nowhere near to achieving that pipe-dream so she is, before everyone's eyes, becoming embittered and unsympathetic ... and bitchy; and being around Donald brings out the sociopathic element in her nature!

  • Johnny
    Johnny 5 months ago +1

    All Sri Lanka wanted was love and acknowledgment by you Stephen and many other liberals late night show host but you all chose to ignore that because attackers were muslims

  • Linda Bowman
    Linda Bowman 5 months ago +1

    Yet so little coverage on Sri Lanka??? Why??? because the over 300 killed were only Christian??? sickening...

  • unreal011
    unreal011 5 months ago


  • NZsarge1
    NZsarge1 5 months ago

    Hey Stephen, don’t come back please and our unfortunate Prime Minister is a socialist fascist and basically more interested promoting herself on a world stage than actually getting stuff done, on that her record is dismal so far.

  • Michele Johnson
    Michele Johnson 5 months ago

    Hi from New Zealand. That terrorist who killed our citizens, I don't know his name! It is not said here in the newspapers and I spoke to my neighbours yesterday and they don't know it either! Don't give him one platform to spew out his hatred by saying his name! Jacinda Ardern meant it, so do we!

  • Almighty Alious
    Almighty Alious 5 months ago

    they are us!, wow I'm touched, let trump say that. unconditional love to all from Libya

  • MasterFeiFongWong
    MasterFeiFongWong 5 months ago +1

    I don't think it's fair to say Trump is Anti Muslim, however it is probably fair to say he is Anti oppression. If you are unfamiliar with the definition of oppression then look to Islamic Sharia Law as an example.

  • Jake Strauss
    Jake Strauss 5 months ago +1

    Religion has no place in the 21st century

  • Sunny Low
    Sunny Low 5 months ago


  • Badbob9nine2
    Badbob9nine2 5 months ago

    If you really care about those people Soo much don't use there deaths too push your pollitical anti Trump propaganda, I knew as soon as this event happened they would try too find away too blame Trump. Like him or not it had nothing too do with Trump at all. Then I go on RU-clip and see Stephen's video "Trump is anti Muslim challenge"

  • craig shrimpton
    craig shrimpton 5 months ago

    As a New Zealander I find it disgusting to see Kelly Anne Conway try and play down the fact that Trumps name was in the manifesto. It's clear the killer idolized other white supremacists involved in mass shootings and he took note of how Trump doesn't like immigrants particularly Muslim and Latino. My heart goes out to all Muslims around the world that endure his idiotic rants.

  • Alperen 0485
    Alperen 0485 5 months ago +1

    Can't believe I don't hate Stephen for 1 video, he finally says something true

  • Wann Torres
    Wann Torres 5 months ago

    I respect u man

  • Nimrod E
    Nimrod E 5 months ago

    200000 Christians lost all there homes to muslim terrorists in north of iraq not including hundreds got killed,52 Christian villages in Syria destroyed and thousands of people lost everything just because they are Christians and no one i mean no one including this heap of shit that presenting this shit show or anyone come out condemning these muslim terrorists.
    All the whole world crying over 50 muslims,is this normal???

  • Cody Mackniak
    Cody Mackniak 5 months ago

    What do you think if all the nazi's and white supremacists at Charleston would of been gunned down by a white guy who was against hate, what do you think treasonous dump would of said. 🤔🤔