Carmelo Anthony Goes 1-on-1 vs Julius Randle After Teaching Him Moves!

  • Published on Aug 30, 2019
  • Carmelo Anthony Goes 1-on-1 vs Julius Randle After Teaching Him Moves!
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Comments • 624

  • Brandon Chaney
    Brandon Chaney 26 days ago

    He's still got it smooth jumper, I was wanting to see him go hard to the hoop.

  • Alaskan Pipeline
    Alaskan Pipeline 2 months ago

    Melo so fat

  • Broderick Clark
    Broderick Clark 2 months ago

    They never missed

    CHINO CAMBO 2 months ago

    Lol melo ballin in boxer shorts pause 😂😂😂😂

  • Alpha White Male
    Alpha White Male 2 months ago

    0:33 Melo travels...

  • Labyu Kaayo
    Labyu Kaayo 2 months ago

    we can't read the mind.

  • MrFraiche
    MrFraiche 2 months ago

    Melo is good enough to be in the league but probably as a 3rd scoring option or 6th man. Not sure if he’s willing to take that role.

  • 423 Life Edmonds-Thomas

    No defense😒

  • Tobi P
    Tobi P 2 months ago

    Mel back to ny😂

  • TBDJ Gaming
    TBDJ Gaming 2 months ago

    Oh I see what this is Carmello is going to be playing through Juilius Randle...I got you Mello wink wink teaching him new moves.

  • Select Walter
    Select Walter 2 months ago

    Why is he teaching? He doesnt even won a single championship ring.

  • Un Redacted
    Un Redacted 2 months ago

    teach him that honeynut cheerio move

  • Carlo Rolisini
    Carlo Rolisini 2 months ago

    Melo still got it

  • Casey Baker
    Casey Baker 2 months ago

    Not sure Julius understands how to create space. Most of his shots were under pressure whereas Melo was calm and smooth. Still more work to be done.

  • Melvin Pruitt
    Melvin Pruitt 2 months ago

    It ain't right keeping this man out of the league for no apparent reason. It's a lot of bums in the league being paid big money and you have the nerve to Black list a future Hall of Famer.C'mon now,just stop it already!!!

  • Marc-Anthony
    Marc-Anthony 2 months ago

    Warriors should pick him up

  • timthy lewis
    timthy lewis 2 months ago

    Mello your The best

  • Tobias Tinter
    Tobias Tinter 2 months ago

    Still bitter about JR leaving my his jumper looks quick af compared to the time in the purple and gold...he is gonna be a HUUUUGE problem for the league if he can hit that at a 40-45% clip from 2 and a 30-35% clip from 3....

  • Nas X
    Nas X 2 months ago

    It has to be something else other than basketball, why teams don't want Melo on their roster. Team chemistry maybe, or how much he's willing to accept?

  • E S
    E S 2 months ago

    Sad that Melo has to beg for work, smh.

  • Troy Lewis Jr.
    Troy Lewis Jr. 2 months ago


  • Q.Corleone
    Q.Corleone 2 months ago

    Anthony finna b either a coach or sumthn along the border of those lines

  • Janvier Snead
    Janvier Snead 2 months ago

    Melo is a beast... Idgaf what nobody say offensively he easily top tier...still...easily

  • Agent 69
    Agent 69 2 months ago

    But in the regular season he doesn't even play this well

  • Big Worm
    Big Worm 2 months ago +1

    To bad neither one of them can do this in a game. They'll just build you a brick pizza oven instead. 😁🤪😂

  • Jamar Henderson
    Jamar Henderson 2 months ago

    Inside scoop melo to warriors

  • Bruce Chapman
    Bruce Chapman 2 months ago

    The nba wants you brothers to be booty bandits death to America real soon courtesy of 200 million ICBM missiles lmfao.

  • Bruce Chapman
    Bruce Chapman 2 months ago

    Fuck America this nigga still got it never lost it that's why I don't support the nfl,nba,mlb dta.

  • kao long hang
    kao long hang 2 months ago

    Trash! Why do you want to get train by melo, nigga has no defense and can't play team b ball
    Nigga done for, his time is up!

  • S P
    S P 2 months ago

    Melo is a good addition.. for the bench

  • PdoubleEWdoubleE
    PdoubleEWdoubleE 2 months ago

    These vids do no justice on Melo’s return career. In fact, it probably hurts his comeback

  • Jacky Heat
    Jacky Heat 2 months ago

    And people thinks melo can't play ball any more are u guys stupid,the owners dont want him in the league,come on,u really think he can't help any team with showing guys how to play or be a rotation guy.lets be serious 15-20 mins a game just scoring.theres several teams that go on scoring droughts,u think he can't help lol ok.let me stop talking,SMFH.#RESPECT MELO

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 2 months ago

    Melo you trash boy quit already 😂

  • Agua Menti
    Agua Menti 2 months ago

    Melo sometimes the more you try to show off (in the gym) the more people will turn their backs on you. Just stay in shape and say hey NBA fuck you 🖕and you will receive a phone call (From a top team in the NBA). Life works in weird ways. And by the way for All the nice guys this method works with women too and it's very effective.

  • WinterXL
    WinterXL 2 months ago

    every team melo is on gets worse than without him, funny how people think he should be on a team

  • WildGoonzEnt2011
    WildGoonzEnt2011 2 months ago

    Melo better off playing in the BIG3

  • WestsideDre
    WestsideDre 2 months ago

    For everyone saying he should be on team. This is why he ain’t this all he can do in a game and it’s not needed no more on any team. Gotta be able to defend and rebound at a high level if you want to be a scorer

  • Rapid Lyrics
    Rapid Lyrics 2 months ago

    Is it really necessary to train with senior nba players? I mean, thos moves are really easy. I can do that just by watching great players.

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor 2 months ago

    teaching him howvto shoot bricks...

  • fatforehead
    fatforehead 2 months ago

    0 12 sec traveling...

  • J Miles
    J Miles 2 months ago

    Pick him up Knicks. Let's go!!

  • KhmerD0g
    KhmerD0g 2 months ago

    Melo will never be back in the NBA. Nobody wants him anymore because of his arrogance. He always wants to be the center of the universe at the expense of everyone else. He and AI always want to be starters. fuck them
    Hey Melo, where is your ring? Jeremy Lin has one. LOL

  • Let’s go Pat’s 0
    Let’s go Pat’s 0 2 months ago


  • Njabuloseh
    Njabuloseh 2 months ago

    Melo should be in the NBA.

  • Michael Agus Triyandi
    Michael Agus Triyandi 2 months ago

    A man that throw 61 pts but still can't find a new team. Pray for Melo

  • Buzz Killington
    Buzz Killington 2 months ago

    I don’t understand all the Melo fanboys that think he should be playing right now. He’s either washed up or he doesn’t want to settle for a very minimal role on a team or a combination of both. It’s that simple, he’s not getting blackballed. His fans are worse than Allen Iverson fans at the end of his career.

  • 24Jabba
    24Jabba 2 months ago +9

    Look up the word "smooth" in the dictionary, carmelo is the definition

    • 24Jabba
      24Jabba 2 months ago

      @Rody in Japan sad but true

    • Rody in Japan
      Rody in Japan 2 months ago +1

      24Jabba only in the gym 😂

  • itsme2369
    itsme2369 2 months ago

    Sign this man dammitt, this time Melo cherish your opportunity be a role player , be a vet , be that leader Knicks sign Melo let's go

  • Ello Heem
    Ello Heem 2 months ago +2

    Who remember Arthur Agee and his pops from hoop dreams tho

  • Jimmy Gritz
    Jimmy Gritz 2 months ago +1

    They playin w. Melo. He should go over seas and drop 60 twice.. one of these busted ass teams gon HAVE to sign em off fan pressure.

  • Buru kutu
    Buru kutu 2 months ago

    Carmelo grinding for no reason

  • Anna Marie delos Reyes
    Anna Marie delos Reyes 2 months ago

    Slow melo, turtle move....

  • g reigns
    g reigns 2 months ago

    Love melo but his iso game isnt in right now if u not an allstar pace and space is the name of the game. If u was a better catch and shoot player and played defense with the ability to switch onto sg and pg he would be okay

  • maikel nait
    maikel nait 2 months ago +4

    He is saying like, ok, do this movement, and remember, always take attention on the basket, your teammates are there just to take the rebounds

  • mike corker
    mike corker 2 months ago

    At this point what is melo doing?...still hoping for the pick up?...why not join lance in china... he still playing

  • Hundred Beast Kaido
    Hundred Beast Kaido 2 months ago

    James Harden is the modern Melo

  • Craven LeVay
    Craven LeVay 2 months ago

    Mucho Travels. Have to dribble before you move the pivot foot homie....

    • Craven LeVay
      Craven LeVay 2 months ago

      @Brandon Davis whatever you say noob gotta put the ball down before moving pivot foot. Learn.

    • Brandon Davis
      Brandon Davis 2 months ago

      Nobody is traveling here its shot gathers

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim 2 months ago

    JRandle lookin way more efficient with Melo's pivot, one-two dribble pull-up package

  • Jon Coda
    Jon Coda 2 months ago

    Coach Melo

  • Jamey King
    Jamey King 2 months ago

    What’s that instrumental name?