He Was Sheriff When Moonshine Was BIg In Appalachia

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • To support my efforts to create more clips please donate to me at www.patreon.com/allinaday. To get my 1965 film- www.amazon.com/dp/B0001LQL5Q . To see how & why I made it visit ru-clip.com/video/0VFIlLrNtKE/video.html. I was making my 1st documentary with 81-year-old Bascom Lamar Lunsford. During the 6 weeks I filmed him, he took me to many folks including the wonderful character who tells the story of the moonshine era in the mountains of North Carolina. While I was there back in 1964, I tasted my 1st moonshine-purchased in the back of a gas station in a milk container-and I absolutely loved it. Clean and pure it was. #moonshine #appalachia #whiskey #whitelightning
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  • Zer0Fall3n
    Zer0Fall3n 8 months ago

    I wish this was longer

  • John Muirsgrand
    John Muirsgrand 8 months ago

    Ewwwwww......creepy as hell.

  • Dee Dee Winfrey
    Dee Dee Winfrey 8 months ago +1

    I knew some shine runners they told me some wild stories .

  • cheap hydroponic
    cheap hydroponic 8 months ago

    So they smashed the bottles of liquor so the crowd can inhale the ethanol vapor Haha they got drunk off of the fumes

  • Zoey
    Zoey 9 months ago

    Love this!

  • VooDoo Wiz
    VooDoo Wiz 9 months ago +2

    its nice being from new orleans.. we got drive thru alcohol (daquiries) and can walk around and drink anywhere buy alchy at any corner store or gas station. but they are JUST warming up to the herb...

  • Lord Of Onions
    Lord Of Onions 9 months ago

    This is my go to place when I want to see the past, David's archives are like an entire library; which is probably bigger than my cities! lol

  • White_Man
    White_Man 9 months ago

  • Aileen M.
    Aileen M. 9 months ago +3

    My mom used to tell a story about when we lived in Arkansas... she was at the supermarket one day and started talking with a very nice , very well spoken gentleman (she meant WELL educated ie he seemed post grad+). She said they chatted for about an hour .. then he checked out and left. The checkout lady asked my mom if she knew the guy she'd been talking with. No, my mom admitted. "Well be very careful of him. He's shot 3 people including a State Police officer for getting too close to his still"

  • blastpressure710
    blastpressure710 9 months ago +2

    I'm not too far from Madison County. It's nice to see some local (to me) history on your channel! There's a lot of history in Appalachia, I'm glad this is preserved for future generations.

    • David Hoffman
      David Hoffman  9 months ago

      I loved my times in Madison County.
      David Hoffman - filmmaker

  • George deMan
    George deMan 9 months ago +12

    "They vote dry and drink wet. [Laughter]." This is all you need to know about the American people as a political species. If you can square that circle, much less build a functioning society on it, let me know.

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 8 months ago

      The circle is easy to square: laws are for other people. Everyone refuses to apply consistent logic from shit that they want to do when it comes to what others do.
      That's not just in America. Most of the world is downright batshit.

      JOEY ADAMS 9 months ago

      The Old , NO Mean's YES !!!!

  • The_tree___
    The_tree___ 9 months ago

    I live in Asheville

    • paul moss
      paul moss 2 days ago

      Sorry. Buncombe co. is nothing like it used to be. I grew up near there.

  • Nate Marx
    Nate Marx 9 months ago +12

    "I was sheriff back in the pro-heh-beh-tion eRA."

  • ArchEnema 67
    ArchEnema 67 9 months ago +15

    We seem to be on the verge of a new era of prohibition. This time it's tech giants, social media outlets, and publicly funded universities demanding the prohibition of opinions they don't like from public forums. But this time the result won't be a growth in organized crime, it'll be a civil war.

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 8 months ago

      @Sampl_456 OK.

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 8 months ago

      @Sampl_456 Global population is projected to peak some time this century. Don't worry about it.

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 8 months ago

      @Sampl_456 By agreeing to work together without pessimistic zero sum game assumptions about resource allocation, which is unfortunately very fashionable among the willfully uneducated far left.

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 8 months ago

      @Sampl_456 That's a great joke! But the reality is that the world is underpopulated. Back in the 1960s, and based on the contemporary level of technology, Buckminster Fuller calculated using a very reasonable set of premises that a more efficient use of our resources would allow a population of around 25 billion. He further extrapolated that with improving technologies and resource exploitation the Earth could support over 100 billion. A little over 7 billion doesn't really seem that much when you understand the scientific principles Fuller was applying to the "problem".

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 8 months ago +1

      They are the new moralizing puritans.

  • Knight Krawler
    Knight Krawler 9 months ago +18

    Don't worry we're keeping the tradition alive and well in eastern ky.

    • Sasquatch 2001
      Sasquatch 2001 8 months ago

      @Bushrod Rust Johnson I read that in a hound-dog voice, it was very nice.

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 8 months ago

      BLUUUEE MOOOOoooOON OF KENtuckeee KEEP ON shinin'

    • Sasquatch 2001
      Sasquatch 2001 9 months ago +1

      oh so you "drink wet?" I just a hopin' you don't "vote dry!"

  • Kenneth Lucas
    Kenneth Lucas 9 months ago +2

    " Vote dry, yet drink wet". Hypocrisy 101. Reminds me of today's Evangelical/ Religious Right: Family Values yet the most pornography website hits, teenaged pregnancies, domestic violence, and dropout rates per capital are in the Bible Belt!

  • rebelfrom1944
    rebelfrom1944 9 months ago +3

    I had three cousins who were Farmers... They grew corn... but they never sold any of it until they transformed it into moonshine...
    Only one of them were ever caught. He received probation and returned to making moonshine with his brothers. There was an unsubstantiated rumour that they paid off the Sheriff... I do know that they were friends with the sheriff...

  • Kush FPV
    Kush FPV 9 months ago

    Love from Kush. 🧀

  • Tamee Marie Purdy
    Tamee Marie Purdy 9 months ago +3

    Thank you Mr. Hoffman. Your Dilligence and Integrity are Greatly Appreciated. Your Documentations of Real Life History and perspectives is Awesome. I do believe this can open minds and change hearts.

    • David Hoffman
      David Hoffman  9 months ago +1

      Thank you so much for your comment and your thoughts.
      David Hoffman - filmmaker

  • Sunset Cliff
    Sunset Cliff 9 months ago +7

    My gram had made moonshine.

    • Bushrod Rust Johnson
      Bushrod Rust Johnson 8 months ago

      And she wore an onion on her belt because it was the style at the time.

  • Tom Havill
    Tom Havill 9 months ago +31

    This channel is without doubt the best on RU-clip. And most probably the most important too.