Sabaton - 7734

  • Published on Jun 18, 2014
  • Wurde Zeit dass ich das mal Hochlade, ich hoffe natürlich es gefällt euch, wie sonst auch immer und freue Mich schon auf euer Feedback ^^ Viel Spaß mit dem Video ;)
    Song: 7734 von Sabaton
    Spiele/Games: Dragon Age Origins, Heroes of Might and Magic, Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, RYSE Son of Rome, Warriors Legends of Troy
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  • Dawid Nicki
    Dawid Nicki 20 hours ago +1

    Once we were numerous, but that’s long ago.
    That really got to me, knowing what the song is about..

  • koolcrazy annihilator

    Game at 1:21???

  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone 8 days ago


  • 7734 Sabaton
    7734 Sabaton 24 days ago +1

    Which games are they?
    Um welche Spiele handelt es sich?
    Hangi oyuncular eller?
    Melyik játékok ezek?

    • 7734 Sabaton
      7734 Sabaton 23 days ago

      @Shadow köszi!

    • Shadow
      Shadow 23 days ago +1

      It's in the description :)
      Games: Dragon Age Origins, Heroes of Might and Magic, Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, RYSE Son of Rome, Warriors Legends of Troy

  • Tyrone Lawrence
    Tyrone Lawrence Month ago

    Soul return to paradise

  • Juan Caceres
    Juan Caceres Month ago +1

    Q juego es en la cual entran al Castillo esos esqueletos y esa tipo mujer araňa...

  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone Month ago


  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone Month ago +1


  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone Month ago

    666 WWW 777

  • Anett Kakuk
    Anett Kakuk Month ago +2

    It's also so sad to see Romans getting defeated

  • Anett Kakuk
    Anett Kakuk Month ago +5

    I wish we could have stayed in the medievil ages yes I know there woudn't be modern medicine and stuff but Imagine an alternative reality where firearms are banned ! Just think about it and you'll be like me

  • Anett Kakuk
    Anett Kakuk Month ago +1

    God damnit I just wanna relive what these guys have all done and listen to the song while killing ppl so motivational

  • Gamingturtle
    Gamingturtle Month ago

    ryse son of rome was a exelent game. people gave it shit for its combat mechanics then played teltale.....

  • Nigredo Ooal Gown
    Nigredo Ooal Gown Month ago +2

    Griffin Eternal!

  • MNK Bat
    MNK Bat Month ago +5

    Pity we live in a world of guns and missile. Ancient warriors were really true warriors.

    • spartan 117
      spartan 117 Month ago

      So my uncle who took a shotgun blast to the chest for our country isn't a warrior? Moron. Warriors don't change, only the weapons.

    1441 PRODUCTİON Month ago


  • Merstrand
    Merstrand 2 months ago +9

    Fantasy knight: *Holds a loosely formed phalanx kind of thing*
    Also Fantasy Knights: *Breaks formation and gets killed*

    • James Huggins
      James Huggins Month ago +1

      As a Norman era reenactor, we like charging heroes. They make nice squishy sounds on the end of our spears...

  • Пётр Владимирович

    Из каких игр вставлены нарезки в этом клипе, подскажите, знатоки!

  • Dainis Kursišs
    Dainis Kursišs 2 months ago

    Warhammer. (total war)

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 2 months ago +6

    Link to first the start with the knight putting on his helmet

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 2 months ago

    What game is that with all the zombies?

    • Zackary Hurst
      Zackary Hurst 2 months ago +1

      Dragon age origins and they're called darkspawn possessed and corrupted humans

  • helix427
    helix427 2 months ago

    What if "The last 2 united and 2 became 1" does not mean 34 turned into 7? What if it means that the number only got reduced by 1 in total? Then you have 7733. Minus 111 that perished in the flames, then you get 7622. What if that is how many are actually left?

  • Marco Thamm
    Marco Thamm 2 months ago

    Mega =)

  • Дима Мудрецкий

    Молодцы хорошие песни я вас часто слушаю когда иду на работу и на работе в общем rammshtein по сравнению с вами отдыхает

  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone 2 months ago


  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone 2 months ago


  • michaeL Whitestone
    michaeL Whitestone 2 months ago


  • The Timosha
    The Timosha 2 months ago +2

    Не ожидал здесь Dragon Age увидеть)

  • armando alexandrino
    armando alexandrino 3 months ago

    a corti do reino de sabaton

  • Adam hrajecz/sk
    Adam hrajecz/sk 3 months ago

    What name this game at 1:13 min.

  • Jed Haney
    Jed Haney 3 months ago

    What game is the paladin looking dude from?

    TheKAMIKASE82 3 months ago +1

    Fucking bullshit of video ...

  • Dope
    Dope 3 months ago +3

    at 1:33.. that looks pretty epic

  • k9 ssangetsu
    k9 ssangetsu 3 months ago

    Nombre de los juegos

  • Сергей Зуйков

    спасибо за прекрасную мелодию от всей души и сердца

  • Joriko
    Joriko 3 months ago

    Рим и Асасин Крид в одном месте Глупость

  • Matthew Vanderboom
    Matthew Vanderboom 3 months ago

    that Greek guy at 1:27 is the best

  • Clta vck
    Clta vck 3 months ago


  • Johnnymanuela Almonacid Oyarzun

    Muy gueno el tema y el video

  • Wild E
    Wild E 3 months ago +1

    Take us for naught, then the pact is to AVENGE.

  • Andreas Otto Hansen
    Andreas Otto Hansen 4 months ago +6

    Respect for the mad lads that see an army of spooky bois charge them and still go ham.

    • Tyler Young
      Tyler Young 2 months ago

      @spartan 117 they are used to it by now

    • spartan 117
      spartan 117 2 months ago +3

      Paladin just standing there like he thinkin"whatever. This is normal."

    • Joseph Stalin
      Joseph Stalin 2 months ago +1

      What's that video with the knight putting on his hel mthen killing spookers from

  • marcin rychlewski
    marcin rychlewski 4 months ago +1


  • rugratrik
    rugratrik 4 months ago +3

    This song hits places in my soul I didn't know I had. The soul, that is

  • Cyberpumpkin
    Cyberpumpkin 4 months ago +2

    What game is the heavy plated knight from?

  • Onisquid
    Onisquid 4 months ago

    Whar game is the knight from

  • Asphalt Cowboy
    Asphalt Cowboy 4 months ago +4

    Smuckin' Fweet...nuff said!

  • unsc_ helljumpers
    unsc_ helljumpers 4 months ago +1

    I just love videogame cinematics

  • Todd Batchelder
    Todd Batchelder 4 months ago

    This song kind of reminds me of the plot for Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal.

  • Rory Nesta
    Rory Nesta 4 months ago +1

    what game is that,15 seconds into the video?

    • SwordlordRoy
      SwordlordRoy 4 months ago

      I believe that is one of the "Heroes of Might and Magic" Games, V or VI I think...

  • Henty
    Henty 4 months ago

    Just asking, from which game is that knight from? The one that is fighting against spooky scary skeletons

    • Lobothomie1
      Lobothomie1  4 months ago

      Heroes of Might and Magic 6 I guess

  • HardCore Weekend Warrior Austria

    02:04 is this game by Dragon Age right?

    • Lobothomie1
      Lobothomie1  5 months ago

      2:04 is Heroes of Might and Magic ^^'

  • Quindekim Xa
    Quindekim Xa 5 months ago

    4276 1619 8972 5048

  • Arowhena Castronovo
    Arowhena Castronovo 5 months ago

    What is the game inspired to Roman period?

  • Надя Збирун
    Надя Збирун 5 months ago +1

    Красиво ,гармонично

  • Moritz
    Moritz 5 months ago

    0:15 what game?

  • Abaddon The Despoiler
    Abaddon The Despoiler 5 months ago

    OK, I absolutely love the AMV I have no fucking clue as to why I could never find it ‘till now. I love it!!!!!!!!!


    подскажите что за фильм?

  • james ables
    james ables 6 months ago

    For the creed

  • boba 999 pfaff
    boba 999 pfaff 6 months ago

    1:57 what Game is thad ?

  • Paladino Guimarães
    Paladino Guimarães 6 months ago

    I'm a level 100 paladin.