Bernie & Warren Want To Let Immigrants Kíll You! - Fox Business Network

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
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Comments • 1 206

  • taylor Merriweather

    That guy is fucking dumb! He does not deserve a job!😒

  • M Al
    M Al Month ago +1


  • What's Up In Space?

    Trump made Americans proud to be American again?? In 2019, go to a random part of the world and announce you're an American, and you'll be lucky not to be spit on.

  • Dimitri O G
    Dimitri O G Month ago

    I love the poorly educated ~ trump

  • Tom Allnatt
    Tom Allnatt Month ago

    Warren is an avowed capitalist.

  • Progressive Blacksmith

    Elizabeth Warren is most definitely NOT a socialist. Not even close.

  • Jeffrey Cheng
    Jeffrey Cheng Month ago


  • Jeffrey Cheng
    Jeffrey Cheng Month ago


  • Jeffrey Cheng
    Jeffrey Cheng Month ago

    In war the truth is the first casualty.

  • Jeffrey Cheng
    Jeffrey Cheng Month ago

    Sweden has what experts call a rape epidemic.

  • Rocky Mountain
    Rocky Mountain Month ago

    I must have missed that position in their published platforms.
    Let Trump be Trump??Let Hitler be Hitler?? Let Stalin be Stalin?? Let Tojo be Tojo??Howed that go?

  • Bryan Hawley
    Bryan Hawley Month ago

    No, they believe they are speaking to 2nd graders without any political acumen

  • Bryan Hawley
    Bryan Hawley Month ago

    He’s wish casting because they are afraid of Bernie and Warren

  • Brittany Caron
    Brittany Caron Month ago

    "I have a plan for that" 😂😂😂

  • Drew Steeves
    Drew Steeves Month ago

    GOP wants to let corporations kill US citizens.

  • whatthe
    whatthe Month ago

    Racist white nationalism rising everywhere and the reason is
    A filthy white business man makes billions of dollars, gives few thuosand dollars to the poor white and few thousand dollars to the poor non white.
    The people started realizing that why is the rich is getting richer and everyone else getting poorer and started to think about revoluting against capatalism.
    So the filthy rich white hired a rich white, gave him money to tell the poor whites that the poor non whites have got your share of money.

  • Azairé ἄθεος Albertine

    I was totally going to vote for Warren or Bernie.... but now that I know _"they want "illegal aliens" to come over _*_AND KILL ALL THE "GOOD"/"NON-COASTAL" AMERICANS"_*_ ...?!_
    Well gee wizz... _I'm a little torn tbh!_
    (P.s. Thanks Corey! You always have the best scoops!!)

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee Month ago

    Watch Fox news clips with europeans, canadians, and aussies. Makes for a good smoking session.

  • Danny C.
    Danny C. Month ago

    This guy got his bachelor's degree from my alma mater, UMass Lowell..... barf......

  • PM 3736
    PM 3736 Month ago

    Trump wants to fuck mount rushmore and use the constitution as toilet paper

  • Still Deubell
    Still Deubell Month ago

    LMFAO!!! You captured my sentiments perfectly, bro. 🤣

  • CCT1980 Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    See Tim Black for #WARren impression help.

  • Alex MacFarlane
    Alex MacFarlane Month ago +1

    I'm surprised he is sober for the interview

  • Kevo Wevo
    Kevo Wevo Month ago

    more republican arguments that make the dems seem a lot cooler than they actually are

  • Spartan2ar
    Spartan2ar Month ago

    Holy shit, these people are stupid.

  • joeblackakareaper
    joeblackakareaper Month ago

    WOW it didn't take FOX long to contaminate Trish Regan, Trish your new personality is not working for you. TheReaper!

  • Man P
    Man P Month ago

    Like Healthcare and the Military Industrial Complex: recent immigration was a problem caused by neoliberalism and the establishment. Nafta was designed for millions to lose their job in Mexico/Latin America and turn into slave wages in America to drive down wages. Double win for the Oligarchs and these guys spin it against us to divide us up.
    Immigration is another casualty of stupid Neoliberalism. These guys want ILLEGAL immigration. They don’t want to legalize this people or new legal immigranta because that would raise wages!!!

  • commander4465
    commander4465 Month ago

    Kyle is a piece of shit who lacks sympathy for poor conservatives. My deepest sympathy for all conservatives being attacked for their beliefs.

  • than217
    than217 Month ago

    To Kyle's point about the 'Trump Clones' it's already begun. I know a guy from high school that's currently part of the Oklahoma state governor's office and he is up and down a Trump clone. Posts everything Trump says on Twitter as it Jesus spoke it. It's bizarre to watch. And this dude actually controls parts of a state government!

  • Tacticalwookiee
    Tacticalwookiee Month ago

    "I hope you watch this video you piece of shit"
    Time to see if he uses twitter.....

  • jfan45
    jfan45 Month ago

    I think that Cory knows exactly what he's talking about because he knows that if Bernie Sanders is elected then we'll have a landslide election

  • jfan45
    jfan45 Month ago

    4:00 asmr

  • Gregory Holmes
    Gregory Holmes Month ago


  • Jones Factor
    Jones Factor Month ago

    In those places that trump just screwed over and left them sucking wind? Yeah, trump has their vote. Lol

  • Patrick Schaefer
    Patrick Schaefer Month ago

    Reagan won 49 states in his second election, only my home of MN was smart enough to not go down that path

  • Eugene Mulhern
    Eugene Mulhern Month ago

    Only moron -Americans can be triggered by the phrase "redistribution of wealth". Yeah, they're afraid that the wealth they don't have, will never fucking have, will be 'redistributed" by the evil "soshulists"

  • Net Hoser
    Net Hoser Month ago

    Protip: if someone says something as preposterous as that, and you sit there and don't call them out on it, you're not an actual reporter. You're a propagandist. You're closer to Goebbels than Cronkite.
    Just saying.

  • PR Fitness
    PR Fitness Month ago

    is he drinking here too?

  • Daniel Benitez
    Daniel Benitez Month ago

    I was hoping the title was clickbait.... Oh god

  • MMM mm
    MMM mm Month ago

    She doesn't have a plan.. she has framework

  • Gargola18
    Gargola18 Month ago

    Warren is garbage.. she stand mo chance vs trump

  • Humphrey Hogan
    Humphrey Hogan Month ago

    Well Fox News is so yellow in journalism, like what else is new?
    You know, I would just love to hear Rod Serling's take on Fox news, and it's main spokespersons, in that intense biting tight succinct manner of dilivery, he's well know for. Maaaaan, he would just NAIL it and certainly fuck 'em up! And On Trump!??! Oh LORD!

    I really would

  • Julian Bluefeather
    Julian Bluefeather Month ago +1

    Reagan won 49 states- all except Minnesota where his opponent, Walter Mondale was from

  • Robert Saldivar
    Robert Saldivar Month ago

    I live in California proud to be American and proud to have a job

  • Robert Saldivar
    Robert Saldivar Month ago

    Fox is fake news

  • lu l
    lu l Month ago


  • Eric Buhne
    Eric Buhne Month ago

    Wow, that was bullllllshiat he just spewed :p

  • LupusNoir
    LupusNoir Month ago

    Anyone stupid enough to vote for Lewandowski should be stripped of their right to vote. The man is a Trump muppet, an idiot and a clown rolled into one balding package. #FTPTheGOP

  • Handsome_Hero
    Handsome_Hero Month ago

    The future looks dark... hunker down

  • SDC
    SDC Month ago

    If you listen to the cadence and content of his speech, he sounds like a softer polished version of Stephen Miller, wrapped in a less unattractive package. Still a zealot, just with a slight facade that might fool some people

  • Christian Petersen
    Christian Petersen Month ago

    y u wan te kill us berni? 😢

  • trendyasdabbers
    trendyasdabbers Month ago

    have me on your show for my Bernie impersonation Kyle, you will be pleased.

  • Kevin Benoit
    Kevin Benoit Month ago +1

    Warren has a very raspy voice idk where you got “airy” from 😂

  • Alan G
    Alan G Month ago

    Kyle, those who do take FAUX seriously are ramping up rhetoric for civil war. A significant number of wing nuts think the confederates can win this time. They will be leading from the back to exhort their crazy co-conspirators to more violence.

  • Tracee Johnson
    Tracee Johnson Month ago

    Well, don't think they really even care, since they agree with having Sanctuary Cities and Not having the Police cooperate with ICE.

  • Bentley Parish
    Bentley Parish Month ago

    I'm much more concerned about some militarized cop with roid rage than I am an "illegal" alien.

  • SCOD
    SCOD Month ago +1

    Your Warren impression is more smooth and graceful than her high pitch school teacher voice lol. Good job schooling those jerks.

  • Cameron Cross
    Cameron Cross Month ago

    Really liked this video but wanted to point out that this particular part of "the craziest people in America" worked directly for CNN. That's pretty insane in the context of this video

  • Kelly Kurt
    Kelly Kurt Month ago

    Democrats want cottage cheese to replace concrete.

  • Tired of the lies
    Tired of the lies Month ago

    Stupid is as stupid does.