Reality Check | Citizens Bill: A Dangerous Hoax?

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • On this episode of Reality Check, a closer look at the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill, and how its own agencies warned the government that it will be difficult for immigrants to prove the claim of 'religious persecution' in order to make the cut.
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Comments • 71

  • priya sharma
    priya sharma Month ago

    She is not talking sense as she is not fully aware

  • Vasanth
    Vasanth Month ago

    I'll tell you how the BJP will provide citizenship to illegal immigrants:
    Government: Have you been religiously persecuted?
    Immigrant: Yes.
    Government: Are you Hindu, or a person practising any Indic religion, or Christianity (who are negligible)?
    Immigrant: Yes.
    Government: Okay, you are now a Citizen! Congratulations! You'll naturalize in 5 years!

  • Sherlock Strange
    Sherlock Strange Month ago +1

    Lack of educated(not literate) major population is the major cause for potential failure of a democracy!!!

  • rahabhlal
    rahabhlal Month ago

    Nam aur dil dono kala is aurat ka.... Kahe bulate ho panauti ko... Angreji to massaallah.... Nayi nayi sikhi hai.....

  • Andy Sumer
    Andy Sumer Month ago

    What about persecution in India itself????

    ANKIT KUMAR Month ago

    Randtv hinduism Ke khilf Hai na dekhe ese hindu jindabad

  • Saleem Hashmi
    Saleem Hashmi Month ago +1

    Many of BJP bills are designed keeping vote benefiting , cleverly apealing the sentiments of majority religion , not on wisdom of benefiting all country men . So often it backfires as country men have experiencing , as demonization, GST, triple talaq and article 370 etc .

  • hobgoblin1216
    hobgoblin1216 Month ago

    The people who first need to be booted out from north east are illegal immigrants from China and Burma.
    Axoms are ethnic Chinese and they are as indigenous in India as the British mughals and Afghans.
    This mess has arisen not only in Assam but entire north east as Congress has suppressed the history of North East and has been trying to pass off ethnic Chinese and Burmese as indigenous people of North East in order to buy peace. This has further emboldened these people who hate India and Indians from the bottom of their heart. No wonder they have been taking help from China and Burma to separate from India while India not only gives them separate states which pay no taxes and budget is footed by central government but also stops any Indian from settling there.
    Indians from "mainland" now need to take "permits" to visit these places occupied by Chinese and Burmese origin people.
    We need to know the real history of North East to know why it has never been integrated with India.
    North East used to be known as Kamrupa where the natives have been the Bengalis.
    Kamrupa was invaded by Chinese Axoms aka Ahoms from Yunnan in 1200 A.D. and renamed to Assam aka Axom.
    Few centuries later Assam itself was invaded by Burmese and made a part of Burma.
    Burma was invaded by the British and made a part of British India that's how undivided Assam aka Kamrupa returned back to India.
    Later on when British separated Burma from India, they retained Burmese occupied India with India but now these places have majority population of people who are of Chinese or Burmese origin.
    If these Chinese or Burmese origin people are really the indigenous people of these lands, then India is illegally occupying parts of China and Burma.
    On the other hand if these people are themselves illegal immigrants from China and Burma then the Government in New Delhi needs to explain how it has not only given separate states to these people but also how it is calling Chinese and Burmese people as indigenous tribals in ancestral lands of Bengalis??
    The Assam accord is an agreement between a half Kashmiri half Parsi whose mother was peppered with bullets by the Sikhs and who himself was blown to bits by the Tamils and ethnic Chinese aka Ahoms to determine "Indian citizenship" of Bengalis in ancestral lands of Bengalis.
    This becomes even more bizarre, when a rape accused CJI who is himself an ethnic Chinese whose ancestors entered India illegally forces enforcement of this illegal accord after 35 years of its signing.
    Such foolish and stupid moves will reopen old tensions and rivalries between Bengalis the real natives of North East and those who like the British came to these lands as foreign invaders from China and Burma.
    The British have left but India was invaded and occupied by other groups of foreigners before British occupied India.
    These people are still living in India and harbour hostility towards India and Indians like their ancestors.

  • Evelyn SARDINHA
    Evelyn SARDINHA Month ago +3

    BJP is always blaming congress. That BJP woman is ranting unintelligently. NRC FAILED as most Hindus were affected. Now they want CAB just to satisfy those bhakts for their votes. People r not fools, follow the NRC if u have guts.

  • kareem khan
    kareem khan Month ago +2

    Amit shah ji for bhakt and RSS and for common Indian: he is tadipar 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • kareem khan
    kareem khan Month ago

    Another issue to divert attention and fool Indians.

  • Sudip Mahanta
    Sudip Mahanta Month ago +2

    They all are supporter of NRC ..... Why you don't take interview of SUCI COMMUNIST PARTY leader who have clear and accurate opinion on NRC

  • Law of karma
    Law of karma Month ago +3

    Best example of bjp spokeswoman is like i just came to talk but i don't know anything.

  • Democratic Indian
    Democratic Indian Month ago

    To conduct a reasonable discussion please, please and for God sake stop calling this man-ki-baat-lady. I can't understand your obligations, this is serious issue and we need a reason based discussion.

  • Cameron Ahmad
    Cameron Ahmad Month ago

    Srini was kindly ensure there is a mute button to stop tge ranting of BJP RSS spokespersons when on the 2nd time being told to stop they refuse and keep blabbering their communal briefs by Modi-Shah-Bhagwat combine. It is high time at least NDTV implements this which will be the trend setter in such a case

  • Banteiskhem Khongmalai

    Say no to cab because India is suffering from population explotion.

  • Riyaz Khilji
    Riyaz Khilji Month ago +1

    Difference between others and BJP is religion card played by BJP Ms. Kale.

  • Manash Pratim
    Manash Pratim Month ago +1

    Mamta Kale..What a joke u are! Anyway..U and ur BJP wl get rewarded for imposing New Citizenship Bill on Assam..and NE.. which is ur main target.. Assamese won't allow BJP to mk Assam Second Tripura....👊👊👊

  • Pronab Deori
    Pronab Deori Month ago

    Chakmas are brought into India by indira gandhi for vote banks ,chakmas will be always refugee

  • Imran Ahmed
    Imran Ahmed Month ago

    Kaale itself is a gale shame on

  • Sadaf Ahsan
    Sadaf Ahsan Month ago +2

    I m Muslim and against this bill anyone support me???

    • The Keyboard Warrior
      The Keyboard Warrior Month ago

      No normal person supports such acts. Only fanatic hindus (bhakts) are supporting this because of their hatred for muslims

    • The Keyboard Warrior
      The Keyboard Warrior Month ago

      @Manash Pratim exactly. He is a moron.

    • Manash Pratim
      Manash Pratim Month ago

      If u are not someone fm IT cell of BJP then I wl just say...U r simply a Moron...And BJP always like such comments...

    • Koty Ssrao
      Koty Ssrao Month ago


  • Imran Ahmed
    Imran Ahmed Month ago

    Tell them all bjp rascals that first look after ours own all poor people which we have already and let's feed them nicely health care them we have already lots of poor people chor bjp party hatao dash bacha

    ANJU CHETTRI Month ago +7

    NDTV please stop inviting this lady she is so embarrassing, only raises her voice to prove her baseless point.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    Isn’t it Muslims are proud they have 56 Islamic countries in world. How many Hindu nation Hindus has?

  • Tab Sum
    Tab Sum Month ago +2

    A humble request please do not invite this lady,PLEASE.

  • Anand  Raj
    Anand Raj Month ago

    Bjp spokesperson is an uncouth woman.. shouting to hide flaws..

  • mhd najmi
    mhd najmi Month ago

    What a women

  • peace 4all
    peace 4all Month ago +4

    NRC, CAB is very complicated and bjp want everyone to b involved in this issues so, no any question will b raised for economy, privatization, and fees hike in education for privatization purpose

  • peace 4all
    peace 4all Month ago +2

    CAB bill are being opposed in Assam on large scale by different groups and tribes

  • Samrat Pawa
    Samrat Pawa Month ago


  • Tameem Ahmed
    Tameem Ahmed Month ago +2

    Pity on miss kale.

  • Abdul Jameel Shaik
    Abdul Jameel Shaik Month ago +2

    Mamata is like a tape recorder just mugged up amith shah statement and kept it repeating it several times thy have no moral grounds at all thats left.

  • Abdul Jameel Shaik
    Abdul Jameel Shaik Month ago +2

    These BJP leader ...! No wonder they always run away frm topic keep doing it people know ur reality bhrastachar janta party. Want to loot India

  • mohd nofil
    mohd nofil Month ago +1

    Yes, Muslim do face religious persecution. What about Ahmadiya, Shia and othe minority sects which fled due to fear. What about them.

    • The Keyboard Warrior
      The Keyboard Warrior Month ago

      @mohd nofil nope ur not a citizen you are a moron. You peoples are brainwashed by your media .... Its not just about current government

    • mohd nofil
      mohd nofil Month ago

      @The Keyboard Warrior i am a citizen too, i know what the situation are, i will fight with the constitution in my hand.

    • The Keyboard Warrior
      The Keyboard Warrior Month ago

      @mohd nofil that constitution doesn't work anymore.. you know nothing about the situation .

    • mohd nofil
      mohd nofil Month ago

      @The Keyboard Warrior Don't need to turn, my constitution give me the right to oppose and take justice. I will do the same till my last breath.

    • mohd nofil
      mohd nofil Month ago

      @Smart Jssc everything is on Allah, but that doesn't mean I have to sit with bare hands. I will raise my voice against unjust because that's what Quran taught me and i will do it Inshallah.

  • rajashekar reddy
    rajashekar reddy Month ago +2

    Another ploy by bjp to divert from main issues. People are dying of hunger in rural India and this excuse of a government is worrying about so called minorities of other countries. Shame

  • Runu Miah
    Runu Miah Month ago

    Hoax ask government why economy is 4.5% people losing jobs can't afford to buy onions sisters getting Ripe this bills nothing but brain wash or mind game.

  • mahesh deshmukh
    mahesh deshmukh Month ago +4

    Yeah.. Secularism till Muslim people in minority.. Once they become majority there will be no minority nor secularism

    • mahesh deshmukh
      mahesh deshmukh Month ago +2

      @mohd nofil whole world is controlled by allah, even the movement of the leaf is controlled by allah.. According to muslim mullas..and written in kuran
      If so than y don't u people accept the things which is happening around the world.. And in india and move on..
      Anyhow this earth is not the real home for u people.. Ur mohammad is waiting with 72hoors in jannat.. So y people worrying about others.. Just go to ur real land

    • Smart Jssc
      Smart Jssc Month ago +1

      @mohd nofil because muslims don't need protection from any country . Muslims will only be protected by allah . They should read 50 times namaz daily and prosecution will end.

    • mohd nofil
      mohd nofil Month ago

      India is a secular nation, when the bill talks about religious persecution, it has to be for all, muslim from minority sects are facing persecution too, why is bjp not seeing that.

  • anushkaa25
    anushkaa25 Month ago +8

    Please stop inviting Mamta Kale... she's the worst speaker from the bjp (not that any of them make sense)

    • Vasanth
      Vasanth Month ago

      @Latha Baradwaj if this channel is useless, why do you watch it? Stupid!

    • Latha Baradwaj
      Latha Baradwaj Month ago

      @Zorba , bjp should stop sending spokespersons to this useless channel if they have any self respect.

    • Zorba
      Zorba Month ago +1

      Just have a monopolized debate why even invite any BJP speaker when it is always a 4 or 5 vs 1

  • shabbir ahmad
    shabbir ahmad Month ago +3

    Once again the present ruling dispensation is trying to launch salvo on the secular fabric of the country

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader Month ago +1

      Did anyone noticed, there are many minorities coexist peacefully in India. But only Muslims has issues.

    • Zorba
      Zorba Month ago +2

      @shabbir ahmad Islamic terrorism is the only existential threat india faces RSS is no muslim brotherhood

    • shabbir ahmad
      shabbir ahmad Month ago +1

      RSS is a big menace to the country as far as peace and integrity of our country is concerned

    • shabbir ahmad
      shabbir ahmad Month ago

      Perhaps you haven’t visited any muslim country.that is why such a cynical statement you are making.If we had behaved like RSS for sure 51 muslim countries on the globe would not have been existed

    • mahesh deshmukh
      mahesh deshmukh Month ago +3

      Yeah.. Secularism till u people in minority.. Once u become majority their will be no minority nor secularism

  • Love Make
    Love Make Month ago +4

    All north indian muslims come to south india we will happily live in south.

  • Asif Ali Mir
    Asif Ali Mir Month ago +1

    this govt is worst

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader Month ago

      Asif Ali Mir ,
      Go find shariah nation and move in.

    • Zorba
      Zorba Month ago +1

      because it doesnt appeases muslims

  • Bob Dunkley
    Bob Dunkley Month ago +7

    Mamataa Kaale is the worst.

  • Manas Jyoti Paul
    Manas Jyoti Paul Month ago +17

    Miss Kale is completing diverting the entire topic!!